Toilet & Bathroom Vastu: Position, Seat Facing Direction & Remedies

Vastu for toilets and bathrooms deserves special attention. This is one area of the house which can generate maximum energy and thus needs to be planned very carefully.

Gone are the times where the toilets were located outside the house to avoid any negativity coming in.

With the increase in flats and apartments culture, there is only limited space available to decide the toilet Vastu direction and location.

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Therefore, you must design them in the correct directions to avoid any negative energies coming in.

Following the rules of Vastu for toilets and bathrooms must be given a high priority because this is one area which cannot be changed or relocated easily due to fixed pipelines of the entire building.

Thus, in this article I shall answer the most common questions with regards to Vastu for toilets and bathrooms.

I shall also reveal the worst & best toilet locations as per Vastu, internal arrangement of items, common problems etc. which you can – and must – apply to make Vastu compliant toilets and bathrooms in your house.

Toilet Vastu Direction & Location : The Best Options

toilet direction vastu

The best Vastu directions for a toilet and bathrooms are as follows :

  • West of North West ( WNW) – This is the best toilet location and it helps release blocked emotions and negativity from the mind.
  • South of South West ( SSW) – This is also an excellent toilet position and it ensure the removal of waste at both the physical & mental levels.
  • East of South East ( ESE) – Making a toilet here promote creative churning of the mind and results in better ideal and fruitful thoughts.

The above image clearly indicates the best and worst toilet positions. 

Before deciding the best direction for toilet as per Vastu, we must understand it’s purpose.

Toilets are an activity of disposal. We use them to flush out the waste matter. Thus, their correct location is extremely important.

For example -We know that South East is the direction of cash flow. Having a toilet in South East can flush out all possibilities of a smooth cash flow.

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Now Let’s understand the effects of each toilet direction in details.

East of North East [Only for Bathing Area]

This is an excellent place to place a bathroom (only bathing area and not a commode). The energies of this zone make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated. And bathing is one of the best forms to feel fresh and energetic. Thus, a bathing area is ideal here.

Pouring water on our bodies activates the Swadishthana chakra (representing the water element). Our mental state changes after bathing and we have a new surge of energies. And if the internal energies get support from the external environment, the results are magnified. And the energies of this zone help us in achieving exactly that.

Thus, making a bathing area here is excellent.

However, strictly avoid placing and using a commode / WC here.

East of South East

The East of South East is a good place to position the toilet. The energies of this zone are extremely favorable and conducive to the process of flushing out waste matter.

A toilet placed here reduces the excessive churning of the mind and limits the over analytical tendencies of the residents. It also removes problems related to anxiety and panic attacks.

South of South West

This is perhaps the best place to position a toilet. Being the zone of disposal- the energies of this area are inherently capable to dispose off all the wasteful stuff form our lives. Be it human waste, emotional or mental waste or useless relationships- this is the best zone to dispose off whatever is useless for us.

Thus, making a toilet here is highly conducive to the overall Vastu energies of the plot.

West of North West

As per the ancient texts on Vastu, this is the area which is responsible to release all blocked emotions in our minds. Thus, the texts advise to make a ‘Rodan Graha’ or a place to cry and release out all blocked emotions.

Making a toilet here is also advisable. Doing so will help the residents to release and remove all blocked emotions in their minds and hearts.

The release of negative emotions from the system relaxes both the mind and the heart. And thereafter, the physical body follows and becomes disease free.

Thus, this is an excellent place to position the toilet.

Toilet Seat Facing Direction as per Vastu

When it comes to Vastu for toilet seat facing direction, there prevails a lot of confusion. Some pundits say that South is the only recommended toilet seat facing direction and rest should be completely avoided.

Here are some Vastu facts and tips you must keep in mind in order to decide the Vastu for toilet seat facing:

  • There is no mention of the toilet seat facing direction in any of the Vastu scriptures.
  • In the modern flat culture where the pipelines are immovable, it is literally impossible to always fix the direction of toilet seat according to Vastu.
  • As per some texts of Hatha Yoga, the yogis who used to practice Kundilini sadhna were recommended to face different directions at different times of the day while defecating.
  • This was based on the dominance of nadi (energy channels in the body )flow.
  • The flow of apana and samana vayu in the body puts pressure on certain chakras and thus the toilet seat direction was decided accordingly.
  • For householders, the toilet seat facing North , South or even West is equally fine.
  • It is generally recommended that the WC direction as per Vastu be decided as per convenience and pipeline location.
  • If you have an option, it is best to avoid the toilet seat facing West with your back towards the East.

