Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu Solution

Our industrial Vastu Services involve a detailed study of the finest aspects related to the process of manufacturing. We first try to understand the entire manufacturing process flow with each and every step involved in production and processing.

We believe that every industry is unique in its functions, process and products. In one industry, it may just be about controlling the heating treatments to get the desired product; in another industry it may be about maintaining the cooling temperatures; in yet another industry, controlling the quality of raw material may be the most crucial step

For different kinds of industries with different issues, our vastu solution will always be different. For example, Quality is needed in every industry; but priority differs as per the industry; e.g., in the Food industry, Taste comes first. In Personal Accessories industry, Design comes first and in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality in terms of composition is the first and design, taste and price are lesser important factors for commercial success of the medicine.

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Our analysis and remedies can help you in :

  • Getting more orders and smoother sales
  • Increased brand-strength and market share
  • Achieve satisfactory presence and growth in targeted domestic and overseas markets
  • Optimum performance of man & machinery
  • Higher production
  • Better quality and improved efficiency
  • Controlling wastage, rejections and thefts
  • Resolve labour unrests
  • Overcome departmental issues and litigations
  • Smoother relations with banks and other financial institutions facilitating in-time support
  • Procurement of raw-material is regularized
  • Improved relations with vendors
  • Safer work environment and reduction of accidents to Nil
  • Overcome departmental issues and litigations

A detailed analysis of some of the following aspects is done:

  • Positioning of key machinery
  • Electrical control rooms and transformers
  • Storage of raw-material and finished goods
  • Movement of goods within the factory
  • Location of cabins , offices ok key personnel and labour quarters
  • Storage of packaging material
  • Kitchen, pantry and toilets
  • Elevation and slopes
  • Adjacent buildings and roads
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