West Facing House Vastu: Plan & Why It’s Excellent as per Vastu

West facing house Vastu is an interesting topic to dwell upon. This is because a west facing house is generally the third choice for most people.

As per popular belief, a North facing house or an East facing house as per Vastu is the most auspicious.  For most people, only these two are the preferred choices.

Only when they don’t find an east or north facing house, they half-heartedly consider West facing houses.

And if you talk about South facing houses , they dread buying such house thinking that they will only bring bad luck and doom. This of course is one of the biggest Vastu myths.

Coming back to West facing houses, a lot of people also consider them to be inauspicious. They feel that since the sun sets in the West, it is not good to have a west facing house as per Vastu.

However, this is far from truth.

A west-facing home can prove to be equally auspicious and bring about abundance and prosperity . 

In this article, we cover complete vastu tips, plan, guidelines and the advantages and disadvantage of choosing a west-facing house as per vastu.

These are the same rules which must be applied for a west facing plot as per Vastu.

Before getting into the details, we need to understand certain important things. This article will cover the following points in detail and give you a clear idea on everything you need to know about Vastu for West facing houses:

West facing house Vastu Plan


west facing house plan vastu

The above image indicates an ideal west facing house Vastu plan with Pooja room, main entrance, kitchen, toilets and bedroom.

Remember the following Vastu tips before preparing a West facing house plan as per Vastu:

  • Consult a Vastu expert to analyze the astrological chart of the owner before designing the Vastu plan.
  • Identify the true geographical directions using a reliable compass.
  • Accurate measurements of the plot and built-up structure are a must to avoid any Vastu doshas.
  • The slopes of the plot must be carefully checked and modified if needed to ensure growth and health.
  • The position and location of the kitchen, toilets and septic tank must be carefully chosen.
  • The main entrance door is the most important and must be located in or around the center of the West direction.
  • Carefully check the plot and surroundings for any negative energies before commencing construction.

Choosing the right Vastu directions and preparing a Vastu plan for West facing house is a complex process. There are tons of rules to follow and the internet makes it worse by confusing you with contradictory information.

There is a plethora of information available online and ready made Vastu plans are omnipresent. However, it is strictly suggested that before investing in a house of your dreams, invest in getting proper Vastu advice to ensure health and wealth.

Remember that ready made Vastu plans are no good because they do not consider the astrology, profession or family history of the occupants. All of these are a must to ensure that your new house proves to be much better than the previous one.

Each individual is unique and so must each house be. Therefore, do consult an expert Astro-Vastu consultant before preparing a West facing house plan.

Let’s now discuss in details about everything you need to know about a West facing house.

Entrance/Main door Vastu for West facing house

west facing house vastu main entrance door

The importance of entrance/main door Vastu for West facing house comes from the fact that it is the main door of the house which could be the difference between a West facing house being good or bad as per Vastu.


One of the most important Vastu tips for West facing house is the placement of the main door or entrance. The correct placement of the main entrance is really important to consider while doing West facing house Vastu.

After all, the main door or entrance of the house is what connects the outer world energies to the inner energy fields within the house.

West is the direction of darkness like the East is the direction of light. Thus, a lot of Vastu experts suggest avoiding a West facing house or flat.

This is one of the most common Vastu myths.

An entrance in the West direction can be extremely positive and bring in huge financial success provided it is placed in the right energy fields. We’ve seen businesses grow manifold when they are run in offices as per Vastu which face West.

Normally, most Vastu experts consider that simply because the house is West facing, it is always inauspicious.

They believe that if a building has its main door facing West, it is better to avoid it but this is not true at all. The auspiciousness of a West facing entrance door in Vastu depends on its exact location as per the Vastu Purush Mandal.

This is to say that if the entrance in North West of the house, it could be very dangerous for the residents.

Also, if the entrance is towards the South West corner, it could lead to big losses and instability in life.

Therefore, while preparing a West facing house Vastu plan, the placement of the entrance door and its facing should be very carefully chosen.

The below image indicates the best possible location of the main entrance door as per Vastu in a West facing house.

