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Pooja Room Vastu : Direction & Tips for Pooja Room

Pooja room Vastu holds a significant role in the overall Vastu plan of a house. You may even go to the extent of saying that the peace and prosperity in your house is a direct result of the Vastu of Pooja room in your house.

As per Vastu Shastra, the ancient India science of divine architecture is being used to design all temples and sacred places since time immemorial. These places are mini reservoirs of divine cosmic energy- transmitting health, wealth, peace and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra declares that if you follow certain rules while making the pooja room Vastu design, those places should act as divine channels for connecting the individual soul with the cosmic soul of the universe.

If you design your Pooja room as per Vastu, you can be rest assured of divine energies blessing your house.

Why is the Vastu of Pooja room so important?

Doing the Vastu of Pooja room is one of the best ways in which you can appease and seek the blessings of God.

One of the most important things that individuals are striving today is to be able to connect with God. They are seeking oneness with the divine. Proper pooja room vastu design ensures that this path to oneness becomes smoother and faster for you.

The Indian culture emphasizes that you should keep a specific area in the house if possible for Pooja or meditation. This area acts as a sacred corner and is the zone of tranquility in the house.

The placement of a special Pooja room as per Vastu in itself brings positive energies in your house. Designing the puja room as per Vastu enhances the positivity in your environment all around and is sure to make you happier.

You can find numerous examples in Vastu Shastra of the great shrines of Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Himalayas. Then there are historic temples of Lord Jagannath in Puri and Balaji in Tirupati etc.

These temples are constructed in tune with the Vedic principles of Vastu Shastra. This is why these pilgrimages have been the source of attraction for so many years.

They have been uplifting experiences for millions of devotees and visitors from different parts of the globe since ages.

The shrines built as per the Vastu Shastra are said to work like storehouses of divine energy. This explains the emphasis laid in the Indian culture to make place for worship by following the principles of Vastu.

There are ways in which you can easily follow all important Vastu tips for Pooja room Vastu to make a place of worship in your house.

Mandir Position as per Vastu: Best Pooja Room Directions as per Vastu

Mandir position as per Vastu must be given due thought before placing it in your home.  Here’s a description of various Pooja room Vastu directions which can act as a reference point for your house:

Pooja room in the East direction as per Vastu

As you are aware that the Vedas refer to the sun as the “soul of the world”. It is also the source of vital power and health.

The sun rises in the east. Therefore, should you choose East as a direction for Pooja room as per Vastu, it will ensure that you benefit from the powerful radiance of the rising Sun.

The Vedic scriptures on yoga state that certain subtle extrasensory energy centres exist in the North Pole (cerebrum region) of the human brain.

You should identify these centres as the Sahasrara chakra, Brahmarandra and Ajna chakra in your body. Meditating on the rising sun activates these centres and thus awakens supernatural talents and powers.

Therefore, East as a Vastu direction in pooja room Vastu is of great devotional and spiritual significance for all devotees. Following such Vastu tips for pooja room should bring in divine energies in your house.

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Puja room in the North-East direction as per Vastu

One of the most common Vastu tips for pooja room is that the puja room as per Vastu is best in the North East direction.

Even you would be aware of that! Right?

As per the texts, when the Vastu Purush was brought down to the earth, his head was in the north east direction. Therefore, Pooja room Vastu highly recommends that you should place the pooja room in the north east (Ishaan koan) wall of your house.

This Vastu direction plays one of the most significant roles in helping you to connect with the divine.

Choosing the energies of the north east zone or north east wall for pooja also bestow upon the meditator the gift of beneficial insights, powerful ideas. They should help you get answers to all your queries.

The north east Pooja room Vastu direction also receives the powerful rays of the rising sun, which purify the environment and bring positivity and prosperity in homes.

Also, facing the north east helps you in rapid progress in mental concentration.

The north-east face for pooja room is of special significance if you’re a devotee of Lord Shiva. Thus, as per the rules of Vastu for Pooja room, you should make a place of worship in the North East wall in your house.

Pooja room in West direction as per Vastu

Most people are surprised when we tell them that the Pooja room as per Vastu is excellent in the West direction of your house. They only think of placing a pooja room in the north east wall.

You will find that in most of the ancient temples, churches or places of worship, all the idols of Gods are placed in the West. They face towards the East.

It is a belief that first rays of the rising sun should be seen by the deities. Therefore they face the East.

Also, the energies of west direction provide you with immense gains and profits in almost all aspects of you life.

