Vastu Directions: Unlock The Secrets To Prosperity in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Directions are an integral part of Vastu Shastra – the ancient Indian science of architecture and design.

According to Vastu , the orientation and placement of buildings, rooms, and objects in relation to the cardinal directions can impact the flow of energy and influence various aspects of life.

For example, the correct alignment of the main entrance as per Vastu of a home or office towards the favorable Vastu direction can enhance positive energy and bring success. On the contrary, an incorrect alignment may result in negative effects.

Understanding and implementing the right directions in Vastu Shastra is believed to create a balanced and harmonious environment, promoting well-being and prosperity for the inhabitants.

16 Directions of Vastu

As per Vastu Shastra, any built-up space or a plot of land must be divided into a total of 16 Vastu directions. While most people have heard about the 8 Vastu directions, Vastu texts actually talk about 16 directions in Vastu.

Let’s understand the significance of  16 Vastu directions and ways to capitalize on them.

Direction Attributes and Recommendations
North East ( Ishaan Kon) Energy center, wisdom, ideal for pooja room. Avoid toilet or kitchen.
East of North East (ENE) Expansion, refreshment, suitable for a shower area. Avoid store placement.
East Auspicious for social connects, relationships, and health. Avoid toilet placement.
East of South East (ESE) Decision-making, ideal for a toilet. Excessive time may lead to health problems.
South East( Aagneya Kon) Power for cash flows, best for kitchen placement, avoid toilet. Imbalance may lead to accidents.
South of South East (SSE) Governs energy and strength, ideal for a bedroom. Avoid toilet placement.
South Powerful for health and finances, suitable for a bedroom. Avoid toilet or underground water storage
South of South West (SSW) Direction for disposal, suitable for a toilet. Avoid spending excessive time here.
South West ( Nairutya Kon) Most powerful for wealth, suitable for bedroom. Avoid toilet or kitchen placement.
West of South West (WSW) Direction of knowledge, ideal for a study room. Avoid kitchen placement.
West Direction of material gains, suitable for a home temple. Avoid toilet placement.
West of North West (WNW) Ideal for detoxification, suitable for a toilet. Avoid sleeping here for long.
North West ( Vayu Kon) Governs resources, suitable for storing documents. Avoid toilet placement.
North of North West (NNW) Direction of attraction, ideal for a bedroom. Avoid septic tank or kitchen for harmony.
North Zone of wealth and opportunities, suitable for a bedroom. Avoid toilet or kitchen.
North of North East (NNE) Governs health, ideal for medicines or a puja room. Avoid toilet for well-being.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the 16 directions in Vastu

North East Direction ( Ishanya Kon)

One of the most revered Vastu directions, the North East corner is the energy Centre of the house. It is the direction that governs new ideas, brings wisdom, and gives you mental clarity.

The North East direction governs our receptivity, clarity, and wisdom. Thus, it is advisable to place a pooja room as per Vastu here.

It is best if you meditate here, but by simply placing a symbolic photo or idol of your deity, you can ensure that you connect with your higher self easily.

Scientifically speaking, the earth’s electromagnetic energies flow from the north east direction. Thus, the North East is considered to be one of the most powerful directions as per Vastu shastra.

Also known as the Ishaan Kon, it is the direction of Lord Shiva. That’s why it is highly recommended that you keep this direction clean and devoid of any Vastu defects.

Placing a toilet here can cause serious health problems as well as disturb the mental peace of the occupants.

A kitchen in North East direction is strictly prohibited as per Vastu. Having a kitchen here can lead to depression, anxiety and poor decision making.

It can disturb the thought processes of people living in such houses, and there will always be conflicts among the residents.

East of North East ( ENE Direction)

The Vastu direction between the East and North East is called the East of North East.

The ideas and thoughts generated from the North East gain the ability to expand and project in this direction.

This is the direction that makes one feel refreshed and connected to the Muladhara Chakra.

This is the zone that provides rejuvenation and freshness. Thus, placing a shower area here is ideal as per Vastu shastra. After bathing, there is a new surge of energy and thoughts.

We know that the human body is 70% water. When this water interacts with the external water falling on the body, it activates the various energy centres of the body.

This is the ideal place for mental cleansing and getting rid of accumulated negative thoughts and emotions. In any domain of life when one requires freshness, you must carefully look at the East of North East zone for anything that may be creating stillness or insipidity in life.

Having a store here can block energies and cause depression, sadness and lack of motivation and enthusiasm.

