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10 Vastu Shastra Tips To Supercharge Your Home

If you go to any lengths to seek happiness, health and prosperity; and if all that you seek still remains elusive, Vastu Shastra is the science you should turn to.

An ancient science of architecture, it carries within it all possibilities to help you build homes and offices which can vibrate at the highest possible frequencies. After all, the energy around you defines what you achieve in life and how you respond to situations.

Albert Einstein once said –

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”

With all the chaos in the world around, it is quiet difficult for a normal human being to keep up his energy and consistently surround him or herself with positive thoughts and vibrations. For the few who can manage to do so, the challenges are huge.

This is where Vastu can play a very important role. It can guide you to design powerful spaces which generate positive energies and can help you fulfill all your wishes by conveying them to the universe.

Why is Vastu so important for your house ?

Our house is the mirror of our life. It clearly reflects our state of being – our joys and sorrows, health and well being, money and prosperity etc. It is the place where we go back to when we’re tired and exhausted from the chaotic world around us.

If we do not feel at ease in our house, it’s unlikely that we feel that way anywhere else.

It is a proven fact that every house carries its own energy – positive or negative. This energy is so potent, that it has the power to influence the lives of the people who inhabit that space. Thus, it becomes all the more important to ensure that your house exudes positive energy at all times.

Vastu Shastra for home offers several solutions to ensure that your home is generating the right energies at all times. 

How does Vastu impact the energies in your home?

We all know that both the universe and the human body are made up of the five elements of water, fire, earth, air and space. These are known as the Pancha mahabhutas.

Vastu is the science that helps us to align these five elements within our body with the elements within our homes. When we follow certain Vastu principles, we can ensure that the energies in our house resonate with those in the universe.

While it is ideal to implement these principles at the time of construction, the apartment structure of modern living makes this virtually impossible to achieve this.

Fortunately, you can still obtain the same result through minor changes that do not involve exorbitant structural modifications. This involves simple, convenient solutions like changing the paint on a wall or simply rearranging furniture and other objects in the house.

Here we mention top 10 Vastu tips for your home which you must know and strictly adhere to:

  1. Auspicious Main Entrance

main entrance vastu

The main entrance of your home is literally the doorway to your well being. This is the first point of contact between the external energies of the world and the energies within your house. While selecting a house, it is the first and the most important point that you should give weightage to.

An auspicious main entrance can give a huge fillip to your career, prosperity and health. On the other hand, an inauspicious main entrance can make your life look like a never ending challenge.

Ancient texts on Vastu Shastra lay down certain rules and guidelines to keep in mind while choosing the main entrance.

For example, an entrance in the East is considered to be the most auspicious while the one in South is considered to be inauspicious.

This however may not always be true. You will be surprised to know that it can be quite the opposite.

Without the guidance of an expert advisor, it can be a challenge to decide which entrance is positive and which one is negative. It is strongly recommended that you should never judge the positivity or the negativity of the main entrance based on what you read in certain books or internet.

  1. Cuts and Extensions in the house structure

This is another major point which most people tend to ignore. It is because either they are unaware of the effects of cuts or extensions, or they simply can’t understand whether the structure even has a cut or extension.Image result for L shape house hd image

As mentioned above, your house is like a representation (or an extension) of the human body. If any organ or part of the human body is either extended or missing, the body as a whole loses its optimum functioning abilities. Similar is the case with your house.

If any part of the house is missing, you are most likely to miss that aspect of life which that particular part or direction represents.

For example, the South-West part of your house represents your overall stability in life. This could be the stability of your finances, health or relationships.

A missing South-West in your home would mean a lack of stability in your overall life or any specific aspect as stated above.

Also, if any particular part of your house is extended beyond the normal limits, it could simply increase your challenges in real life. For example, the South East corner represents your cash flows and liquidity.

Yeah! You might be thinking by that logic an extended South-East should extend or increase your cash flows. Far from truth!

It only increases your desire to earn more cash and does not increase your real cash flow. If you only desire to earn more and more cash, you tend to lose the focus on your goal and forget to take the right actions to reach your goals. Your mind only remains concentrated on earning and not on what you need to do to earn.

