North Facing House Vastu: Plan & Tips to Attract Wealth & Abundance

North facing house Vastu is considered to be easy by a lot of Vastu experts. North being the direction of lord Kuber– the guardian of wealth, is the most favored direction by a vast majority of people.

This is because most people think that if a house is facing North, it is always auspicious as per Vastu.

However, the truth is far from this. Merely having a North facing house does not guarantee its auspiciousness. There are other factors that need consideration while choosing houses facing the North Direction.

We learnt in our previous post of South facing house Vastu that not all South facing houses are bad. Similarly, not all North facing houses are good. They need to be designed well to be auspicious.

If you live in a North facing house or are planning to buy a North facing flat, this article is for you.

We shall cover the following points in detail and the blog will give you a clear idea on everything you must consider in a North facing house.

What is a North facing house Vastu?

One of the biggest confusions most people have is regarding the correct facing of their house. A lot of people are not sure as to which Vastu direction does their house face?

Are you aware of the correct facing of your house?

If you’re one among the large number of people who are unsure about the Vastu direction that your house faces, just follow this simple rule:

The facing of your house is the direction in which you face when you go out of your main entrance.

For example –

If you’re going towards the North direction while stepping out of your main entrance, you live in a North facing house.
If you’re going towards the South direction while going out of your main entrance, you live in a South facing house.

Its’ as simple as that!

Is a North facing house good as per Vastu?

Most people and Vastu experts consider a North facing house is good as per Vastu because North is the direction of lord Kuber- the god of wealth. But this is not the only reason which decides the auspiciousness of a North facing house.

There are other reasons also including like the placement of entrance doors, bedrooms, kitchen, staircase etc. in a North facing house. Whether a North facing house is good or bad as per Vastu depends upon not just the orientation, but more importantly on the way you design it following Vastu Shastra principles.

Advantages and disadvantages of a North facing house

Like all directions, there are certain pros and cons of a North facing house. Here are some of them:

Advantages of North facing house or Why is north facing house better?

  • A north facing house receives passive solar radiation. It means that it gets proper light during the day but very little heat. So this is ideal for hotter climates where the afternoon heat can be scorching and harmful, especially in summers.
  • Being ruled by lord Kuber- the giver of wealth, north facing houses can be extremely beneficial when it comes to attracting money and wealth.
  • North having a predominance of the water element is extremely good for placing water bodies like fountains, ponds, underground water tanks etc. South facing houses lack this advantage.
  • Vastu states that there should be more open spaces towards the North whereas the South direction must be completely closed. Thus, more open spaces are possible in a North facing house as compared to South facing ones.
  • An extension in the North direction is generally considered to be good as per Vastu. Thus a front extension is an advantage for North facing house. A similar extension in the South direction is not good as per Vastu.

Disadvantages of North facing house

  • Since the North direction receives very little sunlight, it tends to remain cooler. Thus it is a big disadvantage for colder regions.
  • Since North must be kept open, one cannot plant tall tress towards the front in a North facing house.
  • If the main entrance is not carefully placed, it can bring in a lot of health problems in a North facing house.

Who can buy a North facing house or Plot?

north facing house best for profession

Unlike the popular belief, a North facing property may not be suitable for everyone.

Before you zero in on a North facing house, you must keep in mind the purpose of buying the property as well as the business or profession of the occupants.

A North facing house is best for people involved in financial services like banking, accounts, chartered accountant (CA),  insurance, stock market traders etc.

Since the North direction relates to the planet Mercury, a North facing house makes a perfect choice for people in the fields of printing & publishing, astrology and Vastu, people in the communications industry etc.

The North direction also relates to the water element and thus, people in the entertainment industry, travel agents, media, medicine, e-commerce etc. can also choose a North facing property.


North facing house good for which rashi?


North facing house as per astrology

A lot of people ask us this question – “is north facing good for my name?”

They are keen to know as to which direction house would suit them the best as per astrology. This is a very valid question because of the important role astrology plays in the overall scheme of things in life.

Also, it helps in doing customized Vastu for individuals. Therefore, you must consult a reliable astrologer before choosing a house.

