Vastu for Bedroom: Ideas that Nobody Told You About !

Vastu for bedroom holds a lot of significance when it comes to designing your house. After all, your bedroom is the place where your end up after a long day’s work.

For people going through daily life challenges, the bedroom is the only place which helps them completely relax and unwind only to get up fresh and energetic the next day. Moreover, a bedroom as per Vastu is also important to bring in a lot of healing energies in your life.

Therefore, Vastu for bedroom is very important to ensure that the energies in your bedroom are positive and they help you relax both mentally and physically.

Vastu Shastra for bedroom lays down certain important guidelines which when followed correctly can supercharge the energies in your bedroom.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom – You must keep in mind while designing your bedroom or Master Bedroom:

bedroom placement vastu

Bedroom directions for different family members

As per Vastu, different directions rule different aspects of our lives. Therefore, the direction of the bedroom as per Vastu should be decided as per the purpose and the person who would be staying in that bedroom.

While designing the Vastu for flats or bungalows, you may use the following reference

Points to decide the best bedroom placements –

  • A bedroom in the North is generally good for everyone. It is especially suitable for young students who’ve recently completed their studies and are looking for job or business opportunities. It is also good for people looking to expand their business but are unable to find suitable prospects and opportunities for growth.
  • As per Vastu Shastra for bedroom, the East of North East is most suitable for people who’ve retired in life and are looking to simply stay joyful. Such a bedroom will help them forget about all the challenges they’ve gone through in the past and help them rejuvenate their mind and soul.
  • A bedroom in the East is ideal for young school going students. While preparing an East facing house Vastu plan, we try to allocate the East bedroom to young students. East is the direction ruled by lord Surya or Sun. A bedroom as per Vastu here will give them a sharp intellect and will help them excel in studies.
  • A bedroom in the South East is apt or young and unmarried boys who have recently started a job or business. The energies of this direction give them the motivation and strength to keep moving passionately and with confidence in their profession.
  • A bedroom in the South is excellent for people leading a chaotic and hectic life and are looking for a peaceful sleep. South being the direction of relaxation will help them recharge their minds and body completely. Thus, Vastu for bedroom recommends making the master bedroom in South.
  • A bedroom in the South West is apt for the head of the family. Such a bedroom helps the head stay in command and manage his household duties in the most efficient manner.
  • A bedroom in the West is best for businessmen as well as students participating in competitive exams.
  • A bedroom in the North West is best for people looking to change their location or those who wish to settle abroad. It is also excellent for unmarried girls who are looking to get married. North West is also the ideal place to make a guest bedroom so that the guests keep moving and don’t settle at your place permanently.

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom as per business and profession

As per Vastu Shastra for bedrooms, it is best to design the bedrooms of people depending on their profession. This will help them to excel rapidly in their business or job.

Bedroom Directions and Best Suitable for –

  • Bedroom Facing in North – For bankers, finance professionals, accountants and Chartered accountants (CA), a bedroom in the North will be most suitable. North being the direction of lord Kuber- the ruler of money and wealth, will help such professionals to excel in their respective fields and acquire more clients. No wonder most people also prefer to buy a North facing house as per Vastu.
  • Bedroom Facing in East – For politicians and people in the entertainment industry, a bedroom in the East will be most suitable.  Such a bedroom as per Vastu will help these people expand their social circle and connect with relevant and powerful people. An East bedroom is also good for people in the administrative services like IAS, IPS and IRS.This is because East is the direction ruled by Indra Dev, one of the 45 energy fields of the Vastu Purusha Mandala. Indra is considered to be a master administrator.
  • Bedroom Facing in South East – For surgeons, clothing dealers or textile manufacturers, beauticians, jewelers etc., a bedroom in the South East can prove to be very beneficial. South East being the direction of planet Venus will help such professionals immensely.
  • Bedroom Facing in South – For people in the armed forces like the police, army, navy, air-force, para-military forces etc., a bedroom in the South will be most suitable. South being ruled by planet Mars gives these professional immense strength, confidence and courage to do overcome all types of challenges in their professions. In fact, a south facing house as per Vastu can be an excellent choice for such people.
  • Bedroom Facing in West – For traders, stock market brokers and people in the real estate business, a West bedroom as per Vastu is ideal. Such a bedroom will help them earn maximum gains and profits from their dealing and also assist in expanding their businesses.

