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Main Door Vastu: Unlock the Power of Vedic Devtas for Prosperity

Main door Vastu has been accorded the highest priority when it comes to the overall Vastu of a house.

In fact, most Vastu experts unequivocally accept that the Vastu for home entrance holds the highest weight-age when it comes to the longevity of the structure as well as the happiness of the residents.

The main door entrance of a house, flat  or apartment is the actual transit point from where the energies enter the home. These could be both positive energy as well as negative vibes. An auspicious main door Vastu direction can become a harbinger of good health, wealth and prosperity.

On the other hand, an ill placed main entrance door in the house can bring in diseases, financial losses and debts.

Main Door Direction as per Vastu -32 Entrances in Vastu


main door vastu entrance locations

In Vastu Shastra, the main door direction holds significance as it influences the energy flow within a home. The preferred main door Vastu entrance directions are determined by cardinal points: east attracts wealth and powerful connections, west offers stability and unprecedented growth, south can bring fame and money while North invites prosperity and abundance.

As per main entrance Vastu – There are 32 possible locations for a main door/entrance

The above image indicates them.

Here is a table showing the 32 entrances as per Vastu shastra along with the main door direction

Entrance & Main Door Direction Name
E1  (North East) Shikhi
E2 (East of North East) Parjanya
E3 (East of North East) Jayanta
E4 (East) Indra
E5 (East) Surya
E6 (East of South East) Satya
E7 (East of South East) Bhrisha
E8 (South East) Akash
S1 (South East) Anil
S2 (South of South East) Poosha
S3 (South of South East) Vitatha
S4 (South) Grihrakshita
S5 (South) Yama
S6 (South of South West) Gandharva
S7 (South of South West) Bhringraj
S8 (South West) Mrigha
W1 (South West) Pitra
W2 (West of of South West) Dwarik
W3 (West of South West) Sugreev
W4 (West) Pushpdant
W5 (West) Varun
W6 (West of North West) Asur
W7 (West of North West) Shosha
W8 (North West) Papyakshama
N1 (North West) Roga
N2 (North of North West) Naga
N3 (North of North West) Mukhya
N4 (North) Bhallat
N5 (North) Soma
N6 (North of North East) Bhujag
N7 (North of North East) Aditi
N8 (North East) Diti

If you’re planning to construct or purchase a new house flat or apartment, this article on main door Vastu rules can be a great ready reckoner for you.

Even if you already live in a house and are not sure if your entrance is correct as per Main door Vastu or not, you’ll find this article very useful.

Vastu for Home/Flat Entrance: Direction Tips

Vastu for home entrance can be a vast subject in itself. There are so many possible entrances that one needs to be careful while deciding where to locate the main entrance of the house.

We shall now discuss the 32 entrance in Vastu and the best places to open a house entrance as per Vastu.

Main door Vastu for NORTH facing house

main door vastu north facing house

If you live in a North facing house, your main entrance is located in the North direction.

North, as we all know is the direction of lord Kuber-the giver of wealth and riches. This is the reason why most people consider north facing houses to be the most auspicious.

However, the actual fact is that a North facing house is only as auspicious as the placement of its main door or entrance. In other words, the main door Vastu plays a major role in deciding the auspiciousness of a north facing house.

There are eight energy fields in the North direction. Out of these only four are auspicious and must be chosen while doing the Vastu for home entrance.

Main Door Locations in NORTH Direction-

Deity Deity Description Pada Location Benefits of House Entrance Door
Mukhya Vishwakarma – Main deity of the building.  Architect of the universe N3 Fulfillment of wishes, manifestation of desires,  auspicious per Vastu
Bhallat Power of abundance, magnifies wealth N4 Immense wealth and prosperity, magnified abundance
Soma Magical drink, also referred to as Moon, associated with wealth (Kuber) N5 Earn profits from efforts, convert work into money, grants spiritual upliftment. Auspicious per Vastu.
Diti Mother of asuras, grants vision and liberal thinking N8 Wider vision, ability to see real facts of life, success, increased wealth, may not always be ethical

Remember, most Vastu experts recommend a North East entrance without actually specifying the exact energy field. There is another devta called Shikhi in North East (refer the images of 32 entrances).

Opening an entrance here can be disastrous and can lead to accidents related to fire and financial losses.

Therefore, while doing the Vastu for North East entrance, you must exactly know where to locate it and where to avoid.

Remember that a North West entrance is absolutely prohibited as per Vastu. This is because the asuras here namely Papyakshma, Roga and Naga are giver of disease and death. They are responsible for increasing jealousy and enmity for the residents and thus sometimes prove to be very dangerous.

