Residential Vastu Consultation

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Residential Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra for house is our forte.This service offers you solutions ranging from residential building, home, flats and apartment. Under this service, we conduct a detailed analysis of your floor plan and suggest the best vastu for home entrance, vastu for bedroom, kitchen, toilets etc.

It gives you the opportunity to engage with us for a personalized consultation. It involves a detailed discussion about the challenges you are facing in terms of health, finances, relationships etc. or the goals you expect to meet.

We draw upon our vast knowledge resources and years of experience for an expert diagnosis of your problems and identify optimum solutions to give you quick and lasting results. Over the years, we have researched & designed certain Vastu imbalance rectification systems and protocols which when applied have given us astonishing results.

Complete Residential Vastu Solutions

If required, a professional surveyor conducts a detailed survey of the building and prepares a survey report. This includes minute details about.

  • The elevations and slopes, position of main entrances, underground water sources, overhead tanks, septic tanks, plants and trees etc. inand around the building.
  • Wall paints - both interior and exterior
  • Furniture including position of beds, dining table, study table, sofas the house and workstations, pantry, reception areas etc. in the office.
  • Interior decorative items like paintings, sculptors, artefact etc.
  • Household appliances like washing machine, mixer-grinder, television etc.

This report is then studied by us to identify the problems areas. The Analysis entails a detailed evaluation of more than 100 points which affect every aspect of your life like money, growth, career, business, gains, health, family, harmony, childrens education etc.

Detailed Vastu Analysis Report

After the study, a comprehensive Vastu Evaluation Report is prepared by us which acts as a ready reckoner for you forever.

Our Vastu solutions rarely involve structural changes or demolitions. Easy and practical solutions like the use of colours and metal strips, coloured bulbs, paintings, art objects, stones etc. are deployed to make your house Vastu-perfect.

The advanced process also involves the correction of earth energy fields & balancing of Pancha-Tatvas or five elements to restore Vastu imbalances.

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