Kitchen Vastu: Best Directions for Kitchen Placement

Kitchen Vastu is one of the most important parts of the overall design of a house.

If your home is the center of your happiness, then the kitchen is its heart. And if you follow the rules of kitchen Vastu, then you can ensure you have a healthy and happy heart.

Just like Ayurveda and Yoga balance the energies in the body and mind, Vastu balances the energies in the home.

Vastu is a science of balancing the energies in and around a space. And the kitchen of a house is the nucleus of energy – a mini representation of the cosmic fire.

The energy of fire signifies change or transformation. It could be a transformation of raw food into nutrients or of a desire into passion.

A properly deigned kitchen is a place where the process of transformation takes shape.

Not only is a kitchen as per Vastu important to provide healthy and nutritious food to the inhabitants, it is the sanctum for generating health boosting energies within your home.

vastu for kitchen

Kitchen direction as per Vastu

Identifying the right kitchen direction as per Vastu can be a challenging task.

This is especially difficult when we do the Vastu for flats because there’s not much scope to make changes.

However, we must try to carefully look at the kitchen Vastu direction before selecting a flat.

One of the biggest myths in Vastu is that the kitchen can only be placed in the South East direction. Of course this is not possible in modern day flat and apartment system.

What do you do if you don’t have an option of placing a kitchen in the South East? Do you leave that flat and look for another one?

Of course not!

The science of Vastu has certain other options for kitchen locations as per Vastu. For example, it is quite common to have a North West kitchen as per Vastu.

One can place the kitchen in the South, North West and West directions also.

Let’s look at some of the worst and best kitchen locations as per Vastu

Best kitchen directions as per Vastu

best kitchen vastu directions

Kitchen in the South of South East Direction

This is undoubtedly the best kitchen Vastu direction one can get. The energies of this direction are highly conducive for the fire element to burn brightly.

A kitchen as per Vastu here gives both mental and physical strength to the family members. It also makes them confident in all aspects of life. The food cooked here is delicious and healthy.

The main energy field of this direction is Pusha or Pushan.

As per the Vastu Purush Mandala, Pusha is the power of strengthening and nourishing.

In the Vedas, Pusha is prayed along with Indra to block the path of the enemies.

Pusha is also the devta who safeguards the roads for journeys.

Therefore, this is one of the best kitchen directions as per Vastu. In fact Vastu Shastra recommends keeping ghee (butter oil) here for nourishment.

Kitchen in the South East Direction

This is again one of the best kitchen directions as per Vastu. In fact most people unequivocally recommend this as the best kitchen location as per Vastu.

The zone of the fire element, South East has the energy fields of Akash and Anila as per the Vastu Purush Mandala architecture. Akash or Antriksh provides the space for the fire element to manifest.

On the other hand, Anila ( the adheeshth deva of Vayu or air) grants the power to elevate or lift the fire into space. It helps the fire to keep burning.

Since the inherent quality of Vayu or air is to flow, making a kitchen here ensures as smooth flow of cash in your house.

Thus, South East is considered as the best kitchen Vastu direction by most people.

Kitchen in the South Direction

A kitchen location as per Vastu in the South is also excellent. South being the direction of the fire element ably supports the presence of a kitchen here.

A kitchen in the South direction ensures that the inhabitants have peace of mind. South being the direction of fame and recognition can help the inhabitants become famous or create a strong brand name for their products or services.

In fact, when we analyzed the Vastu of Tirupati Balaji temple, we found that the kitchen is placed in the South.

No wonder it is the most famous and richest temple in the world.

Thus, South is also a favorable kitchen direction as per Vastu.

Kitchen in the North West Direction

Known as the Vayavya Koan, North West is the direction governed by the energies of lord Vayu. It is also one of the better options for making a kitchen as per Vastu.

As we all know that in order for the fire to keep burning, the presence of air is a must. And when the air is in a controlled manner, the fire burns brightly and continuously.

Thus, a North West kitchen as per Vastu is also a very good choice.

In fact, in a lot of houses, South East kitchen is not an option at all. In such cases, North West is the second best option.

However, one must remember that there are certain other Vastu for kitchen rules which one must adhere to while choosing the North West kitchen location as per Vastu.

If you carefully look at the directions, North West is diagonally opposite to the South East direction.

On a closer look at the the 45 energy fields of the Vastu Purush Mandala, we will find that the North West has an important energy field of Vayu which is the same as Anila in the South East.

Thus, North West is also a good kitchen position as per Vastu.

