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Vastu For Office: The Ultimate Guide To Design Vibrant Office Spaces

Vastu for office plays a key role in your business and career growth. While your home reflects your peace and happiness in life, your office reflects your career and financial growth.

Like it is important to live in a Vastu compliant flat, it is equally important to have a Vastu compliant office . Keeping in mind a few Vastu tips for offices can certainly enhance your productivity, growth and finances.

Assuming you spend 8-10 hours a day in your office, it accounts to almost one-thirds of your life thus, it is of utmost importance that you design your office following the age old tenets of Vastu Shastra.

Vastu for office is a doctrine which when followed wisely can bring in an influx of positivity and prosperity in your working space.

While it is ideal if one follows these principles at the times of construction, it is by no means difficult to follow them even in an existing office. And the best part is that you don’t need to move a single brick.

Office Vastu: Best Sitting Positions as per Vastu

Choosing the best direction to sit in the office depends on certain factors. The staff or the members of the office team are the people who make the office or company run smoothly. Therefore, the correct placement of their office desk as per Vastu plays a key role in defining the success of any office.

Best location for office table and best sitting directions in office as per Vastu

Team Recommended Office Table Direction Rationale
Marketing East Placing the office table in the East direction is advised for the marketing team as it facilitates connections with relevant people, aligning with the team’s primary goal. 
Sales South East The optimal sitting direction for the sales team is in the South East. This direction is associated with the fire element, fostering enthusiasm and passion, essential for achieving sales targets.
Accounts North The accounts section is ideally located in the North direction as per Vastu. Placing office tables facing North aligns with the energy governed by Lord Kuber, the lord of wealth. This direction is  favorable for all activities related to money and finance.
Legal South For the legal team, the recommended office Vastu direction is the South. The energy of the fire zone and the influence of the planet Mars contribute to the strength and confidence required in legal work. 
Creative & IT West Placing office tables for the creative and IT teams in the West direction is beneficial. This direction supports creativity and expansion, making it suitable for designers and individuals involved in IT-related work.
Advertising North West The recommended office desk direction for the advertising team is the North West. This direction aids in creating attractive campaigns, contributing to business growth.

Similarly, all other staff members of various departments should be placed following the rules of Vastu in order to achieve the best results.

Office Vastu lays certain rules and guidelines for choosing the best sitting directions in office for the key personnel.

Selecting the best directions for office desk placements will not only increase their efficiency but will also contribute to the company’s growth.

Office Vastu Plan: Tips To Design A Powerful Office Space

When it comes to Vastu for offices, one has to ensure the proper placement of cabins of key personnel, staff cubicles, pantry, toilets etc. Care also needs to be taken while designing the interiors which include sofas, chairs and tables, artwork, plants, lighting, etc.

The environment that people are surrounded by defines how efficiently they work. Unless the environment and the working conditions are perfect, people will not be able to work to their optimum potential leading to sub-par performance and profitability.

Here we mention some of the key factors you must consider while designing your office Vastu plan:

Vastu for Office Entrance

The location of the main entrance is one of the most important points to keep in mind while buying an office.

The best main entrance locations in different directions exert varied influences on the occupants. They can have a significant impact on the overall growth of the business.

Ideally , it is best to choose the direction of the main entrance as per the main activities to be carried out in the office space.

For example, an office of a Law firm or a legal consultant should ideally have its main entrance towards the south direction. This is because as per Vastu, lord Yama is the guardian of the South direction. He is known to be the ultimate authority for maintaining the law and order situation in the universe.

Also, south being a fire element zone gives strong argumentative skills to the occupants, a pre-requisite for lawyers.

Similarly an office where the main activity is that of accounting ( a Chartered account firm ) should ideally face the North direction. Lord Kuber, the ruler of the North direction keeps an account of all the wealth in the world.

Thus a North facing office for the activities related to financial accounting and matters related to money is best.

Note : We also have a detailed blog on Vastu for North facing houses

Office Cabins for the Directors / CEO /Chairman

 The heads of any organization are really the most important people responsible for the overall growth of their company. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that their cabins are designed in the right directions.