Bed direction Vastu

One of the most important points to keep in mind while designing a bedroom is the bed direction Vastu.

While deciding the bed direction as per Vastu, we must consider the flow of the earth’s electromagnetic currents. Since the earth is slightly tilted on its axis, the earth’s magnetic energies flow from North East to South West.

This is important to know in order to decide the ideal  bed direction as per Vastu.

bed direction vastu

  • Bed in North Direction – While deciding the bed direction Vastu, you must  ensure that you never ever keep your head towards the north and sleep. This is because your blood contains iron. Since the earth is a magnet, sleeping with your head in the North will exert a magnetic pull on the iron in your blood. Such a bed position according to Vastu will result in dizziness, headaches and serious neurological problems going forward.
  • Bed in South Direction – On the contrary, as per bed direction Vastu, you must sleep with your head in the south in order to bypass the electromagnetic currents entering your head first. Sleeping with the head in the south will result in a peaceful and relaxing sleep. South is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu.
  • Bed in East Direction – East is also a good direction to align your bed direction as per Vastu. Youngsters, especially school going students must always keep their head in the east and sleep. This will increase their memorizing and retention power.
  • Bed in West Direction – West is also not a good direction to keep your head. Sleeping with your head in the West may cause disturbed sleep, bad dreams and ultimately fatigue. However, in case you don’t have an option to keep your head in the South or East, West is the third best direction. Keep in mind; bed direction Vastu suggests that you must never keep your head in the North while sleeping.

Paintings and sculptures

Paintings and sculptures have been a part of our civilization for long. Most of what we know today is because of paintings and sculptures from the ancient times. Therefore, it is important to choose them wisely.

The types of paintings or sculptures you keep in your bedroom as per Vastu will govern your thoughts and mood.

When we do the Vastu for bedroom for married couple, we advise them to place a pair of Saraus cranes made of crystal. These birds symbolize lifelong marital fidelity and can go a long way in maintaining and strengthening a husband-wife relationship.

Vastu recommends to have a painting of a library or Goddess Saraswati in the study room as per Vastu.

This will help them to excel in their studies. Maa Saraswati being the goddess of education and arts will help the students achieve excellent grades in their examinations. We make sure we always recommend to place a photo or an idol of Goddess Saraswati while doing children’s bedroom Vastu.

children bedroom vastu tips

Similarly, you should carefully choose the sculptures you display in your bedroom as per Vastu. This should depend on the thoughts and emotions they convey when you look at them.

Placement of mirrors in bedroom as per Vastu

A lot of debate has always been around the placement of mirrors in the bedroom as per Vastu. One of the most important myths that float around is that a mirror opposite the bed will cause arguments and conflicts.

This is not at all true. The fact is that a mirror represents the water element and will show its effects depending on its placement. It does not matter whether it faces the bed or not.

mirror bedroom vastu

Vastu for bedroom suggests that one can place a mirror in bedroom in the North, East and West directions.

However, one must avoid placing a mirror in the South East, South and South West bedrooms.

NOTE: You may read our excellent blog to know everything you’ll ever need to know about Mirror Vastu.

If at all a mirror is essential in these bedrooms, it is best to cover it with a cloth/blinds or conceal it within a cupboard. Also, the size of the mirror in bedroom as per Vastu should not be more than 2ft X 2ft in size.

Vastu colors for bedroom

Vastu colors for bedroom deserve special attention, specially while doing the bedroom Vastu for couples.

Colors play a very crucial role when it come to Vastu for bedroom. We can even go the extent of saying that the Vastu colors for bedroom can make or break your relationships. They can also play a decisive role in your financial health and stability.

While choosing the Vastu colors for bedroom, it is suggested to seek advice from a  good Vastu consultant.

As a general rule, try to use light shades of paints on the walls and curtains. Darker shades can be disturbing to the mind and can cause mental conflicts.