Kitchen in the West Direction

Yes,you read that right ! Even West is a good kitchen direction as per Vastu.

I have seen a lot of commercial Vastu compliant kitchens serving seafood which are in the West direction. And these restaurants or hotels are doing exceedingly well.

The reason is that West is the direction of lord Varun. He is the ruler of the oceans and seas.

It is common knowledge that sea water is salty in nature. Thus, a kitchen serving seafood or salty food would do well in the West.

And if you savor seafood and salty food in your household, West is an ideal kitchen Vastu direction for you.

In fact, a West kitchen can bring in huge financial gains to a lot of people if there are certain planetary combinations in their astrological chart.

Worst kitchen directions as per Vastu

kitchen position vastu

Kitchen in the North East Direction

As per the rules of Vastu Shastra for kitchen, a North East kitchen is strictly prohibited. It is perhaps one of the worst kitchen positions as per Vastu.

The North East of a house represents the water element. Placing the kitchen here is one of the biggest Vastu dosha.

A kitchen here means adding fire to water. This not only disturbs the fire element, but also diminishes the water element.

The North East zone is related to the neurological system and the area of the brain. Placing fire here in the form of a kitchen would result in excessive anger in the residents. It can also lead to serious health problems related to the brain and the neurological system.

Therefore, one must strictly avoid making a kitchen as per Vastu in the North East corner of a house.

Kitchen in the South West Direction

Diagonally opposite the North East lies the South West direction. It is the direction of the Pitras or ancestors. Thus, a kitchen as per Vastu in the South West is strictly prohibited.

The Hindu culture believes that without the blessings of the Pitras, one cannot achieve much in life. Life can be a constant struggle and one may have to grind hard to achieve even the smallest of things.

The South West direction also governs our skills and relationships. And if we have fire in the form of a kitchen here, our relationships and skill are bound to suffer.

While doing kitchen Vastu, we most certainly avoid the South West direction.

Over many years, we have seen that a South West kitchen position as per Vastu has been the root cause of relationship problems, divorces, delayed marriages and childbirth related problems.

Thus, it is advisable to completely avoid South West as a kitchen Vastu direction.

In case it is absolutely unavoidable, you can consult an experienced Vastu expert to know about various South West kitchen Vastu remedies.

Kitchen between the East and South East Direction

The area between the East and South East is very significant from the Vastu point of view. It is the direction which is responsible for analytical thinking and sane decision making.

Thus, you must completely avoid making a kitchen as per Vastu here.

Doing so will almost always lead to vociferous fights and disputes among the residents. Their thinking and decision making abilities will go for toss. There will be severe fights and arguments even without concrete reasons.

This can lead to property disputes which can never sort out because people become unbelievably unreasonable in their expectations.

This incorrect kitchen location as per Vastu can prove to be fatal and cause unending problems.

Also, the energies of this zone govern the morals and ethics of individuals. The presence of a kitchen here leads to the morals and ethics taking a backseat.

The residents lose their credibility and always make false promises. This causes property disputes to become never ending. Or they may even be the root cause of property disputes in the first place.

Kitchen in the North Direction

One of the single biggest Vastu reasons for careers and business problems is a kitchen in the North direction.

As we all know that there are five elements in nature which form the basis of all creation in the universe.

Our house is also a combination of the Panch Mahabhutas or five elements.

In fact the 5 elements form the strong inter-relationship between Vastu Shastra,Yoga and Ayurveda.

The purpose of all of them is to establish a balance between these five elements.

Now one of the major elements is the fire element which is represented by red color. And North is the direction of the water element.

It is the North direction which is responsible for all the money and opportunities of growth that come your way in life.

No wonder most people prefer to buy a North facing house as per Vastu.

As per the theory of five elements, the fire element destroys the water element in North.

Look at the image below

vastu kitchen tips five elements

This effectively means that the presence of a kitchen in North (the direction of water) blocks the flow of vital energies responsible for growth.

Thus, one of the best ways to clear out the blockage of energy flows is to avoid making a kitchen in the North.

And if you don’t have a choice at all, you can apply some easy Vastu remedies for a kitchen in the North.

Why is Kitchen Vastu so important?

Kitchen Vastu is a very important step in the overall process of designing a house.

In the Hindu culture, the worship and offering of food is highly praised. It is considered to be a divine blessing from Annapurna devi, the Goddess of food and nourishment. Thus, the place where the food is cooked must be carefully designed.

