Vastu for Flat: All Your Questions Answered

Vastu for flats has gained significant importance over the past decade. The rapidly burgeoning population and shrinking land bank has made buying Vastu compliant plots to build a house impossible for most. Real estate prices are through the roof. Thus, apartment living has become the need of the hour.

If you’re planning to buy a flat or are already living in one, you’ll find all your answers in this most comprehensive article on Vastu for flats available on the internet.

Just go through all the points in the 9 Point Checklist and you’ll know almost everything you need to know about the right Vaastu for flats.

vastu tips flats apartments

Vastu tips for flats to overcome life’s challenges-

Let’s face it – everyone these days is under stress for something or the other in life. Money, health, relationships, etc. are all at risk because of incorrect Vastu placements.

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Buying land and constructing a house is now a far-fetched idea for most of the population. The un-affordable prices and the hassles that come with construction have led the population to switch to apartment living following some Vastu tips for flats.

This has led to a huge increase in the demand of Vastu for flats and apartments.

And that’s why most people turn to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra to smoothen out an otherwise topsy turvy life.

Is Vastu applicable for flats and apartments?

The Vastu shastra for flat is an architectural system that provides certain guidelines in regards to the layout, geometry, measurement, and design of flats and apartments. This vastu for flats system aims at incorporating the ancient system of sacred architecture with the usage of geometric patterns and directional alignments in your house.

Thus, the principles of vastu in apartment are as applicable to flats as they are to bungalows, offices, factories and temples.

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Vastu for Flats: Is it really necessary?

Usually, the apartments are designed collectively by builders and they really don’t care about vastu for flats compliance. Their sole objective is to cover every inch of space even if they defy the vaastu for flats.

The buyers or tenants then have to face the challenges arising due to Vastu doshas.

An incorrect Vastu leads to a lot of financial problems, health issues, loss of mental peace, and relationship issues.

Thus, it is advisable and highly recommended that you must comply with the apartment Vastu rules for a safe and prosperous life.

How to check the Vastu for flats?

One of the most common question people ask is about how to check the Vastu of a flat ?

We have created this in-depth guide to help you check the Vastu for flats and apartments. Simply by following these guidelines, you’ll be able to understand how to check vastu of flat and identify the good and bad about your flat in terms of Vastu.

You need to check the following 9 points to identify how good or bad your flat is as per vastu shastra for flats and how to design an ideal flat as per Vastu:

Vastu Shastra for Flats : – 9 Point Checklist for a Vastu compliant flat

  1. The placement of the main entrance door
  2. Placement of the kitchen
  3. Placement of the Pooja room
  4. Placement of the toilets/bathroom
  5. Location of the bedrooms
  6. Colors and Wall paints
  7. Cuts & Extensions in the flat
  8. Location of the storeroom
  9. Placement of mirrors

Here’s an in-depth analysis of all the 9 points to help you choose a perfect flat/apartment

1.) Main door Vastu for flats

When it comes to the main door Vastu for flats, people sometimes find it very challenging to do it the correct way. Since there is limited scope to shift or completely change the direction of the main entrance, it becomes all the more important to select a flat very carefully.

There are 32 possible locations where an entrance is possible as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala. Some are super powerful while others can be extremely dangerous, according to vastu for entrance in flats.

The below image indicates the names of 32 possible main door vastu for flats.

main door entrance vastu flats

You may read our detailed article on Vastu for main entrance doors to get a complete understanding of the best and worst positions for vastu for flat entrance placement as per apartments vastu.