As a general rule, people with the following rashis (moon sign) can opt for North facing houses:

  • Karka (Cancer)
  • Vrishchik (Scorpio)
  • Meen (Pisces)

However, do keep in mind that simply buying a North facing home will not make it the best for the people with the above rashis or professions.

They must also ensure to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra while construction

North Facing House Vastu Plan


To begin with, one must first determine the true geographical North direction even before making a Vastu plan. Also proper measurements must be done to ascertain the shape and size of the plot. It is only after the accurate length and width is calculated can a Vastu plan be made accurately.

Some factors like adjoining buildings, electric lines, trees etc. next to the plot in consideration are also very important and one must not ignore these So it’s is best to consult a reliable Vastu expert if you’re preparing a new Vastu plan from scratch.

Preparing a Vastu plan itself can be daunting . There are too many factors to consider. One needs to consider the following factors while preparing a Vastu plan for North facing house:

  1. The main entrance door location
  2. Staircase direction and location
  3. Pooja room placement
  4. Kitchen location
  5. Bedroom location as per individuals using it
  6. Location of toilets & septic tank
  7. Study room location
  8. Underground water resources
  9. Slopes of plot

For the benefit of our readers, let’s discuss in details the placement of different activities while designing a North facing house.

Main door Vastu for North facing house


The above image indicates the best possible location of the main entrance door as per Vastu in a North facing house. The importance of entrance/main door for North facing house comes from the fact that it is the main door of the house which could be the difference between a North facing house being good or bad.

After all, the main door or entrance of the house is what connects the outer world energies to the inner energy fields within the house.

Normally, most Vastu experts consider that simply because the house is North facing, it is always auspicious. They believe that if a building has its main door facing north, it is always good irrespective of its placement.

This is not true at all. The auspiciousness of a North facing house depends on its exact location as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala.

This is to say that if there’s an entrance in North West of the house, it could be very dangerous for the residents. Also, if the entrance is slightly away from the exact North, .i.e. it is in the North of North East, it can bring in a lot of health issues. Therefore, while preparing a North facing house Vastu plan, the placement of the entrance door and its facing should be very carefully chosen. 

The most auspicious entrances in the North are the energy fields of Mukhya, Bhallat and Diti, i.e. the 3rd , 4th  and the 8th Pada in the North direction. Even the 5th Pada of Soma or Kuber– the God of wealth is considered auspicious. However, this entrance is good for people seeking spiritual development.

  • Mukhya is the main deity of the building and he is the head of all the energies which manifest the purpose of a building. In other words, he grants the power of manifestation to every building.
  • Bhallat means very big or colossal. He is the deity who has the power to grant colossal abundance.
  • Diti is the mother of all asuras. She is the giver of all riches and has the power to expand your vision.

Thus, while preparing the North facing house plan according to Vastu, you must make the main entrance in these three energy fields in the North. Doing so can bring in a huge amount of wealth, prosperity and riches – both through self earning and inheritance. 

Vastu for North facing house staircase (External & Internal)


staircase vastu  for north facing house

Here are some tips for external & internal staircase Vastu for North facing house:

  • The staircases are heavy and indicate weight. Therefore, South west is the best location for stairs in the house.
  • The internal staircase must never be located in the center of the house, i.e. the Brahmasthan.
  • It is best to position an external staircase in the West direction as per Vastu.
  • The external staircase must never be directly in front of the main entrance door.
  • The staircase should never be placed in the North East corner of the house.
  • If the internal staircase is towards the East, one must prefer wooden staircase instead of stone.
  • The placement of staircase in the North is also prohibited. Doing so can block money flow and create financial crunch in the house.
  • If the staircase is placed in the South West, South and West side of a house, it is best to make them anti-clockwise.
  • If the staircase is located in the South of South West, they must run clockwise.

Therefore, there is no fixed rule for the direction of the staircase. It must be decided according to the zone where it is placed.

North facing house Pooja Room


The above image indicates a North facing house Vastu plan with Pooja room.

Vastu for Pooja room in north facing house a can be done in a few different ways and one of the best Pooja room for north facing house is West. Here, the photos or idols of Gods will face East.

It is important to note that in most ancient Indian temples, specially dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Krishna, the main idol is placed in the West and it faces the East direction. Thus, you can replicate the same concept in your house.

