South Facing House Vastu: Plan With Remedies & Vastu Tips

South facing house Vastu is a tricky topic as most people are skeptical of buying or renting a south-facing house.

The fear and myths surrounding such houses make people superstitious before buying a south-facing property.

The below article will clarify all doubts and Vastu myths regarding the Vastu of south facing houses.

Even if you’re planning to buy a South-facing flat as per Vastu, this article is all you need.

South Facing House Vastu Remedies

Before getting into the details, we need to understand certain important things. The following pointers will give you a clear idea regarding Vastu tips on everything you need to know about South facing houses:

What is a South facing house as per Vastu?

What is south facing house

When it comes to knowing the facing of their house, a lot of people are not sure as to which direction does their house face?

Let me ask you a question!  Do you know what the facing of your house is? If you’re unsure about the direction that your house faces, just follow this simple rule:

The facing of your house is the direction in which you’re going when you go out of your main entrance. For example – if you’re going in the South direction while stepping out of your main entrance, you live in a South facing house.

If you’re going towards the West direction while going out of your main entrance, your house is west facing.

Similarly, if you face towards the East while going out of your house, you live in an East facing house. Its’ as simple as that!

Hope there will be no more confusion in your mind about the facing of your house.

 Are South Facing Houses Good or Bad as per Vastu?

Most people are not sure whether a south facing house is good or bad as per Vastu. Rather most people think that such houses are always bad but the truth is far from it. Whether south facing houses are good or bad depends upon the following criteria. 

  • The location of the main entrance door in the south direction
  • The adjoining roads and buildings around the south facing plot
  • The slope of the plot on which the south facing house is constructed
  • The placement of septic tank, water bore well, overhead tank, etc.
  • The internal placements of rooms, kitchen, toilet, pooja room, etc.
  • The colors on the walls inside the south facing house and on the façade
  • The location of the internal and external staircase
  • The direction of flow of waste water out of the plot

Common myths and superstitions related to South facing houses:

Most people are very superstitious about South facing houses. They fear that a south-facing house always:

  • Leads to financial losses and doom is guaranteed
  • Brings about diseases and despair
  • Brings bad luck and misfortunes
  • One should not buy a south facing house even for free

While all the above may be Vastu myths that are prevalent because they bring a huge amount of business to so-called Vastu pundits.

If they don’t scare you, they can’t extract money out of you.

And thus we wrote this blog to remove all your superstitions about South facing houses.

You should keep in mind that these are generalized observations. The fact is that all or some of the above may be true in cases that defy the laws of Vastu tips.

Therefore, one cannot and should not ignore Vastu rules while choosing south facing properties.

Advantages of a South facing house

If your house faces south, there are a lot of advantages you have.

  • Increased amount of sunlight they receive during the day
  • Longer hours of light means lower energy bills
  • Better gardening opportunities due to more natural light
  • Good for regions with colder climates

One of the biggest benefits of living in a South facing house is the ample amount of sunlight that you get (provided your house does not face blockages through trees and high-rise buildings).

This is because of the Sun’s path of movement.

The Sun rises in the East and moves towards the South before setting in the West. Around noon, the Sun is exactly in the south direction.

This simply means that all houses facing south will receive sunlight for the most part of the day. This is where the North facing houses as per Vastu have a slight disadvantage. Let’s understand this with an example.

south facing house vastu advantage

If we assume that the sun rises around 6 am and sets around 6:30 pm, a south facing house will typically receive sunlight from 9 am to 4 pm approximately.

Therefore, in places where the general climate is cooler during winters – like North India or hilly regions, it’s a good idea to have south facing houses as per Vastu shastra.

Such houses will receive the natural light and heat to keep the houses warm during winters.

On the contrary, regions, where the temperature rises to extreme levels in summers, should preferably avoid south facing houses.

For example, houses in the southern part of India where the climate is generally hotter should either avoid south facing houses or have thick and high walls to counter the heat.

Even a West facing house as per Vastu receives a lot of afternoon sunlight and must be designed carefully.

Disadvantages of a South facing house

The main disadvantage of a south orientation of a house is again got to do with the sunlight it receives.

