Best Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu Shastra

To begin exploring the best sleeping direction as per Vastu, I would like to ask you a question !

How would you rate the quality of your sleep on a scale of 1 to 10 ?

Do you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated because your bedroom is as per Vastu ?

Or do you wake you tired and lazy as if you didn’t sleep the whole night ?

Though you might like to blame the stress at office or conflicts at home, a wrong sleeping position as per Vastu could be the culprit.

Yes, you read that right!

Your head position or sleeping direction could be the cause of all your sleep related troubles.

As per the science of Vastu Shastra, the direction in which your head points can determine the quality and quantity of your sleep. And there is a direct connection between your sleeping directions as per Vastu and your health.

The importance of sleeping direction as per Vastu

As per vastu the direction for sleeping plays a crucial role in the overall sleep quality and health of individuals.

Even if you’ve spent a ton of money to buy a Vastu compliant flat, it is no good if you can’t sleep peacefully.

Sleeping is one of the most important and necessary activities we perform in our lives. On a average, one-third of most people’s lives are spent in sleeping.

A sound sleep not only allows us to get up refreshed and ready for the next day, it also enables our sub-conscious mind and body to do the necessary repair work.

Also as per Ayurveda, the three most important pillars of health are – proper diet, exercise and sleep. If any one of these is out of sync, the body and mind are thrown out of balance.

Sometimes we do all the right things like sleeping on time, taking a light meal at night and even exercising. Yet, a sound sleep remains elusive.

This could easily be attributed to your sleeping position Vastu. And this is where we turn to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra which has a resolution for almost all aspects of life.

The goal of Vastu is to create a harmony between the five elements of nature viz. – Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. It does so by ensuring that these elements are in the correct form, position and proportion within your house.

Since we are constantly receiving and radiating energy, it is critical to sleep in an orientation that is conducive to propagating quality energy. Let’s Investigate –

The best sleeping direction as per Vastu Shastra and Science


Please note that placement refers to the head direction while sleeping.

Sleeping with the head in NORTH Direction –

sleeping direction vastu north

Why sleeping in north direction is bad?

In the Hindu tradition, it is a custom to lay a dead body with its head in the North until cremation. It is a belief that north is the route which the soul takes while exiting the body.

Scientifically speaking, the remaining prana exits the body through the North because of the magnetic pull of the earth’s electromagnetic field.

We’ve always learnt in school that the earth is a magnet and its magnetic pole extends from the North to the South. The positive pole being in the North and the negative pole in the South.

Consider the idea that the human body is also like a magnetic pole, with the top of the head positively charged and the bottom of the feet negatively charged.

Now as per the force of attraction, two positive poles will create a force of repulsion. And thus, there will be a repulsion between the forces of the earth’s North Pole and the human head causing disturbed sleep.

We also know that our blood has iron. Sleeping with the head in the North will create a magnetic pull on the iron in the blood. This can lead to many neurological diseases.

Which direction to sleep scientifically in New Zealand

An important point to note here is that the logic will be opposite if you live in the Southern hemisphere because the poles are reversed. Thus, the best direction to sleep in the Southern hemisphere is North. This means that the best direction to sleep in New Zealand is with your head in North.

Special Attention for People Who are Unwell

It is also worth mentioning that in case of people who are unwell or are trying to recover from a health condition, sleeping with the head in North can seriously delay their recovery. The magnetic phenomena of the earth can also effect blood circulation in the head leading to sudden strokes or tumors. The magnetic forces can lead to a contraction in the body.

As a result of this, the blood pressure can go out of control leading to serious health disorders.

Moral of the story – North is the worst direction to sleep if you’re in India.


Sleeping with head facing EAST Direction –

east sleeping direction vastu

Is sleeping in east direction good?

East is considered to be one of the best directions to keep your head while sleeping. Since the sun rises in the East, most people prefer to buy an East facing house as per Vastu.

And that’s why, it is best to sleep with the head in the East to harness the powerful energies of the Sun.

Best Sleeping Direction for Student, Teacher and researchers –

For all the students, East is the ideal direction for sleeping. It gives a boost to the mental faculties and grasping power. The mind is able to memorize better and retain what has been learned. Thus, it is best for students to sleep facing East to achieve overall success in their academic pursuits.

East is also the recommended direction for research scholars, teachers and people related to any academic field. Sleeping with the head in the East boosts memory and increases concentration.

This is why East is also the most preferred study table Vastu direction.

It also promotes a meditative kind of sleep which is excellent for the health.

The electromagnetic forces of the earth are neutral in the East. Thus, East is considered to be an ideal direction to keep your head while sleeping.

Sleeping in SOUTH Direction as per Vastu and Science.

south vastu shastra sleeping direction

It is considered to be one of the best directions for sleep. Vastu shastra recommends to place your bedroom in the South direction of the house.