Here’s a powerful mantra from the Annapurna strotra highlighting the greatness of Goddess Annapurna devi.

kitchen vastu food prayer annapurna devi

It is believed that she blesses a house with never ending abundance. And therefore, it is of utmost importance that the kitchen position as per Vastu follows the divine laws of nature.

We can also understand the importance of kitchen Vastu by knowing a bit more about the role of Agni or fire.

As mentioned above, the kitchen in a house is a mini representation of the cosmic fire or Agni.

And we all know- as long as the fire keeps burning within us, life exists. The moment the fire within the human body extinguishes, all existence comes to an end.

An important quality of fire or Agni is that it is beneficial as long as it is burning in a controlled manner. The moment it goes out of control, it has the potential to destroy everything. This is true for both the actual fire and the symbolic fire in your kitchen.

The symbolic fire in your kitchen is the origin of all hopes and desires within you. At the same time, it also represents destruction for the purpose of re-creation.

Therefore the fire element needs to be handled with great care in your house. And the science of Vastu Shastra can certainly help in this.

The way you design your kitchen following Vastu Shastra rules will decide whether you kindle the fire of creation or destruction.

Benefits of designing a kitchen as per Vastu

A kitchen as per Vastu not only ensures that the meals are savory and nutritious, but it also secures the financial health of the house.

In the context of Vastu, the fire element governs all your cash flows and represents your financial strength. The kitchen being a representation of fire therefore relates to all the cash that you earn in life.

A well designed kitchen as per Vastu will ensure a smooth and regular cash flow in your house. It will also ensure that you are financially secure and remain debt free.

Here are a few important benefits that come your way if you follow the guidelines of kitchen Vastu.

Auspicious events in life

A well designed kitchen ensures the occurrence of auspicious events in your house.

In the Hindu culture, no auspicious event is complete without the presence of fire. Be it a marriage, a childbirth, special festivals like Diwali or Navratras, all auspicious events have a presence of fire in the form of a havan or yajna (fire ritual) or diyas (lamps) .

This is because for centuries, the element of fire has been revered by our ancestors as being the most sacred. And not only in the Hindu culture, fire rituals have been central to almost all civilizations ever since time immemorial.

kitchen vastu

A balanced fire element by way of a kitchen as per Vastu ensures the occurrence of such auspicious events in your house. Whether it is a timely marriage or a safe childbirth, the correct kitchen position as per Vastu almost always ensures all this and more.

Secures physical health and well being

The element of fire represents the Manipura chakra within the body. In medical jargon, this is same as the solar plexus. The area around the navel (the Manipura chakra) is the most powerful center of the body. This is where all the nadis or the subtle energy channels of the body congregate. This is also called the ‘fire center’ of the body. manipura chakra

Any disturbance in this area means a disturbance of the digestive fire and process. And as per Ayurveda, any imbalance in the digestive system inevitably invites all sorts of diseases in the body. Thus, one must ensure that this ‘fire in the belly’ keeps burning and is in balance.

Like a balanced ‘fire center’ within the body keeps it free from diseases, a balanced ‘fire center’ of the house (the kitchen) will keep your house and its occupants free for diseases.

Selecting the right kitchen Vastu direction would mean a balanced fire element within the house. This is sure to keep any major diseases at bay.


Effects of an incorrect kitchen position as per Vastu

A wrong kitchen position as per Vastu can have many consequences.

As we know that everything in the universe is energy. And nature has done its job well to balance these energies and make them suitable for human existence.

Similarly, fire is also a form of energy. And it is our responsibility to keep this energy in balance by following nature’s rules.

The best we can do to keep this energy in balance is to carefully choose the best kitchen position as per Vastu. If we fail to do so, there arises a kitchen Vastu dosh.

kitchen location vastu

The ill-effects of a wrong kitchen location as per Vastu could be:

  • Financial Losses
  • Increase in debts
  • Blocked payments
  • Departmental harassment (from income-tax, police etc.)
  • Court cases and litigation
  • Burglary and thefts
  • Frequent accidents
  • Serious health disorders , especially to the women in the house
  • Mental agony and excessive anger
  • Low confidence and physical strength
  • Delays and hurdles in marriage
  • Childbirth related problems
  • Arguments and clashes among family members

Of course, there are easy to do remedies for Vastu dosh in kitchen available which can remove imbalances to a great extent.

It must be very clear by now as to how important it is to select the right kitchen location as per Vastu to keep the fire in balance.

Kitchen Colors as per Vastu

Choosing the right kitchen colors as per Vastu is as important as choosing the right kitchen direction.