  • Increased heat in summers not good for hotter regions
  • If not carefully designed as per Vastu can create serious financial and health problems in life
  • Cannot make an underground water bore well on the front side
  • Longer hours of sunlight means higher AC bills
  • Difficulty in selling because of wrong perception and faulty myths about south facing houses

A house that faces South East or south will receive the morning to afternoon sun rays which are beneficial for the synthesis of Vitamin D within the body.

Mid-day or around noon is the best time to get Vitamin D as the Sun is at its highest point at that time.

On the contrary, a South West facing house will receive the maximum sunlight during the late afternoon.

The sun’s rays at this time emit radiations that are harmful to the human body. Thus, it is ideal to have a house facing south east or south and one should completely avoid a south west facing house.

Who should buy a South facing house?

According to Vastu shastra, south facing plots are not suitable for everyone.

Before you begin your process of plot selection to construct a south facing house, you must keep in mind the purpose of buying the property as well as the business or profession of the occupants. Here We are sharing a few list of professions or occupants suitable for South Facing House –

  • A south facing house is best for people involved in the administrative services like police, IAS, and judiciary.
  • Since the south direction relates to the fire element which represents security and passion, a south facing house makes a perfect choice for people in the armed forces and paramilitary forces.
  • People who are in the business of manufacturing goods or who want to set up a factory as per Vastu can also buy a property facing south.
  • Since the south direction also relates to fame and recognition, people in the entertainment industry like musicians, actors, and directors can also choose a south facing property.

South facing house is good for which Rashi?

A lot of people are keen to know which direction house would suit them the best as per astrology. This is important because astrology and Vastu play a key role in the overall scheme of things in life.

And it also helps in doing specific Vastu for individuals.

Therefore, you must consult a good astrologer before choosing a house.

As a general rule, people with the following rashis (moon sign) can opt for south facing houses:

  • Vrishabha ( Taurus)
  • Kanya ( Virgo)
  • Makar ( Capricon)

Also, since the planet Mars rules the south direction, people involved in professions or businesses related to Mars can choose a south facing house.

Examples of such professions would be property dealers, chefs, surgeons, lawyers, etc.

Businesses related to planet Mars are arms and ammunition, furnaces, fire-related businesses, hardware shops, etc.

An important point to note is that simply buying a south facing home will not make it the best for the people with the above rashis or professions.

They must also ensure to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra while construction.

Now that we have understood the scientific pros and cons of a South facing property, we shall move ahead to discuss some key Vastu tips which you should follow while buying or designing south facing house.

South facing main door/entrance as per Vastu

south facing house vastu main door entrance

If there is one thing that can make or break your life living in a south-facing house, it is undoubtedly the location of its entrance.

This is precisely the reason why all Vastu gurus simply discard any house that has a south-facing main door.

However, the truth is that the south-facing main door can also bring in a huge amount of prosperity and riches to the inhabitants.

This holds true provided the entrance is placed correctly.

The ancient scriptures prescribe certain energy fields in the south where the main door entrance as per Vastu can be placed.

The above image will make it clear. The best location for an entrance in a south facing house is the energy field of Vithatha and Gruhakshat.

An entrance located on the 4th pada of the Vastu Purush Mandala can bring unprecedented wealth, health, and prosperity.

On the contrary, an entrance in the fields of Yama, Gandharva, Bhringraj, etc. can push the inhabitants under huge debts and financial losses. They can also lead to serious health problems.

An entrance in the Southwest corner is a strict no as per Vastu Shastra.

Therefore, it is very important to consult a good Vastu consultant to help you choose the right placement for an entrance.

Kitchen Vastu for south facing house

Some of the key points to note while deciding the kitchen location for south facing house are:

  • Southeast is the best location for a kitchen in south facing house
  • The kitchen can also be placed in the south direction
  • Strictly avoid a kitchen in the South West direction
  • A kitchen in the North west is the next best option
  • Placing a kitchen in West can also bring in financial gains
  • A north east kitchen as per Vastu is a strict no for south facing houses
  • While planning the kitchen design for south facing house, do keep in mind to use shades of brown, beige, maroon if the kitchen is in south east
  • It is best to cook facing east as per kitchen Vastu for south facing house
  • Do remember to choose the right color for the kitchen slab

Staircase Vastu for south facing house

A staircase as per Vastu in a south facing house can become your pathway for riches. On the contrary, a wrongly placed staircase can block the energy flow in the direction where it is located.

