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Vastu Shastra Myths You Are Made To Believe

Vastu shastra myths created over time have been an outcome of the mis-interpretation of ancient texts . This has led to a lot of confusion in the minds of the ordinary people.

These Vastu myths range from the use of yantras to the direction your house faces. The so called ‘pundits’ or erudite translators have mis-represented many facts mentioned in the texts. This is either due to a lack of understanding on the subject or for personal benefits.

The principles which came into existence in the ancient ages are still very much relevant even today. The only exception being the scary myths which gullible clients have been made to believe. And this is courtesy the Vastu gurus who act more as salesmen selling yantras and pyramids.

Though they convince the client that the problem is big, but they claim to solve them by the use of fancy gadgets.

Sounds weird, isn’t it ?

The purpose of all the knowledge present in the Vedas and other texts is to enable a human being cherish his existence on earth. It is to help them fulfil their purpose of life.

The knowledge which one cannot apply or which is unable to take you towards the light of wisdom and insights, will only lead you to darkness and ignorance.

The ancient texts on Vastu Shastra gave clear instructions on the placement of everything within a built-up space. Following these would enable the residents to live in harmony with the creative forces of the nature.

Here I mention a few myths which have long been prevalent without any relevant or convincing logic:

Vastu is a religious subject and has no scientific basis

“Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Do you understand astrophysics, robotics or for that matter even medical science?  May be not!

“But don’t they work?  The certainly do!”vastu shastra myth

This is my standard answer to people who discard off Vastu Shastra as a mere religious belief. They do so without understanding the logics and science behind it.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science developed thousands of years ago by Indian sages.

It takes into account the factors influencing a construction site.  It is an important part of Indian Architecture and has its roots in philosophy, maths, geology, geography and religion.

The factors influencing a site are topography, roads, surrounding structures, the Sun’s effects, Earth’s magnetic field, the cardinal directions and Nature’s five elements etc.

This science was used to construct temples which have been storehouses of powerful energies since time immemorial and still stand tall. And this is not merely because the idols of Gods exist there.

It is because those temples as well as the idols of Gods were constructed with precise mathematical and geometrical calculations. This made them vibrate in harmony with the forces of nature.

Don’t take a South Facing House even for free

This is perhaps the biggest of all myths that a south facing property always brings bad-luck and doom is guaranteed.

The residents are made to believe that they can never prosper in such properties.south facing house vastu

Just simply understand – all houses opposite North facing houses in any lane or along any road are south facing.

Or for that matter in a commercial street, all the shops opposite North facing ones are also south facing.

So are they all doomed? Certainly not !

All the directions are a manifestation of the divine and are equally important and powerful. And south is no exception.

In fact, we have observed that most of the successful factories and house of hugely successful businessmen are south-facing.

The energies of south bring fame, reputation, expansion and tremendous financial benefits to the occupants.

The only thing one needs to consider is the placement of the entrance in the correct place in the southern direction. This is important because if wrongly placed, it can lead to disasters.

If placed well, a south facing property will bring so much work and financial benefits that at times it’ll never give you time to relax.

South being the direction of fire will ensure that the fire within you representing your passion, hard-work and motivation is always burning brightly.

An entrance in the North-East is the Best

North-East is perhaps the favorite direction of all Vastu pundits. They unequivocally propose that one should place an entrance there.

There is no doubt that this direction has a strong presence of divine energies.

But an incomplete understanding of this zone and blindly placing an entrance here can lead to serious disasters.

It could cause fire related accidents and financial losses.

An entrance here can sometimes be good if made as per very precise calculations. But at the same time, it can be a serious Vastu defect if there is even a slight difference in the measurements and magnetic calculations of the property.

A mirror in the bedroom reflecting your image causes arguments

This is one myth every householder is aware of. But this is far from truth.

It is not the placement of the mirror in the bedroom which is the problem; it is the direction in which you place them that you should take care of.

A mirror normally indicates an extension of whatever it reflects. So if you place it in a part of your house which is cut or completely missing, the mirror can help balance the energies of that space by creating a virtual extension.

Also, a mirror represents the water element because of its property to reflect. Thus, if placed in the fire directions like the south or south east, it can wreck havoc.

Therefore, one should carefully manage the use of mirrors. But one should not worry about it causing arguments by its mere presence in the bedroom.

Placing God idols or Yantras can remove Vastu defects

This is the easiest and the most money making gimmick of Vastu consultants. As per them, they can ward off all evil by the mere use of Yantras like the Shree Yantra, Kuber yantra etc.

The fact is that Vastu as a science follows the laws of nature like the earth’s magnetic field, the sunlight and the flow of the winds.vastu yantra

This has got nothing to do with Yantras.

The forces of nature convey that if you do not follow the scientific laws of the nature, even the God’s can’t help.

Yantras are undoubtedly very powerful representations of the cosmic energies. based on precise geometrical calculations, but the irony is that even the proponents of these Yantras themselves do not know how to draw these Yantras and how they work. But as long as it makes them money, they sell these with conviction.


Vastu is an ancient science of architecture. It has been a part of our civilization for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, today many so called Vastu Gurus are spreading unnecessary fear and myths about Vastu. This is jeopardizing the whole scientific reasoning behind Vastu Shastra.

After successfully testing the methodology over thousands of real life cases, we found that there is no truth behind most of the Vastu Myths which are prevalent in today’s society.

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