Vastu for home office – Guidelines to Set Up a Home Office

Vastu for home office is a new trend in the post-pandemic world. Or maybe it has gained more importance now.

A home office is a dedicated place, where you can complete your business tasks, within your house. Simply by following some powerful Vastu tips for office, you can create an energetic workspace at home.

No matter whether you want to earn some passive money by doing some extra work or you want to work from home full time, having a home office in your house helps you stay more productive and accountable.

The overall ambiance of your home office should be distraction-free, productive, healthy, and enjoyable. Vastu shastra, ‘the science of architecture’ has certain guidelines for a home office.

Vastu tips for a home office encompass some scientific instructions to make your home office most efficient and a stress-free workplace.

Let’s begin by understanding the importance of directions for a work desk, which is the basis of the entire system of Vastu.

Best Vastu directions for work desk at home office

Before talking about the best Vastu directions for a work desk at home, there are a few myths which need to be cleared.

Most people think that facing North or East is auspicious while facing South or West directions are not good for a home office.

This is absolutely not the case. The best Vastu direction for your home office depends on the work you do.

For example – if you’re into sales. South East could be the best direction for a home office.

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Here are a few tips you must follow before choosing the best Vastu directions for a home office:

  • North is an ideal direction for a home office if your work is related to accounts, finance, insurance, consulting, fund management, banking, CA etc. To be precise, if you have anything to do with money, making a home office as per Vastu in the North direction is best for you.
  • East is a good direction if your work involves liasoning, social work, Government related work, administration, communication and marketing. Facing East helps you connect with the right and resourceful people.
  • South is best suited for people who are lawyers, property developers, manufacturers, police officials, people in the armed forces, sales personnel etc. Facing south makes people more assertive and they can easily put across their point of view to others. It gives the power of convincing.
  • West is an ideal direction for people in the IT industry – specially software side. It is the direction which enhances creativity and thus excellent for designers or people involved in the creative fields and arts.

Vastu Guidelines to Set Up a Home Office

There are some important factors that influence the home office environment as well as work efficiency. Important Vastu factors for a home office include location, colors, furniture arrangements, lighting, working desk, and many more.

Vastu guidelines are instructions for setting up a home office based on science and logic. I’ve tried to explain each and every point rationally so that you can choose according to your needs.

Location for Home Office

As discussed above, all directions could be good depending on the type of work you do.

The ideal locations for your home office are the four cardinal directions – North, South, East and West. Even the diagonal directions can be considered but the preference should always be the four main directions. And contrary to popular perception, it is not just the South West which is good for an office.

An important point to keep in mind is to keep the north or east side of your house open and free from blockages. These are the directions from where the morning lights enter your house.

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Furniture Arrangement for Home Office

You should place your furniture in the west and south sectors of your home office. The north and east parts should be left open and clear to allow sunlight to enter the office and spread-out other areas of the office.

If you have any safe or locker, it should be placed on the north side area of your home office. North being the direction of lord Kuber- the giver of riches is a good place to have a locker.

Alternatively, West is also an excellent direction to keep money and important documents and files.

The cupboard should be placed in such a place which is the hottest part of your office room so that it can absorb heat.

Considering the hottest place, the south-west part of your home office is the best place to keep your cupboard. The hot place is ideal because it reduces the growth of fungus and dampness in the cupboard.

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Good Colors for Home Office  

Colors matter a lot for home office decoration. They have a variety of influences on different parts of the brain, heart, and health. They can have a significant impact on the levels of concentration, moods, mindfulness, etc.

That’s why we chose to write a full blog on Vastu colors for bedroom

Coming back to home office- light shades of green, cream, light blue etc. are best in the North.

Shades of mint green, light brown, beige etc. are best for a home office as per Vastu in the East direction of your house.

Light shades of pink and orange are best suited for a home office in the South direction.

Grey, Silver, golden and white must be the preferred colors of choice for a home office as per Vastu in the West direction.

Doors and Windows for Home Office

As far as possible, try and make the main door of your home office in the center of the four cardinal directions. Although, the main door of the home office is important, what is more important is the ideal location of the main door of the house as per Vastu.

The windows are preferred on the east and north sides so that sunlight can enter through these windows. Sunlight is an essential element for human health and we shouldn’t block these sides by any door or wall.