 Main door Vastu for flats & apartment: Tips to keep in mind

For a basic understanding, you may keep the following points in mind:

  • Choose a flat which has its main entrance exactly in East or North.
  • West facing flats are also excellent provided they follow Vastu guidelines.
  • For a south-facing flat, you must be very careful as an entrance in the south can be extremely good or extremely bad depending on its exact location.
  • Avoid a flat with the main door in South West corner
  • A North East entrance is not always beneficial as most Vastu experts suggest. Depending on its exact placement, it can be extremely dangerous in some cases and can cause accidents and financial losses. 
  • The main door should always open clockwise.
  • Avoid the main entrance directly in front of the lift or staircase. This is one of the major Vastu defects causing property disputes.
  • Keep the main door in perfect shape. It should not be broken or make a creaking sound.
  • Avoid placing any God idols outside the main entrance. A lot of people place an idol of Lord Ganesha which can absolutely not good as per vastu shastra of flat. One of the biggest Vastu myths is that Lord Ganesha’s idol at the entrance will ward off all evil. This is nothing more than a widely circulated myth.

Note: For other popular flat vastu myths, read our article here – Vastu Shastra Myths You Are Made To Believe

Remember that though it is not always possible to get a favorable vastu entrance of flat, it is certainly possible to rectify and correct the unfavorable main entrances with easy remedies without breaking or shifting the entrance.

2. Kitchen Placement in Flats & Apartment:

The kitchen is a mini representation of the cosmic fire. The correct placement of the kitchen in a flat is of utmost importance to keep the fire element in balance.

In the modern context, fire is the significator of money and cash flow. Whether you can successfully earn a regular income or maintain a healthy cash flow depends on the correct placement of the kitchen in the flat.

A general consensus is that the kitchen should be placed only in the South East direction. However, given the modern designs of flats and the need to cover every inch of space, this is certainly not always possible in vastu for apartment.

So does it mean that the fire will always be imbalanced in the flats?

Certainly not!

According to vastu for flats, Southeast is an ideal direction, the kitchen or more specifically the gas burner can also be placed in the South, West and North West corner of the flat.

Note: You may be interested in our blog on South East Facing House Vastu

Tips you must remember for kitchen placement in flats as per Vastu:
  • A kitchen is best in the South East to South directions.
  • If it’s not possible in the South east, some other recommended directions for the placement of a kitchen are West and North West directions.
  • As per kitchen Vastu rules, you must face the East or North while cooking.
  • If the kitchen is towards the South East or South, you must strictly avoid using a blue or black color kitchen slab.
  • Avoid using granite under the gas burner. A marble slab is recommended by vastu for a flat.
  • Kitchen cabinets used for storage should ideally be placed on the Southern wall.
  • The mixer-grinder should be kept in the Eastern part of the kitchen.
  • Avoid buying a black or blue refrigerator if you intend to place it in the kitchen.

3. Pooja Room Placement in Flats

When it comes to Vastu for pooja room in flats, almost everyone believes that the Pooja room or mandir can only be placed in the North East direction.

To fulfill this criterion of vastu for apartments, a lot of people are even ready to sacrifice a lot of space and make all kinds of unnecessary adjustments to accommodate perfect vastu shastra for flats.

The fact is that there are several directions (other than North East) where you can place the Pooja altar or mandir at home temple.

One of the best directions for the Pooja room in flats is the West direction. West is the direction ruled by lord Varun – the giver of wealth and prosperity. He has the power to fulfill all your wishes.

You’ll be surprised to know that in most ancient Hindu temples, the main idol is placed in the West direction.

Thus, placing the Pooja room in the West is one of the best choices you can make.

Other than West, East  and North are also favorable directions for placing the Pooja room as per Vastu in flats.

You can place the pooja room or mandir depending upon the main deity you pray to. Use the following table as a reference from vastu of flat:

pooja room vastu flats

Vastu for pooja room in flats: Tips to remember
  • The idols/ photos of Gods should be around your chest height and not below that.
  • Avoid using a red color cloth if your Pooja room is in the North East
  • As per vaastu for flat, you may use shades of blue, green, and light yellow in the North East East and West.
  • If your Pooja room is in the East, it is best to avoid silver idols or utensils. Use steel, copper, or brass instead.
  • For a pooja room in the West, silver or gold or brass utensils are ideal.
  • Avoid keeping two or more photos/idols of the same God or Goddess.
  • It is better to have a wooden mandir in the North East, East, and South East. For a mandir in the West, white marble is recommended.
  • Always keep the mandir well lit with proper lighting.
  • Avoid placing a mandir or pooja room next to the toilet or below a staircase.

