Vastu Colors For Kitchen:The Ultimate Guide

Vastu colors for kitchen serve a dual objective in the overall Vastu design of a house.

Firstly they add a dash of elegance and class to your kitchen.

And secondly, if chosen well, kitchen color as per Vastu can really boost the Agni tattva or the fire element in your house.

They are one of the most important aspects when it comes to designing a completely Vastu compliant kitchen.

If you’re designing a new kitchen or are revamping an old one, you won’t need to surf the internet for any further information. You’ll find everything related to Vastu Shastra for kitchen colors in this article. We’ll cover it all here.

So read on!

So why should you choose kitchen color as per Vastu?

Choosing the right kitchen color as per Vastu as well as the right bedroom colors as per Vastu can help you overcome a lot of life’s challenges and bless your house with health and prosperity.

Here’s how!

In the Hindu culture, the worship and offering of food is highly praised. It is considered to be a divine blessing from Maa Annapurnathe Goddess of food and nourishment.

In fact, Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita describes the importance of praying to the food through this shloka:

vastu color kitchen food prayer

It is believed that she blesses a house with never ending abundance. And therefore, it is of utmost importance that the place where the food is cooked follows the divine laws of nature.

The kitchen in a house is a mini representation of the cosmic fire or Agni. And we all know- as long as the fire keeps burning within us, life exists.

Thus, the way you design your kitchen and the Vastu colors for kitchen you choose will decide whether you kindle the fire of creation or destruction.

Just like it is important to design your bedroom as per Vastu, it is equally important to follow proper guidelines while designing your kitchen.

And this is why the importance of kitchen color as per Vastu is much emphasized in Vastu Shastra.

How does wrong kitchen color as per Vastu create problems?

We all know that the entire universe is made up of the five elements. And each element is represented by a particular color and governs a particular direction.

For example, the fire element is indicated by the red and orange color and is the ruler of the South and South East directions. The water element is represented by blue color ruling the North direction and so on.

Now imagine what happens if you paint your South East kitchen blue !

It’s like pouring blue water over red fire.

It will extinguish. Right !

Thus, in order to maintain a proper balance of the five elements, we need to use the correct kitchen color as per Vastu depending on the direction of our kitchen placement.

Ideal kitchen color as per Vastu for different directions

Let’s look at the various options of kitchen color according to Vastu that you may choose depending upon the direction of your kitchen:

Vastu colors for kitchen in South East and South Direction

South East and South are the universally accepted directions for the placement of a kitchen. In fact there is no better placement of a kitchen than these two directions.

As per the Vastu Purush Mandala architecture, some of the most powerful energy fields responsible for growth & prosperity reside in the South and South East directions.

The South East and South directions are ruled by the fire element. And thus, a kitchen placement is ideal here.

Some of the best Vastu colors for kitchen in these directions are:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Pink
  4. Brown
  5. Green
  6. Beige

A few colors which you must avoid for a kitchen in these directions are

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Silver
  • White

Kitchen colors for in East Direction as per Vastu

The direction of the rising Sun, East is considered to be a very auspicious direction. No wonder most people prefer to buy an East facing house as per Vastu.

East is the direction ruled by the Air element. It is the air which kindles the fire and is also responsible for supporting the fire to keep burning.

The air element is also called the wood element. And the more wood we add to fire, the brighter the flame. Thus, the colors representing the wood or plants are ideal Vastu colors for kitchen in the East direction.

Best colors for East facing Kitchen

  1. Green
  2. Brown
  3. Beige

A few kitchen colors according to Vastu which you must avoid in the East direction are:

  • Yellow
  • Golden
  • Grey
  • White
  • Silver

vastu shastra colors kitchen tips

Colors for kitchen in North West and West Direction

As per the theory of fiver elements, the space element governs the North West & West directions.

Although a kitchen here is not ideal, but in some specific cases based on the astrological charts, a kitchen is permissible in the West. You must consult a good Astro-Vastu expert before designing your house.

In fact, a kitchen in the West is sometimes an excellent choice for certain people and businesses.

A North West kitchen on the other hand is good for most people. Thus, if South East kitchen is not an option, one can opt for a North West kitchen.