Main door placement in NORTH to AVOID

Placement Negative Effects Pada Location  Associated Issues
Roga  Diseases of the bones, enemies, murder N1 Diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, increase in enemies, potential for violent incidents
Naga  Excessive craving, jealousy N2 Strong desire for material objects, heightened jealousy among residents
Bhujag  Kidney, cold, cough, eye disorders N6 Kidney-related issues, cold, cough, eye problems
Aditi  Rebelliousness, inter-caste marriages N7 Female household members becoming rebellious, potential for more inter-caste marriages


NOTE : For a detailed understanding of all the 45 devtas and asuras of the Vastu Purusha Mandala, you may read out comprehensive article here –

Decoding the secrets of the Vastu Purusha Mandala and the 45 energy fields.

In case your entrance is wrongly placed, it can be remedied using certain metals strips or wires. However, if possible, you must ensure that the main door is placed as per Vastu correctly.

Main door Vastu for EAST facing house

main door vastu east facing house

A main door in East is also very auspicious as per Vastu. Again, depending on its placement, it can give positive or negative results in case of East facing houses as per Vastu.

All energy fields extending for the North East to the South East are taken into consideration while locating a main door as per Vastu in East direction.

Main door placement Tips in EAST Direction-

Similar to North, there are eight energy fields in the East direction where the main door can be located.

The most auspicious entrances in the East are the fields of Jayant and Indra.

Placement Diety Description Pada Location Associated Benefits
Jayant Victory in endeavors, fills the body and mind with zeal & enthusiasm  E3 Success in all undertakings, increased motivation, expansion of social circle, growth and prosperity
Indra King of devtas, grants power of association & administration .Ruler of all senses E4 Strong association with influential people, especially government officials, ensures power & profits

The auspiciousness of these two entrances can be understood from the fact that most of the ancient Hindu temples had their main entrance placed in these energy fields.

A few examples are the Tirupati Balaji temple, The Jagannath Puri temple, the Mahabodhi temple in Gaya etc. These temples are powerhouses of energy and one of the reasons for this is their entrance placement.

Main door placement in EAST to AVOID

Placement                      Pada Location        Associated Issues
Shikhi E1 Possibility of fire-related accidents, financial setbacks
Parjanya E2 Increase in unnecessary spending , more female child births
Surya E5 Heightened anger, aggressive behavior, diminished importance of male members
Satya E6 Tendency towards lying, failure to fulfill commitments, potential for rifts in relationships, extra-marital affairs
Bhrisha E7 Unreasonable anger, irrational behavior, overthinking without results, risk of divorces
Akash E8 Possibility of thefts, frequent accidents, sudden financial losses, issues with Government departments

Main door Vastu for SOUTH facing house

main door vastu south facing house

For a long time, entrances in the South have earned a bad reputation. In fact, most of the novice Vastu experts simply reject a house because its entrance is in the South direction.

These are nothing but Vastu myths which you should simply ignore. The truth is that a lot of successful businessmen have their entrances in the South direction. Also, a large number of factories designed as per Vastu have their main entrance in the South. Thus, there is nothing to be fearful of.

In fact, some of the most powerful Shiva temples face south. These are the Kedarnath temple, the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling and the most recent Adiyogi statue consecrated by Sadhguru in Coimbatore. All of these face south and thus south cannot be a negative direction always.

However, some of the entrances in the south are extremely negative. Therefore one should be very careful while doing the main door Vastu of a South facing house.

Do remember to avoid a South west main door as per Vastu under all circumstances. 

A South West entrance is the worst entrance as per Vastu

A lot of people ask as about the main door remedy for a south west facing entrance. Though you can reduce the effects of a south west face entrance to some extent by blocking it with a brass wire, it is still advisable to completely avoid such a house or flat.

Main door placements tips in South Direction-

Placement       Pada Location  Associated Benefits
Vithatha    S3 Immense prosperity, effective problem-solving skills (using sama-daam-danda-bheda)
Gruhakshat     S4 Fame, reputation, immense wealth, particularly beneficial for factories

Let’s look the positive & negative entrances in the South direction:

The most auspicious doors in the South direction as per Vastu are the energy fields of Vithatha and Gruhakshat.

Barring these two, the rest of the entrance in south east and south west are negative and must be avoided at all costs.

Main door placements in South to AVOID

Placement         Pada Location  Associated Effects
Anila S1 Weakens cash flow, impacts the male child of the house
Pusha S2 Tendency to work for others, favorable for people in jobs. Must be avoided for businessmen
Yama S5 Extremely negative effects: diseases, death, increased debts and financial burden
Gandharva S6 Extreme poverty, instability (financial and mental), causes digestive system related diseases       
Bhringraj S7 Wastage of efforts, monetary loss, wasteful expenditure, relationship problems
Mrigha S8 Severe financial losses, difficulty in recovering from losses , high risk of owned properties being sold off

Main door Vastu for WEST facing house

main door vastu for west facing house

West is the direction of darkness like the East is the direction of light. Thus, a lot of Vastu experts suggest avoiding a West facing house or flat.

