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East Facing House Vastu : Are They Really Auspicious?

East facing house Vastu is the simplest of all. At least that’s what everyone thinks !

Do you also think all East facing houses are auspicious as per Vastu Shastra? 

Or are you even sure whether you live in an East or a South east facing house?

And no, I’m not just talking about a property that you own. I’m talking about a house that you live in – owned or rented.

If these questions confuse you, you’re not alone.

This article will prove to be an eye opener for you and will bust a lot of Vastu Shastra myths surrounding the auspiciousness of East facing houses.

Ardent followers of Vastu Shastra believe that if you own an East facing property, you’ve struck gold. There’s a sense of complete satisfaction among owners of properties facing east.

For most, an East facing house is synonymous with a Vastu perfect house.

Far from truth…

Sure a lot of them are excellent as per Vastu Shastra. But not all East facing house are auspicious.

Since an East facing house faces the rising Sun, the belief of its auspiciousness is reiterated in the minds of the occupants.  Add to that, a lot of so called ‘Vastu Gurus’ and ‘Pundits’ are there to cement your belief.

The truth is that it’s not just the orientation of the house that makes it auspicious or inauspicious. It’s the placement of various rooms, kitchen, toilets and bathrooms, entrances, stair, water bodies etc. that decide the real auspiciousness of a house, or the lack of it.

Thus, a South facing house, which most people consider as inauspicious can be a haven of prosperity for the occupants.

On the contrary an East facing house  or even a North facing house considered as ‘most auspicious’ can wreck havoc.

What is East facing house ?

It’s important to understand what exactly an East facing house means before deciding it’s suitability for you.

A simple way to decide the facing of a house is to stand at the main door entrance of the house.

The direction in which you go out of your house is the facing direction of your house.

As simple as that !

But there’s a twist to it.

As Vastu consultants ,we come across a peculiar problem. Most people are 100% sure that their house is facing east, when it really isn’t facing east.

And when we bring forth the reality, some vehemently oppose our verdict and some are utterly shocked.

Not their fault!

Its basic human nature. The mind finds it too difficult to accept that a long established fact in one’s consciousness can sometimes not be true.

Hard to change !

So what really happens in such cases ?

Its very normal for people to believe that if their house is facing the rising Sun, they are living in an East facing house.

Simple logic !

What they really don’t understand is that the Sun does not always rise exactly in the East. And it also depends on what time do they see the sunrise.

Surprised ! Most people are.

Except for the equinox days (March 20-21 & September 22-23), the Sun never really rises in the exact East. In fact, it can rise as far as South East and at times set as far as North West.


east facing house sunlight

This is because of the earth’s tilt of 23.5 degrees on its axis. That’s what changes the sunrise and sunset directions.

Thus, your calculation of a house facing east can really be an illusion. And the logic of a house facing east because it faces the rising sun does not really stand ground.

Also, another factor that most people ignore is the use of a compass to check the exact direction of a house. Without checking the exact degree of orientation using a compass, it’s literally impossible to tell the exact facing of a house.

For example, if the compass shows 90 degrees East, you house is exactly facing east.

However, if the compass shows 114 degrees east, your house is NOT FACING EAST.

You’ll then need to follow East South East facing house Vastu.

And this is where EVERYTHING CHANGES.

Remember, a variation of even 5 degrees can change the entire Vastu calculations of a house. It’s a subject based on geometry and not mere visualizations.

Thus, it’s of utmost importance to first understand the exact facing a building. This can be easily done using a good compass. And you must do it before making an east facing house plan as per Vastu.

Hope this clears a lot of confusion surrounding the exact facing of a house.

East Facing House Vastu Plan

This blog will cover everything you need to design an East facing house Vastu plan with pooja room, main door, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, staircase, septic tank and much more.

Even if you want to design your East facing flat as per Vastu, this guide is all you need.

We’ll handhold you with every single placement needed to design an East facing house plan as per Vastu.

The below image will give you an idea what an East facing house Vastu plan should look like.

Main door Vastu for East facing house

East facing house main door Vastu is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects to be kept in mind.


The best placement of a main entrance door holds significant importance as per Vastu Shastra. It’s the first thing you must check before finalizing a property.

