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Vastu For Money: How To Skyrocket Your Savings

“Can Vastu help me in saving money” , asked a friend?

I earn well but I can’t figure out where does all my money go ? I’m simply unable to save at all !”

Sounds familiar, right?

Well, you’re not the only one complaining of your expense being much higher than your savings. It’s almost become an epidemic.

I’ve seen so many people with cushy jobs or stable businesses feeling helpless when it comes to their inability to save.

Of course, a lot of this is attributed to the lifestyle that we live today and the ‘he has it so I must have it ‘ kind of attitude.

There is no escaping the fact that people these days spend their money on things which they can do without. But just to satisfy our senses or because we saw it on TV, we are simply going overboard.

Oh yes, not to forget that we are also spending the money we may not even have today! Talk about the easy availability of cheap credit (credit cards, personal loan), we have no control over our expenses.

But what about those who genuinely have the desire and make serious efforts to save money, and yet are unsuccessful?

The good news is that no matter where you are on your financial journey, you need to know that it’s possible for you to turn your financial lives around.

Some easy Vastu tips can help you save and reach your financial goals easily.

Disclaimer : Only if you’re serious about saving money.

How Vastu help you to control your expenses?

For thousands of years, Vastu has helped people live a life full of happiness and prosperity. Following the rules of Vastu not only helps you earn more, but also save your expenses.

Small changes made in your house or office can go a long way in helping you save much more than you would do otherwise.

The best way to save and manage your money is to seek advice from expert of Vastu consultant. However Vastu can certainly help you to achieve your goals when it comes to saving and investing.

Following Vastu for money guidelines firstly ensures that there are no financial losses in your house or business. After all, every penny saved is a penny earned. It also empowers an individual to make better financial decisions.

Top 7 Vastu Tips to help you in safeguarding and saving more Money:

Avoid Sleeping in the South of South West

There is an inverse relationship between savings and expenditure. To be able to save more, you first need to control your outflow of money.

Sleeping in the South of South West part of your house can lead to unnecessary wastage and expenditure. The energies of this zone act to dispose off things from your life.

This zone is thus ideal to make a toilet to dispose off waste.

When these energies are in balance, they help to dispose off anything that is unwanted in your life. It could be bad relationships, unwanted people or even unwanted thoughts.

However, sleeping in this zone also has its negatives. It is one of the most important zones to consider when it comes to your inability to save. Sleeping or spending too much time here will most certainly dispose off your money and even health.

This is because when you sleep here, the energies of this zone send a signal to your sub-conscious mind that things need to be disposed off.

The sub-conscious on the hand does not differentiate between what exactly needs to be disposed off and what not.

Thus, sleeping here will also dispose off your finances and you will not be able to save money. Thus, it is best to avoid this zone for sleeping. Review this blog for best sleeping directions.

Close the entrance in South West

An entrance in the South-West of your house, flat or office is notorious to cause one of the biggest Vastu defects.

All Vastu texts prohibit buying a property with an entrance in the South West. This is because the planet Rahu governs the energies of the South West zone. As per astrology, Rahu plays a major role in governing your finances as well as health.

An entrance in this direction brings the wrath of Rahu to your property. Any efforts of people living in such houses to earn and save money do not bring in any results.

Therefore, one should simply avoid buying a house with the main entrance in the South West direction.

In case you already have an entrance in the South West, you should simply close it (and open another entry if you have an option).

For those who do not have the option of any other positive entry, there are easy remedies available to block the negative energies of such an entrance.

Place your Safe or Money box in the West

The place where you keep your safe or money box in your house will decide how much you’ll save. Or even if you’ll be able to save at all or not?

Vastu gives clear guidelines on the correct placement of a safe in your house or office. A well placed safe always ensure a smooth flow of money and also ensures that money remains with you for long.

The ideal place to keep a safe in your house is the West direction. This is because lord Varun, the celestial lord of water and the oceans presides over the West direction. He, through his subordinate named Pushpdant ensures that all your monetary and material desires are fulfilled.

West is the direction for overall gains in your life. Keeping a safe here will ensure that it always remains full and thus helps you save more.

Another direction to keep your safe can be the South West of your house. South West being the direction of the Earth element, it ensures that your money remains stable. Stability is a quality of the earth element.

Place a Nandi Statue on top of the Safe

Nandi, the trusted vehicle of lord Shiva is a symbol of safety and stability.

It is quite common to find a Nandi statue facing the lord in every Shiva temple. Symbolically, it indicates that nobody can enter the temple without the permission of Nandi.

Similarly, placing a Nandi statue on top of your safe will ensure that the contents of the safe remain safe and secure.

It is a remedy which people widely use when they complain of a perpetual outflow of money from their house. Placing a Nandi statue almost immediately ensures that the leakages are stopped and the money remains stable in your safe.

Remove toilet from North

North is the direction which ensures a smooth flow of money and opportunities in your life. Any defects in this zone can severely hamper your financial growth and savings.

A toilet placed in this direction will block all your opportunities of earning as well as saving money.

Lord Kuber, the lord of wealth and money is the ruler of this direction. A toilet placed in this direction disturbs the energy field of Kuber and thus directly impacts your earning and savings.

Toilets represent the activity of flushing out waste. Therefore, a toilet in North is sure to flush out all your money and also block all chances of earning it back. Look best placement of Toilets.

Remove Black and Blue color from the South East

The South-East of your house in another direction which contributes to your cash flows and liquidity.

As per the cycle of five elements, the fire element rules the south-east direction. While it is ideal to place a kitchen in this direction, one should strictly avoid using a black color stone or granite as a kitchen slab.

This is because black represents the water element. And its presence in the zone of fire not only disturbs the fire element, it also reduces the strength of the water element in your house.

Similarly, it is best to avoid blue color in the form of wall tiles or paints in this direction.

A failure to follow this rule can lead to serious and sudden financial losses.

Avoid an underground water tank in South-West

As mentioned above, South-West is the direction which plays a major role in your ability to save.

An underground water tank constructed in the South-West of your plot is a serious Vastu defect. Not only does it impact your ability to save, but also results in an uncontrollable outflow of all the savings that you have built over a period of time.

The slope of you plot should ideally be the highest in the South-West. Construction of an underground tank makes a sump there which is strictly against the rules of Vastu.

Thus, it is best to avoid any underground digging in the South-West to ensure that your money remains safe.


Vastu defects in a property can severely impact the ability of savings in any household or office. The ancient texts on Vastu have clear cut guidelines on the points you need to keep in mind while constructing or buying a property.

Thus, it is very important to ensure that you follow the above points in order to be able to earn more and save more.

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