Vastu Remedies For Childbirth

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Vastu Remedies for Childbirth

The birth of a child is one of the most precious moments for any family. The happiness and joy that a child brings with him/her cannot be matched with all the wealth in the world.

A safe childbirth is also a blessing from the Gods. By making your house as per Vastu, you can not only ensure a health and safe childbirth, but also secure the health and wellbeing of the mother.

The possibilities and challenges related to childbirth and the continuity of the family is an important issue which must be dealt with great care. You must therefore know the manner in which your house is connected to it and influences these matters.

So what role does Vastu play as far as progeny or childbirth is concerned?

When we speak of childbirth and progeny, some very important energies rule this particular aspect of our lives. A proper balance of these energies can ensure a safe childbirth without any complications.

Vastu doshas can make the birth of a child challenging:

  • An entrance in the South West
  • An cut area in the South East
  • A septic tank in the East
  • A toilet in the North
  • A slope towards the West

While any one or more of the above could be a reason for problems with childbirth, you should carefully analyse the problem by doing a detailed analysis of the Vastu of the house.

It should also be noted that the place in which the expecting mother sleeps plays a major role in safe childbirth. A right placement of the mother’s bed can ensure a smooth child birth as well as help in the faster recovery of the mother.

Vastu can and has been helping people to complete their family through the birth of a child. However, in modern times, a reluctance to follow Vastu principles due to a lack of knowledge or intention has been putting people through a lot of challenges related to child birth.

It is worth mentioning that of all the happiness that people seek in life, the birth of a child is right there at the top. By following a few easy tips and Vastu rules, you can ensure a safe and happy childbirth.

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