How to Use Vastu To Amplify Your Business

Once the exclusive domain of kings and royals, Vastu Shastra is now a science which is easily accessible to the common man.

From designing a flat as per Vastu to shaping mega Vastu compliant factories , these ancient principles are extremely popular till date.

The science of Vastu is nothing but simply living in harmony with the five elements of nature. These five elements are water, air, fire, earth and space.

All these elements have a productive and destructive relationship with each other. When these elements are in harmony in our living or working spaces, we can create and attract abundance.

So how can Vastu really bring business success and good fortune?

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Well, the answer is pretty simple!

All you need to do is to follow the rules of nature and ensure a proper balance of the five elements in your office space as per Vastu.

In this article, we’ll guide you exactly how to do that.

We shall understand the power of these 5 elements and how to use them to energize your workspace. When kept in balance, these elements can bring sustainable and even unimaginable growth in your business.

So read on some Powerful Vastu Tips for Business Growth


Vastu Tips for Business Growth

Water is Wealth

Make sure you’re surrounded by financial energy and the element of that energy is water.

North and North East are the directions associated with the water element. These are also the directions which attract newer business opportunities and help your products reach the right customers.

No wonder most people prefer buying North facing houses as per Vastu .

To enhance the energies of these directions, you may use some shades of blue or even black in these directions.

Flowing water is always more powerful and energized than stagnant water. Thus, to add a dash of flow, use wavy shapes on walls or in décor.

Another extremely potent way to add the energy of flowing water is to place a fountain or waterfall as per Vastu in these directions. Doing so will help stimulate the energies here and will ensure a smooth and sustainable flow of opportunities and wealth for your business.

Since North is the direction of wealth, this is the ideal direction for your accounts team to sit.

Air is Growth & Communication

If there’s one thing in the modern world that could help you grow, it’s how well you communicate with your target audience and customers.

Marketing and advertising is one of the strong foundations of any business. As the popular hindi adage goes – ‘ jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai’ ( If you are visible, you sell )

The element of air or wood is responsible for all communication and growth. As we all know, plants and trees have the inherent quality of growth, placing them in the correct directions can supercharge your growth.

East is the direction which helps you communicate and connects you with the right people. So make sure your marketing / communication team sits in the East direction.

Placing green plants with broad leaves can enhance the energies of this direction. One of the most preferred option is to place a money plant as per Vastu.

The air element is represented by rectangular shapes. Placing artwork, symbols or even a simple wallpaper with rectangular shapes can activate this direction.

The color green and brown represent the air element as per Vastu. So make sure you use them on walls, curtains, upholstery etc.

Fire is Cash Flow and Fame

Cash is king. The smoother your cash flows, the more chances you have to grow and expand.

In modern times, the element of fire is a representation of money and cash. The brighter the fire, the smoother the cash flow.

Most of the times, when people complain of cash crunch or blocked payments, we’ve found an imbalance of the fire element in their work space or factories. This is mostly in the form of an incorrect toilet placement as per Vastu.

Thus, if you looking for a constant flow of cash (everyone is …) activate the fire element in you space.

The colors red, orange and pink are symbolic of the fire element. Thus adding them in the directions of fire can really boost your sales and cash flows.

The triangle shape represents the fire. Fire is also denoted by luxurious products, beautiful artwork, sharp objects etc. Thus, placing any of these in the fire zones can boost the energies of the fire element.

South East and South are the directions of the fire element. While South East ensures that your sales keep increasing, South ensures that your brand name gains popularity.

It is really the South direction which amplifies your fame and makes sure people recall your brand always. Thus , unlike popular perception, we strongly recommend people to consider buying a South facing house as per Vastu.

The energies of fire also grant passion, aggression and motivation. It gives the ability to push forward and keep going unless success is achieved. Thus, this is the best direction for your sales team to enhance their performance.

Earth is Stability and Skill

The earth element is synonymous with grounding. It takes all your ideas, skills and systems and puts them in a proper and stable structure. It is the earth element which helps your business attain stability and build relationships.

So if your business is not stable and experiencing regular ups and downs, this is the element which needs attention.

Since the South West direction is governed by the earth element,  having a main door as per Vastu in South West direction causes  extreme instability in business and life.

A balanced earth element ensures that your business structure has a solid foundation and can function even without you being there always. And this is what one needs to really expand beyond limitations.

Yellow and Golden colors indicate the earth element. So in order to build a stable and sustainable business, add shades of yellow and golden in the South West direction.

The square shape represents the earth element. So make sure to add this in the form of paintings, wallpapers etc.

One of the strongest symbols of weight and stability is lord Ganesha. It is believed that wherever he sits, prosperity follows. So simply placing an idol of lord Ganesh in the South West direction can really ensure business stability.

Another classical symbol of unwavered attention and stability is lord Nandi – the trusted vehicle of lord Shiva. We’re all aware of his capabilities of sitting stable till eternity and that’s why you’ll find him outside all Shiva temples.

Since the South West provides stability, it is always recommended to place your safe / locker in this direction. Placing a statue of lord Nandi on top of it will double ensure the stability and growth of your money.

Adding some stones, pebbles or even a globe can also add to the stability aspect in the South West.

Space / Metal is Profits and Expansion

The one thing we associate with the space is it’s infinity. There’s no beginning or end of the space or the aakash as we call it.

If business expansion is what you’re looking at , consider enhancing the space element in your workspace.

The West direction represents the space or metal element. It is also the direction of gains and all profits. This is why a West facing house as per Vastu can be extremely beneficial if designed well.

Lord Varun rules the West direction. He is the granter of all profits and fulfils all your wishes. Thus, you must please him by keeping the West direction in order.

If you’re working hard but the results are not at par with your efforts, look for imbalances in the space element.

As per the theory of five elements, the space element creates the water element of wealth. Thus, it is all the more important that you keep the space element balanced in your space.

The colors Grey and White are used to indicate the space elements. So make sure to add these colors in different forms.

The space element is also called the metal element. Thus adding metallic objects like wind chimes, metal artefacts, metal vases etc. can boost the metal element.

Metals like silver and gold are excellent to boost up this element. Thus, depending on your financial capabilities, you may add objects made of gold or silver. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep some silver coins in a metallic jar in the West direction.

Circular shapes are symbolic of the space element. The cheapest and simplest way to enhance this element is to cut a circular shape out of a silver craft paper and stick it in the West.

Small Vastu remedies for financial growth and business success if done carefully can do wonders to your growth.


The entire universe is made of the five elements. While yoga balances these elements in the mind, Ayurveda in the body and Vastu in your living or working space.

The better the balance between these elements, the smoother the energy flows.  Thus, if we simply follow the above rules, we can certainly energize our working space leading to wealth and abundance.








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