4. Toilets/Bathroom Placement in Flats

One of the most common reasons for a lot of problems in vastu in apartments is due to the incorrect placement of toilets.

Since it is common construction, the toilet pipelines run from the ground floor to all above floors in the same direction. Thus, it is really difficult to change or relocate the toilets for the sake of vastu of a flat.

Therefore, one must very carefully choose a flat where the toilets are located in the appropriate Vastu zones. Incorrect toilet placements can cause multiple health problems as there is a direct link between your house and health.

Of course, it is rarely possible to have all toilets in the correct directions as per vastu for flats, but one must be careful to choose the least unfavorable locations.

Toilets are an activity of disposal and we use them to dispose of human waste. Thus, if we place them incorrectly, they can even dispose off the good qualities of a good zone.

Some of the effects of toilets in different directions are as follows:

Problems with incorrect placement of toilets and bathroom in different directions. –

vastu shastra toilet flats

Vastu for toilets/bathroom in flats: Tips to remember
  • Completely avoid a toilet between North, North East, and South West directions. These can cause serious health and financial problems.
  • The toilet seat should not be directly opposite the toilet entrance door. It creates negative energy.
  • Making a toilet under the staircase is ok as long as the direction is correct.
  • The slope of the toilet floor should always be towards the North or East and never towards the South or West.
  • Choose the wall tiles carefully for toilets depending on the direction of their placement.
  • According to vastu for flats, for a toilet in East or North, use blue or brown tiles, for a toilet in South East or South use orange or yellow tiles and for toilets in West or North West use grey tiles.
  • The toilet door should not open directly opposite the bed.
  • The toilet seat or commode should always be 1-2 feet higher than the floor level.

Changing the position of the toilet seat or completely relocating it could be a challenge that most people face. However, it does not mean all is lost.

There are easy to follow and very effective solutions available to negate the ill effects of wrongly placed toilets.

However, if you realize that one or more of your toilets are wrongly placed, it is highly recommended to seek advice from a good Vastu consultant. Because incorrectly placed toilets create a lot of unexpected damages to health and finances.

5.Location or Placement of bedroom in Flats

Like it is important to have a vastu compliant flat as a whole, it is equally important to have your bedrooms in the right directions for growth and prosperity.

A Vastu compliant bedroom is also important to bring in healing energies in your flat and to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Note: Read our amazing article on how to activate healing energies in your house.

To gain an in-depth understanding about Vastu for bedrooms, we have written a comprehensive article which will tell you:

  • How to choose the correct directions for your bedroom on the basis of your profession or business, for different family members.
  • How to choose a wall, curtain and furniture colors for bedroom in flat as per Vastu
  • The correct placement of furniture and mirrors.
  • Important do’s and don’ts.

Read it HEREVastu for Bedroom

One of the most important points to keep in mind while designing a bedroom is the ideal sleeping direction as per Vastu or the direction of the bed.

While placing the bed, we must consider the flow of the earth’s electromagnetic currents. Since the earth is slightly tilted on its axis, the earth’s magnetic energies flow from North East to South West.

Therefore, you must align your bed to take advantage of these energies put forward by proper vastu for flats.

Here’s an image indicating ideal sleeping directions as per Vastu Shastra

sleeping direction vastu shastra

Vastu for Bedroom in Flats: Tips to remember
  • Avoid making false ceilings directly above the bed. Too much metal strips and wires are neither good for your health nor your sleep as they create a lot of electromagnetic fields.
  • Always use light shades for wall paints in the bedroom. Darker shades disturb the mind and the ability to relax.
  • Use wooden beds instead of metal because wood being a natural material has high positive vibrations than metals.
  • Never use a box bed. The box below the bed stops the circulation of energy and causes disturbed sleep and backaches.
  • Always sleep with your head towards the East or South and never towards the North.
  • A mirror opposite your bed is ok as long as your bedroom is in the North, East or West directions. For a bedroom in South or South West, you must avoid placing a mirror.
  • Avoid keeping a water fountain in the bedroom. Flowing water creates excessive energies which can cause disturbed sleep.
  • Fresh flowers kept in the bedroom bring in positive energy and create abundance.