Here are some Vastu tips for an auspicious east facing main door:

  • Ancient Vastu texts recommend the main entrance door of an East facing house in the Jayanta  or Indra Pada as shown in the image above.  
  • Rest of the entrances in east like Surya, Satya, Bhrisha etc. are prohibited and one should completely avoid them.
  • It is best to place the entrance door closer to North East .
  • The east facing entrance must not be located anywhere near South East.
  • You must always avoid an ESE ( East South East) main door.
  • An East of South East (ESE) entrance as per Vastu can cause serious conflicts in the house.
  • The main door must be the largest door in the house.
  • You must also choose an east facing house front door color very carefully.
  • Shades of brown, beige and green are auspicious colors for the main door of an east facing house.
  • Placing green plants or a water body opposite the East facing entrance can be very auspicious

Your entrance door acts as the connecting link between the energies of outer world and the energies that exist within your space. A good or bad placement of the main door will decide the kind of energies that will govern the life of the house and the lives of the inhabitants.

Various texts on Vastu Shastra have laid certain guidelines for an east facing house main door Vastu placement.

As per the Vastu Purush Mandala –the metaphysical plan of a building, there are certain energy fields within which the entrances of a house should be placed.

It is of utmost importance that you place an entrance in these exact ‘auspicious’ places and never position them in the ‘prohibited’ places.

Most ancient temples were constructed facing East and their main entrance called the Gopuram  was place in either Jayant or Indra Pada’.

Thus, those temples built thousands of years ago still remain energy powerhouses and attract millions of devotees every year.

NOTE: Read one of the best and only article on the internet about Tirupati Balaji Temple Vastu

The texts even mention the exact problems that the inhabitants will face if the entrance is placed in the prohibited zones.

So what happens if your main entrance is placed in the prohibited zones? Or you’re facing problems despite living in an east facing house?

No worries! The science of Vastu also lays down guidelines to rectify such entrances without having to shift or demolish them.

You just need to get in touch with an experienced Vastu consultant.

Staircase Vastu for East Facing House

Staircase Vastu for East facing house is a little complicated. Here’s what you must remember while preparing an East facing house staircase plan

  • It is not advisable to make the staircase towards the front part of an East facing house.
  • This is because the front part (if East is slightly titled ) could fall in the North East zone instead of exact East.
  • This is a practice which can be significantly detrimental. It is advisable to completely avoid making a staircase in the North East lest it may lead to severe health and mental problems.
  • If the front part of the house falls towards the South East, then making the staircase in South-East corner as per Vastu is allowed.
  • It is best to place the staircase for east facing house towards the South, South West or West part of the house.
  • There are no rules mentioned regarding the number of steps in any of the scriptures of Vastu Shastra. So they can be odd or even as per convenience.
  • Same Vastu rules will apply for both internal and external staircase for an East facing house
  • You can make a clockwise or anti-clockwise staircase depending on it’s exact location.
  • Never place a toilet or a pooja room under the staircase
  • Ancestors’ or family photos are best avoided under the staircase.
  • You must also refrain from making a kitchen under the staircase.

For a detailed understanding about the correct placement of staircase as per Vastu, you may read our comprehensive blog on Staircase Vastu.

Pooja Room Vastu for East Facing House

Pooja room Vastu for East facing house deserves special attention. It is important to choose the best pooja room location as per Vastu  since the pooja room is one of the most powerful energy centres in the house.

Here are some Vastu tips for pooja room in an East facing house:

  • East is one of the best Pooja room location for an East facing house
  • A pooja room can also be placed in the West direction. Doing so can bring wealth and prosperity
  • As most people know, North East is also an excellent position for a Pooja room in an East facing house.
  • The idols of Gods must either face East or West in the pooja room
  • If your pooja room is in North East, it’s best to avoid a lot of red or yellow color in the pooja room
  • A wooden pooja room in East is preferred over a marble or stone made altar.
  • Using copper or brass utensils is recommended in the pooja room
  • You must avoid a silver diya (lamp) and use a brass or copper diya
  • It’s best to have dim lights in the pooja room to ensure better concentration while praying
  • You must avoid bright white lights. Most garbha grihas in temples are dark and not brightly lit.

Thus, while doing the pooja room Vastu for East facing house, do keep the above important points in mind.

Kitchen Vastu for East facing house

The kitchen Vastu direction for East facing house is very important as it is for all other directions.

As discussed in our detailed blog on Kitchen Vastu, we have a few options for the placement of a kitchen as per Vastu in an East facing house.

One of the best positions for a kitchen as per Vastu is in the South of South East direction. A kitchen placed here is excellent for the overall physical and mental health of the residents. Additionally, placing a jar of Ghee in this direction ensures good physical health and power to the residents.