Why pay special attention for toilets and bathrooms?

Doing thousands of case studies have revealed to us one common aspect- incorrectly placed toilets are one of the most notorious for causing major health and financial problems. And the bigger danger is that they are the most ignored. A lot of people have already faced these problems and there are many others who are still being seriously challenged by them.

This is because most people look only for the best main door placement or the correct placement of kitchen while studying the Vastu plan of a house.

If they find these two correct, they feel they’ve got the best house and go ahead with the purchase.

Also, if they find an East facing house or a North facing house as per Vastu, they simply consider to be auspicious without even looking at the placements of the toilets.

And thus, many troubles and issues come with Vastu non-compliant bathrooms and toilets.

Therefore, a very high priority must be given to the correct placement of toilets and bathrooms as per Vastu. Besides this, the correct placement of a septic tank as per Vastu is equally important since it has a similar function as the toilets.

Problems with Incorrect position of Toilet and Bathroom

Now that we know the importance of correct placement of toilets and bathrooms as per Vastu, let’s look at some of the most common problems people face due to their incorrect placement in different directions.

vastu placement toilet bathroom

Toilet in North East

This is the worst possible placement of a toilet seat. It causes serious health and financial issues. It completely blocks the flow of ideas and thoughts which lead to very poor decision making.

A toilet in the North East causes serious neurological problems and is one of the major reasons for paralysis.

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Toilet in East

A toilet in the East results in poor connections and social circles. People do not find the right partners who can help them excel. People looking for a bride or groom do not find a suitable match.

It also cause health disorders related to the liver and gall bladder. A toilet here also leads to health problems related to the circulatory system.

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Toilet in South East

Placing a toilet here can cause a severe cash crunch and lead to financial losses. For businessmen, payments either get blocked or delayed.

A toilet here can also lead to serious health issues, mainly to the females of the house. It can also cause delays in marriage. For expecting mothers, a toilet here can seriously risk the health of an unborn child.

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Toilet in South

The direction of lord Yama as per the Vastu Purusha Mandala, this is an extremely important direction for the longevity of the residents as well as of the building. Thus, making a toilet here can jeopardize both.

A toilet here can lead to the loss of peace of mind and health problems related to the digestive system.

It can also attract a lot of court cases and draw the attention of income tax, police departments etc.

A toilet in South affects the goodwill and brand name badly. Therefore, while doing Vastu for offices, you must always avoid a toilet in the South.

Toilet in South West

Called the Pitra sthaan, a toilet here is strictly prohibited.

The South West direction represents the Mooladhara chakra within the body which is responsible for physical, mental and financial stability. A toilet here will certainly cause instability in life and hamper family relations. Read more about Vastu for happy relationships.

Toilet in West

West is the direction of profits, gains, motivation and expansion. For businessmen looking for financial profits and business expansion, a toilet here causes multiple hurdles. While doing Vastu for shops and showrooms, this is one thing we strictly avoid.

If you feel that you almost reach a point of success but get stuck at the last moment or step, a toilet here could be one of the reasons.

Toilet in North West

A toilet here can hamper the foundation of anything in life. It could cause a delay in construction of a building or disturb the foundation of a relationship. A North West toilet is also responsible for property disputes as per Vastu Shastra.

You may never find support from the right people when you need it the most. A toilet in the North West can also hamper your saving and investments. Read more about Vastu for saving money.

Toilet in North

The direction of lord Kuber-the giver of wealth, North is one of the most auspicious directions which helps one earn money. A toilet constructed here will block every opportunity to earn money and can put brakes in your career and job promotions.

While doing Vastu for factories and industries, we have found that a toilet in the North direction also causes a lot of labor related problems.

Toilet Vastu Remedies

In case you have an incorrectly located toilet, here are a few remedies we suggest to remove the Vastu doshas:

  • For a toilet in the North direction, place a blue colored tape around the toilet seat.
  • An East toilet can be corrected to some extent by placing a green tape around the WC.
  • Red or orange colored tapes are best to reduce the intensity of the negative Vastu doshas in a South East or South toilet.
  • For a toilet in South West, it is best to use a yellow or golden tape around the toilet seat.
  • A toilet in the West direction must be remedied using a White or silver tape around the seat.
  • There are certain metal wires which can be used to treat the incorrectly placed toilets. 

