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Astro-Vastu is a unique concept which combines the use of your Vastu floor plan as well as your personal astrological chart to offer customised solutions. The outcome of this analysis is a set of focussed and precision based remedies for each individual.

This analysis is based on extensive research done by us on how Astrology and Vastu are interlinked. A mapping of the planetary forces & the zodiac with an individuals place of living gives us significant insights on the precise directions responsible for problems faced by each individual.

Our Astro Vastu services can help you in the following areas :

This helps us in devising effective Astro-Vastu remedies to activate or negate the effect of any specific planet by simply changing the energies of a few directions.

Different directions exert different influences on different individuals. For example - an entrance in the North is generally considered to be favourable. However, if we combine an astrological analysis, a North entrance may not be suitable for certain individuals.

Thus, a thorough analysis of a Vastu plan coupled with an astrological analysis can help uncover the best and the worst directions for individuals.

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