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Vastu for Shop and Showroom

 Vastu for shop or showroom has the potential to change the way you do business. A shop with good Vastu can not only help the owner create a strong brand, but can also keep a smooth flow of customers coming in.

Have you ever walked in to a commercial shop or showroom and bought something you didn’t plan or didn’t need?

Well, you’re not alone. We all have been in a similar situation many times. Isn’t it?

This is not a rare occurrence and it happens a lot of time with most of us. We simply walk into a shop while window shopping. And then we get so attracted to a product that we simply can’t resist buying.

Have you ever though why does this happen?

The answer to this lies in the design and layout of that particular shop. While some people may call it a co-incidence or a Vastu myth, it is beyond doubt, that the shop you walked into and bought something you didn’t need was designed as per Vastu – knowingly or unknowingly!

The age old science of Vastu Shastra can make the energies of any space vibrant and attractive. Vastu for shop makes the space so powerful, that it has the innate capacity to attract customers and entice them into buying, even when they don’t intend to.

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Why is Vastu for shops so important?

We are well aware that not all shops in the same market do equally well. They may be selling the same product, but their footfalls are not the same.

A shop with alluring interiors and also offerings various promotional offers may not attract many customers.

On the other hand, a small shop with relatively plain interiors and comparatively higher prices might see a huge customer footfall and higher sales.

Some shops are more popular than others and they tend to attract larger crowds. As a result, they do brisk business.

This may lead us to think that it may be because of the nature of the shop owners or their salesmanship skills that differentiates them.

While this may be true sometimes, it is not always the case.

What actually makes a difference is the Vastu for shops.A lot depends on the location of the shop, its orientation, the shape of the plot, interiors etc.

You can transform your commercial shop to attract more customers and generate more sales and loyal customers.

List 5 Vastu tips for Shop and Showroom you must keep in mind:

The Main Entrance of Shop as per Vastu

This is undoubtedly one of the most important points one should keep in mind before starting any commercial shop or any other property.

The main entrance really represents the face of the shop or what it stands for. This is the first point of contact between the energies that exist outside the shop and those that exist within.

The success or failure of any shop is heavily dependent on the location of its main entrance.

A popular myth that prevails is that shops with an entrance in the South are not successful and one should avoid them.

Nothing can be far from truth.

All shops opposite the ones facing North in any market will obviously be facing south. So does this mean that they all make losses?

Certainly not!

The success of a commercial shop will depend not on the direction of its entrance, but on the placement of the entrance in that particular direction.

All shops with a south entrance will not be bad and all shops with a north or east entrance will not do well.

Thus, it is important to take utmost care while selecting the placement of the entrance of a shop.

Sign boards or Banners

The type of signboards you put outside your shop to guide people also makes a lot of difference to the footfalls.

The colors that you choose to make a sign board or banner should be in sync with the directions in which they are placed.

For example, if your main entrance is in the North West corner of your shops, it is advisable to choose white or grey color for the sign boards.

On the other hand, if you have an entrance in the North, it is best to use shades of blue, black or green to make signboards or banners.

If the colors in your banners are not in sync with the directional elements, it could prove to be a hindrance in your business.

For example, using a yellow colored sign board in an East facing shop can deter customers from entering it.

Thus, signboards and banners can play a major role in deciding the success or failure of your shop.

Placement of the Cash or Billing Counter in Shop

vastu cash counter

A wrongly placed cash counter in your shop can dent the prospects of your cash flow.

Vastu Shastra clearly defines the role of certain directions to ensure a smooth cash flow in your shop.

A well placed cash counter can go a long way in ensuring that you witness adequate cash flows and liquidity in your business.

For your day to day cash, South East is the ideal direction to place the cash counter. It is the direction ruled by Lord Agni. And as per texts, Agni or fire is symbolic of cash.

Note: To know the secrets of lord Agni, read our comprehensive article on Vastu Purush Mandala

Thus, placing the billing or cash counter in the South East of your shop will keep your cash register ringing.

Display of Products on Mannequins

Most of the shops dealing with clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, sunglasses etc. display their products on a mannequin. This is to give an idea to the customers as to what the product would look like when worn on the body.

It is very important to place such mannequins in the right zone of your shop in order to attract customers.

vastu shop mannequin

The North-West and North of North West are the best directions for the placement of mannequins to display products.

This is because the energies of these zones have the potential to attract the attention of everyone.

Any products displayed in these zones are known to sell quickly by drawing the attention of the customers.

In a lot of cases, we have asked our clients to keep their unsold inventory in these zones. And to their surprise, stocks which went unsold for 3-5 years were sold within days. Such are the powers of these zones.

Thus, in order to harness the energies of attraction in your shop, it is advisable to place the mannequins or your unsold stock in these zones.

Placement of Mirrors in Shop

Mirrors are an important part of the Vastu design of any commercial shop. A lot of shops use large mirrors for the customers to be able to see what the products look like on them.

Shops related to clothes, jewellery, accessories, watches etc. all have large mirrors placed in certain directions.

A mirror doubles the area of the zone in which it is placed. This is because it reflects the zone where you place it. This is an important point to keep in mind while designing your shop and placing mirrors.

If certain zones or corners in your shop are already extended, and you place a mirror there, it will further extend the area of those corners leading to an energy imbalance.

Also, mirrors symbolically represent the water element because of their ability to reflect. Thus, it is important to place the mirrors only in the zones related to the water element, viz. North, North East or West.

On the other hand, you should never place a mirror in the fire zones, i.e. in the South and South East part of your shop.

FAQs for Shop/Showroom and their Answers

Which face is best for cloth shop?

North is the ideal direction for a cloth shop. A cloth shop facing North will help in attracting more customers and convert them into regular ones.

Where do you put God in a shop or showroom?

It is best to place God photos or a Pooja room in the West direction in a shop or showroom. West is the direction for gains and fulfilment. Thus keeping God photos or Pooja room in West a shop or showroom can result in higher profits and gains.

What are the ideal directions for stationery shop?

The ideal direction for a stationery shop is West facing. West is the direction for gains and fulfilment. Thus if a stationery shop faces West, it can lead to higher profits and gains.

Where do cash counters go in a shop?

South east is the best direction to place a cash counter in a shop. Keeping a cash counter in the South East will ensure regular cash flow and higher sales in a shop.

Which is the best direction for furniture shop?

South is the best direction for a furniture shop. Facing south will ensure that your brand becomes famous, gains name and fame and will be able to attract more loyal customers.


Vastu plays a very important role when it comes to the success of your shop or showroom. Keeping the above mentioned points in mind while designing your commercial shop can go a long way in ensuring the smooth functioning of your shop.

Not only will it will help you attract more customers, it will also generate more sales and profits for your venture.

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    Please give information on what to follow in vaastu while opening a flower and miscellaneous items( ayurvedic items, oils, pure items) boutique?

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    1. Hello Ambika ji !

      There are a lot of rules you can follow but it all depends on the size , facing, layout, products etc. for the boutique. As a small tip for you, South East is a very important direction for your business. Thus you must keep it balanced and in fact strengthen it.

      However, do remember that it is always advisable to consult an expert if you’d like to get full advantage of proper Vastu. In case you need a detailed consultation, you may get in touch with me on my mobile – 7797237411 ( call or whatsapp).

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