This is another Vastu myth.

Main door placements tips in West Direction

An entrance in the West direction can be extremely positive and bring in huge financial success provided it is placed in the right energy fields.

Let’s understand the best and worst main door as per Vastu in the West direction.

Placement        Pada Location  Associated Benefits
Sugreev W3 One of the best entrances. Ideal for traders, businessmen; gives remarkable growth & enviable prosperity; beneficial for child’s education or educational institutes 
Pushpdant W4 Assistant of Varun – the controller of the universe. Gives good financial growth & prosperity
Varun W5 Universal controller; highly revered devta in the Vedas. Entrance here brings prosperity but also makes people over ambitious leading to their downfall. 

You must avoid the remaining energy fields in the West direction while doing the main door Vastu of a house..

Main door placements in West to AVOID

Placement       Pada Location    Associated Negative Effects
Pitra W1 South West entrance – Worst possible entrance as per Vastu. Brings instability, poor finances, potential negative impact on life span
Duawarik W2 Instability in relationships and career
Asur W6 Causes daily fatigue, poor physical strength, drained feeling, depression, potential for diseases
Shosha W7 Physical weakness, emaciation, death-like feeling, drug addiction, delays in life aspects
Papyakshama W8 Causes skin diseases, use of unlawful means for growth, potential legal troubles

Main Door Opening Direction as per Vastu

The main door opening direction as per Vastu holds a lot of significance. The preferred main door opening direction is often influenced by cardinal directions and their associated elements. Here’s how to decide the opening direction of the main door :

Aspect          Clockwise (Right-Hand Opening)                Anticlockwise (Left-Hand Opening)   
Alignment with Natural Hand Movement Aligns with the hand movement as a majority of the people are right handed Opposite to the natural hand movement for most
Positive Energy and Opportunities Believed to channel positive energies from the nature Less recommended due to disruption of energies         
Pranic Influence The right side of the body reflects Pingala naadi – dynamic and energetic The left side represents Ida naadi – soothing and calming. 

In essence, Vastu advises aligning both the opening direction and the positioning of the main door to optimize the inflow of beneficial energies into the living space.

In Vastu Shastra, the preference for doors to open on the right-hand side (clockwise) is based on several principles and cultural symbolism.

Here are a few reasons why this practice is recommended:

  • Alignment with Natural Energy Flow: The right side represents the direction of the Sun. Thus, a main entrance door opening clockwise aligns with the natural energies of the Sun
  • Symbolism of Progress: The right side is often associated with progress, growth, and positivity in many cultures. Opening the door in a clockwise direction is believed to welcome these attributes into the home, fostering a sense of advancement and well-being.
  • Energetic Harmony: Vastu emphasizes the balance of energies within a living space. A right-hand opening door is thought to promote a smoother and more harmonious flow of energy throughout the house, enhancing the overall atmosphere
  •  Cultural Tradition: In many cultures and religious practices, the right side is considered auspicious and respected. This tradition has been carried into architectural and design principles, including the placement and orientation of doors.
  • Circulation of Prana (Life Force Energy): Vastu places importance on the circulation of prana or life force energy within a space. Opening doors on the right-hand side is believed to facilitate the free flow of this vital energy, contributing to the well-being of occupants.

It’s important to note that while Vastu principles provide guidelines for designing spaces, individual preferences, practical considerations, and architectural constraints should also be taken into account when determining the direction in which a door should open.

9 Important Tips for Main Door Vastu

  1. The main door of the house should be the largest among all.
  2. While doing the main door Vastu of a North facing house, always use shades of brown, blue, black etc.
  3. For an East facing house, use shades of green and brown as per Vastu
  4. Choose shades of red, maroon, brown and orange while doing the Vastu for home entrance for a south facing house.
  5. Grey, white and metallic colors are ideal for a west facing house entrance.
  6. The main entrance should have sufficient and proper lighting.
  7. The main door should always open clockwise.
  8. It is best to make a wooden door and avoid metallic doors. Wood being a natural material has high energy vibrations.
  9. Always place the name plate to the right side (when you enter the home) of the main door.

House entrance Vastu- Important DON’TS

  1. The main door should not make any squeaky noise while opening or closing.
  2. Avoid placing a shoe-rack in front of the main entrance.
  3. The main door should not directly open into the living room as per Vastu. Therefore, it’s better to have a small passage before the living room.
  4. Avoid placing any God idols outside the main exit door.
  5. Avoid a main entrance directly facing a on a T-point crossing.
  6. Do not make a septic tank or keep a dustbin or garbage bags in front of the main gate.
  7. Main door Vastu suggests that if a door is broken or damaged, you must replace it immediately.
  8. Avoid keeping any plants outside the front door if you live in a west facing house.
  9. Always avoid a main door directly facing a staircase or lift. Some people also use mirrors as a Vastu remedy to negate the effect of  a staircase. You must avoid this and be very careful with placement of mirrors at the main entrance.