Best Entrance Placements for West Facing House

  • Sugreev – one of the best possible entrances especially for traders and businessmen. This entrance brings amazing growth and enviable prosperity. It is also very beneficial for the education of children or if you plan to open an educational institute.
  • Pushpdant – refers to the power of blessing. He is the assistant of Varun, the controller of the universe and the vehicle of lord Kuber-the giver of wealth. An entrance here gives good financial growth and prosperity.
  • Varun– is the controller of the universe. His deva tatva is the highest among all devtas. The brother of Agni, he is the granter of immortality.

An entrance here is a mixed one. It brings prosperity but also make people over-ambitious which can sometimes lead to their downfall.

You must avoid the remaining energy fields in the West direction while doing the main door Vastu for West facing house.

Placements to be AVOIDED main door for West Facing House

  • Pitra– one of the worst locations for a main door as per Vastu. This is a South West entrance which brings instability in life and creates a poor financial position. It can also affect the life span of residents.
  • Duawarik – brings instability in relationships and career
  • Asur– brings daily fatigue and poor physical strength. Always gives a feeling of drained out with little work, causes depression leading to diseases.
  • Shosha– residents are physically weak and emaciated. A main door here gives death like feeling. It also causes drug addiction. Causes delay in all aspects of life.
  • Papyakshama-skin diseases are very common with this entrance. Also people use unlawful means for growth which can land them into serious trouble.

Thus, while preparing the West facing house plan according to Vastu, you must make the main entrance in these three energy fields in the West. Doing so can bring in a huge amount of wealth, prosperity and riches – both through self-earning and inheritance.

Therefore, you must choose only these 3 padas while doing the main door Vastu for West facing houses.

Staircase Vastu for West facing house

One of the most common questions that arise regarding West facing houses is the best Vastu placement for staircase in West facing house.

Whether it is the internal staircase or external, an incorrect placement can bring about huge problems.

In a West facing home, the staircase should never be placed in the North East corner of the house. This is because as per Vastu, the North East corner represents the head of the Vastu Purush in any building. Thus, the Vastu placement of staircase here can bring about serious neurological problems.

Similarly, the placement of a staircase in the North side of the house is also prohibited. Doing so can block money flow and create financial crunch in the house.

The staircases are heavy and indicate weight. Therefore South, South west and West are the best directions for placing the staircase. Also while doing the Vastu for staircase in a West facing house, you must remember the direction in which the staircase run from up to down.

If the staircase is placed in the South West, South and West side of a house, it is best to make them anti-clockwise. However, if they are placed in the South of South West, they must run clockwise.

Therefore, there is no fixed rule for the direction of the staircase. It must be decided according to the zone where it is placed.

Pooja room Vastu for West facing house

Pooja room Vastu for a West facing house a can be done in a few different ways.

One of the best places to make a Pooja room is the West direction. Here, the photos or idols of Gods will face East.

It is important to note that in most ancient Indian temples, specially dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Krishna, the main idol is placed in the West and it faces the East direction. Thus, you can replicate the same concept in your house.

Alternatively, the Pooja room as per Vastu can also be placed in the East facing the West direction.

It is a well-known fact that one of the best directions to place the Pooja room is the North East of the house. Thus, while designing the West facing house Vastu plan with Pooja room, remember to place the Pooja room in the North East, East or West directions.

For your reference, we have displayed a couple of images for a West facing house Vastu plan with Pooja room

Kitchen Location in West Facing House as per Vastu

One of the biggest differentiator between good and bad Vastu is the correct placement of kitchen. In a lot of houses facing West, the kitchen is located in the North East. This is the worst possible location of a kitchen.

A kitchen placed in the North East of the house can cause serious neurological problems and lead to fights and arguments in the house.

NOTE: You may want to read our wonderful article on how Vastu affects your brain and nervous system.

North East is the zone of the water element. A kitchen placed here literally destroys the water element. Also, placing the fire element of kitchen in the water zone will exhaust the fire also and cause financial and legal troubles.

Remember to place the kitchen in the South East or South directions while designing a West facing house Vastu plan. A kitchen in the North West direction is also good.

For some people, a kitchen as per Vastu in the West direction turns out to be an excellent choice provided they have certain planetary combinations in their astrological chart.

It is also very important to select the right Vastu colors for kitchen for a West facing house. Colors play a very important role in the overall Vastu design of a house and must be given due attention.

Toilets & Septic Tank Location in West facing house

It is important to select the best location for a septic tank as per Vastu.