Some important tips for staircase Vastu for south facing house are:

  • South and South West are the best staircase positions in a south facing house
  • West is also a good staircase direction in a south facing house as per Vastu
  • You don’t need to count the number of steps in a staircase as per Vastu as long as it is in the correct Vastu zone
  • An anti-clockwise staircase is best in the South and West
  • One should avoid making an internal staircase in the center of the house
  • An external staircase as per Vastu for south facing house must not be directly opposite the entrance
  • Never make a toilet, Pooja room, or a kitchen under the staircase
  • Avoid placing any God idols/photos or ancestor photos under the staircase
  • Do not dump junk goods / keep a dustbin under the staircase as it blocks the energy flow

Pooja room Vastu for south facing house

Pooja room Vastu rules for south facing houses are as follows:

  • Pooja rooms in East or West directions are best for a south facing house
  • North East is also a good location for a Pooja room. However, it is not the only location as most people think
  • Always use a wooden mandir instead of metal or stone
  • Avoid a lot of silverware if your Pooja room is in East or South
  • Brass and copper are the best metals for Pooja room utensils
  • Hanging a bell and ringing it regularly in the Pooja room in West can bring in strong positive energies
  • Avoid a lot of red colors if the Pooja room is in North East
  • The Pooja room should never share a common wall with toilets
  • The idols in Pooja room as per Vastu should not be taller than 15 inches
  • Make sure the Pooja room altar is at least at the chest height

A common question that most people ask is – “can we keep Pooja room facing the south direction?”

The answer is that if you’re a devotee of lord Hanuman Ji, Goddess Durga, or Kali, you may have a Pooja room facing south.

In fact, a lot of Shiva temples in South India are south facing. And this is why lord Shiva is also known as ‘Dakshinamurty’ (meaning south-facing).

Septic Tank & Toilet Vastu for south facing house

Some key pointers for a toilet as per Vastu for South facing house are:

  • Avoid having a toilet in the center of the four cardinal directions viz. East, West, North, and South
  • Also avoid a toilet in the four diagonal directions viz, North East, South East, South West and North West
  • A toilet is best in the West of North West direction (WNW)
  • The South of South West ( SSW) is also a good location for a toilet
  • If your toilet is incorrectly placed, it can be corrected to a good extent by using certain metal wires and tapes
  • A toilet right next to the main entrance must be strictly avoided
  • A toilet should never be built under a staircase
  • Fancy remedies like Himalayan salt lamps or spider plants are not a solution to incorrectly placed toilets
  • The wall paints and the color of tiles in toilets must also be given due importance
  • Never make a septic tank in the South or North-East directions
  • The same locations as mentioned for the toilets are also applicable for the placement of septic tanks

Underground water/bore well Vastu for south facing house 

There is a general tendency to place the underground water tank or bore well in the front of the house. This is good for a north-facing house. But when it comes to south facing house, this could be a disaster.

While doing the Vastu for south facing house, you must ensure that no underground water resources like a tank or bore well are placed in front of the house, i.e. the southern part of the house.

  • Doing so can lead to heavy financial losses and serious health troubles related to the digestive and reproductive organs.
  • It could particularly create problems for the female members of the house.
  • This could also result in court cases and litigation.
  • An underground water resource in the south, south-east, or south-west is a strict no.

Similarly, according to Vastu, it is also very important to place the septic tank carefully. It should never be placed in the exact South zone.

Even a South East septic tank can be extremely dangerous.

Note: You may read our blog on Vastu for South East Facing House

Its ideal location is in the South of South West (SSW).

Bedroom Vastu for south facing house

Pay attention to the following while doing bedroom Vastu for south facing houses:

  • South and West are the best locations for a bedroom as per Vastu for people in trading or manufacturing
  • For people in jobs or the ones looking for a job, North is an ideal bedroom direction in a south facing house
  • For politicians or people whose work involves liasoning or working with the Government, East is a good bedroom direction
  • South West is not the only direction for a master bedroom as most people think
  • A bedroom in the North West is good for people in marketing or advertising
  • For IT professionals, West is the best master bedroom direction
  • It is best to avoid having a bedroom in the North East, especially for young couples
  • East, North East or West of South West are the best directions for a study room as per Vastu in a south facing house

Vastu colors for south facing house

Colors play a very important role in the Vastu of a house.