East ( Poorva Disha)

The direction of the rising Sun, East is considered to be one of the most auspicious Vastu directions.

This is precisely why most people prefer buying an East facing house as per Vastu.

Governed by two of the most revered devtas in the Vedas – Surya and Indra, East has the power to fulfill all your wishes and grant you physical and mental health.

We all know that Lord Indra was the king of the Devtas and was a master at forging relationships. Thus, the east direction can help you connect with the right people who can support you in fulfilling your purpose in life, monetary or otherwise.

This is also a very important direction if you are looking for a suitable match to get married. It can help you connect with the right groom or bride.

Lord Surya is the source of all energy in the universe, and having a balanced east direction can ensure that you feel energetic and in control of everything that you undertake.

The Sun is also the ruler of all planets in astrology. Thus, a favorable east direction can ensure the other Vastu directions governed by different planets are supportive to the occupants.

East of South East ( ESE Direction)

The East of South East is the direction of Manthan or analysis. Manthan is the art of analyzing and finding simple solutions to otherwise complex problems. A proper Manthan or analysis, leads to a workable solution.

Here it is worth mentioning the puranic story of Samudra Manthan or churning of the ocean. The Samudra manthan generated amrit , vish and Goddess Lakshmi. The moral of the story is that without churning, you cannot achieve the desired results .

A balanced East of south east direction ensures that the exercise of churning happens in a controlled manner and it manifests into good results. Excessive Manthan can result and produce nothing .

This is the direction which governs decisions or indecisiveness.

It is ideal to place a toilet here so that all the negativity from your life is churned out. On the contrary, sleeping here over a long time can create excessive thinking and result into health problems like anxiety, thyroid. Hypertension etc.

South East Vastu Direction ( Agneya Kon)

One of the most powerful Vastu directions in the modern material world is the South East direction.

This is why we chose to write a complete blog on South East facing house Vastu.

It governs your cash flows as well as digestive health. Ruled By the planet Venus, south east is considered to be the direction of Goddess Lakshmi.

The Spark generated by the ideas from East of Southeast, gets the power of implementation from the South East.

The direction of the fire element, it is ruled by lord Agni. Thus, it is an ideal place to locate a kitchen which is a mini representation of the cosmic fire.

A balanced Southeast direction ensures that the fire burns in a controlled manner. And when this happens the occupants are blessed with excellent cash flows as well as strong digestive health.

This direction directly impacts the Manipur Chakra where the 72,000 nadis in the human body converge.

Southeast also symbolizes security and safety. Thus, any imbalance in the southeast can cause frequent accidents and fire related losses, departmental harassment, legal problems and Court cases.

In the Hindu culture it is believed that no auspicious ceremonies take place without the presence of the fire or Agni devta. Thus, any balance here can lead to problems like delay in marriage or childbirth.

South of South East ( SSE Direction)

The South of South East direction governs the energy, strength and confidence required to continue any activity after its initiation.

As the fire needs fuel to continue, the South of south east direction ensures that the fire lit through the South east direction continues in strength and time. This is also the zone responsible for providing nutrition and strength.

The Vedic devta ruling this direction is called Pushan – the nourisher. He is devta responsible to safeguard the roads for our journeys.

In the Vedas, Pushan has been invoked to bring back the lost cattle. In the modern context it is the equivalent of getting back lost money from someone who fails or denies to return it.

Making a bedroom here will ensure that the occupants enjoy strong physical as well as mental health. Also, it has been observed that placing a bottle of ghee for chyawanprash here will ensure overall physical health for all the occupants of the house.

South Direction ( Dakshin Disha)

The direction of Lord Yama, South is a powerful Vastu direction which governs your health and finances.

As per yoga, the yamas are often translated as acts of moral discipline. They represent a series of rules for right living or ethics as given in the Vedas and the yoga Sutra from Patanjali.

Thus, the South direction represents your morals and ethics. This direction is associated with rest and relaxation, and it is believed that making a bedroom in South can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

The Sun is at its apex or the highest point in the south direction. Therefore, this is the maximum point of illumination. In real life, it is the South direction which helps in achieving both spiritual illumination as well as fame and recognition.

Astrologically, the south direction is ruled by the fiery planet Mars. Thus, a bedroom here can help you attain the quality of strength and valour like the planet Mars.

An entrance in the South direction can be tricky sometimes. Therefore, one must be very carefully do proper remedies for a South facing main door.