A cabin in south is considered to be apt for the head of the office. This is the direction which bestows power and control to the occupants. Placing the company head’s cabin in this direction will ensure that he /she always remains in control of the organization and can delegate responsibilities efficiently.

Placement of Pooja Room in Office as per Vastu

Most people believe that North East is the only direction to place a pooja room in office as per Vastu. However, this is far from truth. 

North East is called the Ishanya koan in common parlance. It is the direction of lord Shiva who bestows the power of meditation and is a symbol of equanimity.

For people looking to meditate, North East is a very good direction. However, for an office, financial growth and monetary gains are primary.

Thus, one of the best locations for a Pooja room in the office as per Vastu Shastra is the West direction. It is the direction of fulfilment and financial gains.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that in the world’s richest and most powerful temple – Tirupati Balaji temple, the idol of lord Venkateshwara is located in the West and faces East. And we all know about the wish fulfilling powers of lord Tirupati.

Lord Varun rules the West direction. He is called the controller of the world and is the giver of everything you desire for. Thus, placing a pooja room in the West direction of the office is sure to help you achieve financial prosperity that you’re looking for.

Other than that, you may also place the pooja room in office in the East direction.

Correct Location of toilets as per Office Vastu

The correct location of toilet in the office must be given due importance. An incorrectly placed toilet can lead to serious financial challenges and block the growth of your business.

Here are a few options for the correct placement and location of toilets in office as per Vastu:

East of South East

The East of South East is a good place to position the toilet. The energies of this zone are extremely favorable and conducive to the analytical thought process.

A toilet placed here brings out the best solutions after proper analysis and thought process. It also removes problems related to anxiety and confusion and is ideal for generating the best ideas.

South of South West

This is perhaps the best place to position a toilet. Being the zone of disposal- the energies of this area are inherently capable to dispose off all the wasteful stuff form our lives. Be it human waste, emotional or mental waste or useless relationships- this is the best zone to dispose off whatever is useless for us.

Thus, making a toilet here is highly conducive to the overall Vastu energies of the office.

West of North West

As per the ancient texts on Vastu, this is the area which is responsible to release all blocked emotions in our minds. Thus, the texts advise to make a ‘Rodan Graha’ or a place to cry and release out all blocked emotions.

Making a toilet here is also advisable. Doing so will help the occupants to release and remove all blocked emotions in their minds and hearts.

The release of negative emotions from the system relaxes both the mind and the heart. And thereafter, the physical body follows and becomes disease free.

Thus, this is an excellent place to position the toilet.

Vastu Paintings for Office

With the advent of modern design and architecture, the aesthetics of an office have also gained importance. The paintings, statues and artefacts that you place in your office can also create positive energies within the space.

Here are a few examples of Vastu paintings for office:

Paintings Placement Guidelines Effects and Benefits
Motivational Quotes Throughout the office space One of the best indirect sources of growth and prosperity. – Subtly affects the subconscious mind. – Boosts productivity, confidence and the willingness to excel.
Running Horses White horses: North West Represents success and power. Ensures confidence, job promotions, business success, and financial stability. White horses painting in the North West attracts timely support from vendors and clients.
  Red horses: South Boosts goodwill and promotes brand fame. Signifies success and power. Ideal for the South direction according to Vastu.
Green Scenery North Represents the element of Air in Vastu. – Natural quality of air is movement and growth. – Placing green scenery in the North attracts opportunities for business growth.
  East – Greenery in the East direction facilitates making powerful connections with influential individuals. – Represents the element of Air in Vastu.
  Avoid West Avoid placing a green scenery or plants in the West direction.

Proper Natural Lighting for better health and efficiency

This is one aspect which is people mostly ignore in order to factor in the beauty and aesthetics of how an office looks like.

In today’s modern offices, there is a dearth of natural lighting. Even if there are a few windows available, they forever remain closed. Besides this, they are also covered with blinds for the air-conditioning to work efficiently.