Firstly the right kitchen colors add a dash of elegance and class to your kitchen.

And secondly, if chosen well, kitchen color as per Vastu can really boost the Agni tattva or the fire element in your house.

NOTE: To help you choose the best colors for kitchen, we’ve written the Ultimate Guide on Kitchen Colors as per Vastu.

The guide covers the following topics in detail:

  • Best Vastu colors for kitchen
  • Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets
  • Vastu colors for kitchen slab

Kitchen colors as per Vastu play a very important role when it comes to Vastu compliance. We have seen a lot of people facing challenges in life despite their kitchen being in the right Vastu direction.

This could be attributed to their choices of kitchen colors as per Vastu.

vastu colors kitchen

It could be in the form of wall paints, floor or wall tiles, kitchen slab, colors of boxes used in the kitchen and even the color of a refrigerator if kept in the kitchen.

Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets should also be decided depending on the placement of kitchen as per Vastu.

Here are a few Vastu tips for kitchen colors:

  • Shades of brown and red are best Vastu colors for kitchen in the South East and South.
  • For a North West kitchen as per Vastu, shades of Grey and white are apt.
  • If you have a correct kitchen position as per Vastu, i.e. in the South East zone, it is excellent. But if you use black granite in your kitchen, you are sure to invite financial troubles. This is because the color black represents the water element. When placed in the zone of fire, i.e. South East, it can lead to financial losses, blocked payments and even cause accidents. Thus one must avoid any black or blue color in any form if the kitchen lies in the South East to South zones. If it is not possible to change the black slab, you can balance the energies by placing a money plant as per Vastu on the slab.
  • If your kitchen lies in the North West direction, it is best to avoid shades of green and brown in this direction. The ideal colors here would be yellow and grey.
  • Grey and white are ideal wall colors for a kitchen in the West

Vastu for kitchen sink

kitchen sink vastu

It is very important to carefully follow the rules of Vastu for kitchen sink placement.

This is because the direction in which the waste water from the kitchen flows out also plays an important role.

As per Vastu rules, the outflow of water should ideally be in the North, North East or East direction.

This is because these zones have the energy of water inherent in them. Therefore, the flow of water in these directions is ideal.

A kitchen sink in West direction is also permissible.

On the other hand, Vastu Shastra prohibits the flow of waste water towards the South or South West.

Thu, it is best to avoid placing a kitchen sink in south direction. Doing so brings a lot of negative energy and health problems in the house.

This is why, while choosing the sink placement in kitchen, one must place the sink towards the North East corner of the kitchen.

Vastu tips for Kitchen Slab: Avoid using Granite as a kitchen slab

It is best to avoid using granite for a kitchen slab. Granite, when used in the kitchen is responsible for the growth of tumors in the body.

This is because granite is structurally composed of quartz. When it receives the heat from the burner above it, the crystals within the stone start vibrating. This in turn leads to the development of cancerous tumors in the lower abdominal area of the person standing near the slab.

Therefore, it is better to use stone instead of granite as kitchen slab.

Color of Kitchen Slab as per Vastu

Also, one of the most frequently asked questions is – “which color is best for kitchen slab according to Vastu?”

The answer to this depends on the direction in which the kitchen is located.

The best way to choose the kitchen platform color is to keep in mind the ideal colors for each element and direction.

Important tips to select kitchen platform color as per Vastu

  • For a kitchen in the East, it is best to use a green or brown slab.
  • Though not advisable, but if you still have a kitchen in the North East, Yellow is the apt color for a slab in this direction.
  • For a kitchen in the South East or South, maroon, brown or green slabs are advisable. A black or a blue slab is a strict no here.
  • A grey or a yellow slab is ideal for a kitchen in the West.
  • Green is the best color for kitchen slab in the North.

Also, do keep in mind an important rule regarding Vastu for gas stove placement.

A gas stove or burner must be placed in such a manner that the person cooking must always face East or North. It is better to avoid a South facing kitchen slab.

Vastu for kitchen cabinets

The ideal placement of the kitchen cabinets as per Vastu is the South and West directions.

Vastu Shastra suggests that these directions must be heavier than the North and East and thus it is best to make the cabinets in these directions.

Another important aspect that you must keep in mind while doing the Vastu for kitchen is to select the right colors for kitchen cabinets.

We have observed that people choose the kitchen cabinets depending on what looks good to them.

They give no proper thought to the placement of the kitchen.

This is one of the biggest reasons why even a correctly placed kitchen gives bad results.

