Vastu for Living Room: Amazing Ways To Create A Vibrant Space

Vastu for living room is a crucial part of the overall Vastu design of a house. After all, the living room is one of the most important places in the house. A well designed living room as per Vastu is sure to attract a lot of positive energies in your house.

Living room Vastu is also very important because it is the place where the entire family spends time together. Whether you’re entertaining guests or throwing a small party, the living room automatically becomes a part of your celebrations.

It is the place where you socialize with people, spend quality time and enjoy with your family and obviously create lasting relationships.

living room vastu tips

Living room or drawing room is a very important part of every house irrespective of the size of the house or how ancient or modern it is. A living room which adheres to Vastu principles makes sure that a plethora of positive energies circulate within your house. And as discussed many times, a constant flow of positive energies are sure to attract wealth, health and prosperity.

Since the living room serve so many important purposes, it is important that it is well-decorated as well as comfortable. This will ensure that the ambiance is conducive for pleasant conversations. And if designed well as per Vastu, the positive energies will make the family members and guests feel relaxed.

Living Room Vastu – Why is it important?

As discussed above the living room is the place where you entertain guests at home.

Now some of the guests that enter your home bring in positive thoughts and feelings or positive energies with them. On the other hand, there are also people who have negative emotions and bring in negative energies in your house. (Yes, there are all kinds of people in this world).

Now just imagine what happens when a guest with negative feelings for you and your family enters your house?

The first place they most likely enter is your living room. And what happens then?

They literally drop off their negative energy in your living room.


Now if your living room if not “equipped” to get rid of this negative energy, it spreads to entire home affecting you and your family.

You wouldn’t want that surely!

You must understand that your living room is the first place where a person enters after crossing your main entrance door. Therefore, the living room becomes a vulnerable place for receiving and storing all kinds of energies in your house.

It is therefore very important that you design you room as per Vastu so that it is well equipped to handle all kinds of energies. And more importantly, discard off all the negative energies entering your house.

Placement of the Living Room as per Vastu

Before really getting into the tips to design a living room as per Vastu, it is important to understand a little bit about the best placements for a living room.

Of course there are many options where the living room can be located, but here we enlist the best options which anyone can follow.

The below image will give you a clear idea about the various possible locations for a living room.

vastu for living room placement

Living room in North

New ideas and new opportunities pop up in the minds of the residents when they contemplate sitting in this living room. Ideas to expand the business or way to grow in jobs are common when one locates a living room here.

Living room in East:

One of the best possible locations for a living room. Meetings here will encourage people to create a strong understanding amongst themselves. Social bonds that are formed in such a living room are long lasting.

Living room in South West:

Discussions taking place here will mostly involve family matters and relationships. This is the best place to sit and discuss the possibilities of  creating a strong foundation in relationships or financial matters.

Living room in West:

A living room placed here will make the discussions very fruitful and profitable for the residents. The meetings or gatherings here will be relaxed and the outcome of discussion will bring monetary gains for the residents.

Living room in North West:

Meetings, especially involving negotiations will be very fruitful for the inhabitants. If you ask for help or support from your guests sitting in this living room, it’ll be hard for them to turn it down. Guests sitting here will not stay for long (which is good for those who don’t want guests to stay on permanently)

Since we now know the best places to locate the living room and their corresponding effects, let’s now discuss how to really design the living room.

Vastu tips for the living room

  1. Living Room Furniture

When it’s comes to choosing furniture for your living room, it is advisable to select square or rectangular pieces. Avoid odd shapes like a pentagon or a triangle.

living room furniture vastu

A sofa unit which is made of wood works well. It is suggested to avoid modern day modular furniture which is not made of natural material like wood. This is for the simple reason that all machine-made stuff has very low energy vibrations. On the other hand, all natural materials emit high positive energy vibrations.

Choose furniture which is comfortable to sit rather than only going for aesthetically designed pieces which are good to look at but not comfortable.

Recliners are a great option for living rooms as they encourage relaxation. Always make sure that every piece of furniture in your living or drawing room is well maintained and does not make creaking sounds.

  1. Colors for Living Room as per Vastu

Living room Vastu colors play a very important role in harnessing positive energies. They are so important that a wrong selection of colors can literally disturb the energy of the entire house.

