Vastu Colours For Bedroom

Vastu colors for bedroom play an important role in bringing peace, harmony, health and abundance.

The choice of colors in your bedroom not only governs your thought process, it also indicates who you are and how you conduct yourself in daily life.

Colors, they say, have the power to touch our souls.

While that thought is all dipped in spiritualism and beyond, there’s no denying how colors affect our lives.

With our eyes being the first receiver of our brain waves, colors in essence, affect our psyche. When we put that perspective into scientific vastu, we unleash unexplored possibilities.

Time and again, the significance of colors in Vastu shastra have been touched upon by a multitude of experts. And they all convey the same thing– the choice of colors affects the five elements of life differently.

By all means, a bedroom as per Vastu is your place to unwind and relax. Hence, the bedroom Vastu colors you choose for walls and furnishing are bound to make a difference.

In this post, you can understand how to go about choosing the right vastu colors for bedroom.

So read on !

Vastu colors for Master Bedroom

As a rule of the thumb, the master bedroom Vastu colors should be decided according to the direction as well as the planetary position in one’s birth chart. Doing so can help to unleash the positive energies within the bedroom.

Vastu as we all know, has a lot to do with directions . When it comes to bedroom, the right choice of colors is as important as the right sleeping direction as per Vastu .

While each direction pertains to a different color, there’s never a one solution that suits all.

This is akin to saying that a South facing house is excellent for some people but can be unfavorable for others.

Hence consulting an experienced Vastu expert is always a wise call before you pick the colors for your bedroom.

Here’s a reference for you to chose the ideal Vastu colors for master bedroom:

  • Bedroom in South : As per Vastu, the southern part of your home is said to be governed by the planet Mars. Thus, one should choose shades red or orange.
  • Bedroom in North :The North direction is influenced by the planet Mercury. Since Mercury is the planet of growth & wealth, most people prefer buying a North facing house as per Vastu. Shades of mint green, light blue, ivory, and light brown are ideal in this direction.
  • Bedroom in North East : The predominance of water element in the North East makes shades of light blue and silver the best options for colors in this bedroom.
  • Bedroom in East : The direction of rising sun can have light shades of orange, red , green or brown as  wall colors.
  • Bedroom in South East : Light shades of pink and red can spark love and warmth in a South East bedroom.
  • Bedroom in South West : South-West bedrooms should settle for colors like off white, golden, or light yellow.
  • Bedroom in West : The color as per vastu for the West walls of your bedroom should be chosen carefully as it is believed to be governed by the planet Saturn (or Shani). To do away with the malefic effects of the planet, one can opt for grey, golden, white or silver shades particularly for the west walls of the master bedroom in West.
  • Bedroom in North West: In case, your bedroom is placed in the North-West, you should be looking at metallic shades, silver, white, or golden colors.

Either you can opt to paint the wall in more than one color combination (it’s quite a trend these days) or settle for a singular tint or shade depending on the location. Similarly, it is very important to choose the appropriate Vastu colors for kitchen and bathroom.

Bedroom Colors for Couples as per Vastu

Choosing the right Vastu colors for couples bedroom is a sine qua non for happy relationships. The fact that colors impact relationships, and more so for couples, can’t be stressed enough. From imparting stability to ruining a relationship, positive and negative color choices can do all sorts.

As we talk about positive and negative choices, it invariably turns to choosing between black and white, light and dark options. For starters, it is recommended that you use light tints of a color for walls and curtains.

Here are the essential pointers you must remember while choosing the bedroom colors for couples as per Vastu:

  • New Couple – If you are newly married, light tints of pink and red can be an excellent option to spark love and passion. Shades of yellow can significantly boost your bonding for years to come.
  • Off-beat choices are no good – Given the indulgence of interior décor experts and unconventional choices, shades of purple, grey, brown are now widely being opted for. However, in reality, no matter how fancy and posh they appear, one must only use them in consultation with an expert.
  • All that is dark bodes ill – Also, couples who complain of fighting depression and anxiety, or have medical conditions like high blood pressure should steer away from shades of red or black for their bedroom walls and furnishings.

What you shouldn’t do

Now that you know a great deal about vastu colors for bedroom, it’s also wise to understand and avoid the use of certain colors or use them in moderation.

• The color Red– Red Color, although a favorable choice in most cases can sometimes do more harm than good. Using too much of it, like blazing red and other related shades can upset the balance and play havoc with your general temperament.

• High intensity colors– In Vastu Shastra, it is always recommended to use high intensity colors with caution. These include colors like dark grey and black. Some of these represent the planetary forces of Shani and Rahu which are otherwise believed to be fiery planets.

In other words, these colors lack the general warmth and passion and have the potential to upset the natural energy level within your bedroom.

• How much white is too much – White, a neutral color is relatively considered safe. However, when it comes to deciding on the vastu colors for your bedroom, using too much white can boost one’s ego-centric attitude for no good.

FAQ for Bedroom Color

Which color is lucky for bedroom?

The lucky bedroom color depends on the location of the bedroom. Light shades of blue are lucky for a bedroom in North while green and brown are best for an East bedroom. For a bedroom in South East, light shades of pink can enhance love and warmth.

Which colors bring positive energy?

Blue can bring peach and tranquility like water while pink can spark your passion and love. Yellow color is best to enhance stability in life and shades of grey can really boost your intellect. Thus, all shades can bring positive energies depending on what you expect.

What color bedroom helps you sleep?

A bedroom which has light colors on its walls helps you sleep better. Adding shades of light blue can be best for sleep because blue color makes your mind calm and tranquil like water.

Which wall color is best for bedroom as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, the color white symbolizes peace and calm and thus it is best for bedroom walls. Light shades of blue reflect tranquility while mint green reflects enthusiasm. Thus, these shades are best as bedroom wall colors.


You now understand how choosing the right vastu colors for bedroom can significantly impact your well being, finances, and relationships.

People are often puzzled about deciding which color is best for bedroom. They mostly end up making wrong choices. This sometimes opens up the gateway to losses and sufferings. Thus, when it comes to deciding on vastu colors for home, you will need to explore your options thoroughly.

In my 17 years long career as a Vastu consultant, it has always been my singular goal to educate people about Vastu. I’ve always focused on how right choices can transform their lives.

If you believe in the power of this ancient science that goes well beyond centuries, it’s time to embrace its goodness. This can usher positivity, abundance, and harmony in your home.

Do you want to know more about vastu for your new flat?

Or may be the right direction for your pooja room as per Vastu, the colors of your living room, study room, or complete residential vastu tips.

Do feel free to get in touch! I ‘m here to help you.


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