When painting the front of a south facing house, it is important to carefully choose the color for front walls.

You should preferably use light shades of brown, orange or red to paint the façade.

Keep in mind that you should strictly avoid blue, black and grey colors to paint the façade.

It is equally important to wisely choose the colors for the internal walls also. If not chosen properly, colors can lead to serious Vastu imbalances in the house.

The importance of Vastu colors for south facing houses cannot be undermined. The colors you use can make a huge difference in energy flow in the house.

Vastu is all about balancing the five elements in nature called the Panchamahabhutas or Pancha tatvas. Every element or tatva is represented by a color.

It is therefore imperative that we use the right color to balance the right tatva in its respective direction.

People often ask as to which color is best for a south facing house? Do remember these tips while choosing the right Vastu colors for a south facing house:

  • Red, maroon and brown are the best colors for a south facing front door as per Vastu
  • Avoid using black or blue as a door color for south facing houses
  • The best exterior colors for a south facing house are brown, off white, beige and shades of red or pink
  • Interior colors for south facing house must be chosen as per the direction of rooms. The following interior colors must be used in different directions
Rooms in East Mint green, brown, beige, light blue
Rooms in South Orange, red, pink, brown
Rooms in West White, grey, silver, golden
Rooms in North Silver, grey, off white, light blue, black
  • If you’re using wallpaper, do remember that the base color on the wall should not be an anti-color for that direction. For example, avoid yellow in north and grey in south.
  • The wallpaper colors must also be in accordance with the recommended colors mentioned above
  • It is best to use light shades in the entire house to make it look bigger and brighter
  • Avoid using dark shades as they can evoke extreme emotions among the residents

The roads facing a south-oriented house

If you follow vastu tips, you should completely avoid buying a south facing house when there is a road crossing or a T-point towards the south-west of the plot.

The below image will make it clear:

vastu south west facing house

Height and width of the boundary walls as per vastu

The height and width of the boundary walls also need to be carefully decided.

The height of the southern walls should be greater than the walls in the north and the east. Similarly, the walls in the south should be thicker as compared to the ones in the north side.

The thick walls will absorb the excessive heat during the afternoon and the high walls will protect the house from direct afternoon sunlight.

Do keep this important principle in mind while designing a South facing house Vastu plan.

Slopes of the south facing plot

south facing plot vastu

As per Vastu tips and orientation, the slope of a house or plot should always be towards the North, East or North East of the plot.

One should ensure that the plot is higher on the south side and lower towards the north and east.

This is a universal principle one must follow in all types of structures.

An opposite slope, i.e. a plot sloping towards south brings poverty and ill-health. People living in such houses find it difficult to grow in all aspects of life.

South facing house Vastu Plan with Pooja Room

2 bedroom south facing house Vastu plan with pooja room

After understanding the vastu tips mentioned above, it is now important to see what an ideal South facing house Vastu plan looks like.

It is very important to keep all or most of the principles as discussed above while designing a South facing house plan as per Vastu.

Though it might sometimes look difficult but it is certainly not impossible to create an ideal floor plan for a South facing home.

We have made all efforts to create a sample drawing for your reference.

This image indicates an ideal design of a 2 bedroom south facing house Vastu plan.

  • The floor plan indicates a South facing main door ( in the energy field of Gruhakshat as discussed above).
  • East, West and North East are the right directions for poor room for a south facing house.
  • The kitchen as per Vastu is towards the South East.
  • The master bedrooms are in the North and East. The north bedroom can be considered as the master bedroom.
  • Note that the headboard of the bed is oriented towards the South which is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu followed by East.
  • The dining room and living room is spread across South, South West and West directions.
  • The toilet in located near the North West (WNW).

You can easily save this image of the South facing house Vastu plan and re-create a similar design for a larger south facing house.