Such a door could either help you accumulate immense wealth or can drown you into debts and losses. What matters is the exact locations of the entrance as per the 32 entrances of the Vastu Purusha Mandala.

It is strictly advised to avoid making a toilet in the South. Doing so can disturb both your mental peace as well as physical health.

South of South West ( SSW Direction)

The energy of South of Southwest direction is conducive to the activity of disposal. As per Ayurveda, unless the waste in all domains of life is disposed off, the problems will reappear in life.

If there is excessive disposal, it also causes trouble and imbalance is created. On the contrary, if the waste is not disposed of properly from the human body, the body loses its ability to carry out it’s function properly.

It is important that the South of South-west direction is balanced in your house to ensure proper disposal from the body and the mind.
As per Vastu, it is recommended to make a toilet in this zone.

One should restrain from sleeping in this direction. Doing so creates feelings of guilt and frustration. People get stuck to past memories and are not able to let go. Thus, they are unable to foresee the future.

If you spend a lot of time here sleeping or sitting, the natural composition of the body get disturbed causing health problems.

South West ( Nairutya Kon)

The direction of the Pitras, South West is arguably the most powerful direction in Kaliyug as per Vastu. If there is one direction which ‘draws the most attention after North East of the house, it is the South west corner.

If North East is the corner of the Gods, South West is the corner of the demons. Unlike the North East which is revered by one and all, the south west corner of the house brings fear and anxiety in the minds of the common people and Vastu gurus alike.

However, if you do the proper Vastu for South West corner, it can bring in immense wealth and prosperity.

Ruled by the earth element, the South-west is a direction with brings stability and prosperity. Therefore, any serious Vastu defect in the South-west can severely impact your financial growth as well as health.

Placing a toilet in the South-west is a strict no. Also having a Kitchen in the Southwest direction is extremely detrimental for the occupants of the house.

Being the direction of the pitras, it is best to place your pitra or ancestors’ photo in the Southwest direction.

As per the ancient Vastu text of Vishwakarma Prakash, the South-west direction is recommended to place the Shastras (weapons or tools) in olden days. In the modern context the tools for people could be in the form of laptops, reference books, compass, stethoscope et.

Thus, South-West is the ideal direction for keeping tools that help you in your profession.

This direction also governs your relationships both within and outside the house. So if you’re looking to strengthen your relationships with your family, friends, clients or vendors, make sure the Southwest direction is well balanced.

West of South West ( WSW Direction)

The West of Southwest is the direction of knowledge or Vidya abhyas – practice of knowledge. This direction provides the energy and capacity for retention of knowledge. Thus, it is an ideal direction to have a study room as per Vastu or a children’s bedroom.

The children happened to be the most favoured by the Pitras. Thus, placing your ancestors’ photo in the children’s bedroom or study area has its many benefits.

Having a toilet here can disturb the concentration and children will not be able to understand or retain any information.

To enhance the positive effects of this direction, it is ideal to place an image or statue of goddess Saraswati- the give of knowledge.

West Direction ( Paschim Disha)

As per Vastu shastra, West is the direction of material gains and manifestation of all desires. This is the reason we stand and pray facing the west direction in most ancient Hindu temples. Thus, West is an ideal direction to place a home temple or Pooja room.

Having a toilet in the West will lead to non-fulfilment of expectations. The results for all your efforts will be below expectations.

This is one of the best Vastu directions to make a bedroom specifically for traders and businessman.

The West direction is governed by the thousand eyed Lord Varun. He oversees all the activities in the universe and has the power to fulfil all your wishes.

Thus, a West facing house as per Vastu can be excellent for most people.

Another important Devta in the West direction is Mitra. In the Rig Veda, both Varun and Mitra have always been invoked together. Mitra gives you the power to make helpful and influential friends.

Making an entrance in the West direction can bring immense material gains and wealth beyond on one’s expectations.

Ruled by the Space or Aakash element, the West direction is one of expansion. Thus, if you’re unable to expand beyond a limit- both financially and intellectually despite making all efforts, look for imbalances in the West direction.

West of North West ( WNW Direction)

As per Vishwakarma Prakash, this Vastu direction should be used for making a room for weeping or detoxification.

One must understand that in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally , regular detoxification of both the body and mind are critical. Thus, by spending some time here, people can overcome the feelings depression and helplessness.

This is the best direction to make a toilet or a septic tank as per Vastu shastra. The toilet being an activity of disposal will help to dispose of all the negative thoughts and emotions.