Alternatively, a kitchen can also be located in the North West corner of the house. The direction of Vayu devta, the energies of this direction are conducive for the placement of a kitchen in an East facing house.

While doing the kitchen Vastu for east facing flat, do remember to follow certain important Vastu guidelines which can ensure overall health and prosperity.

Here are a few Vastu tips for kitchen in East facing house:

  • Avoid a kitchen in the North East corner of the house
  • If the kitchen is in the South East, do not use a black color kitchen slab
  • It is best to use shades of brown, pink, red, orange or light green for the kitchen tiles in an East facing house
  • It is best to place the burner is such a way that the person cooking faces East.
  • Never place a kitchen in the North or the South West corner of the house, This can be extremely bad for career and business.

Bedroom Vastu for East facing house

It’s important to carefully follow the rules when it comes to bedroom Vastu for East facing house. Here are some tips:

  • A bedroom can be located in the East or West directions depending on the occupant’s profession or education.
  • The ideal bed direction is East followed by South.
  • You must strictly avoid the North direction when it comes to bed position in an East facing house.
  • While designing the master bedroom Vastu in East facing house , one can choose to place it in the South or even North direction.
  • South West is also a preferred master bedroom direction as per Vastu
  • It’s best to make smaller windows if your master bedroom is towards the South West
  • If the master bedroom is on East or North, larger windows are ideal for the morning sunlight to come in.
  • Never have a toilet door opening right opposite you bed
  • As far as possible, never keep any live plants in your bedroom. 
  • Keeping a water fountain in your bedroom must also be avoided as the excessive energy of water can disturb sleep

Position of septic tank in East facing house

Vastu for septic tank for East facing house is of critical importance. A septic tank is a storehouse of all human waste. It therefore needs due attention while doing.

It is a place of extreme negative energies. You must keep it away from all positive energy fields in the house.

Normally it is a practice to place the septic tank in the front of the house . This is done to facilitate an easy outflow of waste into the municipal pipeline outside the house. However, in an East facing house as per Vastu, this is a dangerous practice to follow.

The front of an East facing house would mostly fall in the East and North East zones. Making a septic tank as per Vastu for east facing house in these zones can be extremely bad for the inhabitants.

Doing so can seriously disturb the Air element which is responsible for growth and health of the occupants.

Placement of Toilet for East facing house

While designing the toilet Vastu for East facing house, you must keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, never make the mistake of placing a toilet in the South east corner of the house. Doing so can result in sudden financial losses, court cases and health problems to the women of the house.

Also, as repeatedly mentioned in our other blogs, North east toilet is a strict no. This is one of the most basic Vastu rule.

A few good choices for an east facing house toilet location are:

  • East of South East
  • South of South West
  • West of North West

Though the details on toilet seat direction as per Vastu can be found in our blog, let’s look at a few more parameters for east facing house toilet location:

  1. Try to align the toilet seat to the east-west axis
  2. The slope of the toilet flooring should be towards the north or east directions
  3. Avoid using black , white or yellow tiles if the toilet is in the East direction
  4. It is best to keep the toilet seat covered when not in use
  5. If the toilet falls in the wrong zone of the house, they can be corrected to some extent by using certain metals and colors.

East Facing House Vastu Tips – 7 Do’s & Don’ts

Important tips for East facing house Vastu to keep in mind :

  1. Strictly place the main entrance in the ‘auspicious’ zones only as mentioned above.
  2. Ensure there is no obstruction from a pillar, electrical transformer, tree etc. in front of the main entrance. This will block the positive energies of the auspicious entrances as well as the Eastern direction.
  3. There is a tendency to dig an underground water tank / bore well in the front portion of the house. In case the house is slightly oriented towards the South East instead of exact east, digging an underground bore well in the South East can prove to be fatal. Thus the importance of exact orientation using a compass becomes absolutely necessary.
  4. Ensure that a septic tank as per Vastu is not constructed in the North East portion of the house/plot. This can lead to serious health related problems.
  5. In an east facing house, the living room as per Vastu is generally constructed in the front. In such cases, avoid using yellow or grey colors on the walls and curtains in the living room. This could lead to unnecessary arguments and tension among the family members.
  6. Avoid planting tall trees or using red colored flower pots in the North and North East directions. This can lead to financial problems and loss of business related opportunities. A money plant as per Vastu is best for financial gains.
  7. The slope of a plot is very important in Vastu Shastra. Avoid a house which slopes from East to West.