Some of the ideal Vastu colors for kitchen in the North West & West are:

  1. White
  2. Grey
  3. Golden
  4. Yellow

A few colors which must be avoided in the North West & West kitchen are:

  • Green
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Orange

Colours for North Direction Kitchen

Though a North facing house as per Vastu is considered to be very auspicious, a kitchen in the North direction is mostly a strict no for most people.

Also, you must completely avoid a kitchen in the North East.

In certain cases, a kitchen in the North may not affect the residents too much if there are certain planetary combinations in their astrological chart.

However, for the common masses, it is advisable not to have a kitchen in the North or North East directions.

A kitchen in the North East is as big a Vastu dosha as an incorrect placement of toilet as per Vastu,

In case you already have a kitchen in the North, you can apply certain Vastu remedies to correct it’s placement. One of them is to place a money plant as per Vastu.

Some of the ideal Vastu colors for kitchen in the North are:

  1. Light blue
  2. Green
  3. Off White
  4. Grey

The kitchen colors as per Vastu which you must strictly avoid in the North are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Golden

Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets

Choosing the right Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets is a challenging task.

While doing the Vastu for flats, we have observed that people choose the kitchen cabinets depending on what looks good to them. They give no proper thought to the placement of the kitchen.

vastu colors kitchen cabinet

This is one of the biggest reasons why even a correctly placed kitchen gives bad results.

These are some of the best Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets:

  • Green and brown are best for kitchen cabinets in East.
  • Shades of red, maroon, pink, orange and brown are ideal for kitchen cabinets in South and South East.
  • Shades of grey, white and golden are best colors for kitchen cabinets in West.
  • Blue, green, silver and brown must be used for kitchen cabinets in the North.

You must select the right kitchen color as per Vastu for the cabinets. This must be done on the basis of the direction and placement of the kitchen. You must also consider the colors of the five elements of nature.

Another rule which you must follow while choosing the Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets is to use natural colors instead of synthetic paints.

And this is the same rule you must follow while choosing the Vastu colors for kitchen walls or kitchen tiles as well.

Natural colors have a high vibrational frequency as compared to synthetic paints which has none.

In fact, the use of synthetic Vastu colors for your house is a big Vastu dosha.

NOTE: Read our eye opening blog on 7 modern Vastu doshas which can be bad for your house.

Thus, the ideal Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets are the ones which have a balancing effect on different zones and not always the ones which look good to the eyes.

Kitchen Tiles Colors as per Vastu

Choosing the kitchen tiles color as per Vastu is a very critical aspect of overall Kitchen Vastu plan. The right kitchen tiles colors create a harmonious and balanced environment within the home.

Kitchen Direction Kitchen Tiles Color Avoidable Tile Color
East Green ,Brown or Pink Black, Blue
North East Beige, Off White or Brown Black, Blue, Yellow, Red
South East/South Maroon, Brown, Green, Red, Pink Black, Blue, Grey, Silver
West Off White, Cream, Light Yellow Blue, Black, Green
North Green, Brown, Beige Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow

It is advisable to avoid dark and intense colors for kitchen tiles, as they may create a heavy and chaotic atmosphere.

Ultimately, selecting Vastu-compliant colors for kitchen tiles contributes to a balanced and auspicious culinary space, promoting well-being and prosperity in the household.

Vastu colors for kitchen slab

One of the most frequently asked questions is – “which color is best for kitchen slab according to Vastu?”

The answer to this depends on the direction in which the kitchen is located.

The best way to choose the kitchen platform color as per Vastu is to keep in mind the ideal colors for each element and direction.

A few important tips to select kitchen platform color as per Vastu are as follows:

  • For a kitchen in the East, it is best to use a green or brown slab.
  • Though not advisable, but if you still have a kitchen in the North East, Yellow is the apt Vastu color for kitchen slab in this direction.
  • For a kitchen in the South East or South, maroon, brown or green slabs are advisable. A black or a blue slab is a strict no here.
  • A grey or a yellow slab is ideal for a kitchen in the West.
  • Green is the best Vastu color for kitchen slab in the North.

Another important factor you must never ignore is type of stone you use in as the kitchen slab.

