Advanced Earth Energy Fields Balancing

Earth Energy and Balancing

The Human body and every cell within it, requires the correct information flow to ensure optimal health. The 'Energy Body' constantly receives and emits signals. It permanently records all information regarding internal and external disturbances influencing the body-both past and present.

The body restores itself during sleep at night. However at this time, the dangerous negative earth vibrations called Geopathic Stress interfere with those signals. As a result, they weaken the immune system to such an extent that it is unable to fight any diseases. This results in serious health disorders like cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthiritis, tumors etc.

By tuning into the individual 'Energetic Body', certain unique patterns of information can be decoded. The laws of the universe state that if the energy meridians in your body are in harmony with the environment that you live in, the body stays healthy. At ANANT VASTU, we are commited to build a vibrant Energy Architecture for creating healthy buildings by analyzing the earth energies in your living spaces.

In order to ensure that your homes, factories and offices vibrate at high positive frequencies and deliver the results that you aspire for, we work towards identifying and correcting harmful but invisible earth energies known as Geopathic Stress. Our techniques of geopathic-stress mapping and finding harmful earth energy points like global energy grids, underground water veins and electrical disturbances is based on scientific protocols.

We use the most advanced instruments based on nano-technology which are highly sensitive and act as transmitters and receivers of the most subtle vibrations.


Our Geopathic - Stress related services including the following:

  • Identifying harmful but invisible earth energies interfering with the human neurological system and causing critical illnesses.
  • Scanning your living and working spaces for areas with deficient energy matrix.
  • Identification of external disturbances like electro-magnetic pollution or geopathic stress in homes, offices and factories.
  • Neutralizing the negative energies and restoring the proper balance to ensure that optimal healing of the body can naturally occur.
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