Staircase Vastu : Must Know Do’s & Don’ts

Staircase Vastu or Vastu for staircase is as important as any other placement in the overall Vastu design of a house. This is because the energies emanating from staircases are so powerful that they can literally make or break a house.

With increasing prosperity, there has been an increase in demand for livable floor area and people have started constructing multiple floors within a building.

This obviously means that staircase Vastu has become an integral part of most Vastu designs and architectural drawings.

For us as Vastu consultants, this has led to a huge increase in the number of queries with regards to the placement of a staircase as per Vastu. This is because the rules that apply to North facing houses are absolutely different than those of south facing houses.

Therefore, I chose to write about staircase Vastu- the correct and incorrect placement of staircase in a building. This article will also clear a lot of myths surrounding the placement of staircase as per Vastu.

Staircase Vastu – Why is it important?

Stairs are important because they connect one floor level to the other. This means they act as a connecting link between the energies of different floors.

For floors other than the ground floor, they facilitate the entry to that floor. In other words, the place where the stairs end on a floor is considered the entrance to that floor. Therefore, it has similar effects like an entrance.

Much like a main entrance connects the external energies to the internal energies within a building, a staircase connects the energies of one floor to the other. External staircases also connect external energies to the internal energies within a house.

In Vastu Shastra, staircases are given a lot of importance because their effects are pronounced and easily visible. This means that if a staircase is built as per Vastu, the residents enjoy immense wealth, health and unimaginable growth.

On the other hand, a wrongly located staircase can bring about a lot of health issues, loss of wealth and mental tensions.

These effects have been seen and validated by us after doing thousands of case studies.

Thus, it is vital that the placement of staircase is done in accordance to Vastu rules and must be validated by an expert Vastu consultant.

How to decide the placement of staircase as per Vastu?

Though there are many rules that need to be followed while placing the staircase according to Vastu, the two most important criteria that you need to remember are as follows:

  1. Since the staircase acts as an entrance to a particular floor, it should be located in the places of the best entrances as per Vastu Shastra.For example, if the staircase is placed in the West direction of the house, it should end on the above floor in the energy fields of Sugreev or Pushpadant-the two most beneficial energy fields of the Vastu Purusha Mandala.
  1. Another important fact to be kept in mind is that the staircase should always go up from East to West or from North to South.

Clockwise or Anti-clockwise staircase?

There has been a lot of confusion around the direction in which the staircases should run. Most people recommend that the stairs should only be clockwise and an anticlockwise staircase would bring bad luck and ill health. This is certainly not true.

Interestingly, none of the original texts on Vastu Shastra talk about clockwise or anti-clockwise staircases and there are actually no guidelines on staircases.

As per our observations, a clockwise staircase creates a downward vortex of energy in the zone in which it is located.

On the other hand, an anti-clockwise staircase creates an upward vortex of energy in the zone in which it is located.

These downward and upward vortices of energy change the natural effect of the zone.

The analogy of this concept can be equated with this: as you tighten the screw, you rotate the screw driver clockwise and it goes downwards.

If you rotate the screw driver anti-clockwise, the screw rises or moves upwards.

Thus, a clockwise staircase in a positive zone like West will suppress the positive energies of that zone and will create challenges in your growth and prosperity.

On the contrary, an anticlockwise staircase in a positive zone will bring out the best effects of that zone.

Therefore, you must remember that the staircase can be clockwise as well as anti-clockwise depending upon the zone they fall in.

If they are located in a zone whose attributes we wish to enhance, they should be made anti-clockwise and vice versa.

Staircase Vastu: Best and Worst directions

South East, South, South West corner and West are the ideal directions for making a staircase in a house. Even the North West direction is suitable for making a staircase in certain cases.

Most people consider South West to be the best option as it brings stability in relationships and finances.

On the contrary, making a staircase in the North or North East corner should be avoided completely. Making a staircase here can have serious effects on you brain and nervous system.

NOTE: We have a very interesting and detailed article on How Vastu re-wires your brain and nervous system.

As per most experts, staircases being heavy represent the earth element. Therefore, they must be constructed carefully in the defined zones.