Alternatively, the Pooja room can also be placed in the East facing the West direction. Just avoid a Pooja room facing main door.

It is a well know fact that one of the best directions to place the Pooja room is the North East of the house. Thus, while designing the Vastu plan , remember to place the Pooja room in the North East, East or West directions.

Kitchen Position for North facing house


One of the most common errors that we’ve seen in a house is the incorrect placement of kitchen like kitchen located in the North East is the worst possible location of a kitchen. Also kitchen placed in the North East of the house can cause serious neurological problems and lead to fights and arguments in the house.

NOTE: You may want to read our wonderful article on how Vastu affects your brain and nervous system.

North East is the zone of the water element. A kitchen placed here literally destroys the water element. Also, placing the fire element of kitchen in the water zone will exhaust the fire also and cause financial and legal troubles.

Remember to place the kitchen in the South East or South directions while designing a North facing house Vastu plan. A kitchen in the North West direction is also good.

Bedroom Vastu for North Facing House

bedroom for north facing house

Choosing the best bedroom location as per Vastu in a North facing house can be tricky. There are many options but one must decide the ideal bedroom location keeping in mind the users.

Here are a few Vastu tips to consider while deciding the bedroom:

  • A bedroom in the North East is generally not recommended for youngsters. It is best for the elderly who have retired from active working life and are inclined towards spirituality.
  • An East bedroom is very good for young kids and can help them in their studies. Also, people looking to expand their social circle can choose a bedroom in the East.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a bedroom in the South East can also be very good. It is ideal for people who have just started their working careers.
  • A bedroom in the South is good for everyone, especially for the head of the family. It keeps them in control of the house.
  • A South West bedroom as we all know goes to the head of the family. But it may not always be the best choice as most people believe. An astrological analysis of the occupants is necessary to decide the bedroom location.
  • A bedroom in West is a good choice if you’re a trader or a businessman.
  • A North West bedroom is also good for most people provided the sleeping position as per Vastu is correctly chosen.

Septic tank & toilet for North facing house

Water tank and Toilet in North Facing House

A septic tank is where all the waste of a house accumulates. Therefore, it is a place of extreme negative energies and should be correctly placed as per Vastu Shastra rules. Same is the case with toilets.

Normally, it is a practice to place the septic tank in front of the house while making the Vastu plan. This is done to facilitate the easy outflow of waste into the municipal waste pipeline outside the house. However, in case of a North facing houses, this could be dangerous practice to follow.

The front of a North facing house would mostly fall into the North West, North or North East zones. Making a septic tank or toilet in either of these zones is a strict no. Doing so can seriously disturb the water element which in turn can badly affect your kidneys.

This can be understood in the context of the functioning of your kidneys. Since they are responsible for filtering blood and removing waste, any disturbance in the water zones of North or North East can badly affect them.

There is of course a divine connection between your house and health as per Ayurveda.

We’ve talked enough about the placement of toilets in the North East and how bad it can be as per Vastu Shastra. A septic tank plays a similar role and thus it should completely be avoided in the North East direction. Also, placing a septic tank or toilet in the North or North West can create a lot of financial problems and can lead to blockage of money and opportunities. Thus, it is never advisable to place a septic tank or toilet in the front side in a North facing house.

However, in case of a North West facing house, the septic tank can be placed in the front left side in the West of North West zone.

The ideal place for a septic tank or a toilet in a North facing house is the South of South West (SSW) or the West of North West (WNW) zones. The toilets can even be located in the East of South East (ESE).

Study room in north facing house

A well designed study room can be extremely helpful for your kids to excel in their studies. Choosing the best study room location also can be done as per the subjects one studies.

Here’s how to select the best study room location in a North facing house:

  • A study room in East is best for young school going kids. East is ruled by Sun which we all know if the source of all knowledge and wisdom.
  • A study room in South East or South is good for people studying for defense services or law.
  • A West bedroom in good for students appearing for competitive exams or people in the creative or IT fields.
  • A North study room in best for students of finance and accounts.
  • A North East study room is generally good for everyone and helps them focus and concentrate better.
  •  A study room in South West is one of the best and helps students sharpen their skills and use them optimally.