It is best to choose light shades of colors instead or darker ones. This is because lighter shades will make your living room look bigger and brighter. You will need to use less lighting in such living rooms.

living room vastu colors

Also , it is ideal to use colors based on the placement of your living rooms. You can use the following shades as per directions:

  • Living room in East: Mint green, Brown
  • Living room in South: Pink, Orange and Red
  • Living room in South West: Yellow,Golden
  • Living room in West: Blue,Grey,Silver
  • Living room in North West: White,Silver, Grey
  • Living room in North: Blue, Off White

Remember to always use lighter shades of all the above mentioned colors.

  1. Curtains and linen

As with the colors on the walls, it is equally important to choose curtains and linen based on their colors and designs.

Once again the rule is to use shades based on the location of your living rooms. The above mentioned guide for choosing colors for walls can be used here as well.

An important point to consider here is that if your living room windows face the north or east from where the morning sun comes in, try and use light or sheer curtains. This will ensure that you get the beneficial morning energies of the sun straight into your living room.

Note: To get more insights on the above point, you may also want to read our detailed article on Vastu for East Facing Houses.

On the other hand, for windows in the south or west, use heavy drapes. This will protect the living room from strong afternoon heat and the harmful sun rays.

  1. Plants and water bodies

Plants are a great way to attract naturally positive energies in your living room. Some of the best plants that you can place in your living room that release a great amount of oxygen and purify the air are as follows:

  • living room plantsMoney plant
  • Peace lily (Cobra plant)
  • Snake plant
  • Areca palm
  • Spider plant

Always try to place the plants in the North or Eastern part of the living room. Another very important point to keep in mind is to ensure that the plants are watered regularly and are well maintained.

Plants with broad green leaves are ideal to be placed in the living room.

Plants represent growth and prosperity. If nurtured well, they can boost your overall health and wealth in unexpected ways.

In case you wish to have a small fountain in the living room, it is best to place it in the North or North east corner. And if you want to place an aquarium, East of south east is the ideal direction in the living room.

  1. Lighting and air conditioners

A well lit living room is sure to make the place feel more cozy and comfortable. Bright rooms invite positive energy just as dark rooms repel it. You should design your living space with lighting in different corners to keep it well-lit throughout the day and at night. It is best to use bulbs with a soothing glow to bring a cozy vibe to the room.

Also, it is important to carefully place the air-conditioners in the living room. South East and South West are preferable directions for the ACs. One must completely avoid placing the AC in North East as it may cause regular cold, cough and weakened immunity.

Ideally, it is best to use the AC as less as possible because of its impact on the environment both within and outside the house.

  1. Pooja space in living room

If you live in a small apartment and have limited space for a separate room, chances are that your Pooja room is placed within the living room.

In such cases, it is best to place the Pooja room in the north east, east or western part of the living room. These are ideal directions for a Pooja room.

Note: Read our detailed and comprehensive article on Vastu for Pooja Room.

  1. Paintings and sculptures

Paintings and sculptures are an important possession most people have these days. One doesn’t need to always have expensive paintings and artifacts. But if you do have, it is equally important to place them well in your living room.

painting living room

One should carefully choose the paintings that are displayed in the living room. Paintings which evoke happy emotions, look soothing to the eyes and calm the mind are always the best choice.

On the other hand, paintings depicting sadness, anger or loneliness should completely be avoided.

The type of paintings or sculptures you display in your living room will certainly decide the emotions you go through when you see them. For example, a painting or sculpture of a person doing meditation or yoga would be ideal to motivate you to follow him and keep yourself healthy and peaceful.

Thus, choose your paintings carefully to ensure that they make you feel motivated, happy and joyful.


The living room in your house is a place of great importance. The way you design it will decide the flow of energies in your house.

In addition to the above tips, ensure that your living room is clean, uncluttered and airy. Take care to clean the living room daily to keep it dust free. It is also advisable to organize the space and build sufficient storage. This will help you to keep things organized and keep table tops and surfaces free from clutter.

The above mentioned Vastu tips for living room can prove to be very powerful when it comes to inviting and channelizing positive energies in your house. We sincerely hope that you will leave no stone unturned to design your living room as per Vastu.

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