Vastu remedies for South Facing House

One of the most common questions regarding South facing houses is  – “What to do if a house is South facing?” OR “How to remedy a South facing main door? Here are some Vastu remedies for a South facing house:

  • For a South facing main entrance door, applying different colored tapes or metal strips on the entrance threshold can be an effective remedy.
  • Making a kitchen in the South or South East can be excellent for South facing houses.
  • Painting the facade of the house in shades of red or brown can ward of negative energies.
  • Since the south direction represents fire, placing some fire symbols like a red triangle, some candles etc. can be extremely helpful.
  • Placing a red doormat equal to the width of the entrance door also balances the south entrance to some extent.
  • Having a front garden in a south facing house can strengthen the weak fire element and balance the South direction.
  • Since fire pertains to the sense of sight , keeping beautiful metallic art pieces specifically made of copper can be excellent in the South.
  • South is the direction of the planet Mars. Thus, adding a statue of Panch-Mukhi Hanuman ji can really boost the planetary energies (Provided you clean it and pray every day)

We also have a detailed blog on Vastu remedies for South Facing Main Entrance Door

Vastu Tips For South Facing House- Do’s & Don’ts

What To DO in a South facing home as per Vastu principles-

  1. Make the main entrance door in the 3rd or 4th pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat while designing a Vastu plan for south facing homes.
  2. According to vastu tips, remember to make the staircase in the South, West or South West directions while doing south facing home Vastu.
  3. South East is the best direction for kitchen followed by North West. So make sure your kitchen is placed in either of these zones.
  4. The south facing plot should always have its slope from south to North.
  5. As per vastu tips, east and West are the best directions to make a bedroom in a south facing home as per Vastu. Try to make a space along with a dining room here to achieve success and prosperity.
  6. According to vastu principles garden is permissible in south facing homes but it should only be towards the South East or South side.
  7. The walls on the South and West should be higher and thicker than the walls in the North and East.
  8. According to vastu tips, the best location for a septic tank in south facing homes as per Vastu is the West of North West or the South of South West.
  9. Make sure that the flow of waste water is from south to north.

What To AVOID in a South facing home as per Vastu-

  1. Never open an entrance in the South West corner of a south facing plot. This could be disastrous.
  2. Avoid an entrance in the exact South East corner of a South facing plot.
  3. There should not be any underground water source on the front side of a south facing plot.
  4. Avoid painting the façade or the main entrance of a south facing home in black or blue colors.
  5. As per vastu principles, there should not be any T-point in front of a south facing plot, especially on the south west side.
  6. Avoid a cut or extension of the south west corner of a south facing house. And certainly be careful with the placement of mirrors to manage these cuts in a south facing house.
  7. Strictly avoid making a kitchen in the South West corner
  8. Avoid making a garden or keeping plants in the South west corner.
  9. The guest bedroom should also never be located in the South West corner.

South Facing House Vastu FAQ’s:

Q1. What are the advantages of a south-facing house Vastu?

A: South facing houses when constructed as per Vastu can bring huge amounts of wealth and fame. Other than that, the main advantage of a south-facing home is the abundance of sunlight during the day.

Q2. What are the disadvantages of a south-facing house?

A: Incorrectly constructed South facing houses can lead to huge financial losses and debts. South direction being ruled by Lord Yama needs utmost care while designing.

Q3. How do I know if my house is south facing?

A: If while going out of the main entrance door, you’re going towards the South direction, then your house is considered south facing house.

Q4. South facing house are suitable for which Rashi or profession?

A: According to Vastu, a south-facing home is perfect for Vrishabha (Taurus), Kanya (Virgo) and Makar (Capricorn) Rashi. Also, it is good for property dealers, chefs, lawyers and surgeons.


Over the years, South facing houses have earned a bad reputation.

Most Vastu pandits suggest avoiding such houses.

You should always hire Vastu experts before building a house in either north west or south west direction.

However, the truth is that South facing houses can be super lucky for a lot of people as discussed above. They can lead to unprecedented growth and happy relationships.

The only thing you need to do is to follow the correct Vastu principles while designing such houses.

Do remember not to worry about the Vastu myths surrounding such houses. The above article should serve as a comprehensive guide to Vastu for South facing houses.



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    1. Ideally it is always better to have East open. However, in modern times when land is scarce, it is ok to buy such a house. Do remember to comply with proper Vastu rules in your plot. Also, with regards to a South facing plot, there is no problem with that as all directions are good. However , do take utmost care in placing the main entrance in the South.