It is always advisable to use marble or stone as kitchen slab instead of granite. This is because granite has certain crystals which when heated emit harmful radiations. This is not good for the ladies cooking as it might cause some serious health problems in their stomach region.

However, if you still want to use granite, do remember to choose the kitchen granite colors as per Vastu.

While placing a kitchen slab as per Vastu, do keep in mind that your must always cook facing East or North

It is better to avoid a South facing kitchen slab.

Also, I’ve seen some Vastu experts advising to fix a mirror as per Vastu opposite the kitchen slab. This is an absolutely wrong practice and you must avoid it.

FAQs for Kitchen Colour Vastu and their Answers.

Which colour is best for kitchen according to vastu?

The best kitchen color as per Vastu depends on the direction of the kitchen. For a kitchen in South & South East, shades of orange,red,pink and brown are good. For a North West kitchen, shades of white and grey are best. For a kitchen in the West, yellow and golden are suitable colors.

Which colour is best for kitchen slab according to vastu?

Brown and maroon are the best colors for kitchen slab as per Vastu if your kitchen is in the South East or South. For a kitchen in the East, green color slab is good. A yellow slab is suitable for a North West kitchen.

Which is the best kitchen counter top colors as per vastu?

Shades of brown and maroon are good for a kitchen counter top in the South East or South. Green counter top is good for a kitchen in the East. For a kitchen in the West or North West, use a grey or white counter top.

Which color granite is good for kitchen as per vastu?

A maroon or brown granite is suitable for a kitchen in the South or South East. Use green granite for a kitchen in the East. For a kitchen in  North West and West, use yellow or beige granite. Though we suggest you to avoid using granite and use marble instead.


The correct Vastu design of a kitchen is as important as the main door placement according to Vastu

Thus, you must take utmost care to design it well in accordance to Vastu rules by choosing the ideal Vastu colors for your kitchen.

Doing so will not only balance the powerful fire element, but also ensure the smooth flow of cash in your house.

If you like our article, do remember to drop in a comment and share it with your friends.

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  1. Sir I have gone through your website. You are highly knowledgeable in Vastu Shastra. 45 Gods explanation by you is highly commendable.

    1. My kitchen is in Brahmasthan.
    2. Southwest is cut. Part of West and WNW is also cut.

    Please guide.

    1. Thanks a lot for your valuable words of appreciation. I’m glad you liked the article.

      Your kitchen does’nt look exactly in the Brahmasthan. It looks ok to me.. Just try and place the burner in the East and use a green stone slab under it.
      For the cut in West and WNW, paint the walls in golden/grey color which fall inside your house.
      The placement of the toilet looks in the SW to me which is not so good.

      Hope this answers your queries.

  2. Hello.i read ur article on vastu colours for kitchen.very informative and rightly explained.i liked it very much.

  3. my kitchen is in North East, which is best color to use for kitchen cabinet? which color i should avoid in kitchen?

  4. Hi sir,
    I read your article on kitchen colour according to vastu. Very informative. We are buying a new house with layout as attached. Please pour in your suggestions regarding the cabinet colour, kitchen slab colour, direction of sink and stove

  5. The best vastu article that I have come across in recent times. All the points are captured very clearly, making it very easy for a layman to align kitchen as per Vastu. The only point where I couldn’t fully agree was regarding the placement of yellow kitchen slab for North East kitchen. Could you please clarify?

    1. Thanks a lot for your valuable comments Ayan. A kitchen in the North East is not a good thing to have because NE is the zone of the water element. Thus, in order to balance or absorb the fire in NE, it is suggested to use a yellow slab.

  6. Good afternoon Sir,

    I have gone through ur article for best vaastu tips for kitchen. Recently I have purchased a Flat whose Kitchen is South west facing. What would be the vaastu remedies if I dont want to break the settings of inside any further. I mean is it possible to do Vaastu remedies by using the advised colors of the kitchen slabs, cabinets and coloring the walls ??. If so please guide me.

    1. Yes it is very much possible to rectify the Vastu of your kitchen without demolishing it . There are certain Vastu remedies which can be easily done to rectify the Vastu defects as well as enhance the energies in your flat. But we need to analyze the floor plan in order to be able to advice you correctly.

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