Why South is the best direction to sleep?

South is the direction ruled by lord Yama- one of the important Vastu Mandal devta. He’s the lord of death and right justice. Therefore, it is advisable to sleep with your head in the South if you want to have a deep, heavy and sound sleep. The energies of the South direction also bring name, fame and goodwill. Therefore, sleeping here will ensure that you have an abundance of all of these. Even south-west is a good direction for sleeping.

Which direction to sleep scientifically in India?

As per magnetic pole theory, a mutual attraction is created between the head (positive) and South Pole (negative). This creates a harmonious exchange that draws energy into the body rather than out- as in the case of north. Thus, sleeping with the head in South promotes health, happiness, and prosperity. It is thus recommended that South is the best Vastu sleeping position for couples.

Also, South being the direction of fire will ensure that the body impurities are burnt out and the essential nutrients are properly absorbed by the body.

This is precisely why South is always recommended as the ideal kitchen Vastu direction.

Sleeping with head facing WEST Direction

vastu sleeping direction west

Is sleeping in west direction good?

There has not been much research when it comes to sleeping with the head in West. It’s kind of a mixed bag where some people feel comfortable sleeping with the head in West while other don’t.

Even when it comes to buying a West facing house as per Vastu, people have their apprehensions because of the mixed opinions floating around.

Many people suggest that people who are success and money driven ( which most of us are) should keep their head in the West.
On the contrary, a lot of case studies that we have done suggest that people sleeping with their head in the West mostly suffer from bad dreams and scary thoughts.

Thus, sleeping with the head in West can be considered to be neutral with a slight bias towards avoiding it.

FAQs for sleeping direction Vastu and their Answers-

Which is the best sleeping direction for couples as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, South is the best direction for couples to sleep. Sleeping with the head in the South will ensure a peaceful and refreshing sleep.

Does direction of sleep matter scientifically?

Yes the direction of sleep certainly matter scientifically. Earth is a huge magnet whose electromagnetic fields flow from North East to South West. Since our blood contains iron, sleeping with the head in the North will cause like poles attract each other. This will result in disturbed sleep and health problems.

What are the effects of sleeping south direction?

Sleeping with the head in the South direction will result in a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. South being the direction ruled by lord Yama as per Vastu results in a very restful sleep.

Which direction is best for sleeping for students?

East is the best direction for the students to sleep. The direction of the rising Sun, East helps young students gain the power of knowledge and helps them in retaining that knowledge for a long time.


East and South are therefore considered to be the best directions to keep your head while sleeping. West can be considered the third option. And for obvious reasons, North should never even be an option.

The direction of your head while sleeping can make a huge difference to your overall sleep quality and quantity. This is turn can have a direct impact on your health and mind.

Thus, you must follow the rules of Vastu Shastra while deciding the direction of sleeping.

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  1. Namaskaram. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. As Sadhguru mentions that people who live in Southern Hemisphere, on contrary, should not sleep with head facing South.
    Please kindly enlighten us here.
    With gratitude.

  2. I’m having Patanjali products related and other dairy products also like small grocery store my shop is facing north in which place should I keep the cash counter

  3. Are there any solutions if it’s impossible to put your bed facing in the other direction other than head to the north ?

    1. You have 3 more options other than North to keep your head in. You may choose to keep your head in South, East or West. There is no solution if you keep your head towards the North. It has got nothing specfic to do with Vastu. It’s about the flow of electromagnetic fields of the earth.

  4. Hi sir,lift is consider entrance or stair from ground to first and 2 nd floor main door facing N6and N7 kindly sugest to me in between staircase lift is placed at N4 N5 is it entrence. OR N6 N7 who to Rectified entrence in N3N4 still we have planed to construct.

  5. Hello Abhishekji, many thanks for the meaningful insights. I had a question –
    We are getting to place head on the bed in east direction and a small study next to it also facing the east. However, the bed is in the SSW part of the room, followed by cupboard in SW, and toilet in WSW part of the room. Is this okay as per Vastu?

    1. Hello ! There’s a difference between SSW part of the room and SSW part of the house. The bed should not be in the SSW part of the house. Do take note of that. If that’s the case, it is advisable to shift it.

  6. Namaste, Great Article. I had a few queries:
    1) Should we consider the direction of the head while on the bed or should we take direction as per the centre of the house which we typically consider while doing vastu? Eg Bedroom is in South east, but head on the bed faces north west…
    2) Does a bed lying in multiple zones matter? Here again, should we consider the direction of the head or the significations of the zone also come into play?

    Kindly Clarify. Thanks much

    1. Namaste ! Thanks for your comments.

      1.) You need to consider the direction of the head while on bed.

      2.) If the bed is in multiple good zones, it’s fine. The significance of the zone is of utmost importnace.

  7. Can we sleep with our head towards North West? Thank you so much for providing us these valuable informations.

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