  1. Clear the Clutter

This is one of the most common causes of blocked energies in your home. And it is often the most ignored one also.

Most of us have the tendency to accumulate things which we think we will need in the future. However, as a general rule, if you’ve not used something you’ve stored for the past six months, you are unlikely to use it at all.vastu shastra clutter

Apart from taking up valuable space in your home, such accumulations also generate negative energies and stop positive energies from circulating.

Vastu is all about the flow and circulation of energies in your living space. If these energies are not allowed to freely move within your house, even the positively designed rooms and other structures fail to give their best results.

Consider this – if your mind has too much of unnecessary information, it cannot process what is right and what is wrong. You get disillusioned and and face mental blockages.

Similarly, if you have unnecessary stuff kept in your house in important zones, it is certain to block the energies of that zone.

Thus, it is highly recommended to keep your house clean and free from clutter for the energies to circulate freely.

  1. A Clean and Defect Free North East Zone

Amongst all the directions, North East is the one which get the most amounts of attention and for the right reasons.Gallery of Skewed House / Studio Lagom - 26

All Vastu texts, books, articles and pundits lay a lot of emphasis on safeguarding the North East zone of your home. It is considered an ideal place for a Pooja Room.

The importance of this zone can be understood from the fact that even a minor fault or cut in this direction supersedes all other positive things and zones that you have in your house.

This is because of the fact that the North East direction is considered to be the head of the Vastu Purush Mandala, or the divine cosmic plan of your house.

North East of your house corresponds to the head of the human body. Since your head controls your nervous system, it really is the power center of your body. Any defect in this direction can lead to serious health and mental problems in the inhabitants.

Defects could include a toilet, a kitchen, a septic tank etc. in this zone. Even a cut North East can lead to serious problems related to health and finances.

Thus, before choosing a house, be very sure that you do not ignore any defect in this direction and always keep it clean.

  1. Proper placement of Water Bodies like Underground Water Tanks / Bore wells

Amongst the five elements, the water element plays a significant role in the well being of all individuals. The human body is 70% water. And so is the earth.vastu underground water tank

Thus, we know how important it is for us to have a harmonious relationship with the water element.

Water has the quality of flow. Thus, in the human context, it represents everything that flows within us – be it blood, body fluids and even emotions and thoughts and ideas.

A proper placement of the water bodies within our house will certainly ensures a smooth and positive flow of our thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Vastu recommends that all underground water bodies like bore well, wells or underground tanks should ideally be placed in the North, North East , East and West zones of your house.

Other than these zones, if placed anywhere else, such bodies can disturb the overall flow of positive energies in your house.

For example, an underground water tank placed in the South can cause serious digestive related problems as well as litigation and court cases.

On the other hand, such a placement in the North West can lead to never ending hurdles while constructing the property or even problems related to muscles and joints.

Thus, it is very important to place all water bodies in the permitted zones only.

  1. Placement of the Kitchen

The placement of kitchen in your home will decide your financial prowess and the amount of money you earn in your life.kitchen vastu As per Vastu Shastra, the kitchen in your house is a representation of the fire element. In other words, it is a symbolic form of the cosmic fire.

The importance of the fire element is something we cannot emphasize enough.

To indicate its significance, The Rig Veda – the oldest available text in human history begins with the oblations to fire

अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम् ।

This clearly indicates the important role it plays in our lives, and in Vastu Shastra.

In the modern context, the fire element is related to the cash that we earn or generate through our activities. It is of great importance because in today’s world, all happiness, power and well being mostly depends on the money you earn. A life without money brings insurmountable challenges and makes our sustenance difficult.

Thus, it is vital to ensure that you place the kitchen in your home as per the rules of Vastu.

Ideally, the south east and the South are the most suitable directions for the placement of a kitchen. In certain cases where it is not possible to place the kitchen in these two directions, there are other options available subject to certain arrangements that go along with them.

