About Vastu Shastra

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About Vastu Shastra

For about 12,000 years, the Vedic Science of Vastu Shastra has helped people live a life full of peace, health, power and abundance. The ancient scriptures on Vastu Shastra lay down the principle rules and protocols for divine building architecture in order to bring the individuals in harmony with the powerful forces of nature. The science used to be a secret known only by the kings and few of their trusted men. It was first used about thousands of years ago to design temples which still exist as powerhouses of cosmic energy. To a great extent the knowledge still remains a secret, known by very few in its actual sense.

The ancient Vedic texts as well as the modern scientific theories state that the energy of built-up spaces affect humans - their mind, behaviour and their life situations. The various activities that are performed within a space as well as the placement of objects in the surroundings affect human emotions, thought patterns, and also how people respond to them.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science which studies the effects of built up spaces on the human psychology as well as their lives. The space surrounding the individuals is known to change the internal programming of their sub-conscious mind in such a way that they start emitting positive or negative frequencies in the universe. As per the law of attraction of the universe, the frequencies that one emits travels into the universe, attracts similar frequencies (positive or negative) and returns to the source (individual in this case) manifold. Thus it is clearly evident that our thoughts govern what we achieve in life and these thoughts are in turn governed by the environment that we live in.

Therefore, if we design our living or working spaces as per the principles of Vastu Shastra, we can surely ensure that our journey through life will become much smoother.

Vastu uses the principles of astronomy, astrology, geomancy, orientation, magnetism etc. in order to define how a building should be constructed so as to help the residents achieve their true purpose of existence on the earth. The knowledge of the positioning of planets, the movement of sun and moon, the flow of the winds, the earths magnetic field etc. are together used to construct buildings which can stand the test of time. Vastu Shastra provides the knowledge to be adopted in the construction a buildings so as to make them vibrate at highly positive frequencies which in turn can help the residents to attract overall happiness and prosperity.

A few things that Vastu can help you achieve

  • Mental Peace and Clarity of Mind
  • Joy, Happiness and Enthusiasm
  • Strong Social Connections
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Regular Cash Flow
  • Power and Confidence
  • Fame and Recognition
  • Stop the wastage of Money and Efforts
  • Improvement in Studies and Enhanced Knowledge
  • Overall gains in Business and Jobs
  • Heal Depression and other Emotional Problems
  • Achieve More Sales and Higher Industrial Production
  • Financial and Emotional Support
  • Highest Product Quality
  • New Opportunities
  • Health and Healing Energy