Please note that the above remedies are general in nature and you might need to do certain specific remedies depending on the problems you face.

It is best to consult an expert Vastu consultant in case you’re facing challenges with health, peace or finances.

Remember that Vastu is best when it is customized as per the occupants of the house. Blindly following general Vastu tips from the internet could do more harm than good.

Vastu for toilets: Internal arrangement and the correct way to do it

Do adhere to the following guidelines as far as possible while deciding on the internal arrangements of a toilet or bathroom:

  • Place the commode or WC in the South or North West wall of the toilet.
  • It is even better if you can align it to the North-South axis.
  • The geyser and electrical fitting are ideal in the South East or South.
  • The wash basin and mirror as per Vastu is best on the North or East walls.
  • The bathing or shower area is ideal in the North East or East.
  • The cupboards or any other storage must be on the Western walls.

vastu shastra toilet bathroom internal arrangement

Vastu for Toilets : Tips With Dos and Don’ts

  1. Strictly avoid placing a toilet seat in the North East or South West corner.
  2. A toilet in the center of the house or the Brahmasthan is a strict no.
  3. The flow of water in the bathroom should be from South to North or from West to East. In other words. The toilet floor should be sloping towards the North or East.
  4. Always place the WC or commode on a slightly higher platform than the rest of the floor level.
  5. Never place a toilet next to the pooja room as per Vastu Shastra.
  6. Strictly avoid placing a toilet directly above or below the pooja room.
  7. Place the toilet window in the East or North West direction.

Vastu for Toilets: People Also Ask (PAA) Questions

Question: Which is the best toilet seat direction / best facing for a toilet seat as per Vastu Shastra?

Answer: The facing direction of a toilet seat is not much relevant. We live in a modern world of flats and apartments where it is practically not possible to always change the toilet seat facing direction as per our convenience.

And neither is it required.

The only thumb rule is to avoid facing East while sitting on the toilet seat. East being the direction of the rising sun is best avoided for a toilet seat facing. Some Vastu gurus say that a toilet seat should not face North and some say it should not face South. Neither of these Vastu myths are relevant for common householders.

The truth is that these guidelines for defecating are actually meant for people who are strictly into Hatha yoga and Kundalini sadhna.

There are guidelines for facing a particular direction while passing stool at different times of the day. This is because at different times, different nadis(Ida and Pingala) are active which put pressure on the internal organs differently.

Thus, facing a particular direction is only relevant if you’re deep into Hatha yoga and sadhana.

For common householders, the placement of the commode is relevant and not the toilet seat facing direction.

Question: Can a kitchen and toilet have a common wall and can they be placed next to each other?

Answer: This is another Vastu myth that floats around as a lot of people believe that the kitchen and toilet can never have a common wall. The truth is that the kitchen and toilet can be next to each other so long as they are in the correct zones.

As mentioned above, the East of South East is a good location for a toilet. And one of the best placements for a kitchen is the South East, the zone next to the East of South East.

Thus, a kitchen and toilet can have a common wall and can be next to each other provided their correct placement as per Vastu.

Question: Can a toilet be placed under a staircase?

Answer: There are mixed theories with regards to constructing a toilet under a staircase. With regards to the construction of a bathroom or toilet under a staircase, it is more important to check the Vastu zone in which you construct the toilet.

If the toilet is located in the correct zone like the West of North West or South of South West, making it under the staircase is not a problem at all.

For a detailed understanding , read our article on Vastu for Staircase.

In fact, making a toilet under a staircase helps one make the optimum use of space. Thus what is more important here is to construct the toilet in the correct zone as per Vastu even if it falls under the staircase.

When constructed in the correct zone, the toilet will produce positive results– no matter if it is positioned under the staircase.

Which is the ideal toilet position as per Vastu?

The ideal toilet position as per Vastu is in the South of South West and the West of North West direction.

Which is the best toilet location as per vastu?

The best toilet location is between South and South West as well as between West and North West.

What direction a person should face while sitting in the toilet?

A person should ideally be facing the South direction while sitting in the toilet.

Which is the best bathroom direction as per vastu?

The best bathroom direction as per Vastu is between the South and South West as well as between West and North West. It can also be placed between East and South East.



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