Study Room Vastu: Tips To Create A Perfect Haven For Studies

Study room Vastu draws a lot of attention these days due to the highly competitive educational landscape.

“My child studies so much but forgets everything in the exam hall”.

“My child has lost all interest in studies” Aren’t these the most common complains we hear these days?

If you have similar complains, this article is for you. It’ll answer all your questions about study room Vastu.

So Read On….

While most parents squarely blame Facebook & YouTube for their child’s poor performance, a lot of others point the needle of suspicions to the child’s peer group or even teachers.

Rarely do the parents stop to wonder if there is a fault lurking within the very environment where the child lives or studies.

While it is understandable that in the present flat system, there is not much parents can do to place the study room as per their choice. But there are multiple options available.

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The fault could very well be, and in most cases it is the incorrect study room Vastu that is responsible for your child’s poor performance.

Also, the need to outsmart others in order to be able to stay afloat has made both students and parents anxious more than ever.

The good news is that the ancient science of Vastu Shastra can really help in boosting your child’s performance.

A well designed study room as per Vastu can help your children concentrate better and retain most of what they study.

Why is study room Vastu so important?

They study room is a place of Vidya Abhyaas’ or the practice of knowledge. Regular abhyaas i.e. practice is the process for attaining knowledge or Vidya. As the famous adage goes- practice makes a man perfect.

Abhyaas or practice also needs a favorable environment where there can be more efficiency to attain knowledge. And this is exactly what Vastu Shastra does for us. It gives us the knowledge about the best placements and directions for study room where we can practice to attain the desired knowledge.

Thus, study room Vastu is a divine science which helps us program our sacred corner of education.

And if we follow the correct Vastu guidelines for designing the study room, our children can excel in whatever they do. They can rise above all competition and stay there consistently.

Best Directions for Study Room as per Vastu

Studying needs a lot of attention, concentration and focus. Thus, it should be a place where one sits with a calm, composed and open mind.

best direction of study room as per vastu

Following are some of the best direction for a study room as per Vastu:

Study room in East Direction

Almost all Vastu gurus unequivocally suggest that East should be the first choice for a study room. And there is a good enough reason for it.

East is the direction of the rising sun. And we all know that Sun or Surya is the greatest teacher. Sun being the head of all planets has the power to grant immense intellectual prowess and wisdom.

Also, one of the most powerful and ancient mantra from the Rig Veda – the Gayatri Mantra is dedicated to the rising sun. It is dedicated to lord Savitur ( as in Tat Savitur Varenyam).

Thus, studying in the East direction can really boost the mental faculties of your children. Their minds can be illuminated like the rays of the sun illuminate the entire universe.

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Study room in West of South West (WSW) direction

The energy fields of the WSW (West of south west) direction are highly conducive to studies. In fact, most ancient Vastu scriptures advocate making a place of study here.

This is the corner of ‘Vidya abhyaas and is best suited to make a study room. As per the Vastu Purush Mandala, there are two powerful energy fields in this direction namely Duwarik and Sugreev. They have the power to grant immense wisdom.

Here’s a small description of both:

  • Duwarik – it can alternatively be referred to as lord Nandi- the trusted vehicle of lord Shiva. And it is well know that Nandi was a master of 64 arts ( 64 kalaon on me nipun). He was a master of Agamas Shastras. The power to decide what to study and what to avoid comes from this energy field. Thus, studying in this energy fields can make your child a master in various subjects.
  • Sugreev – it is known to have the power of retention. Anything studied sitting in this energy field can be easily comprehended and retained for a long time.

Study room in North East direction

Known as the Ishaan Koan, the North East is easily the most sacred corner of the house.

Scientifically speaking, the earth’s electromagnetic fields flow from North East to South West.

Thus, sitting in the North East and studying will allow your children to be the recipients of the incoming energy fields which can be very helpful in studying and retention.

North east being the direction ruled by the water element also helps in keeping the mind calm and cool like water. This of course is a pre-requirement for studies.

Lord Shiva is the deity of the North East direction. Making a study room here can make your children absolutely calm and highly knowledgeable like lord Shiva.

Study room in South West direction

It is a common belief that if you want to master a certain skill, you must keep your tools in the South West.

The direction of skills and stability, a study room in South West is a perfect choice for children preparing for competitive exams or wanting to acquire a specialized knowledge.

Since the South West is also the Pitra sthaan or the corner of the ancestors, studying in the South West can have the added blessings of the ancestors which are extremely important to succeed in any aspect of life.

Study room in the East of South East direction

The area between East and South East is a good choice to make a study room for school going children.

The energies of this zone are responsible for the churning of the mind. When balanced well, this direction aids a fruitful thought process and awakens the inquisitiveness of young children.

Thus, studying here can make the children hungry for knowledge and thus make them explore newer topics and subjects.

Vastu for study table: Best directions according to subjects of study

Like it is important to carefully choose the best direction for sleeping as per Vastu, it is also important to carefully decide the best direction for study table.

Vastu for study table placement or bookshelf placement is decided on the basis of the subject being studied. Following are the best directions for study table according to Vastu Shastra:

vastu study table

  • West facing: For students studying science, mathematics, IT etc.
  • East facing: For students in creative or religious types of studies
  • South facing: For students studying law, preparing for defense services develop debating skills, logical abilities and sharp business acumen. Also good for students into sales and marketing fields.

