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Vastu for Factory : Powerful Tips to Maximize Production With Highest Quality Standards

Factory Vastu has seen an unprecedented increase in demand over the years. With the advent of globalization and a rapidly growing economy, the need to set up industries has been more than ever. And so has been the demand for industrial Vastu.

From large scale mega factories to small scale industries, the pace of industrialization has been phenomenal over the years.

But not all industries have been successful. While some factories face challenges related to production, others are constantly struggling with labor related problems. This is because of their reluctance to follow the tenets of Industrial Vastu for factory.

Here’s an image which indicates the ideal Vastu for factory layout. We shall discuss all of these in details in our blog.

industrial vastu factory layout

For some industries, maintaining the quality of their product has been difficult. And for some others, managing the supply chain and raw material brings headaches.

This is where the Vastu of factory can play a game-changing role. You will be surprised to know that the application of Vastu can not only lead to higher production, but also help a factory set international benchmarks for quality.

A lot of industries have been able to achieve the Six-sigma benchmark (3.4 defects per million parts) by the application of the age old tenets of Vastu Shastra for factories.

Irrespective of the size of the factory or industrial shed, applying the principles of industrial Vastu for factory at the time of construction is hugely beneficial . It can help in avoiding problems with production, administration, finances, labor etc.

Why is Vastu for factory shed important?

Vastu for factory shed helps to generate maximum production with minimal effort. This can only be achieved if all the processes involved in running a factory are in sync.

vastu factory shed

Every industry is unique in its product and process. And therefore the factory Vastu rules must also be unique to each industry.

Every single process in the production cycle is equally important. But for various industries, some processes are more important than others.

For example, for a food processing industry, taste and quality of the product are more important than the packaging.

On the other hand, for a luxury watch or accessories industry, design and styling is more important than any other process.

Thus, Vastu for industries plays a key role in designing an industrial shed as per the requirements of each industry.

For example, while preparing the Vastu for factory layout , the zone of fire, i.e. the South-East must be carefully designed for an industrial shed which manufactures iron and steel.

This is because heating and melting iron is the most important activity when it comes to the Vastu for steel industry.

On the other hand, an industrial shed manufacturing medicine must have a defect-free West and South zones to ensure highest quality.

Therefore, even if you’re doing the Vastu for small factory, it is important to keep the principles of factory Vastu in mind.

One must do this for constructing the shed, placement of the stairs, placement of the water bodies, installing the machinery, planning the movement of goods and dispatching them to the clients.

Even while doing the Vastu for factory office or Vastu for factory main gate, proper care must be given while designing the factory layout.

9 Important Factory Vastu Tips

1.Slope of Land in and around the industrial shed

industrial vastu factory plot slope

The tenets of Vastu for industries lay a lot of emphasis on the slope of any construction. There are prescribed rules and guidelines that you must follow while deciding to set up an industrial shed as per Vastu.

Even before the construction of the a factory shed, one must carefully look at the Vastu for industrial plot on which the shed will be constructed.

An per plot Vastu rules, an industrial plot which is sloping downwards to the North or North East is considered to be the best.

This is because the earth’s magnetic field flows from the North-East towards the South-West. A slope towards the North-East is thus beneficial to take the best advantage of the magnetic flow.

On the other hand, an industrial plot which has a slope towards the South or South West is certainly not advisable.

Similarly, while planning the Vastu for industrial shed, do keep in mind that the roof of the shed should slope towards the North or East for the rainwater to flow.

2.Heating Processes and Electrical Controls

Electrical Control panels, transformers and generators are standard assets in every industrial shed. Their placement also plays a key role in the smooth functioning of the production process.

While designing the Vastu for factory layout, one must carefully choose their placements .

As per Vastu Shastra, placement of the electrical equipment like transformers and control panels is very important part of factory Vastu. These electrical equipment represent the fire element.

For example, while doing the Vastu for chemical factory, the placement of boilers must be done carefully.

Boilers are also an activity of fire. Thus, it is advisable to place these in the fire zones of South and South-East as per factory Vastu.

factory vastu

If they are wrongly placed in zones like the North or North East, they can seriously jeopardize the production process.

This is a common problem we come across while doing the Vastu for North facing factory. In most of these cases, the transformers are placed right in the front which result in a lot of problems.

A generator an also an electrical equipment but its purpose is to provide electrical backup in case of an electrical breakdown. Thus, the ideal location of a generator should be in the North West of the industrial shed as per Vastu.

3. Vastu for Factory Machines: Correct directions and placements

There is a popular myth that floats around when it comes to the Vastu for factory machines.

As per the myth one should only place the machinery in the South West corner. The logic is that the South West corner must be kept heavy and thus one needs to place the factory machines as per Vastu in the South West only.

This is not true because every industry is different is so is their machinery.

As per industrial Vastu guidelines, it is not the weight of the machine which should decide its placement, but the activity it performs.

For example, in a stone crusher it is best to place the stone crushing machine in the North-West corner . This is because the energy fields of Rudra – an energy field in the North West as per Vastu Purush Mandala governs the function of crushing.

Thus, one should carefully define the purpose and usage of the machine while doing the Vastu for factory machines.

4. Vastu for factory main gate & compound walls/boundary

The correct Vastu for factory main gate or entrance can be the deciding factor between the success and failure of an industrial unit.

