Commercial or Office Vastu

Total Vastu Solution For Your Office

This service offers you total Vastu solutions for your working place, irrespective of its size. Our office vastu remedies can help you in the smooth functioning of your business. Even if you're looking for specific services like vastu for small office, vastu for office cabins, vastu for office seating, vastu for office entrance, vastu for office interiors etc., we have customized solutions for everything.

We lay a lot of emphasis on the purpose of every office. Each and every Space is built with a definite purpose. The purpose of a School is to impart education; the purpose of a Hospital is to provide Healing and the purpose of Home is to give a peaceful and prosperous life. In order to offer the best solutions for your office, we first try to understand the purpose of that office space and why is it not being fulfilled.

We understand various factors related to staff commitment failures, breakdown of IT systems at crucial moments, reasons for lack of fame & goodwill, etc. We then decode the exact cause of the problem and bring your office space on the right path of growth and success. This was the basic mantra on which we have designed offices for Business Houses, IT Companies, Architects, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Politicians, Builders, Management Consultants etc.

office vastu consultant kolkata

Our Office Vastu services can help you in the following areas :

  • Lack of Vision / Confusion
  • Wrong decision
  • Sales/ marketing
  • Payment recovering
  • Growth & New opportunities
  • Not getting the right people
  • Commitment failure
  • Blocked Funds
  • Lacking confidence
  • High Expenses
  • Lack of Skills
  • I T problems
  • Lack of coordination
  • No new customers
  • Low mood
  • Aggressive Staff

Our tailor made Office Vastu services include a detailed analysis of the following:

  • Locations of main and common entrances.
  • Positioning of workstations for various departments like marketing, finance etc.
  • Reception and other guest seating areas
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Pantry and toilets
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