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The Easiest way to lower blood pressure…and it’s Absolutely Free !

One of the most common health hazards prevalent in almost every household is the problem of higher than normal blood pressure. It is commonly known as hypertension (high BP).

It’s normal to find one or more members of any family suffering from this peril. And this unfortunately seems to be turning into a sort of epidemic.

The doctors do not know the exact reasons for high blood pressure. But what we do know is that it’s a problem increasing at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately, the so called medicines to cure this menace have only lead to further deterioration of the health of its takers. They are believed to cause severe side effects to other parts of the body. This includes damaging the liver, kidneys and even causing blindness.

The only beneficiaries of such drugs are the pharmaceutical companies who’ve built multi-billion dollar businesses around a single drug known to cure high BP.

The fact is that there is no medicine which can cure the problem of high BP. These drugs can only control the pressure to an extent, but that comes at a serious cost of damaging other vital organs of the body.

The good news is – the menace of high blood pressure can actually be controlled without drugs. And one of the most powerful and surprisingly the easiest and the cheapest way to cure this problem of high BP is GROUNDING or EARTHING .


lower blood pressure earthing

The term grounding / earthing simply means to walk bare feet on the earth. And this truly is the most amazing health discovery in modern times. You can really reduce your blood pressure by simply walking on the earth bare feet.

Sounds too simple, isn’t it?

Here’s the logic to clear any doubts you might have about this miraculous remedy to get rid of the BP problem.

What actually causes high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is actually caused when the blood does not flow smoothly through the circulatory system of the body. The thicker the blood, the slower it flows across the system to bring oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells of your body.

This happens due to something called ‘hyperviscosity’ which means that the blood becomes thick and sticky like ketchup and hence does not flow smoothly. This in turn leads to inflammation that damages arteries, increases the blood pressure and can also cause blood clots.

Pretty serious!

Instead of being thick like ketchup, we would rather want our blood to flow like red wine, smooth and free flowing. A healthy flow of blood through the arteries causes all the vital functions of the body to function properly. It also helps to maintain proper immunity.

How Earthing/Grounding lowers blood pressure?

It is common knowledge that our body has an electrical charge. The heart and the brain are the most complex bio-electrical systems in the universe.

Our body is full of positively charged particles known as protons. On the other hand, the earth or the ground below our feet is abundant with negatively charged particles called electrons.

In order to maintain a state of equilibrium or the ‘electrical balance’ of the body, it is important to get electrons from the earth.


benifit earthing                                 

This unfortunately, we do not get since most of the time we walk the earth wearing rubber or plastic shoes. Alternatively, we walk on wooden flooring. All of these act as insulators (material through which electrical currents do not pass) or bad conductors of electricity.

Due to this lack of electrons in the body, the electrical charge of the body goes out of balance. Thus, they causes various inflammatory diseases including high blood pressure. Walking bare feet on the earth helps the body to get a free flow of electrons. This is because the body consists mostly of water, a wonderful conductor of electricity. No wonder, we have a really refreshing feeling when we walk in the salty water on a beach (salt water is the best conductor of electricity).

Thus, by altering and balancing the electrical charge of the blood, earthing helps to reduce blood viscosity (thickness). It also helps in the smooth flow of blood across the body. This aids in maintaining a stable blood pressure. The simple act of grounding yourself to the earth also

  • decreases inflammation
  • lowers stress
  • increases calmness
  • helps to relieve pain

Earthing allows the free electrons of the Earth’s surface to enter the body. There, they synchronize all of your bio-electrical systems and powerfully reduce inflammation. And inflammation, as we all know is the real cause of arterial disease.

Start Grounding to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Getting to start earthing to reduce blood pressure is easy.

Here are some how-to tips:

  • Simply go barefoot outside if conditions allow. Just 30-40 minutes a day can make a huge difference.
  • Grass, sand and concrete are all conductive surfaces from which your body can draw the Earth’s electrons.
  • Wood and vinyl are not conductive surfaces.
  • If going barefoot outside isn’t realistic, a warm basement with a concrete floor will also work. Simply sit there and read or just relax with your bare feet resting on the ground.

One note of caution: If you’re taking any medication related to blood viscosity—you should first inform your doctor that you would like to try grounding. Then working together, carefully monitor your blood pressure every week until it stabilizes. Your doctor can adjust your dosage accordingly.

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  1. It was wonderful Experience ,after Reading your Grounding /Earthing Blog, Today I went for grounding myself, it was so calming, soothing..
    Thank you Abhishekh

    1. Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yes grounding is one of the best ways to stay health. It is a truly marvelous gift from mother nature and that too absolutely free. Keep grounding and stay healthy. Wishing you good health always.

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