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Money Plant Vastu:The Tell All Guide On Money Plant Placement

Money plant Vastu has drawn a lot of interest over the years. In fact, when we consider certain Vastu plants for home, money plant probably tops the list.

Characterized by its green and shiny heart-shaped leaves, a money plant is popular for its ornamental appeal and for adding aesthetic value to your home decor. In fact, most designers consider it to be an integral part of you living room Vastu and use it extensively while designing a house. Epipremnum aureum is the money plant scientific name.

money plant scientific name

With an ever growing use of artificial furniture and fixtures, the levels of toxicity in our homes has increased tremendously over the years.

The widespread use of synthetic material and pollutants has severely dented the quality of air we breathe in. This is where the benefit of money plant comes it.

A natural air purifier, money plants possess the ability to filter the air and activate the flow of positive energies in the house. In fact, the NASA Clean Air Study recommends the money plant (scientific name : Epipremnum aureum) as an air filtering plant.

Like everything else, money plant Vastu also deserves special attention in the overall Vastu plan of a house. Their correct placement can energize your surroundings and are known to bring in wealth and prosperity. They play a very important role in bringing a lot of positive energies in your house.

Benefits of Money Plant as per Vastu

There is a long list of money plant benefits as per Vastu Shastra.

money plant benefits vastu shastra

  • One of the most important benefit of money plant is that it absorbs a lot of radiation in the house generated through modern gadgets like Wi-Fi routers and microwaves.
  • It has the potential to purify the air and surroundings.
  • By absorbing harmful radiations, a money plant replaces it with high quality breathable oxygen.
  • It is effective in cleaning harmful gases like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene etc. from the environment.
  • Besides absorbing harmful radiations and negative energies, a money plant also adds a dash of aesthetic appeal to your home decor.
  • A money plant is not only visually appealing and soothing to the eyes; it also attracts peace and tranquility in the house.
  • An unknown money plant benefit is that it has the potential to neutralize a Sick Building Syndrome by absorbing all negative energies in the surrounding.
  • Associated with growth, a money plant can bring in a lot of wealth and prosperity in the house.
  • A money plant has the capability to reduce stress, anxiety and sleeping disorders.
  • Money plant is associated with good luck and wealth. Thus, both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui highly recommend it.

Placement of money plant in the house

A money plant can be placed in the house at various places. Let’s look the effects of placing a money plant in the house:

Money Plant in Bedroom

Placing a money plant in bedroom could be a good option depending on the direction of your bedroom. While doing the Vastu for money plants, do keep in mind the right directions as discussed above before placing a money plant in bedroom.

A few of the benefits of placing a money plant in the bedroom can be:

  • A money plant can boost your mood and enthusiasm.
  • It can help in soothing the eyes and as a result can help in calming the mind.
  • If you feel dull and lethargic, a money plant can certainly help in enhancing your creativity and boost your mood.
  • A money plant helps in reducing the stress levels and increasing your productivity,
  • It can control indoor humidity levels and produce much needed oxygen in the bedroom.
  • A natural filter for air pollutants, a money plant can absorb negative energy when placed in the bedroom.

Vastu Tips for placing a money plant in bedroom:

money plant bedroom

  • A money plant is ideal if your bedroom is in the North, East ,South East or South
  • Avoid placing a money plant in a South West or West bedroom
  • Keep the plant at least 5 feet away from the bed. Keeping it too close to the bed may lead to disturbed sleep because of the little amount of carbon dioxide it produces during the night.
  • Ensure proper humidity levels in the room for the money plant to survive and grow well. Too much of air-conditioning can make the plant dry and wear out.
  • Mist the plant regularly so that it does not dry out quickly.
  • Ensure proper sunlight and frequently change the water if the plant is kept in a glass bottle or jar.
  • If you’re using a pot to grow a money plant in soil, use a large sized pot to ensure that the roots of the plant have sufficient room for growth.

Money plant in Kitchen

A small money plant in kitchen can be a good thing. However, like in the case of bedrooms, it is more important to have your kitchen in the right direction before placing a money plant in kitchen.

A money plant is sometimes used by Vastu experts to balance out the negative energies in the kitchen due to an incorrect placement of the gas burner or stove.

The kitchen is an activity of fire and if placed in the North can create an imbalance in the Vastu of the house. In such cases, it is ideal to keep a money plant in kitchen as per the tenets of money plant Vastu. This will help to balance out the anti-activity in the wrong zone.

A money plant, due to its green color can create a balancing effect between the activity of fire and the element of water if the kitchen is in the North.

However, do remember to keep the plant at least 4-5 feet away from the burner to avoid the ill effects of the heat generated by the burner.

Money plant in bathroom

A lush green money plant in bathroom can be an excellent idea provided you place it in the correct directions. Besides adding to the beauty quotient of the bathroom, a money plant can suck up all the negative energies floating in the bathroom and its surrounding areas.

A money plant represents the element of Air. Thus, it can suppress the bad water energies that are generated in the bathroom.

A money plant in bathroom is also ideal because it can thrive in slightly humid and warm conditions of the bathroom. Besides absorbing the negative energies, it can also uplift your mood.