Staircase Vastu: Odd or even number of stairs?

AS mentioned above, most ancient scriptures on Vastu have no mention about staircases. And thus, there is also no mention about the number of steps that are ideal.

However, in Hinduism, there is a slight preference given to odd numbers than even. For example:

  • The ahutis in a yajna are always in odd numbers like 51, 101 etc.
  • The donations are always made in odd numbers like 11,51,101 etc.
  • The number of elements which form the basis of existence are odd in number – 5 elements.
  • The number of days in a week are odd, the planets are odd (7 planets excluding Rahu & Ketu)
  • There is a theory that even the animals are always found in a pack of odd and a group of birds is always in odd number.

Since the nature loves odd, so does our mind.

Thus, most Vastu experts recommend that the number of stairs should always be odd in number. They even recommend that the number of doors and windows in a house should be odd.

Therefore, it is advisable (not mandatory) to have odd number of stairs in order to be in sync with nature. However, we have yet not found any scientific basis to it.

Staircase Vastu: Can a Toilet or Kitchen be constructed under a staircase ?

There are mixed theories with regards to constructing a kitchen or toilet under a staircase.

In case where there is absolutely no other option due to space constraints, the kitchen can be made under a staircase as a last resort.

However, in most cases, it is not advisable to make a kitchen under a staircase. This is because both the kitchen and the staircase are structures which emanate high energies within a building. Making both of them in the same place can actually create an imbalance of energy fields within a particular zone.

Thus, it is best to avoid making a kitchen under a staircase as per Vastu Shastra.

NOTE: Our article on Kitchen Vastu will guide you how to make a Vastu compliant kitchen to attract huge wealth and avoid losses and diseases.

With regards to the construction of a bathroom or toilet under a staircase, it is more important to check the Vastu zone in which the toilet is being constructed.

If the toilet is located in the correct zone like the West of North West or South of South West, making it under the staircase is not a problem at all.

In fact, making a toilet under a staircase helps one make the optimum use of space. Thus what is more important here is to construct the toilet in the correct zone as per Vastu even if it falls under the staircase.

When constructed in the correct zone, both the toilet and the staircase will produce positive results– no matter if the toilet is positioned under the staircase.

Staircase Vastu: Can a Pooja room be constructed under the staircase ?

It goes without saying that a Pooja room or home temple should never be placed under a staircase.

Just like your own self or your family members, God must have a space of his own. And under the staircase is certainly not the best place for the almighty.

Therefore, it is advisable to assign a separate room or place for making the Pooja room. For designing the Pooja room as per Vastu, you may read our detailed article on Pooja room Vastu.

Also, do remember that you should strictly avoid placing any God idols or photos under the staircase. Even refrain from placing Pitra (ancestors) photos under the staircase.

It is the Gods and the Pitras who bless the house with health, wealth, peace and prosperity. Thus, they certainly deserve a better place, rather the best place in the house. And it is certainly not under the staircase.

Staircase Vastu Tips: Important DO’s and DON’Ts

Important DO’s

  • Ensure proper lighting in the staircase area. It should not be dark or dim as it brings negative energy.
  • Always make a staircase running from East to West or from North to South.
  • Ensure that none of the steps are broken or chipped. If they are, repair them immediately as it might cause conflicts in the family or may lead to property related disputes.
  • If the staircase is in the South West, use a marble or stone railing, if it is in the West, use a metallic railing and if it is in the East or South, use a wooden railing.
  • Use proper colors in the staircase area depending on the direction in which they are located. You may use grey in West, red in the South and green in the East directions.
  • Staircases in good Vastu zones should be constructed anticlockwise and in the negative zones should be constructed clockwise.
  • Keep the area under the staircase perfectly clean and tidy. Alternatively, you can also construct a store under the staircase but keep it organized.