  1. Sculptures and Paintings

Ever since time immemorial, paintings and sculptures have been an integral part of our culture. It is only through ancient artwork, that we know much about our heritage today.

Every single object in your house is known to have an impact on your life. Everything in your house creates an image at your sub-conscious level and thus defines your feelings and emotions. Paintings and sculptures are no exception.

Visual art and sculptures are a powerful resource for our mental well being. They create a direct effect on our brain and neural network.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the artwork in your house invokes positive feelings and emotions in your mind.

Art certainly provides an extra degree of elegance to your living space, provided you choose what you display correctly.

An important point to note is that as per Vastu, every direction governs a certain aspect of your life and is also represented by a certain element.

For example, the South-West zone governs your relationship with your family, friends, clients and everyone else. Thus, displaying a family portrait in this zone is sure to strengthen your bonds.

On the contrary, if one displays a painting indicating a war scene or a wild animal in this zone, it could most certainly lead to conflicts within your family.

Thus, it is very important to choose what you display in the form of paintings or sculptures.

  1. Furniture and Woodwork

This is another factor which most people are oblivious to. The kind of furniture you use in your house also plays a very important role in your health and well being

The ancient texts on Vastu Shastra clearly state the type of wood you must use for furniture and their effects.

The most important point to keep in mind is that you should never use old wood from your previous house to make furniture in a new house (obviously if u can afford it).

Another important factor to consider is not to use metallic furniture or furniture made of artificial fibers. This is because such furniture has a very low vibrational frequency when compared to natural wood.

In fact, everything natural- be it wood or stone has a much higher positive frequency than artificially created stuff.

By sleeping on metal beds, one surely invites health problems. This is because all metals create a certain level of electromagnetic field. Since we humans are also electrical beings, anytime we go near metals, the body feels a certain level of discomfort. Though one may not feel it externally, the mind and the brainwaves certainly negatively affected.

We even recommend that kids should study sitting on a wooden chair and use a wooden table. They should simply avoid fiber or metallic furniture. The positive natural vibrations of the wood will certainly help them concentrate better.

  1. The modern day False Ceiling

Yes you read that right!

You might be wondering what has the innocuous false ceiling got to do with Vastu? It most certainly has.

In an increasingly electrified world, false ceilings have become an indispensable part of modern day architecture. They certainly add spark to your décor enhancing the aesthetics, but they also come with a host of health hazards.

With heights of modern ceilings increasingly dropping down due to space constraints, we already live with lower roofs over our heads.

A false ceiling under the original one brings it further down a few notches. The result is more enclosed spaces and a less airy environment.

With modern homes already having lesser cross-ventilation, ACs have become a necessity to beat the heat and humidity. Add to it the heat generated by the lights installed in false ceilings, the in-house temperatures have also gone up.

This has led to an increase in the use of air conditioning which consequently adds to global warming.

Moreover, the electrical wiring in false ceilings is sure to create an array of electromagnetic fields over your head. That, certainly is not good for health.

Thus, the disadvantages of false ceiling by far outweigh the advantages and one should avoid them as much as possible.

  1. The Brahmasthan

No Vastu protocol is complete without the mention of the Brahmasthan or the center of the house.brahmasthan vastu

We all know that in the scheme of nature’s creation, everything emerges and happens from the center of any existence. The energies of your house are no different.

The center of your house is the Brahmasthan or the sthaan (place) of Lord Brahma – the universal creator. It is exactly the place from where all the possibilities of manifestation emerge.

No wonder, almost all texts on Vastu unequivocally emphasis that one must keep the Brahmasthan clear of any defects.

While buying or constructing any house, you must take utmost care to preserve the sanctity of this part.

One should never construct any pillars or walls in the centre of the space. Also ensure that there are no toilets, staircase of kitchen right in the centre of your house. Lest it can bring a lot of health and financial hazards.


Your home is one of the most important aspects of your being. It is very place where you seek refuge every single day. The way you construct it will define the life you live.

Thus it is extremely critical to follow these Vastu rules to lead a life full of health, prosperity and peace.





















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