Lighting for Home Office 

Ideally, it is best to have natural light pouring into your home office. However, if not possible, try and keep the lighting systems away from your word desk.

Electrical currents coming out of the lighting systems are very subtle but can disturb your mind without even you realizing it.

Try and avoid fluorescent lighting as it can be harmful for the eyes.

Working Desk for Home Office

The working desk should be rectangular in shape as it’s the most popular and efficient shape for working. The maximum of paper works can be done in a rectangle table than any other shape.

It is best to use a wooden desk and avoid plastic or metallic desks. Wood being a natural material has high vibrational frequency. On the other hand, metals and plastics are very low on energy.

The working desk should be kept in the south or west at an angle facing north, east, or north-east side so that sunlight is easy to flow in and you can enjoy the benefits of sunlight by facing north or east side.

Avoid placing a working desk or seating under any beam. Seating under a beam can distract your unconscious mind and make you stressed during working time.


This is probably the most important rule of Vastu. Keep your home office absolutely clutter free. This will go a long way in increasing your productivity. Use proper storage for keeping your things in proper places like drawers.

Use fancy and covered waste bins to keep unwanted office materials out of sight. Clean up your home office regularly and maintain hygiene.

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind and thus indirectly affects your productivity.

Working Calendars placement for Home office

Create a working schedule according to a goal you want to achieve and hang it on the Western wall of your home office.
West is the direction of fulfilment and this can help you achieve your goal effectively.

It should be placed such that you can see it often unconsciously. Your brain will be rewired automatically without realizing it.

Hence, you will be more focused and accountable in your home office.

Powerful quotes for Home Office

This is probably an uncommon advice but a very powerful one. Your conscious mind creates an image of everything that you see around yourself and then send signals to your sub-conscious mind.

Placing powerful and motivational quotes in your home office can help you harness the power of thoughts. Even when you unknowingly look at them, your sub-conscious mind pushes you to word harder and aim higher.

This can go a long way in helping you achieve what you desire simply through the power of thoughts.

FAQs for Home Office and Their Answers

Which facing is good for home office?

Facing any direction can be good for a home office. The facing direction will depend on the work you do. If you’re into Sales, it is best to face South East. For administration, East is best. North is good for accounts and finance etc.

What are the best placements to put a home office?

North is a good direction to have a home office if your work relates to managing money and finances. If you’re a lawyer of armed forces official, South is a good direction for a home office. So your work decides the best placement to put a home office.

Can we sit facing south in home office?

Yes you can certainly sit facing South in a home office if your work relates to legal matters, armed forces etc. However, if you deal with money and its management, it is better to avoid sitting with your face towards the South.

Do Vastu really work for Home office?

Vastu works as effectively for a home office as it works for a normal office outside home. Vastu is all about the energies within a given space and the location of that space does not matter. What matters is the internal energies within a given space.


The main goal of Scientific Vastu guidelines for a home office is to improve the overall work efficiency and achieve more in less time
As your home office is a place which can be the basis of your financial growth, it is important to design it wisely as per Vastu.

Doing so can help in balancing your work life, body, and mindfulness

If you need any Vastu related advice, please feel free to get in touch with us

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  1. I live in south facing house in gurgaon which is at T Point and main enterance is touwrds eastern side. I have a small room in south east direction of house facing main gate. 1) Can I make home office in south east room. Enterance door which is opposite to the main gate is closed. Office enterance shall be from other side i.e. In north east direction when we enter in house from a passage thru east direction.

  2. Hi, I have a home office in the SE section of the house. I work in online marketing, selling products on Social Media platforms. I would like to know where to sit and which direction to face?

  3. Master bedroom of our flat is in South Direction. In the bedroom in which direction should I keep my office desk? By profession i am Software developer.

  4. Hi I am into Stock trading. I want to locate the office desk in master bedroom. I just wonder if you advise on location of office desk & which direction it should face?


    1. I’m not aware of the direction of your master bedroom. Hence I can’t comment on the work desk position. As a general rule, you may face North / North West if you’re into intraday trading or face West if you’re into positional or long term trading / investing.

  5. Its pretty interesting as how you phrased it. I have been directed in many ways . Never the same. Do have heaps of questions but not sure whether you do for free or a fee involved? I work from home and also an online store owner but never made sales until recently only one. Getting very tired of everything but still not giving up

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