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Vastu for Child birth: 5 Golden Rules To Ensure A Safe Childbirth

The ancient science of Vastu Shastra can play a pivotal role in the birth of a child. Following the rules of Vastu not only ensures the health and well being of both the child and the mother, but can also resolve any issues that relate to childbirth.

These could include problems like miscarriages, delay in childbirth or children being born with physical deformities.

By simply analyzing certain directions within a house, experienced Vastu expert can predict whether the residents will have normal, delayed or no progeny at all.

The birth of children and promoting their good health is one of the most important responsibilities of all couples. But if the house they live in does not follow the norms of Vastu Shastra, they find themselves standing against the forces of nature.

Thus, it either results in a delay or a complete denial of their desire of childbirth. Also, any imbalance in the house could also be potentially dangerous for the prospective mothers. Vastu Shastra, thankfully can help avoid all such problems.

So how does Vastu play a role in childbirth?

The science of Vastu is nothing but the interplay of the various energy fields which are present within any particular built-up space. The different parameters of Vastu are set keeping in mind these energy fields emanating from different directions.

These different fields affect various spheres of our life like health, relationships, finances etc.

There are certain specific energy fields which are responsible for the birth of a child within a house. If these energy fields are weak or completely missing within the space, this would result in problems related to childbirth.

On the contrary, if we protect and strengthen these fields in the house, they can ensure the well being of both the child and the mother. And this will be right from the stage of conception to the birth, and even beyond that.

Some factors which affect the progeny/ childbirth in a family or in a house:


  • A toilet or a kitchen in the north-east of the house will either result in a complete denial of a child or could lead to a child being born with certain health problems. These could mostly be related to the eyes, face, ears etc. It could also result in the child being born prematurely. This could again be a potentially precarious situation. Thus, such a placement should be avoided or rectified at all costs.


  • An entrance towards the south-east or south west reduces the chances of any auspicious events taking place in that house. Since the birth of a child is one of the most auspicious events in the lives of the couple, it should be taken care to avoid these blunders. Else, this could lead to a delay or even a complete denial of a child.


  • An underground water source in the south east of the house or plot weakens the fire element and thus also disturbs the Manipura chakra (solar plexus) within the body of the residents. This could lead to a miscarriage and could also cause severe health problems to the expecting mother.


  • The energy fields of the south-west corner are of primary importance for a successful childbirth. This corner is known as thePitra-sthana’ (ancestor’s place). Any imbalance here in the form of a toilet could also lead to a delay or complete denial of a child. As per the ancient Indian texts, the birth of a child is impossible without the blessings of the ancestors. Therefore, ensure that this corner is devoid of any imbalances.


  • The expecting mother should sleep in the South-west room as much as possible. If not, they must at least sleep there in the last 2 months before the childbirth. She should sleep with her head towards the south. This will lead to stability in her health and a safe childbirth.


One of the basic purposes of Vastu Shastra is to extract the most out of nature’s forces. By doing so, we can derive maximum energy for the smooth functioning of everything in life. If we choose to ignore the powerful laws of nature, some of the energies face obstruction.

Thus,we find ourselves lagging behind in some spheres of life. By simply following the rules of nature, we can easily ensure a healthy life for ourselves and our families.

By keeping in mind a few important things, one can safely ensure a happy and healthy child.

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