Lord Varuna (lord of water and the celestial oceans) is the ruler of the west direction. He is the controller of the world and the upholder of law and morals.

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Therefore, as per Pooja room Vastu, placing the Pooja room in the west zone or west wall of your house should ensure overall gains for you.

These important Vastu tips for pooja room will also grant you strength to uphold your morals and your righteousness.

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The Puja room in the South direction as per Vastu

Most people do not place a puja room as per Vastu in the South wall. Probably you are also amongst them.

They believe that south wall brings in all negative energies because it is ruled by lord Yama- the lord of death and decay.

What you do not know is that lord Yama is also the lord of perfect order, ethics and immense integrity.

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Thus, as per Puja room vastu , the South direction or south wall of your house is also permissible.

You will be aware of the fact that almost all temples of lord Hanuman face south. Also temples of goddess Kali ji face south.

In the Southern part of India, a lot of lord Shiva temples face south. He is also known by the name of Dakshinamurthy (south facing).

Therefore, South wall is also a good direction as per Puja room Vastu.

Pooja room in Vastu Tips

As mentioned above, Pooja room in Vastu is important to ensure a smooth flow of divine energies in your house. Therefore you should follow certain Pooja room Vastu tips in order to achieve the desired results as per your expectations. 

Facing specific directions while doing Pooja

The Scriptures recommend specific devotional practices for your specific attainments. The direction which you face while praying or meditating is also of deep significance in your life.

All The devotees praying for wealth should face the north. If you aspire for knowledge, you should face the east as per the Puja room Vastu rules. And those searching for peace and happiness, your face should be in the West.

The above Vastu tips for pooja room should be easy to follow and can bring in a lot of positive energies in your life.

Only one place of worship in a house

One of the important Vastu tips for pooja is to keep in mind that there should be only one place of worship and devotion in your house. This, as per the Pooja room Vastu  is critical.

This place should be the focus of reverence for every member of your family.

Each member of the family should feel recharged in its holy ambiance.

It should also help in maintaining understanding, peace, harmony and love among your family members.

Puja room color as per Vastu

You must paint the walls in light shades for the Pooja room as per Vastu. This not only makes your Pooja room look bigger and brighter, it also helps you concentrate more.

A few Vastu tips you must keep in mind while choosing the Pooja room Vastu color are as follows:

  • Light shades of green and brown are best on walls if your Pooja room is in the East.
  • Pink, yellow and off-white are the best colors if your Pooja room is on the South wall.
  • For a puja room on the West wall, silver, golden and grey must be your preferred choices as per Pooja room Vastu.
  • A North Puja room as per Vastu must have shades of light blue, white or green. These are the best choices for pooja room Vastu color.

Pooja room tiles as per Vastu

An important Vastu tips is to even choose the Pooja room tiles for your house carefully. You must always prefer wall tiles made of all natural stones like marble and granite. These days a lot of machine made tiles are available in the markets which are low on energies. You should not use them in your pooja room as per Vastu.

Pooja room Vastu suggests that one must try and avoid all other artificially made wall and floor tiles completely. The Pooja room tiles must also be light in color. Do not use any other darker shades at all on your pooja room wall.

Puja room in the kitchen

A Pooja room in kitchen is not really a good choice. If your flat is small which has serious space constraints, you may place a small Pooja room in kitchen.

Other common question you may have is that

where to keep Pooja room in kitchen?

As per pooja room Vastu, West is the best direction for placing the Pooja room in kitchen. However, do not keep it close to your kitchen sink. Also keep it away from your dustbin.

Pooja room under the staircase as per Vastu

A pooja room under the stairs is at best avoided as per Vastu. It is a sacred space which has the ability to literally transform the energies of your space. Thus, you should not have a pooja room under the staircase as per Vastu.

Sometimes you would have seen people placing a puja room in the landing area of your staircase. As per pooja room Vastu, you have to avoid that since that’s where a lot of human movement happens. Residents and other visitors wear shoes and slippers walking up the stairs.

The puja room as per Vastu is thus not advisable on or under the stairs in your house.

Vastu for pooja room idols

Vastu for pooja room idols is as important as the pooja room in Vastu itself. As per Pooja room Vastu tips, it is ideal to have only one photo/image of one God in the pooja room. Other than that, you should simply not keep more than that.

Also, in case you prefer keeping idols in the pooja room at home, it is recommended that they all should not be more than 9-10 inches in height.

You must not have any broken idols in the puja room as per Vastu.

In fact, if any of them are even slightly chipped, you should remove them from the pooja room immediately.