A septic tank is where all the waste of a house accumulates. Therefore, it is a place of extreme negative energies and should be correctly placed as per Vastu Shastra rules. Same is the case with the placement of toilets and bathrooms.

Normally, it is a practice to place the septic tank in front of the house while making the Vastu plan. This is done to facilitate the easy outflow of waste into the municipal waste pipeline outside the house.

However, in case of a West facing houses, this could be dangerous practice to follow.

The front of a West facing house would mostly fall into the North West, South West or West zones. Making a septic tank or toilet in either of these zones is a strict no.

Doing so can seriously disturb the space element which in turn can badly affect your lungs.

We’ve talked enough about the placement of toilets as per Vastu in the North East and how bad it can be as per Vastu Shastra.

A septic tank plays a similar role and thus it should completely be avoided in the North East direction.

Also, placing a septic tank or toilet in the North West or South West can create a lot of financial problems and can lead to blockage of money and opportunities.

However, in case of a West facing house, the septic tank can be placed in the front side in the West of North West zone. Of course you need to consult an experienced Vastu expert to understand the correct and exact placement.

The ideal place for a septic tank or a toilet in a West facing house is the South of South West (SSW) or the West of North West (WNW) zones. The toilets can even be located in the East of South East (ESE).

Having discussed the most important placements of different activities in a West facing house as per Vastu, let’s now understand a few Do’s and Don’ts while making a Vastu plan for West facing houses.

Benefits & Disadvantages of West Facing House as per Vastu

Here are a few pros and cons you must remember while doing West facing house Vastu:

Benefits of a West facing house as per Vastu

  1. West being the direction of lord Varun, the controller of the universe can be an extremely auspicious direction to bring in wealth and prosperity
  2. People living in West facing houses become more social and extroverts resulting in business and financial gains.
  3. West facing houses generally get cooler during the evenings after sunset and remain so till around afternoon. This makes it ideal to make the bedrooms in the front side of a West facing house.

Disadvantages of a West facing house as per Vastu

  1. In places where the climate is generally hot, West facing houses tend to get the maximum amount of heat after noon because of the sun’s path from South to West. This is a distinct disadvantage of West facing houses as per Vastu.
  2. One may not always get a good main entrance placement in a West facing houses. Since the house might also have a major part in the South West or North West in the front, an ideal entrance may not be possible a lot of times
  3. Vastu generally recommends that the length of a residential plot is ideal when it is North-South instead of East-West. Thus, this is a small disadvantage when it comes to West facing houses as per Vastu.

Is a West facing house good or bad as per Vastu?

One of the most common questions is whether a West facing house is good or bad as per Vastu Shastra?

A West facing house is good or bad as per Vastu depends upon not just the orientation, but more importantly on the way you design it following Vastu Shastra principles.

Most people and Vastu experts consider an East facing house to be the best as per Vastu Shastra. This is because East is the direction of the rising sun. On the contrary, they reject a West facing house because the sun sets in the West.

This is not a valid reason which decides the in-auspiciousness of a West facing house. There are other reasons including the placement of entrance doors, bedrooms, kitchen, staircase etc. in a West facing house which decide it’s auspiciousness.

Which facing house is good for me as per Vastu?

Some very common questions are:

“Which facing house is good for me”?

“Will a West facing house suit me?”

A West facing house may or may not suit everybody. A good way to choose the facing of your house is to base your choice on the purpose of buying the property as well as the business or profession of the occupants.

A West facing house is best for people involved in businesses related to trading of goods.

west facing house vastu good or bad

A West facing house as per Vastu is good for people in the IT industry, stock market traders, restaurant owners ,real estate brokers, people into research & development (R&D) etc.

Since the West direction relates to the planet Saturn, a West facing house makes a perfect choice for people in the fields of manufacturing, oil and gas, iron & steel, mining, agriculture etc.

Therefore, you must follow the above rules if you’re planning to set up a factory as per Vastu. Even if you’re looking to buy a shop or showroom as per Vastu the above rules apply.

West facing house as per Rashi in astrology

which facing house is good

Which facing house is good for my name?

A lot of people ask us this question – “which facing house is good for my name?”

They are keen to know as to which direction house would suit them the best as per astrology. This is a very valid question because of the important role astrology plays in the overall scheme of things in life.
Also, it helps in doing specific Vastu for individuals. Therefore, you must consult a good astrologer before choosing a house.