What should be placed on the main entrance door ?

Most people want to know what can be placed in front of the main door ? Here are a few Vastu tips to remember 

Auspicious Symbols and Elements        Vastu Recommendation
Om Symbol or Swastika Place auspicious symbols like Om or Swastika on the main door. A blue Swastik outside a North facing door and a Red Swastik outside a South facing door are ideal.
Green Plants Green plants are beneficial in front of the main door, except for a West-facing house entrance door
Fountain (for North/East facing house) Consider placing a fountain in front of the entrance, especially for North/East facing houses.
Toran A toran (door hanging) is considered auspicious on the main door; choose color as per direction.

Stairs or steps in front of the main door as per Vastu

Scenario Placement of Stairs Vastu Recommendation
Independent House Stairs in front of the main door is acceptable if you have an independent house. Create a landing area/platform between steps and the main door. Do not enter directly from stairs into the house. Placing stairs is fine, but create a landing area; don’t directly enter the house from stairs.
Flat Avoid a staircase in front of the main entrance door in a flat. Stairs in front of flat’s main entrance is not advisable due to shared common area. You don’t want energies of outsiders entering directly into your flat.
Limited Choice If no other option, it’s better to have a staircase going up rather than down if it’s in front of your flat. If limited choice, opt for stairs going up to minimize negative impact.

As per Vastu principles, the placement of stairs in front of the main door holds significance, depending on the type of dwelling. When options are limited, choosing stairs going up rather than down minimizes adverse effects. This helps in aligning with Vastu’s aim for harmonious energy flow.

Which God’s photo / idol can you keep on the main entrance?

The choice of which God’s photo to place at the main entrance door often reflects personal beliefs and cultural traditions.

In Hindu households, Lord Ganesha is commonly placed to invoke blessings and remove obstacles, while Goddess Lakshmi signifies wealth and prosperity. However, we recommend you not to keep any such idols outside the main door.

The simple reason is – neither does one regularly clean the photos or idols kept there nor does one pray to those idols. You do not want to make Gods or Goddesses your door keeper and not thank them for their blessings.

If at all you want to keep – it is best to place religious symbols like Swastik , OM or Riddhi Siddhi. 

For Sikhs, a Khanda can symbolize protection while for Christianity, a cross could do the same. A crescent and star can be a preferred symbol of protection for the Muslims.

Ultimately, the selection should resonate with the household’s spiritual connection and intentions. It’s important to consider the deity’s significance and the positive energies it brings, harmonizing with the energy of the home and its occupants.

Toilet/bathroom in front of the main door as per Vastu

Placing a toilet in front of the main door as per Vastu can be extremely detrimental. Toilets are places of extreme negative energies and if they’re in front of the main entrance, they completely distort the energies of that area.

Even if you have auspicious entrance, it is unlikely to give you any positive effects if you have a toilet right opposite the main entrance door. Thus, it is best to completely avoid a toilet or bathroom in front of the main door.

Mirror in front of the main door

Modern interior designers prefer placing a mirror in front of the main door. Some people think it can double your wealth while others say that it can ward off negative energies. 

The choice of placing a mirror on front of the main entrance depends on the direction of your entrance. For an entrance in North, East or West, a mirror is permissible. However, one must completely avoid placing a mirror in front of a South East or South main entrance door.

FAQs related to Main Door Vastu –

What should be placed in front of main door?

It is best to decorate the main door with powerful symbols like Om and Swastik. Avoid placing a statue of lord Ganesha or any other God idol outside the main door.

Which is the best direction for the main door?

All directions are good for the main door provided it is placed in the correct energy field as per Vastu. The ideal main door can be decided as per one’s astrological chart also.

Which is the best direction of flat main door?

The best direction for a flat main door depends on the astrological chart as well as the business or profession of the owner. All directions are good for a flat main door provided it is placed in the correct energy field.

Which type of tree we place in front of main door?

It is best to avoid placing big trees in front of the main door. They may block the energy flow. However, placing small plants is suitable.

House Entrance Vastu: Key Takeaways

The main entrance door of an apartment, flat or house is the single most important factor which can make or break the Vastu completely. A good entrance placement can take the occupants to unprecedented heights and can bestow them with health, wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, you must follow the above Vastu guidelines while choosing a house or flat.

The details of the above devtas and asuras must give you a clear idea of the best possible direction for the main entrance. It can be a wonderful ready reference for choosing the best main door direction while doing Vastu for flats or houses.

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