Vastu Remedies for a South Facing Main Door

There’s a good probability that you have a south-facing main door if you’ve landed on this article.

And I presume, hearing so much about a south entrance door and the doom it brings, you’re probably losing sleep over it.

In this article, I shall tell you exactly what you need to do if you have a South facing main door.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to buy a South facing house, this article is where you need to start.

So read on…

For a long time, entrances in the South have earned a bad reputation. In fact, most novice Vastu experts reject a house because it has a south facing entrance.

This brings us to one of the most Googled queries….

Is South facing main door good as per Vastu?

As a Vastu expert, I am often asked – Is a south-facing main door good as per Vastu?

The answer is – it depends on the exact location of the main door as per Vastu in the South direction. An entrance in the exact South East can be bad, the one between South East and South can be excellent. If your entrance is in the South West, you must never live in such houses.

This question is always accompanied by fear and apprehension. Conventional wisdom decrees that a South facing entrance brings nothing but bad luck to its residents.

The root of this belief comes from mythology—Lord Yama, the God of Death emerges from the Dakshin or Southern realm of the world. And this is what makes most people fearful.

But that’s not true. Yama is also called Dharmaraj and is the epitome of justice and integrity. Thus, a correctly placed entrance in the South direction can bring fame and fortune.

On the other hand, a wrong main door in the South can bring debts and health problems.

The truth is that a lot of successful businessmen and celebrities have their entrances in the South direction. Also, a large number of factories designed as per Vastu have their main entrance in the South. Thus, there is nothing to be fearful of.

In fact, some of the most powerful Shiva temples face south. These are the Kedarnath temple, the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling and the most recent Adiyogi statue consecrated by Sadhguru in Coimbatore. All of these face south and thus south cannot be a negative direction always.

However, some of the entrances in the south are extremely negative. Therefore one should be very careful while choosing the ideal main door location as per Vastu.

South Facing Main Door: Locations & Effects

Most people are unsure what a south-facing main door means. The entrance can be located in the exact south, to the left or right of the south.

In this article, we will take into account the main door in the exact south and those on either side of the south.

We will call this the South zone. To simplify it, we shall study the effects and remedies of all entrances between South East and South West.

The below image will make it clear


The energies fields shown in the image above are as per the Vastu Purush Mandala.


The first energy field after the South East direction is that of Pushan. One of the twelve Adityas as per Rig Veda, Pushan is the guardian of roads and safeguards your journeys.

Pushan imparts nourishment and strength to life. Thus, having an opening here is not recommended.

Pushan as a devtas is known to work for others. Thus, people having such an entrance can develop a tendency toward servitude.

Therefore, it is an excellent entrance for people in jobs who work as employees. However, business owners must never have an entrance here.


The second energy field is that of Vitatha. Etymologically, vi means opposite and tathya means facts.

Therefore, one which is the opposite of facts or truth is Vitatha. Everything unreal and meant for show-off can be categorized as Vitatha.

Therefore, an entrance here makes one pretend all the time. He comes across as a deceiver and that can lead to disrepute.

On the other hand, it is not necessary in the modern world for everything to be true and genuine. If one can pretend to be good and do good for others, there’s no harm in pretending.

After all, in the Kaliyuga, it is the quality of Vitatha that helps most people excel. Isn’t it?

Therefore, having an entrance here may not be so bad if your house is balanced as per Vastu. Such an entrance can make you smart enough to get your work done using saam-daam-danda-bheda.

An entrance here brings immense wealth and prosperity. On the contrary, if the power of Vitatha is misused, it can lead to serious consequences.

If you’re not what you’re pretending to be and there’s no depth, then it can become a reason for disgrace.

So if you’re into marketing and sales (all of us are ultimately selling something), an entrance in the pada of Vitatha can be excellent.


When somebody tells you that a South facing house is excellent for wealth and prosperity, they’re most likely referring to an entrance in the Grihakshat pada.

One of the most powerful of all entrances, Grihakshat ensures that you’re never short of money and fame.

The ancient classical text Samarangana Sutradhar identifies Grihakshat as Chandratanaya, i.e Mercury – the son of Soma or Moon.

It is one of the best energy fields to have the main entrance door.

We all know that Moon represents our subconscious mind. Having an entrance here ensures that we fully understand the limits and possibilities of our minds. Grihaskhat is the adheestha dev of that power in the building that controls your mind.

Also, this entrance in the South direction ensures a strong agni tatva or fire element in the house.

It helps activate the surya naadi ( Pingala ) which can lead to more male childbirths in the house. Also, if you’re looking for name, fame and immense wealth , this is where your main entrance should be in a South facing house.


Yama means self-control or moral duty. The power which binds the world in laws is called Yama. That’s why he’s called the lord of death.

Having an entrance here is extremely inauspicious. It can lead to serious health problems.

A typical side effect of an entrance here is that the occupants keep taking loans to repay previous debts. Ultimately, they are overburdened with debts that they can literally never pay back.