Vastu for Pooja Room in Flats

Vastu for pooja room in flats is the need of the hour today.

With land prices going through the roof and an ever-increasing space constraint, more and more people have to live in flats. There is not enough space and having a separate puja room is a luxury many can’t afford.

For those who can, it is equally important to follow some other rules of pooja room Vastu in flats. You can easily follow the Vastu tips for pooja room from the list above.

Few puja room Vastu tips for flats are as follows:

  1. You must have a clean and calm corner for the placement of the pooja room in flats.
  2. A place in the East, West or North East is the best choice for the puja room as per Vastu
  3. If you do not have enough space for a separate pooja room, try and place some small idols or photo frames of your preferred deities.
  4. Make sure you light a small lamp with ghee every morning and evening in the pooja room.
  5. An important Vastu tip is to have sacred symbols like Om, Swastik, or any other that you prefer. This is highly recommended for pooja room in flats. You can place them on the North or East wall.
  6. If there’s a provision of natural sunlight to come in from the windows, you can place a Tulsi ( holy basil) plant in the puja room. It is best next to the East wall.
  7. Make sure that the pooja room does not share a common wall with the toilet as per Vastu.
  8. We advise you to keep dim lights in the pooja room as you’ll find in most of the ancient temples. Do not use any other bright lighting.
  9. Always sit on an asana (mat) made of natural material and do not sit directly on the floor for worship. Do not use any other unnatural materials also.
  10. Sit facing East or North while meditating for better insights.
  11. If the puja room in flat is in the East or South, you should not use too much of silver articles or utensils. You can choose from copper or steel for these directions.
  12. For a pooja room in the North and West , you can choose from light blue, gold or silver as per Pooja room Vastu.
  13. Silver and light blue are best in the North and Gold in West.

Vastu for Pooja Room in Office

Vastu for Pooja room in office does play a very important role in the success and growth of the business. There are so many other important Vastu tips which you can follow for the pooja room vastu in offices.

A well-placed pooja room can bring positive energies to the office. Not only can it help you in increasing the productivity of the staff, but it can also create an environment of peace and harmony among all the occupants.

Pooja room Vastu tips for Office

You can adhere to the following pooja room Vastu tips while designing the Vastu for pooja room in offices:

  1. Since the purpose of an office is monetary gains, West is the best direction to place a puja room
  2. East is also a very good direction for a pooja room as per Vastu in the office. The energies of the East are highly beneficial for a pooja room.
  3. You should avoid using all shades of red and green if the pooja room in office is in the West. Instead, you can choose from white, golden and silver.
  4. One of the important vastu tips for pooja room in office is to keep a brass vessel full of coins ( preferably silver coins) in the pooja room.
  5. You can also keep a pen and some books of accounts (bahi khata) in the office puja room as per Vastu. This is symbolic of wisdom and prosperity
  6. If there’s a separate pooja room in the office, you can place a red/orange flag in the South Eastern corner of the room
  7. If placing a Ganesha idol in pooja room, make sure that his trunk is to the left side.

FAQs related Pooja room Vastu and their answers – 

Where to place pooja room in a flat?

A Pooja room in a flat can be placed in the East and the West direction. North East corner of a flat is also a good location for a Pooja room in a flat.

What is the best direction of pooja room?

A Pooja room is best in the East or West directions of a house. North East is also a good location for a Pooja room.

Which direction should god face in pooja room?

God can face either East or West in the Pooja room. Lord Hanuman is an exception and he should face South if possible in a Pooja room.

Where to place pooja room in west facing house?

In a west facing house, North East, East and even West are ideal directions to place a pooja room.


All the other instructions available in Vastu Shastra for the temples in palaces, big buildings or other major constructions are equally applicable for small flats or rooms.

In other words, you can apply the same Vastu tips for pooja room everywhere.

For example, in a two-room flat, you can place all idols or pictures of their favorite deity in the northeast corner of the house. The north-east face for the pooja room is one of the simplest pooja room Vastu tips you can follow.

It is important to note that the Vastu principles and effects, like the effects of all other forces in the gross manifestation of nature, are only secondary to one’s inner strength and dedicated endeavors towards the growth of the soul.

One should not panic if it is not possible to follow some of the Vastu tips for the pooja room mentioned in Vastu shastra.

The ancient masters or rishis had taken all measures of the dimensions and limitations of human life and had provided humanly practical remedies against challenges of destiny or circumstances.

Likewise, there are many other guidelines in pooja room Vastu so that negative energies do not enter the house and are minimized.


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