SWAR YOGA: The Tantric Science of Brain Breathing


2nd Sholka (Shiva Swarodaya) Shree Devi Uvacha :

“Dev Dev Mahadev Kripam Kratva Mamopari

Sarva Siddhi Karam Gyanam Kathayasva Mam Prabho”

Devi Said : O God of Gods ! Mahadeva, be gracious to me , my Lord and give me that knowledge which bestows perfection !


15th Sholka (Shiva Swarodaya) Shri Shiva Uvacha :

Shrudu Tvam Kathitam Devi Dehastam Gyanmuktamam

Yen Vigyanamatrane Sarvagyatvam Praniyate”

Listen, O Goddess, as I tell you the highest knowledge situated within the body, by the mere proper knowledge of which one becomes omniscient !

Thus, was revealed the magical science of Swar Yoga – by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati.

The ancient texts, like the Shiv Swarodaya reveal certain untold facets of the brain, which modern brain research is only now beginning to realise. The Tantric science of Swar Yoga is one such marvel, which as per the Lord himself is potentially the most powerful of all, and the knower of this secret knowledge, becomes the knower of all.

Swar Yoga is an ancient science that has analysed the working of the Prana or the life force within the body. It deals with the 3 main channels along which the Prana vibrates within the body, animating it.It also prescribes the means to regulate the flow of Prana to ensure good health and longevity.


The Hidden Secrets of the Breath-Brain Connection

The amazing discoveries of modern science are unfolding subtle secrets of nature. Yet, the human mind still remains a mystery.

The secrets of life itself have been a mystery to the scientists. These secrets are said to be originated in the “mind laboratory” of our Rishis and Yogis of ancient India. As long as the modern scientists explore the gross physical plane alone, the secrets of life will remain beyond their reach.

The understanding of modern science about the mind limits itself to the physical functions of the brain. The brain being a physical structure only reflects a limited view of the workings of the mind.

 The Flow of Life-Force

Swar means the sound of the breath moving through the nostrils. The breath is not always equal in both nostrils. In fact they are rarely equal. When it stops functioning in one nostril, it rises in the other.The ancient Rishis found certain peculiar things in the rise and fall of the breath and its effect on the functioning of the brain. The functioning of all internal organs, fullness of health and appearance, diseases and the equanimity or tossing of the mind, all depend on the flow of breath in either nostril. The Rishis recorded the following observations:

  • In a person with normal health, the breath will alternate approximately every hour and thirty-forty minutes.
  • This change in breath from one nostril to the other depends on living conditions such as abnormal food timings, wrong diet, diseases and lack of proper exercise.
  • The change of the breath flow cycle moves in synchronicity with the movements of the moon in the sky.
  • Often one nostril is blocked and the flow of air in and out of the lungs is restricted to only one nostril.
  • All bad habits have some effect on the natural flow of the breath, diverting it from its normal flow, thus causing disease.

The Psychic Energy Channels

According to Swar Yoga, there are 3 main channels along the spine through which the breath flows. These channels are knows as the nadis (subtle nerve tubes).


The major subtle nerve channel corresponding to the right nostril breathing is the Pingala Nadi. The flow of air through this channel is hot in nature. Thus this channel is also synonymous with Surya (Sun ) or solar nadi.

The breath flowing through this nostril produces heat in the body and is thus invigorating as the sun’s rays. Thus, this energy is energizing and it governs the right side of the body.

Amazingly, the right side of the body is connected to the left brain hemisphere. Thus, effectively when the right breath flows, the left brain is activated which is more logical and extrovert.


The nerve channel corresponding to the left nostril breathing is called the Ida Nadi. The flow of air through this channel is supposed to be cold in nature and thus this channel is also called the Chandra (Moon) or lunar nadi. The breath flowing through this nostril creates a state of relaxation in the muscles and thus brings consciousness to every part of the body. Thus, this energy is cooling and relaxing like the moon.The left side of the body has a connection with the right brain hemisphere. Thus, effectively when the left breath flows, the right brain is activat which is more intuitive and introvert.


The central nerve channel between the Ida and the Pingala nadi is the Sushumna nadi. The ultimate goal of a yogi is to direct the flow of breath through the Sushmuna nadi. The flow of breath through this nadi creates a zero state. In this state, the spiritual energy flows freely through the body and creates heightened states of consciousness.

The Imbalanced State

When the breath continues to flow in one nostril for more than two hours, it’s a symptom of forthcoming disease. This is because of the excess of heat or cold in the body. Thus

  • If Pingala is more active, it produces more heat in the body and increases mental disturbances.
  • When Ida is more active, it disturbs the metabolic activity and thus produces lethargy and suspended physical activity.

The Ultimate Goal

Thus, Swar yoga proposes that the highest goal of a person is to maintain a balance of energy flow in both nostrils. This will certainly ensure his health and well being.

Through the practice of Pranayama, it is also possible to direct the flow of air in the nostril of choice. The main purpose of alternate nostril breating is to create and maintain equilibrium in the left and right hemispheres of the brain and to purify the nadis (astral nerve channels).

Thus, the miraculous science of Swar yoga explains how the movement of the breath impacts the functioning of the mind. It also explains how one can control the body rhythms by the manipulation of the breath. These are facts that modern science has taken great interest in.


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