Ideal Money Plant Directions as per Vastu

One of the most important Vastu tips for money plant is to choose the ideal money plant direction. As per Vastu Shastra, money plant, like all other plants needs to be chosen with utmost care and placed well in your house. The money plant directions should be carefully analyzed before placing it.

While doing the Vastu for money plant, it is very important to choose the right direction for money plant. This can ensure a free flow of positive energies and can bring in wealth and prosperity for the residents.

Money Plant in North Direction

This is an excellent position to place a money plant. North is ruled by the lord of wealth, Kuber as per Vastu Purush Mandala. And his favorite color is green. Thus placing a money plant in North can bring in new avenues of growth, better opportunities in jobs and business and a constant flow of cash.

However, do remember to place the money plant in a blue bottle to ensure that it attracts wealth.

Placing a money plant in a red or yellow vase in the North can block the energies of this direction and can cause financial troubles. So strictly avoid it.

Money Plant in East Direction

East is also a favorable direction for placing a money plant. Keeping a money plant here can help you expand your social circle and create powerful contacts with influential people.

A green bottle is ideal to keep a money plant in the East.

Money plant in South East Direction

This is perhaps the most recommended direction by most Vastu experts while doing money plant Vastu. The logic behind this is that South East is the direction of goddess Lakshmi– the giver of wealth and prosperity.  Also, this direction is ruled by planet Venus which is associated with beauty and aesthetics.

Thus placing a money plant here can ensure a free flow of money in your house.

Also, since the leaves of a money plant are slightly triangular in shape, it is ideally suited for the south east.

If you choose to keep a money plant in this direction, avoid placing it in a water bottle. Instead, plant it in soil and use a brown or red colored pot.

Money plant in South Direction

A money plant can be placed in the South direction. Like south east, a money plant here should also be grown in soil instead of a water bottle.

It is important to note that the vines should not be left to spreads on the floor. Instead, you should use threads or climbers for the plant to grown vertically upwards.

South direction represents expansion and fame. Thus placing a money plant here can not only raise your financial status, it can help you expand in various aspects of life beyond your imaginations.

Money plant is South West Direction

Both green color and plants are anti-activity in the South West. Therefore, you should avoid placing a money plant here. Doing so can cause instability in life and career and can even lead to dis cordial relationships. It can well become a reason for bad luck if placed here.

Money plant in West Direction

A money plant in the West is also best avoided. However, if you have no other choice but to place it here, use a blue water bottle to grow a money plant in the West.

Money plant: Frequently asked questions

Is money plant good for home?

Vastu Shastra recommends that placing a money plant at home can bring in a flow of positive energies at home. As per Vastu, a money plant is an indicator of growth and a well grown money plant can bring about financial and monetary benefits to the residents of the house. Thus, placing a money plant is certainly very good for home.

How to grow money plant at home?

Money plant is one of the most versatile plants that can grow easily without much difficulty. It can be grown easily in water or soil using stem cuttings.

However, one must ensure proper money plant care for it to grow well enough to spread positive plant care

Let’s take a quick look at how to grow money plants at home:

One of the easiest ways is to grow money plant in water. Here are a few tips on how to grow money plant in water:

  • Select a small money plant stem from a healthy plant. The length should be about 12-15 inches long.
  • Cut the plant stem from below a node, i.e. the point from where the leaves emerge. You’ll be able to see small root here.
  • Clean the stem with water and put it in a glass bottle or jar filled with clean water.
  • While growing a money plant in water, ensure that at least one node remains submerged in the water. You can however fold the stem inside the bottle to some extent. This will ensure that the roots at those nodes get a chance to grow and spread.
  • Place the money plant jar near or window or in the balcony so that it can receive some sunlight.
  • After sometime, when the plant starts to grow and more leaves pop out, use a thread to tie the new stems or leaves so that they can grow like climbers.

What are the important tips for money plant care?

money plant vastu tips

Money plant Vastu rules suggest that proper money plant care is necessary for the plant to grow well as well as to absorb the harmful radiations. Here are a few tips for money plant care:

  • Keep changing water frequently- at least once every week.
  • Maintain a proper water level in the glass jar or bottle.
  • Do not keep the plant in direct sunlight as the excessive heat may scorch or burn the leaves. Always keep it where it receives indirect sunlight.
  • If the plant is kept in an air-conditioned space, mist the plant regularly as it may become too dry due to the cool air.
  • Excessive dry conditions may harm the plant so keep misting the plant regularly.
  • Avoid using water with high chlorine or fluoride content. Use normal tap or RO water.
  • Do not add any fertilizers or pesticides to the plant.
  • Keep trimming the money plant regularly. If you don’t trim it , it will grow too long and difficult to maintain.
  • Frequently remove the dried or dead leaves to keep the plant healthy and ensure the flow of good energies.
  • Continue cutting the extra leaves and branches to keep the plant in shape.

In order to let the plant activate positive energy, you must follow Vastu guidelines to grow money plant at home.


Vastu for money plants lays down certain guidelines for placing a money plant at home. if followed properly, a money plant can become a harbinger of growth and prosperity in your life. On the contrary, if you choose to ignore money plant Vastu rules, they can even lead to loss of money and troubled relationships.

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