As a general rule, people with the following rashis (moon sign) can opt for West facing houses:

  • Mithun (Gemini)
  • Tula (Libra)
  • Kumbh (Aquarius)

However, do keep in mind that simply buying a West facing home will not make it the best for the people with the above rashis or professions

What is a West facing house as per Vastu?

One of the biggest confusions most people have is – “how to decide the facing of a house?

A lot of people are not sure as to which Vastu direction does their house face?

Are you aware of the correct facing of your house?

If you’re one among the large number of people who do not know how to decide the facing of a house or don’t know the Vastu direction that your house faces, just follow this simple rule:

The facing of your house is the direction in which you face when you go out of your main entrance.

For example – if you’re going towards the West direction while stepping out of your main entrance, you live in a West facing house.

Again If you’re going towards the East direction while going out of your main entrance, you live in an East facing house.

Its’ as simple as that!

The same rule applies when you’re checking the Vastu for flats also.

West facing House Vastu Tips

West Facing House Vastu: 15 Do’s

  1. Place the main entrance in the energy field of Sugreev ( 3rd pada) and Pushpdant (4th Pada) only.
  2. You can also place the main door in the pada of Varun (5th pada ) as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala. But it is not as good as the 3rd and the 4th pada.
  3. Underground water sources like bore well or water storage tank can be placed in the North, North East, East or West directions.
  4. Remember never to place the bore well in exact North East. It has to be a small distance away from the exact North East when you draw a diagonal line from North East to South West.
  5. While preparing the West facing house Vastu plan, it is advisable to place the main building structure to the South West side and leave open spaces in the North and East sides.
  6. The boundary walls in the North and East should be smaller in height than the walls in the South, South West and West.
  7. The slope of a West Facing plot should always towards the East or North East, i.e. the North and East sides should be lower than South and West.
  8. Toilets should only be placed in the South of South West or West of North West in a West facing house.
  9. Though the kitchen is ideal in the South East or the North West of the house, it is also permissible in the West in certain cases.
  10. The Pooja room can be placed in the East or West zones of the house.
  11. Placing a money plant as per Vastu in the North can be auspicious and can bring in new opportunities.
  12. The staircase in a West facing house should be located in the South or West directions.
  13. The master bedroom can be in the East, South or West directions.
  14. The electrical meter board should be placed towards the South East direction in a North facing house.
  15. The placement of mirrors as per Vastu is ideal in the North and sometimes West zones and thus should be used judiciously.

West Facing House Vastu: 15 Don’ts

  1. Never open an entrance in the South West corner of the plot. It can cause a lot of health and financial problems.
  2. Also avoid any entrance in the North West direction.
  3. Avoid using green or brown colors to paint the façade of a West facing house.
  4. Strictly avoid making a staircase as per Vastu in the North or North East.
  5. Never place the kitchen in the North East or North Vastu directions.
  6. Avoid making a garden or placing plants in the West or North West.
  7. Avoid making an underground water tank or bore well in the North West
  8. The slope of a west facing plot should never be towards the South or West.
  9. Avoid making the master bedroom as per Vastu in the North East of the house. If your bedroom is in the North, never sleep with your head in the North direction. For more on the best sleeping directions, you can refer to our excellent articles on best sleeping directions as per Vastu
  10. There should not be any trees or electrical transformers blocking the front of the house.
  11. The flow of waste water should never be from North to South direction.
  12. There should not be any toilets in the West, North, North East or East of the house. Strictly follow this rule while preparing the North facing house Vastu plan.
  13. Do not paint the main entrance door as per Vastu in green or red/maroon colors.
  14. There should not be any mirrors in the South or South East direction.
  15. If the kitchen is in the West, avoid using a green color marble top/slab. This could lead to heavy losses.

FAQs for West Facing House Vastu and their answers –

Is a west facing house good as per Vastu?

West facing houses can be excellent and can bring immense wealth and prosperity if designed as per Vastu.

What is a west facing House?

Your house is West facing if you’re going towards the West direction while stepping out of your main entrance.

Are west-facing flats or apartments good?

West facing flats and apartments can be excellent for traders and businessmen. They are also very auspicious for stock market traders and property brokers.