North Facing House Vastu : 15 Do’s

  1. Place the main entrance in the energy field of Mukhya ( 3rd pada) and Bhallat (4th Pada) only.
  2. If you’re seeking spiritual upliftment, you can place the entrance in the Kuber (5th pada ) of the Vastu Purusha Mandala.
  3. Underground water sources like bore well or water storage tank should be placed in the North, North East, East or West directions.
  4. Remember never to place the bore well in exact North East. It has to be a small distance away from the exact North East when you draw a diagonal line from North East to South West.
  5. While preparing the North facing house Vastu plan, always place the main building structure to the South West side and leave open spaces in the North and North East sides.
  6. The boundary walls in the North and East should be smaller in height than the walls in the South, South West and West.
  7. The slope of a North Facing plot should always towards the North or East, i.e. the North and East sides should be lower than South and West.
  8. Toilets should only be placed in the South of South West or West of North West in a North facing house.
  9. The kitchen should either be in the South East or in the North West of the house.
  10. The Pooja room can be placed in the North East, East or West zones of the house.
  11. Placing a money plant as per Vastu in the North can be auspicious and can bring in new opportunities.
  12. The staircase in a North facing house should be located in the South or West directions.
  13. The master bedroom can be in the East, South or West directions.
  14. The electrical meter board should be placed towards the South East direction in a North facing house.
  15. The placement of mirrors as per Vastu is ideal in the North zones and thus should be used judiciously.

North Facing House Vastu: 15 Don’ts

  1. Never open an entrance in the 6th pada of Bhujag. It can cause a lot of health problems.
  2. Also avoid any entrance in the North West direction.
  3. Avoid using red or yellow colors to paint the facade of a North facing house.
  4. Strictly avoid making a staircase in the North or North East.
  5. Never place the kitchen in the North East or North Vastu directions.
  6. Avoid making a garden or placing plants in the North West.
  7. Avoid making an underground water tank or bore well in the North West
  8. The slope of a north facing plot should never be towards the South or West.
  9. Avoid making the master bedroom in the North East of the house. If your bedroom is in the North, never sleep with your head in the North direction.
  10. There should not be any trees or electrical transformers blocking the front of the house.
  11. The flow of waste water should never be from North to South direction.
  12. There should not be any toilets in the North, North East or East of the house. Strictly follow this rule while preparing the North facing house Vastu plan.
  13. Do not paint the main entrance door in red or maroon colors.
  14. There should not be any mirrors in the South or South East direction. [ Here’s an interesting blog on South East House Vastu ]
  15. If the kitchen is in the South East, avoid using a black color marble top/slab. This could lead to heavy losses.


There is no doubt that North facing houses can be very auspicious provided you follow the above mentioned guidelines. If done well, north facing houses can become magnets that attract wealth and prosperity.

On the contrary, ignoring Vastu Shastra principles can prove to be costly and can cause financial losses and health issues.

The above article is fairly comprehensive and covers almost all aspects with regards to the Vastu of North facing houses.

It must be kept in mind that though these pointers are fairly detailed and should help you to prepare a proper Vastu plan for North facing houses, you must still consult an expert.

North Facing House Vastu Faqs

Q1. Is North direction good for House according to north facing house vast?

A: According to Vastu, the North direction is ruled by the God of wealth Kuber. North is the direction of money and opportunities. Thus it is an auspicious direction for a house.

Q2. North facing house are suitable for which Rashi or profession in Vastu?

A: The north-facing house is suited best for Karka (Cancer), Vrishchik (Scorpio), and Meen (Pisces) Rashi. It is best for bankers, Chartered Accountants, Publishers, Travel Agents, etc.

Q3.  How do I know if my house is north facing?

A: If while going out of the main entrance door, you’re going towards the North direction, then your house is considered north facing house.

Q4. Is the north entrance good as per Vastu?

A: As per Vastu Purusha Mandala, a North entrance can be excellent if it is placed in the correct energy fields of Mukhya and Bhallat in the North direction. It can bring in wealth and prosperity.

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        1. Thanks for your valuable comments. Both N3 and N4 are excellent entrances as per Vastu. Therefore it is very good to have both. And yes, you do get a combined POSITIVE effect of both these entrances.

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