This is causing serious health problems even to the younger generation. Besides causing mental challenges, the absence of natural lighting also leads to physical imbalances .

vastu office lighting

Yellow-tinted and fluorescent lights can make people feel fatigued and dull. They also become easily prone to migraines and other problems.

As per research, Compact Fluorescent light bulbs may cause skin damage.

The omnipresent LED bulbs (the more energy efficient choice) have their downsides as well. They flicker in a hard-to-perceive way that can be disruptive to our eyes and mind. They also contain lots of blue light that can cause eye damage.

Thus it is best to have as much natural light and ventilation as possible. This not only increases efficiency, but also takes care of the health of the occupants.

Placement of Generators and Inverters

 A generator or an inverter has become an important possession with all the electricity troubles due to the burgeoning population. It is equally important to have an inverter in the office and also place it well such that it does not hamper growth.

A generator / inverter is an electrical device which works as a back-up in case there is an electrical breakdown. Thus, you should ideally place it in the North-West portion of your office. This will ensure timely support as and when your office or company needs it from any of its partners, clients or Government departments.

Placement of Important Documents and Client Files

 The success of your office hugely depends on where you keep your important documents and files. These could be files which relate to your clients, you business or accounts.

It is even important to consider the colors you choose for your files.

  • West is one of the best directions to keep all your client related files and documents. This will ensure that you gain more business form those clients. It is best to buy Grey colored files if you are keeping them in the West zone.
  • You should keep all your investment and property documents  in the North-West corner of your office. They can either be white or grey in color.
  • It is best to keep all marketing and advertising stationery and pamphlets between the North and North West directions. This will surely attract a lot of clients to your office. It will also ensure that your advertising campaigns generate more queries and business.

Vastu Tips for placing Plants and water bodies in Office

Green plants are symbolic of growth. Besides helping your business grow and expand, they also bring in the much needed oxygen in cramped up offices.

vastu plants office

With the increasing use of computers and mobiles, our eyes are constantly under a lot of stress these days. Taking a break from our screens and looking at the green plants will certainly soothe them.

Try to add a variety of green plants with broad leaves in your office. East is the most suitable direction for the placement of plants. Also, adding a water body like a small fountain brings in a lot of fresh energy in your office. This is because moving water has a lot more energy than stagnant water.

North and North East are the most suitable directions for placing a fountain. It will surely adds fresh energy to the office environment. Besides this, it also ensures an inflow of new business opportunities due to the active energy of water element.

Office Vastu FAQs

Which is the ideal direction of work desk as per vastu?

All directions are good for placing a work desk as per Vastu. It depends on the work you do. East is good for people in Marketing, South East is good for Sales, North is good for Accounts and West is good for Strategy & Planning.

What is the best direction for boss cabin?

South and West are ideal directions for a boss cabin. The South direction gives power, control and administrative qualities and the West direction is good for overall financial gains.

Which is best seating direction in office as per vastu?

It is best to sit facing North if you’re a CA, Accountant or an investment professional. For IT professionals, it is ideal to sit facing West. For lawyers, South is good and for Government professionals, it is best to sit facing East.

In which direction we should keep God photos in office?

West is one of the best directions to keep God photos or make a Pooja room in the office. West being the direction of lord Varun, the granter of all wishes is apt for growth & prosperity. The next best direction is East.

Do Vastu really work for office?

Vastu is a science of bringing the energies of a built up space in sync with the powerful forces of nature. Thus, Vastu works equally well for offices and factories like it works for houses and flats. A Vastu compliant office can see immense growth and prosperity.

Where should a globe be placed in an office?

A globe can ideally be placed in the North West or West directions in the office. If you’re looking to get business from overseas, it is advisable to put a globe in the West. And if you wish to travel to other countries, a globe in the North West is good.


Your office is more than just a working place for you. It is also a place where you spend almost one thirds of your waking time.
Thus, you must design your office interiors in a way that it makes you work better, feel better and stay healthy.

Following the above Vastu rules can  make your office a vibrant and healthy space to work.

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