  • For a bedroom in the North, prefer using shades of grey, white, blue and green.
  • Brown, beige and green are the ideal colors for bedrooms in the East
  • For a bedroom in the South east and south, shades of light pink, orange, red, maroon and brown will be ideal.
  • Shades of grey, silver and golden are preferable for bedrooms in the West.

Vastu for bedroom furniture

Vastu for bedroom furniture should also be given due importance.

Like we follow guidelines for furniture placement for living room Vastu, we must also follow Vastu rules for the placement of furniture in the bedrooms.

This will not only help the energies to circulate properly, but also make the bedroom aesthetically look good.

master bedroom vastu tips furniture

Few tips for Furniture placement in Bedroom

  • Wardrobe in bedroom – Vastu for bedroom suggests that heavy wardrobes and cupboards should ideally be placed on the south to south western walls of the bedroom. This will ensure that this area remains heavy as suggested by Vastu scriptures.
  • Television in the bedroom – It is advisable not to place a television in the bedroom. However, if you still think it is needed, ideally place it on the Eastern or South eastern wall.
  • Electrical appliances in Bedroom – Vastu Shastra for bedrooms also gives special attention to electrical appliances and lights. Thus, the lamp shades or heaters if any should be kept in the southern part of the bedroom.
  • Placement of the bed -As already discussed above, the placement of the bed is very important and one must follow Vastu for bedroom principles while deciding the placement. Also, the headboard of the bed should be solid and should not be shaky or making any sounds. If it does, one must fix this immediately.
  • Do remember not to place the bed directly opposite the door of the toilet as per Vastu.

Vastu for bedroom linen and bed sheets

New or fresh bed sheets and linen can go a long way in increasing the energies of your bedroom. Please ensure that you use clean and fresh bed sheets as much as possible.

Ideally, you must choose very light shades or so called pastel shades for bedroom linen. Dark shades can heat up the energies around the bed and can even cause unnecessary arguments.

It is also advisable to remove extra pillows from your bed. Too many pillows send a signal that you have no room for anyone else to join if they wish to. This is one rule which people mostly ignore. But it is an important one when it comes to Vastu for bedrooms.

Flowers and Plants in the bedroom

vastu shastra bedroom tips

We all know the importance of flowers and plants and the energies they carry. Therefore, it is ideal to use fresh flowers in your bedroom as much as possible. Avoid using artificial flowers since they dampen the spirits and energies.

In fact, a money plant as per Vastu can be an excellent choice.

Also, carefully choose the colors of vases that you display in your bedroom.

Couples should use red color vases to increase the warmth in their relationships.

For students, yellow colored vases are apt since yellow is the color of wisdom and knowledge.

FAQ Related Bedroom Vastu

Which direction is best for bedroom as per Vastu?

A bedroom in North is good for youngsters looking for a job while a bedroom in East is excellent for school going kids. For traders and businessmen, a bedroom in West is ideal.

What is the best direction for your bed to face?

You must keep your head towards the South while sleeping. South is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu. For young kids, the bed must face the East direction while sleeping.

Where should the master bedroom be as per Vastu?

The master bedroom can be in the South or South West corner of the house. One can also have a master bedroom in West or North West as it brings financial gains.

Can we have a bedroom in South East?

Yes, we can have a bedroom in South East. A South East bedroom is best for youngsters as the fire element there gives them zeal and enthusiasm to work hard with passion and confidence.

What should you avoid in the bedroom?

You should avoid placing your bed directly opposite the bedroom or toilet door. Also, it is best to avoid placing a water fountain in your bedroom because moving water creates excessive energy which can disturb your sleep patterns. Avoid any dark coloured wall paints and always use lighter shades.


Using the principles of Vastu Shastra for bedroom can definitely help with improving your relationships, health and finances.

However, if you truly want Vastu to assist you in your well being, it is best to seek professional help.

The above tips are very important and can go a long way in helping you improve your relationships and cope with daily life challenges. But tips alone can only get you so far.

Have any of these tips worked for you? Or do you have any other thoughts with regards to Vastu for bedrooms which have worked for you. Please share your thoughts by commenting below!

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