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  • North facing: For students preparing for CA, CS, accounts, banking and finance.

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  • North East facing: For research scholars, PHD students or subjects that require precision and focus.

Effects of incorrectly placed study room as per Vastu: Worst Directions

Like a good study room placement can boost a child’s performance, a wrongly placed study room can seriously hamper their studies.

One of the worst placements for the study room as per Vastu is the South of South West direction. Situated between South & South West, any kind of studies done here will bear no results.

If you feel that your child puts in a lot of efforts but gets no result, you may check for the study room or his/her books kept in this direction.

If your child always remains depressed and in low moods, he might be sitting and studying in the West of North West direction. The energies of this zone make one feel dull and lazy. Sitting and studying here also impacts the health badly.

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In over hundreds of cases we’ve come across another common problem. The child used to complain that whenever he used to study, his mind was full of unnecessary thought and churning.

On careful observation, we found that there was a washing machine in the North East zone of mental clarity which was causing excessive churning of the mind. This clearly indicates how Vastu effects the mind.

Therefore, be careful of the study room placement because that could be the difference between success and failure.

Colors for Study room as per Vastu

Colors play a very important role when it comes to study room. How well your child concentrates depends a lot on the colors of the surroundings.

Depending on the direction of the study room , you should choose the colors for study room.

Remember that always use very light shades as wall paints and upholstery because darker shades disturb the mind and cause lack of concentration.

  • East: Brown and green
  • South: Orange, red or pink
  • West: Grey, silver, white
  • North: Blue

Pictures for study room as per Vastu

While doing the study room Vastu, the pictures and photos for study room must also be in sync with the purpose of the room itself.

Some of the following picture or idols are best to be place in the study room:

  • Goddess Saraswati: The supreme source of knowledge and the mother of arts and wisdom, goddess Saraswati is revered as the omniscient mother. Placing an idol of image of her in the study room is one of the best things you can do for your children.
  • Gayatri Mantra: An image of the Gayatri mantra will do wonders to your child’s knowledge and wisdom. The mother of the Vedas, Gayatri mata is the bestower of immense knowledge and insights.

vastu tips success studies

  • Lord Ganesha: The supreme patron of letter and learning, lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles in the path of education. Placing an image or idol of lord Ganesha will ensure that your child overcomes all challenges in the process of learning.
  • Garuda: The vehicle of lord Vishnu, Garuda has a sharp vision and tremendously powerful intellect. Placing an idol of Garuda on the study table will sharpen the skills and make your child super smart and intellectual.
  • Nandi Bull: As mentioned above, Nandi-the trusted vehicle of lord Shiva is a master of Agama Shastras. There is hardly anyone who comes close to his knowledge. Thus, placing a Nandi bull can really widen the knowledge horizons of your child.

Study Room Vastu Tips for success in studies: 11 Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Avoid placing the study table directly under the beam or a loft as it can cause distractions while studying.
  2. Never make a study room directly under a staircase. Read more on Staircase Vastu
  3. Use a wooden study table and avoid plastic or metal furniture. Wood being a natural material has high vibrational frequencies which is lacking in man-made materials like plastic.
  4. Ensure proper lighting above the study table. Dim light is neither good for the eyes nor for the concentration while studying.
  5. It is best to have a study room where natural sunlight is abundant. Avoid dark corners in the house for making a study room.
  6. You should not use dark shades of colors as wall paints or in furniture.
  7. Avoid using a mirror in the studying room as it distracts the mind. Read more on Mirror Vastu Tips
  8.  Distracting photo frames or idols in the study room must also be avoided.
  9.  It is best to place a picture or painting of books or a library in the study room. It will encourage your child to study better.
  10. Place good and motivating thoughts as photo frames in the study room. Positive thoughts create a positive environment for study.
  11. Never place the study table directly facing a toilet or bathroom. Read more on Vastu for toilets and bathrooms

FAQs for Study Room Vastu and their Answer

Which direction is good for study room?

The West of South West is the best direction for a study room. Also, North is a good direction for studying finance; East is a good direction for social and political studies; South is good for studying law and West is good for studying computer science and technology.

Which is the worst direction for study room?

The South of South West is the worst direction for a study room. Having a study room here will lead to no results and all efforts of studying will go waste.

Which direction we place mirror in study room?

It is best to avoid a mirror in the study room. A mirror placed in the study room can disturb the mind and can lead to lapses in concentration.

Is south direction good for studying?

Yes south can be a very good direction for studying subjects like Law. If you’re preparing for the armed forces or physical education, south can be a good direction to study.

In which direction books should be kept?

It is best to keep the books in the South West direction. Doing so will help you absorb all the knowledge quickly and retain it for a longer time.


The study room is a space that you should carefully design and furnish in a way that makes your child feels comfortable and productive. It should be given as much attention as you give to your living room Vastu or bedroom Vastu.

Study room Vastu must be given special attention because in this ever increasing competitive world, proper education is the only way one can stay afloat.

A well designed study room as per Vastu can really boost the concentration levels and attention span of your children and help them excel in whatever subjects they study.

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