5 Vastu Rules You Must Never Ignore

Over the years of Vastu practice, I have come to realize that people who are successful in various aspects of lives have one thing in common –their houses and places of work knowingly or unknowingly follow the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra.

In whichever part of the constructed space there is a Vastu defect, the inhabitants have to suffer problems related to that particular aspect of life which is governed by the zone. It could hamper your growth, could result in childbirth related problems or even cause delay in marriages.

It is a common misconception that constructing a house as per Vastu is expensive and results in the wastage of a lot of space.

However, this is far from the real truth.

On the contrary, it is easier and cheaper to construct a space as per the tenets of Vastu. Not only this, the additional advantage is that it also helps the inhabitants live a healthier and successful life.

There is a lot of information available through various books, internet, TV Channels etc. on the principles that one must follow while constructing a house as per Vastu.

However, it is really difficult for the common man to either understand all those principles or even follow all of them.

Here I enlist a few very crucial principles which must absolutely be taken care of while buying a property or constructing a new one.

Although there are thousands of rules, but it is practically impossible to follow all of them. The reason these rules are so crucial is that they function as the heart and brain of the house.

If the eyes are weak, a person can still see partially. However if the brain is weak, it impairs all systems of the body.

Therefore, one must absolutely take care of these Vastu rules :

  • A Cut in the North- East

This is the most fundamental rule that all Vastu consultants would unequivocally support. The North East corner of any of any house/plot is considered as the head region of the house with South West being the feet.

Therefore, a cut in the North East part of the plot, flat or any other structure is an absolute sin one should be very careful of. Such a cut would severely impact the health, mental peace and stability of the inhabitants.

  • An underground water tank/boring in the South East

The presence of any underground source of water or a pit in the South Eastern zone of the property is a very dangerous Vastu defect. It could potentially lead to accidents, losses due to fire, thefts, sudden financial losses and health problems.

Therefore, it must be taken care before buying a property that no such underground tank or boring is present in the South east.

  • An Entrance in South-West:

The main entrance of any property is the gateway to all the energies that enter the house. It is the first point which one needs to consider while searching for a property.

An entrance gives very powerful effects individually. These could be either good or bad depending on its location.

Out of the 32 possible locations of an entrance, the South-West is one of the worst.

Planet Rahu rules the South-West direction. Effectively, an entrance placed there means the strong energies of Rahu entering the house and unsettling everything.

With such an entrance, the residents of the house feel disoriented since none of their efforts bear any results.

  • A Toilet in North East:

As per the ancient scriptures on Vastu Shastra, the North East is popular as the Ishaan Koan.

Ishaan, as per the scriptures is the name of Lord Shiva.

Therefore this corner is actually the ideal place to have a prayer or a meditation room in the house.

Placing a toilet here severely depletes the divine energies of this zone. This can lead to serious and chronic health problems, specially pertaining to the neurological system.

Scientifically, the earth’s geo-magnetic energies flow from the north-east towards the south-west. Thus placing a toilet here disturbs and blocks the natural flow of these energies.

We have repeatedly that one or the other residents of the house remains chronically ill. No medicines work to heal them completely. As one flushes the toilet in this zone, they also flush away the wisdom and creativity . The residents cannot think clearly and as a result take hasty decisions . This then leads to losses in all aspects of life. The children lack concentration and thus score poor marks in exams.

  • A kitchen in the North

North is the direction which helps in the manifestation of all our desires. All opportunities of business and job are a result of the energies of the north direction.

This zone enables us to attract the right situation in our lives. Also, as per the Vastu scriptures, lord Kuber ( the lord of wealth) is the ruler of this direction.

North is the direction of the water element. Hence, placing a kitchen (fire element) in this direction will seriously hamper career growth and opportunities. The sales of a business will plummet and the residents will not be able to attract favorable opportunities.

  • A Septic tank in the West

West is the direction which fulfills all your wishes. It makes your efforts worthwhile and is responsible for helping you achieve whatever you wish in life. The motivation and the zest to expand your horizons in life is an outcome of the energies of the West direction.

Building a septic tank in the West will drain away all your efforts and close all doors of success.It could also lead to health problems related to the lungs and cause blood pressure fluctuations.

Therefore, it is strictly advisable not to construct a septic tank in this direction.



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