Also, financial losses is such houses are common which lead to stress, worries and consequently serious health problems.

It is best to avoid a main entrance door here.


As per ancient texts, Gandharvas are celestial musicians and connoisseurs of art and music.

They have superb musical skills and are depicted as musicians in the courts of Gods.

Lord Narada, the son of Brahma and the greatest proponent of lord Hari is a Gandharva.

Having an entrance here is not auspicious for most. It creates losses and leads to extreme poverty.

However, for some people and businesses, this can be an excellent entrance. Based on your astrological birth chart, it can be decided whether such an entrance would suit you or would lead to doom.

It is highly recommended that you consult an expert before opening an entrance here.

In general, an entrance here can lead to mental and financial instability and thus one must avoid it.


The power to grant wisdom and to manifest what is left after removing the unnecessary elements is called Bhringraj.

It is the power of Bhringraj that extracts the nutrients from the food while disposing off the waste.

An entrance here can therefore disturb this energy field and the result is problems related to the digestive tract.

As per Ayurveda, when the body is unable to extract nutrients and eliminate waste, it results in constipation. This is the root cause of most health problems.

When the power of Bhringraj is weak in a building, it leads to unnecessary expenditure and total wastage of effort.

If you hear someone complain that they see no results from their hard work and efforts, they most likely have an entrance into the pada of Bhringraj.

This brings us to the most burning question regarding South facing houses – What if your main door is South facing?

Let’s discuss some Vastu remedies for south facing entrance doors.

South Facing Main Door Vastu Remedies

Some of the most searched Vastu queries are – “What can I do if my main door is South facing?” OR “How to remedy a South facing main door? Here are some Vastu remedies if your main door is in the South direction.

  • Applying different colored tapes on the entrance threshold can be an effective remedy for a South facing entrance door. (Details below)
  • The use of certain metal wires or strips is one of the best remedies for a south-facing main door.
  • Painting the main entrance door in red or yellow color can also be used as a remedy for the south entrance.
  • Enhancing the fire element by lighting a red bulb or keeping the entrance door well-lit is also good if other options are not possible.
  • Placing a red doormat equal to the width of the entrance door also balances the south entrance to some extent.
  • Adding green plants will strengthen the weak fire element if you have an incorrectly placed entrance in the South direction.
  • Placing some metallic art pieces specifically made of copper can also be used as a remedy if your entrance is in the South.
  • You may also hang or paste a triangular-shaped copper plate on the main entrance to ward off negative energies.
  • Once you’ve done the basic balancing, adding a statue of Panch-Mukhi Hanuman ji also helps. (Provided you clean it and pray every day)

South West Facing Main Door Vastu Remedies

A main door in South-West is considered to be on the worst Vastu doshas. Here are some Vastu remedies for a Southwest facing main door:

  • Paint a 5 inch wide yellow line or place a yellow tape at the threshold of the main entrance door
  • Inserting a 5 mm thick brass strip at the threshold is a powerful Vastu remedy for an entrance in Southwest
  • Place a square carpet or doormat just inside the south west entrance
  • Painting the South west main door in yellow color is an effective remedy for a south west entrance
  • Place a brass flower vase at the main entrance as a remedy
  • Add a stone structure or keep some white and grey pebbles near the South-west entrance to ward off negative energies

Remember that the South West direction is a sunk direction in terms of electromagnetic energies. To understand this, you may read our detailed blog on Vastu for South West direction.

The energies if the planet Rahu are predominant in the South West direction. Thus, it is strictly prohibited to make an entrance in the South west.


What to do if main door is South Facing?

If your main door is South facing, first ascertain the exact pada or energy field where it is located. A Vastu expert can help you with that. If the main door is between South and South West, you may put a yellow strip at the entrance to remedy it. For an entrance in South East, put a red colored tape at the entrance.

What is the solution for South facing house?

The solution for a South facing house depends on its entrance location and how the house is designed from inside. There are effective Vastu solutions available for South facing houses like the use of certain metal strips, colors, plants, mirrors etc. You must seek expert advice from a Vastu consultant for effective Vastu solutions for a South facing house.

Is South direction good for main door?

Yes, the South direction can be excellent for a main door contrary to popular beliefs. Whether or not a South facing door is good will depend on its exact location in the South direction. The South East direction can be good for a main door but the South West direction must completely be avoided.

How can we remove the effects of South facing door?

The ill effects of a South facing door can be removed by using certain metal strips or colored tapes on the main entrance door. Also, the use of plants, candles and lighting etc. are also effective Vastu remedies for removing the ill effects of a main door in the South direction.


By now you would have clearly understood the effects and Vastu remedies for a main door in South.

But blindly following the above remedies is not recommended and you must seek expert advice.

A Vastu expert can help you understand the exact pada where your entrance is located.

Remember, there is no one size fits all approach that works in Vastu.

Any Vastu remedy for a South facing main door must be done only after analyzing the full house from a Vastu perspective. A south facing entrance must never be treated in isolation.

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