6. Vastu for Colors and Wall Paints in Flats

Colors play a very crucial role when it comes to Vastu for flats or apartments. We can even go to the extent of saying that the colors in your flat can either help you scale new heights or can put you down in the dumps. They can also play a decisive role in your financial health and stability.

As a general rule, try to use light shades of paints on the walls and curtains. Darker shades can be disturbing to the mind and can cause mental conflicts.

flat vastu colors wall paints

Vastu for Colors in Flats: Tips to remember
  • Always try and use naturally made colors instead of the omnipresent synthetic ones. They are really harmful to health and mental peace.
  • For a bedroom in the North, prefer using shades of grey, white, blue, and green.
  • Brown, beige and green are the ideal colors for bedrooms in the East
  • According to vastu for flats, for a bedroom in the South east and south, shades of light pink, orange, red, maroon and brown will be ideal.
  • Shades of grey, silver and golden are preferable for bedrooms in the West.

Different colors represent different elements of nature. Like the color red indicates fire element, blue indicates water, etc.

Vastu is all about balancing the Pancha tatvas or the five elements within your living space.

And since these colors signify different elements, you must choose them very carefully as per the different directions.

Here’s a detailed blog on Bedroom Vastu Colors

An imbalance of colors in the form of wall paints, light bulbs, curtains and upholstery, colored cabinets, etc. can wreak havoc in the lives of the residents.

7. The residential vaastu for Cuts and Extensions in Flats

A cut area in a flat refers to the missing floor area in a particular direction. Similarly, an extension in a flat refers to extra floor space in a particular direction.

The below image will give you an idea of what a cut or extension in a flat looks like.

vastu cut extension flats

Neither a cut nor an extension is good for any flat. This means that either some energy fields are completely missing or some are excessively present in a flat. And neither of the situations is good.

That’s why it is best to select square or rectangular flats.

Thus, while choosing a residential vaastu, it is very important to look for cuts and extensions in different directions.

Every Vastu direction governs some or the other aspect of your life.

For example, the South East direction governs your digestive health and cash flows. This effectively means that if the South East area of your flat is cut, you are most likely to face digestive and money problems.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid taking a flat that has big cuts and extensions in different directions. A classic example of this could be an L-shaped or a U-shaped flat.

Though neither a cut nor an extension is good for flats, they can be managed effectively by the judicious use of mirrors, colors, and metals.

8 Location of the Storeroom

One of the most ignored buy important areas in the flat is the storeroom. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the storeroom is any less important than the other rooms in the flat.

The purpose of the store is to accumulate various household articles likely to be used in the future. Anything that is not in use currently is kept in the storeroom. Thus, its correct placement becomes very important.

The placement of the storeroom can evoke different emotions in the minds of the residents.

If incorrectly placed, a storeroom can actually lead to the accumulation of pain, fear, guilt and grief in the lives of the residents.

The below image indicates some of the best and worst placement for a storeroom

vastu for store room flats

9. Mirrors Placement in Flats

One of the most frequently asked questions is about the correct placement of mirrors in Vaastu layout.

There are a lot of myths floating around when it comes to the placement of mirrors in flats. The most common myth being that a bed should never face a mirror and if it does, it creates disharmony and arguments.

This is totally incorrect and one should not blindly believe in these without understanding the logic.

A mirror represents the water element. This is because it has some reflective qualities like water. Therefore, the best placement for mirrors is the water element favorable zones in the house viz. – North, North East, East, and West.

As long as you place the mirror in these directions, it does not have any bad effects.

However, do remember to never place a mirror in the fire zones like South East and South.