Best Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets:

  • Green and brown are best for kitchen cabinets in East.
  • Shades of red, maroon, pink, orange and brown are ideal for kitchen cabinets in South and South East.
  • Shades of grey, white and golden are best colors for kitchen cabinets in West.
  • Blue, green, silver and brown must be used for kitchen cabinets in the North.

You must select the right color as per Vastu for the cabinets. This must be done on the basis of the direction and placement of the kitchen. You must also consider the colors of the five elements of nature.

Also, We’ve seen some people place mirrors on kitchen cabinets.

Do remember that the placement of mirrors as per Vastu on kitchen cabinets must be strictly avoided.

Another rule which you must follow while choosing the colors for kitchen cabinets is to use natural colors instead of synthetic paints.

And this is the same rule you must follow while choosing the Vastu colors for kitchen walls or kitchen tiles as well.

Natural colors have a high vibrational frequency as compared to synthetic paints which has none.

In fact, the use of synthetic colors for your house is a big Vastu dosha.

21 Amazing Vastu tips for kitchen: Important Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Avoid a kitchen directly opposite a toilet or bathroom as per Vastu
  2. Do not make a mandir or keep God idols in the kitchen as per Vastu.
  3. If you place a photo of Maa Annapoorna devi in the kitchen, it is best to place it on the West wall.
  4. Avoid placing the kitchen sink and the gas burner next to each other.
  5. The kitchen should not be directly in front of the main entrance door of the house as per Vastu rules.
  6. Avoid using a black color kitchen slab if you have a kitchen in the South East or South.
  7. Correctly choose the color of the dustbin based on the kitchen Vastu direction.
  8. If the kitchen is in the South East or East, try making the windows on the Eastern wall.
  9. The oven or microwave should ideally be kept in the southern direction of the kitchen.
  10. The ideal location of a refrigerator/fridge in the kitchen is the North West direction.
  11. It is best to avoid a blue/black/silver/grey refrigerator if you wish to place it in the South East kitchen. Red/maroon/off white are better options.
  12. The kitchen should never be under a staircase as per Vastu Shastra rules.
  13. It is best to place the kitchen sink in the North or East directions within the kitchen.
  14. The person cooking should ideally face East or North while cooking.
  15. Use natural stones as kitchen slabs instead of granite.
  16. The kitchen cabinets are best in the South or West directions.
  17. The chimney outlet should be in the South East direction of the kitchen.
  18. Use natural wood to make kitchen cabinets instead of metal or fiber.
  19. The ideal placement of a water filter or an RO is on the Eastern wall.
  20. The mixer/grinder is best placed between the East & South East directions.
  21. Avoid making a study room as per Vastu right next to the kitchen. The smell of the food will most certainly disturb the mind.

FAQs related kitchen vastu and their answers –

Is it the better idea to place Annapurna devi photo in kitchen?

It is advisable to avoid placing Annapurna devi photo or any other God images or idols in the kitchen. They should always be placed only in the Pooja room.

Is North east kitchen good as per vastu?

North East is the worst possible location for a kitchen as per Vastu. It can cause serious health problems and financial challenges.

What is the review of south west kitchen?

South West kitchen is an extremely bad location for a kitchen. It can lead to heavy financial losses, debts and can jeopardize relationships within the house.

Where to place kitchen in a house as per vastu?

South of South East is the best possible location for a kitchen in the house. Other than that, South East and North West are also good directions for a kitchen.

What is the best position of stove in a house?

The best position of a stove is the South East corner of the house. The person cooking on the stove should preferably face East or North.

Which is the ideal direction of sink in a kitchen?

The kitchen sink should ideally be placed in the North or the North East corner of the kitchen as per Vastu.

Is it a good idea to attach a kitchen with pooja room?

A kitchen next to the Pooja room is not a problem at all provided both the kitchen and the Pooja room are placed in the correct energy fields as per Vastu.


It must now be clear as to what points one must keep in mind while placing a kitchen in the house. Any imbalance in the form of a incorrect kitchen placement can prove to be costly both in terms of health and finances.

Like you design your bedroom as per Vastu, you must also design your kitchen following divine norms.

A wrongly placed kitchen is like an unhealthy organ of the body called the house. If any of the body organs do not function in sync with the others, diseases take over the body and lead to decay.

It is essential to design the kitchen according to Vastu to ensure a healthy family and a disease free house.

Therefore, in order to keep the energies of fire burning brightly and consistently, one must keep in mind the above mentioned rules.


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