Important DON’Ts

  • Never make a Pooja room under the staircase
  • As far as possible, even avoid a kitchen under the staircase.
  • Never construct a staircase in the Brahmasthan or the centre of the house.
  • Avoid making a staircase in the North and North East corners of the house.
  • Do not place and God idols or hang photos under the staircase. Even avoid placing Pitra photos under the staircase.
  • As far as possible, avoid placing a dustbin directly under the staircase.
  • It is also not advisable to keep cash and valuables in a locker or cupboard under the staircase.
  • As far as possible, the placement of mirrors under a staircase should also be avoided.

FAQs related Stair case Vastu and their Answers –

Which is the ideal place for staircase as per vastu?

Staircase is ideal in South , South West and West directions of a building.

How many steps should be in an ideal staircase?

There is no ideal number of steps and a staircase can have as many steps as required as per design and construction. The only thing important is the correct placement of a staircase as per Vastu.

May I place bathroom or kitchen under staircase?

You may place a bathroom under a staircase but a kitchen is certainly not recommended under a staircase.

Which is the best place for staircase in east facing house?

In an east facing house, the staircase can be placed in the South East, South or South West directions.

Is clockwise staircase good as per vastu?

Clockwise or anticlockwise stairs both can be good or bad as per Vastu. It depends on the direction in which the staircase is placed in a house.


The staircase in your house might be one of the most neglected areas. However, do keep in mind that the energies emanating from the staircases are very powerful.

Thus, they warrant proper attention and you must follow the above mentioned Vastu guidelines while constructing the staircase in your house.

Whether your constructing a house or designing a shop or showroom as per Vastu, do remember to give due weightage to the proper placement of staircases.

If done well. staircase Vastu has the potential to supercharge your growth and prosperity and bring you unimaginable success.


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  1. Sir,
    only you can solve my query. Does stairs steeping down towards North Direction creates wastage of Lakshmi. As you have described that stairs should rise towards West or South direction only. This means stairs are going down towards East or North.?

        1. The location of the staircase is more important than the direction in which it comes down.It will not be correct to assume that merely because a staircase comes down in North, it becomes inauspicious. For a detailed view, you may visit our blog -

  2. Hi ,
    My stairs directions is started south east and end on north direction. And under stair space direction is north and north east The under stair space is just front of my main door can you suggest how can I manage the things as per vastu. Please suggest what should I do for good fortune and success.

    1. A staircase in the North East is not the best thing to have. Try and keep a water fountain under the staircase in order to enhance the energies of the North and North East directions. This should help.

  3. Hello Sir,
    We have staircase in the south west corner. Stairs starts from north and lands towards north but takes anti-clock. That means stairs start from north and after 9 steps it takes a u-turn (anti-clock) and 10 steps towards north. Does it matter clock-wise or anti-clock wise. Please advise.

    1. Hello ! No it won’t matter much if the staircase is anti-clockwise. So no need to worry about it. What is more important is the location of the staircase which in your case looks correct in the South West.

      1. Hello, we are looking at a home with a double curved staircase inside the main entrance. The door is a double door and faces straight in between the two stairs; each stair is in either side of the main door. This main entrance is on the southwest side of the house. Is this acceptable. If not, can it be made acceptable by adding plants, certain wall decor, or other items?

  4. hi, i am constructing external stair case on north west direction of the house, on north side on first floor. We are confused as to whether to keep the same on clockwise or anticlockwise

  5. Hi sir
    can we have a external stairs case in NORTH WEST direction steps are arising from North to south and take a turn to east

  6. Sir, we are constructing stairs between southwest and west, starting from the north and taking a U-turn. Should it be clockwise or anticlockwise?

  7. Sir, we are constructing stairs between south-west and west, starting from the north and then taking a U-turn. Should it be clockwise or anticlockwise?

    1. Hi, We are building internal stairs in West direction of the house. The stairs will start from North, go up towards south and the turn right (not U turn just a right angle to them point east) anti-clockwise to reach the landing on first floor. Is this okay?

      1. Whether the staircase is ok not not will depend on where the landing area falls on the first floor and where it begins from the ground floor. Exact West is ok for a staircase but a little deviation in the degrees can change the entire calculations.

  8. Hello sir,
    My staircase is in SW direction. The handle railing of the stair is in the left side and it is moving clock wise. Is there any correction needed?

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