One must avoid sleeping here for a longer time as this can cause depression and ultimately lead to health problems like hypertension, diabetes and accumulated emotions.

North West ( Vayavya Kon / Vayu Kon)

The direction of Lord Vayu, North-West is the Vastu direction which governs your resources and your support system.

In olden times, Northwest was used to store grains to be used throughout the year. In the modern context, we store our savings in a bank for future use.

Therefore, a balanced North west direction ensures that you get proper support and finance from your bank as and when required.

The predominance of the space combined with air element in Northwest ensure the smooth flow of things in life. This is why it is advised to keep finished goods ready to sell in the North-west direction.

Since the Northwest lies diagonally opposite the South East direction, a balance North West ensures that the energies in the Southeast also function smoothly. This is why a kitchen in North West as per Vastu is also permissible.

Making a toilet in the Northwest direction as recommended by most experts can be extremely detrimental for the residents. It can cause legal issues as well as court cases.

It is best to use the Northwest direction for storing your valuable documents like property papers, investment papers and other important documents.

North of North West ( NNW Direction)

The direction of attraction, the North of North West is the zone which heightens your senses and experiences. It enhances cravings for physical and material aspects in life. Therefore, in a house, it is ideal to make a bedroom here.

In most shops or showrooms, we advise our clients to keep saleable goods here so that they attract people and they sell off faster. Also, if some goods are not selling for whatever reason, keeping them in NNW makes sure that they draw customers and result in sale.

For the same reason, it is best to keep the finished goods in a factory in the NNW zone.

However, do remember an important principle form the Tantras – whatever attracts us can also enslave us. So, one needs to be very cautious while designing this zone in the house or office.

This zone is also important if one aims to go beyond the experiences of power and attraction and attain heightened experiences through mediation.

There should be no toilet or kitchen in this zone lest it will burn out the attraction and can cause marital problems. It can also result in unnecessary friction among the residents.

This is the zone which generates the power to help you enjoy all possible pleasures – both physical and material.

North Direction ( Uttar Disha)

The zone of wealth and fortune, North is one of the most auspicious Vastu directions.

A balanced North direction ensures that the house receives the blessings of Lord Kuber – the treasurer of wealth. It is the North direction which transforms all your efforts into money.

This is also the direction which helps you attract new opportunities in life.

Whether you’re looking for new career opportunities, job promotions or newer markets for your business growth, it is the North direction which governs all of these.

People looking for career growth and opportunities can make their bedroom in the North direction and can buy a North facing house.

Make sure that there is no toilet in this direction else it will block the flow of money as well as opportunities.

Having a Kitchen in the north is also a major Vastu defect. North being the direction of the water element is completely anti to the fire element of the kitchen.

Keeping a fountain or making a water body in the north direction will ensure a smooth flow of money and opportunities.

North of North East ( NNE Direction)

The North of North East direction governs health and healing. According to the scriptures, one should place medicines here as the energy inherent in this zone makes your immune system strong and powerful.

The two important energy fields of Apaha and Apahavatsa present in this direction ensure that there is an uninterrupted flow of healing energy in every part of your body. Therefore, the NNE if one of the most significant Vastu directions to ensure health, both physical and mental.

If various diseases constantly affect you or any of your family members, you must look at this zone.

Any toilet placed here is significantly detrimental to the health of the occupants. It is best to completely remove the toilet from here because any remedies done here may not work to restore your health.

In Vedic parlance, if this zone is disturbed, then the Deva Tatva gets disturbed and negative energy fields gets activated in the body. This creates all sorts of health problems.

Therefore we must safeguard this zone with effort and keep it clean and devoid of any Vastu defects.

Placing a puja room in the NNE and ensuring that you spend time there can certainly boost your health and wellbeing.

Vastu Directions for House: A Recap

Staying in the right Vastu direction can benefit you and your family immensely. One needs to truly understand the significance of each Vastu direction’s attributes and recommended activities in order to take proper advantage.

In conclusion, each Vastu direction plays a crucial role in the ancient practice of Vastu Shastra, guiding the optimal placement of elements within a space to enhance harmony, prosperity, and well-being.

Whether you’re setting up a factory as per Vastu, an office or constructing a house, carefully assessing the Vastu directions is the starting point.

Each direction holds specific attributes and recommendations, influencing various aspects of life such as health, wealth, and relationships.

By understanding and adhering to Vastu principles, individuals aim to create balanced and positive living environments.



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