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5 Vastu Tips To Activate Healing Energies In Your House

A healthy body and mind are central to the happiness and well-being of all individuals. The ultimate objective of the ancient sciences like Yoga, Ayurveda, Vastu Shastra etc. is to provide a holistic healing system. This system ensures that humans can stay in a healthy state in order to facilitate their evolution.

Vastu Shastra is one of the most extraordinary sciences that mankind has ever known.Through the balancing of five elements and    7 Chakras, Vastu can help in activating the healing energies of a building.  

All individuals can reap the benefits of the powerful healing energies of Mother Nature. They simply need to keep their living environment in harmony with the laws of the nature. Though Vastu is not meant to replace medical science, it certainly acts complementary to harness the positive energies.

How does Vastu help in Healing ?

Vastu, Yoga and Ayurveda are based on the same principles of Samkhya Darshan (Indian metaphysics). Thus, they all complement each other.

In Yoga, the mental health is governed by the Tri-gunas (three attributes of the mind). These are – Sattvic (pure and insightful), Rajasic (active and unstable) and Tamasic (static or inertia).

In Ayurveda, the physical imbalances are indicated by Tri-doshas – Vata (air) , Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water).

Similarly in Vastu Shastra, the entire building consists of three parts, each governing a particular Dosha. Any imbalance in that particular part of the building will lead to the corresponding Dosha imbalance within the body of the residents.

If one tunes the living space well for healing, it can ensure that the energies flowing through the building are duly charged. This can result in the timely healing in case of a disease.

Here I write about a few Vastu rules you should keep in mind to ensure a proper flow of healing energies across your house:

  • Avoid a kitchen in North

A kitchen placement in the North leads to financial crisis and lack of work or opportunities. In the absence of a regular source of income, the residents face disillusionment. They start to feel its impact on the mental layers of the body.

Despite all efforts, there is a shift of the brain’s frequency from the healthy to a diseased one. The energies of north zone carry healing energies to the brain and different parts of the body. A kitchen here weakens these energies and thus causes diseases.

  • Protect the Fire element

The fire element is related to the solar plexus (Mainpura chakra)- the area around the navel within the human body. As per Ayurveda, if the stomach is healthy, no disease can affect the body. Thus, to ensure that the digestive system stays in good health, one must keep the fire element in balance. This element represents the South-east to south zones within the house.

  • Avoid a main entrance in North-West

The energies of the North- West zone are extremely powerful for healing. Thus, it is important for them to remain within the house. Making an entrance here results in the outward flow of such energies and weakening the zone. Thus, one should strictly avoid an entrance here.

  • Avoid an overhead water tank in East

There is a predominance of the Air element in the eastern zone. Air relates to the circulation and flow of vital energies known as Prana within the body.

An overhead tank in the East acts as an earth element. This is anti to the air element and thus disturbs its flow. Therefore, any imbalance of the flow of prana within the body could impact the subtlest layers of the body. This can then cause diseases related to circulation.

  • Keep the medicines between the North and North East

This zone between the North and North East is one of the most crucial zones to ensure proper health.

The energy fields of this zone can destroy all illnesses and fears. This zone ensures a proper flow of healing energies throughout the human body and thus strengthens the immune system. As per the scriptures, keeping medicines here will ensure that one rarely needs them . If at all one needs them, they result in faster healing and recovery.


One must duly take care of the above points while designing a house as per Vastu. By doing so, all individuals can reap the benefits of the powerful healing energies which flow through every living space.

Furthermore, with some care and following the rules of Vastu , one can ensure correct functioning of all layers of human existence.

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