  14. Hello Thanks for the blog. I have a question, Can I Buy an east facing plot with a southwest extension. The extension is sizeable so I can get the triangular part of extention carved out as a different land and get it registered in a different name. If I go ahead and construct a house in the rectangular plot, can I use the triangular one as a garden? If I have to build a boundary across by house then I can break the south side of the wall to get an entry to the triangular piece. Please advice.

    1. An extension in any direction is not an ideal situation to have. If you can cut off the extended part and construct a house on a rectangular plot, that’ll be good. However, do remember that the triangle portion that is cut off is still an odd shaped plot. So you must carefully design that by seeking expert opinion .

  15. Hello Sir, I have a doubt regarding placement of mirror in dinning area. As per vastu mirror is best to be placed in dinning area right? Is it ok if it is placed on the southeast wall facing north, which is directly reflecting the dinning table? Please guide me what best can be done.

    1. There is no such rule that placing a mirror in the dining area is good. It depends on the need ad design of the area. It is best to avoid a mirror on the South East wall. You can instead place it on the East or West walls if you have the provision to do so.

  16. Sir,
    In my Master bedroom the bathroom is attached in the room.
    I want to put the mirror in South Wall as there in no other option. Shall I put mirror inside the cabinet and close the cabinet door.
    While using mirror I can open the cabinet door.pls advice

  17. Hi, I need your opinion on hanging a picture of money and gold in my south east door facing home.

    I have a rectangle mirror on north wall and have placed a picture of dollar gold and bitcoin picture opposite to the mirror on the south east wall of the house.

    1. I didn’t understand your question. The South East door facing home has no relation with placing the picture of gold. A mirror in the North direction is ok and the pictures on the south east wall is also ok.

  18. If you suggest what remedy should we do when
    Kitchen is in south east and
    Black color slab is there and blue colored maika on cabinetry
    And no physical changes can happen as it is a rented property

  19. Sir nice and detailed information regarding south I have some questions related to my south facing house having toilet in east kitchen northwest and out of main door having municipalty septic chamber slope of first floor slab on southwest many vastu dosh can you suggest some remedies suffering great financial loss and no rise in job

    1. For a toilet in East, you may use a green colored strip around the WC. For a septic chamber, you may paint it green. Teese are just basic remedies and the actual solutions can only be recommended based on your accurate floor plan.

  20. Thank you your wast informations about this topic.
    But as I read it, I got sad, since my plot HAS a T junction at the SW corner.
    Every other aspect is correct or easily managable.
    How can I deal with it?
    My other question: does wastu really works in central Europe?
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hello Mark ! Vastu works all across the universe and not just in India. We do a lot of Vastu consultations in Central Europe and people have really seen excellent results after making small changes. So it certainly will work for you as well.

      We’ll have to study your floor plan to be able to comment on the T junction. Also, all other aspects are equally important and must be checked properly. In case you’re looking for a consultation, you may call or Whatsapp me on +917797237411

  21. We placed washing mashing in south east direction as we don’t have any other place to . Please give me a remedy to rid of its side effects

  22. My rashi is aquarius plot is south facing with small lane South West t -junction give me suggestions to build house

  23. ? MY dad house( elder brother) in between unknown person house and there is a street and my dad younger brother home ? right side of my dad house.

    ? Left side is my dad house and? (right side my dad younger brother home) but In between Houses there is street as well. And also one unknown person house in between 2 house’s.

    Is it good?

    1. I couldn’t really understand your question. What exactly are to trying to convey ? If you have a floor plan, please share here so that I can understand it better. And if there’s a street between two houses, what’s the problem you’re facing ?

  24. We are constructing south face plot
    As per engineer’s plan we have constructed steps at North of the plot towards west.
    Sump is at same north east place .
    Were steps are starting on sump (under ground water tank) is it good.
    We need your suggestion please do needful.

  25. Our House is the South facing, where should we placed the underground water tank? Currently, it is in South East corner. Normally, all people build the underground water tank in front of the house as we need to take the water connection and it will come from the pipeline which is in front of the house. What should one do? Kindly reply!

    1. A UG tank in South East can be extremely detrimental for your health and finances. If possible, u must move it towards the back or East side. If not possible, place some green plants over the tank cover. And consult an expert to get this corrected.

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