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Clients Testimonials

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  • Speaking Technically, Kolkata

    No frills, pure knowledge and expertise. Mr Abhishek has deep knowledge in the subject. The best part is his patience, listens to everything very calmly and then suggests remedial measures. " Vastu without demolishing". Very satisfied with his analysis..Read More

  • Jay Prakash Agarwal, Kolkata

    I am hugely benefited and I recommend him blind folded. He knows his subject well and has guts to say no when required. Rarely we meet a well read person. Abhishek is certainly one of them. Good going and God Bless. Read More

  • Sanjay bagra, Kolkata

    Abhishek is of the best Vastu consultant I have come across. He is able to provide his advice from a remote location as well. The best thing about his advice is that he suggests minimum demolitions and provides remedies to the extent possible. Read More

  • Narpat Sabbharwal (Vapi ,Gujarat)

    Our chemical factory was on the verge of shutting down. We had huge debts and no customers. As a final attempt before shutting down, we consulted Abhishek Ji. The changes he suggested were quickly implemented by us within a week. Its been 3 years now and we are already planning to set up another factory. We cant thank him enough for bringing us where we are today.

  • Varun Dhadha (New Jersey ,USA)

    My mother was suffering from serious digestive issues and a degenerative liver disease. On one of our relatives reference, we consulted Abhishek Ji. The changes he suggested proved to be magical. What no doctor could diagnose, he did it with his scientific knowledge. My mother is perfectly fine after 2 years and does not take any medicines now.

  • Ms. Jyoti Khemka ( San Jose, USA)

    Both me and my husband were facing problems in our job despite being well qualified. After following the remedies suggested by Anant Vastu, we have been able to get better paying jobs as well as higher designations. We highly recommend everyone to consult Abhishek Ji for any problems they are facing.