Is an East Facing House Good & Bad?

One of the major benefits of an East facing house is of course the powerful early morning sunrays which brighten up your house. Not only are they super beneficial for your health, but are excellent to uplift your mood.

Especially in the winter season, its a boon to have direct sunlight coming straight to you homes.

The only possible disadvantage of an East facing home could be the heat you might have to withstand during the summers.

And if your master bedroom is right towards the front side of the house, the bright sunlight might just be a deterrent to your sleep.

Who should buy an East facing house?

When if comes to choosing an East facing house, most people give little thought to their purpose of buying it. As per Vastu rules, the profession or business you are in is a very important aspect you must consider while choosing the facing of your house.

People who are into education , social work, Government services, religious scholars, sales and marketing must consider choosing an East facing house as per Vastu.

Since the Sun rules the East direction, people into businesses like Government contractors, Gold trading and processing, power and energy, export-import, food grains etc. must buy an East facing house.

East Facing House as per Astrology- Is it really suitable for all?

One size fits all doesn’t apply when it comes to Vastu. Every house is different. Every individual is different.

This brings us to an important tenet pertaining to a strong relationship between Vastu Shastra and Astrology.east-facing-house-rashi

One of the most important points to consider when choosing a plot facing East, or for that matter any other direction, is to first identify whether that property is in sync with the stars of the occupants.

So what does this mean?

It simply means that one has to take in consideration the astrological calculations of the people who intend to stay in that house.

In other words, you must check their horoscope while designing an east facing house plan as per Vastu.

Obviously your next question will be that if there are 5 members of a family, how we can decide which property to choose because everyone’s horoscope will be different.

Absolutely correct!

So in such cases, you can choose to analyze the horoscope of the head of the family / main earning member / owner of the property. This will help you decide the most suitable directions for that individual.

To make things simpler, here’s an example

If the placement of the planet Sun (Sun is considered as a planet in astrology ) is not favorable in your astrological chart, an East facing house may not be suitable for you.

This is because as per the rules of Vastu Shastra, the planet Sun rules the Eastern direction.

Likewise, the planet Mars rules the Southern direction. Thus, you should avoid a south facing property if Mars is ill placed in your astrological chart.

As a general rule, people with the following rashis (moon sign) can opt for an East facing houses:

Mesha (Aries)
Simha (Leo)
Dhanu (Saggitarius)

Of course you need to consult an experienced Vastu consultant who also understands astrology well.

FAQs related East Facing House Vastu and their Answer –

Is east facing house good as per Vastu?

Yes East facing houses can be excellent as per Vastu provided all the internal arrangements like toilets, kitchen, bedrooms etc. comply with Vastu rules.

Which house is better east facing or west facing?

Both East and West facing houses can be good provided the entrance, toilets, kitchen, bedrooms etc. are correctly positioned as per Vastu.

Why should front door face east?

East is the direction of the rising Sun and lord Indra is the ruler of the East direction. Therefore an East facing front door is extremely powerful provided it is correctly placed.

Which color is best for east facing house?

Shades of green, beige and brown are ideal colors for an East facing house.


The above article should make it amply clear that not all East facing houses are auspicious. There are a lot of other factors which one must consider before simply buying a house facing East.


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  1. Hello Sir. In the article it’s mentioned

    East facing main door:Have main door only in 3rd and 4th pada. Rest of the entrances in east like Surya, Satya, Bhrisha etc. are the prohibited ones and one should completely avoid them.

    But many vaastu experts and books say 5th pada is the best and not prohibited for East facing main door

    1. Could you please help to provide positive and negative aspects of having East facing Main door in 5th or Surya

    2. In case East facing main door in 5th pada, what could be the remedy without renovation or changing the main door

    1. Hello Mr.Diwakar !

      I’m not too sure if any of the books suggest placing the main door in the 5th Pada of Surya. And I really can’t comment on any of the Vastu experts proposing that.

      However, I would certainly not suggest you to open an entrance in the energy field of Surya as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala.

      Here are the answers to your specific points :

      1. A main door in the Surya pada is not advisable at all. An entrance here can make the residents extremely short tempered and aggressive like the wrath (or heat) of Surya. At times, people can also become very arrogant and go to insane levels of anger. The males of the house may feel that the females are more dominant and nobody bothers to pay any heed to the advice given by the male members.

      2. If you have an entrance in the Surya pada and are facing any of the symptoms similar to the ones mentioned above, you may share your floor plan here and I’ll be happy to guide you further.

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