What are the disadvantages of west facing house?

West facing houses do not get sufficient morning sunlight which is beneficial. On the contrary, they get maximum heat during the afternoon which is not favorable for health.

What are the advantages of a west facing house?

A West facing house brings in huge financial gains and profits to the occupants. Such houses help build strong social connections resulting in financial gains.


There is no doubt that West facing houses can be very auspicious provided you follow the above mentioned guidelines. If done well, West facing houses can attract money and unprecedented growth as per Vastu.

On the contrary, ignoring Vastu Shastra principles can prove to be costly and can cause financial losses and health issues.

The above article is fairly comprehensive and covers almost all aspects with regards to the Vastu of West facing houses.

It must be kept in mind that though these pointers are fairly detailed and should help you to prepare a proper Vastu plan for West facing houses, you must still consult an expert.


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  1. In the floor plan suggested, there seems to be a bathroom in the south west corner. Isn’t that a vastu defect? And if it is, how can it be fixed?

      1. And is it okay to take shower in the south west corner. A vastu consultant told me that taking a shower in that corner is equivalent to draining your savings away.

        P.S. Thank you for the prompt reply.

      2. Good morning
        With due regards, I go through the west facing house tips, I really enjoyed the article A Big thanks I am constructing west facing house and almost all points taken in notes my astro consultant tell to construct a wall for 7 ft in southwest corner up-to the top point in height, and my vastu consultant says a big no, I am confused please help me, I recent construct it, now remain it or need to brake please guide
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  4. First of all thanks for sharing beautiful post…I have a question that ..What points which we need to follow for “north west facing house vastu”?

    1. Thanks for the valuable comment. It is firstly important to establish the fact that you live in / planning to buy a North West facing house as per Vastu. Most people are not sure of the exact facing direction of their house.

      Once you’re sure of that , a lot of rules mentioned in our blog will also hold true for North west facing house Vastu. However, there could possible be some important differences which cannot be explained here unless we study the plan in details. So you may share your floor plan and we’ll be happy to assist.

  5. My house is west facing, is there any problem facing stair case opposite to the main door?
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    Toilet and considering direction please show me the best place for staircase of my house

  6. Hi Abhishek,

    I really like your article,its really useful. Would you be able to tell me where to build my daughter’s room in west facing house?I have the option of northeast corner,east part of the house or in the north part of the house.she is just 4.
    And is it ok to face north while cooking in an open kitchen?

    By the way do you design house plan???

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Thanks for you valuable comments Amrita !

      Since she is just 4, East and North both are good options.

      North is not the best direction to face while cooking. What other options do you have ?
      Yes I do design Vastu compliant house plans. You may call or whatsapp me on +91-7797237411 to discuss the process , services and charges.


  7. Hi
    My house is west facing,bedroom one -WNW,Bedroom-2 WSW,Bedroom-3 SSW. BATHROOM ONE-NE,
    As some one said my NE Toilet is at the worst position in the House and I am going to Move toilet in to WSW is that ok to shift on that position??? Also my other bathroom toilet is at ESE to SSE is that ok?
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    1. SW bedroom is ok. In the WNW bedroom, shift the bed towards NW or West. If there’s no solution at all, try painting the walls blue in that room. And yes, West facing houses are excellent if designed well as per Vastu.

      1. hello sir..
        We are planning to buy a West facing house.. how to calculate exactly about entrance door position..
        I feel it positioned somewhere in between sugreev and dwarik..
        Unable to decide..
        Pl pl help

        1. You must consult an expert to help you with the exact main door placement. The angular directions need to be ascertained first and combined with the size of the plot in order to exactly understand the main door location. And if you’re certain that it’s between Sugreev and Dwarik, it’s not a good entrance location. So you must ensure that either you place it correctly or seek help from an expert. If you’re looking for a Vastu consultation, you may get in touch with us at – https://www.anantvastu.com/contact-us.php

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    Lovely and in-depth information, could you please able to answer below question

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    1. Hello ! Thanks for your comments :

      1.We cant decide the house only on the basis of open spaces. Need to consider many other factors.

      2. Wooden stairs are ok if they are correctly placed as per Vastu .

      3. No corner missing is good.

      4. The correct placement of the main door is extremely important. So need to have a good placement for that surely.

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