Also, it is advisable not to hang a mirror in the South West.

But there’s also a catch to it: Mirrors normally extend the zones in which you place them. So you must use them judiciously even in the water zones.

It is advisable to seek expert advice for the correct placement of mirrors.

You may read our detailed guide on proper placement of mirrors as per Vastu.

FAQs for Flat Vastu and their answers –

Is Vastu applicable for flats?

Yes Vastu is as applicable to flats as it is to houses. Incorrect flat Vastu can cause serious health and financial problems.

Is Vastu important for flats?

Yes Vastu is extremely important for flats. Following Vastu helps in keeping your flat energies in sync with the powerful forces of nature.

Which is the ideal flat as per Vastu Shastra?

An ideal flat as per Vastu is the one which follows proper rules for placement of entrance, toilets, kitchen, bedrooms, Pooja room etc.

Which facing flat is good?

All facing flats can be good provided the entrance, kitchen, toilets, bedrooms etc. inside the flat are placed in the correct directions as per Vastu.


Buying a flat is one of the biggest and most expensive decisions one makes in life. Therefore, we highly recommend that you must comply with vastu for flats rules to make the flat worth living.

Though one may not have many choices of rectification or relocation of rooms, kitchen, toilets, etc., there are easy to apply solutions available that can make your flat highly Vastu compliant.

Hope you enjoyed the most comprehensive article available on the internet when it comes to vastu for flat. Do share your view in the comments below.


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  1. I stay in rented flat . I am going to be here for 2 years. Flat has cut portion at NE, SE, SW corners. Is there any homemade remedy that can be done. Does rented house affect so much ?

    1. Yes a rented house certainly affects you as much as your own house would. It’s not the ownership of the house that governs Vastu. Vastu affects the residents of the house irrespective of the ownership.
      A cut in the NE,SE and SW certainly is not a good thing to have. All of these are important directions for health and finances. So they must be properly balanced. For easy remedies, you may get in touch with us if you’re looking for a Vastu consultation. Here’s the link –

      It’s difficult to suggest remedies without studying the floor plan

  2. I have an Villa the entrance gate to the compound is SW ie when I enter the compound my face is North East. But the main door entrance to the Villa is South East ie when I enter in the Villa my face is North West. I am confused whether both the entrance are good and which one should I consider. Entrance to the plot or entrance to the main villa

    1. Both the entrances are equally important and will give their respective results. Unfortunately, in your case both the entrances seems to be incorrect. As per Vastu, both South West and South East entrances must be avoided.

  3. Hi, My flat has a north entrance and my kitchen is in the Southwest direction. The Gas stove – the slab is on the west side. Is this ideal or do you recommend changes? Please respond. Thanks in advance.

    1. A south west kitchen is extremely bad as per Vastu and you must consult an expert to rectify it. It could potentially cause financial and health instability and thus the problem must be addressed as soon as possible.

    1. No a toilet in South or South West is extremely unfavorable. It’s not possible to suggest any remedies without studying the floor plan properly. There are no standard remedies for toilets . It all depends on their precise location which can only be ascertained by studying the floor plan.

      1. which are the preferable places for bathroom ?
        North, north east and south west should be avoided and what about south, west and north west are they preferable ?

  4. How do we consider vastu for a Jodi flat with separate owners (brothers), single plan or separate plan? Living room common wall is removed, and one of the kitchen is converted to kids room. The center of the plan has two toilets facing east and west. Is that a problem as the brahmasthan get occupied. We are also planning to remove the east facing toilet but that still frees up only 50% of brahmasthan.

    1. It is really not possible to comment without looking at the floor plan. For the jodi flat, the correct center needs to be identified first and then the rest of the calculations will be done.

  5. Hello Abhishek,

    Our flat is a jodi flat and it look like a square plan with no cut corners, however, there is a triangular step like cut for duct from the center part towarst south. South east and south west is present but south center direction is open duct space. Flat is on 8th floor.

    Please respond, and thanks in advance.

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