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Are Vastu Doshas The Reason For Your Property Disputes ?

Property has always been a matter of disputes since time immemorial. With the increasing prices, there is also an increase of greed. This coupled with decreasing tolerance levels, property disputes shall continue to arise forever.

A property dispute not only brings about broken relationships, it also leads to health and financial problems. Since there is direct connection between your house and health, it is crucial to keep the house Vastu energies balanced.

The good news is that if a property is constructed as per Vastu principles, the disputes arising could be minmised or even completely avoided.

In this article, we discuss some of the most common reason for property disputes and why they arise in the first place.

Not to mention that if you take care of the below points while construction, you can easily avoid a lot of headaches and court cases that come bundled with property disputes.

Following are the Vastu doshas that lead to property disputes:

vastu doshas property dispute

A sump or a pit in the North West

This is one of the most common reason for property related disputes. In fact, a sump in the North West can cause unnecessary losses related to fixed and financial assets.

Northwest is ruled by Vayu devta and is also the direction of planet moon as per astrology. The energies of this direction form the foundation on which anything can rest. It can be your relationships, finances and health.

A sump or pit here can allow water to seep in and block the flow of positive energies in this zone. Also, negative energies here can lead to the loss or damage of property related documents which can become a cause of dispute.

As per Vastu, it is advised to place all your investment related documents in the North West. These include all documents related to stock market investments, mutual funds, fixed deposits, bonds and of course property papers.

Keeping your valuable documents here will not only keep your investments safe, but you will also witness a constant growth in their value.

Therefore, you must strictly avoid any sump, pit or even underground water storage in the North West of your plot.

vastu toilet seat

In case of flats, it is important to note that a toilet will play a similar role in destabilizing the energies of this direction. Therefore, you must either completely avoid it or follow proper remedial measures to negate the bad effects.

An entrance in the South West

As discussed many times and opinionated by almost all Vastu experts, an entrance in the South West is a strict no. The energies of this direction are fairly powerful due to the influence of planet Rahu here.

Therefore it is very important to manage these energies with utmost care lest they become negative very quickly.
South West is called the Pitra sthaan as per Vastu. Since our ancestors are our first line of relationships, this direction is known to govern all our relationships.

south west entrance vastu

Whether it is the relationships among the family members within the house, or the relationships with the outside world – south west is the zone which helps in maintaining the bonds.

An entrance placed here will lead to a huge disruption of the energies of this zone. Vastu recommends that you must completely close and cover this zone for the positive energies to stay within the house.

Any opening here will lead to the outflow of such positive energies. Therefore, the relationships among the family members will take a severe beating. This obviously is one of the major reason of property disputes.

Therefore, one must never make an entrance here. If there is one, it should be carefully remedied in consultation with a Vastu expert. Else, it can damage relationships, cause huge losses and even lead to bankruptcy.

Underground water storage in South

Most property disputes often lead to court cases and litigation. Not only such cases are mentally taxing, but can also cause huge financial setbacks. To top it all, the unending delays and the passage of time never leads to a concrete outcome.

In most of the property dispute cases, we have observed that the cause of court cases and litigation is almost always the presence of an underground water source placed in the South of the plot.

South being the direction of fire must be carefully managed. The presence of an underground water bore well or storage here significantly imbalances the fire element. And when fire gets out of balance, we all know the outcome.

One of the important points to note here is that an underground water source in South not only leads to court cases pertaining to property. It may keep inviting unnecessary cases and litigation regularly even if they are not related to property.

Thus, you must take steps to avoid any underground water sources in the South direction.

Heavy objects or yellow color in North East

The north east direction gets the most attention from all Vastu experts and novices alike. And this is for a good reason.

This is the direction from which the earth’s electromagnetic fields flows towards South West. In layman terms, the flow of positive energies in the house begins from the North East.

As per Vastu Purush Mandala- the cosmic geometrical plan of a building, the head of the Vastu Purush lies in the North East.
Therefore, it is advisable to keep this area light and avoid placing any heavy objects here.

north east vastu heavy objects

An imbalance here in the form of heavy objects and yellow color can seriously jeopardize the thinking capabilities of the residents. In other words, it blocks the minds of individuals and they lose their ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

This becomes a major cause of dispute in general and could also lead to property related arguments.

The color yellow relates to the earth element. It is an anti color for the North East zone which represents the water element. This is why the presence of yellow color in North East blocks the flow of positive energies and leads to unnecessary disputes.

Kitchen between East and South East

The area between the East and South East is very significant from the Vastu point of view. It is the direction which is responsible for analytical thinking and sane decision making.

A kitchen placed here will almost always lead to vociferous fights and disputes among the residents. Their thinking and decision making abilities will go for toss. There will be severe fights and arguments even without concrete reasons.

This can lead to property disputes which can never sort out because people become unbelievably unreasonable in their expectations. The wrong placement of kitchen as per Vastu can prove to be fatal and cause unending problems.

Also, the energies of this zone govern the morals and ethics of individuals. The presence of a kitchen here leads to the morals and ethics taking a backseat.

The residents lose their credibility and always make false promises. This causes property disputes to become never ending. Or they may even be the root cause of property disputes in the first place.


It must be clear from the above article as to how you can avoid property disputes and legal troubles by following Vastu principles.

Do let us know if you have ever faced or are facing such disputes related to property.

Chances are that you will find one or more of the above reasons are causing you the trouble. If you simply take care of the Vastu principles in your house or office, it can assured that your property related issues will no longer exist.

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