As a thumb rule, nearly 30-40% weightage can be given to the placement of the main gate in a factory.

The factory main gate in all the four directions can be good provided it is in the correct position.

Generally people prefer to place a factory main gate facing East or North as per Vastu. They think that these are very auspicious directions as per Vastu.

This is also the main reason they prefer to buy a North Facing House or an East Facing House as per Vastu.

The following image on Vastu for factory main gate indicates the best locations for the factory entrance.

factory vastu main gate

As per industrial Vastu, the auspiciousness of a factory does not only depend on it’s facing direction, but also on the location of it’s main gate and all other structures within the plot.

After doing hundreds of cases on South facing factory Vastu, we have realized how successful south facing factories can be provided one carefully follows proper rules of Vastu for industries.

NOTE: For a detailed understanding on the correct placements of main gate, you can read our excellent blog on Vastu for main door. Though it is written for home entrances, the same locations are applicable for factory Vastu.

As mentioned above, a factory main gate can bring in unprecedented growth or can lead to huge losses.

For example, a client engaged us for working on a South West facing factory Vastu. The factory was under huge losses and debts and was on the verge of shutting down.

While preparing the Vastu for factory layout, we realized that the factory main gate in the exact South West was one of the major reasons for such a condition. As soon as we rectified that problem, things changed dramatically.

The the location of the main gate is very crucial when it comes to Vastu for factory.

The compound wall or the boundary of the industrial shed is also very important as per Vastu. This is because it is within this boundary that the interplay of energy fields takes place.

Industrial Vastu texts lay clear guidelines for constructing the compound walls of an industrial shed.

It is important to keep in mind that the boundary walls in the South and West of the shed should be higher and thicker than those towards the North and the East.

The same rules apply while doing the Vastu for South facing houses.

This is because the path of the Sun is from East to West via South and South West.

Around late afternoon and before sunset, the heat of the Sun is at its peak. When the Sun is in the South and South West, there’s an increase in the ultraviolet radiation in the atmosphere. This causes a natural disruption of the energy patterns.

On the contrary, lower and thinner walls in the North and East help in the absorption of the beneficial infrared rays in the morning and early afternoon.

Thus, as per common compound wall rules, the height and the thickness of the compound walls are important from the perspective of factory Vastu.

5. Vastu for Factory Office: Location of the Staff Cabins & Labor Quarters

The correct Vastu for factory office is a very important cog in the wheel of factory Vastu.

A small factory may employ five or six people, whereas a big factory would employ hundreds of them. Since the success of a factory is heavily dependent on the workers, one should carefully decide on their placement .

There are important areas in a factory like the administrative area, guard room, labor quarters which you must design following Vastu principles.

There is no fixed rule for the placement of the staff as many Vastu consultants propose.

Whether you’re doing the Vastu for small scale industries or large corporations, you must keep in mind the functions which the staff members perform while deciding the location of their cabins.

You must seek the advice of an expert Vastu consultant who has the correct knowledge of industrial Vastu.

As a general rule, the office of the owners is ideal in the West or the South directions.

West is the direction of overall gains and profits. On the other hand, South can bring name and fame along with an authoritative position in the industry.

It is best to construct the labor quarter towards the South-East corner of the shed. This is because the fiery energies of this direction will keep the labor motivated and energized to perform well.

When it comes to the Vastu for office, the key duties of the staff should decide their placement.

A technical machine operator’s cabin should be in the South West. Such a placement will ensure that the technical staff will keep sharpening his skills over time.

On the other hand, the Administrative area of the shed should ideally be located in the East direction. This being the direction of Sun will give him the necessary skills of control and administration.

The South of South East is the ideal location for the placement of the guard room.

6.Placement of the raw materials and finished goods

The most important components of a factory are its raw materials and the finished goods. That is what the factory survives on. Thus, it is important to choose their placement correctly.

It is best to place all the raw materials in the West zone of the factory.

If the factory’s raw materials includes a lot of liquids, you can place them towards the North or North East.

Vastu for industries recommends North West as the best direction for the placement of finished goods.

This is the direction that ensures continuous movement and flow of the finished goods.

The North West, called the Vayavya Koan has the energies of the Vayu tatva or the air element. The quality of air element being constant flow, this direction ensures that a regular flow and movement of the finished goods is maintained.

7.Placement of Water Boring, Toilets and Septic Tank

The correct placement of the water boring, overhead water tanks, toilets and septic tank as per Vastu can be the difference between good and bad Vastu.

North, North East, East and West are the best directions for the placement of a water boring in a factory. These are the directions which support the water element-the representative of growth and opportunities.

On the contrary, overhead water tanks represent the earth element. Therefore, they should ideally be placed in the South West or West zones while doing Vastu for factories. Do keep in mind that no overhead tanks should be placed in the North East of the factory.

A toilet or a septic tank in a factory is used to dispose off the waste solids and liquids.

Thus the ideal locations for a septic tank and toilets in Vastu are the South of South West or the West of North West.

8.Parking area for vehicles as per Industrial Vastu

As per industrial Vastu rules, there should be separate parking spaces for heavy and light vehicles.

The heavy vehicles parking must be outside the factory premises.

In case it’s necessary to park them inside, it must be done in the South and South West zones.

Parking for lighter vehicles like scooters or bicycles is best in the North West directions. It can even be in the North and East zones of the factory.

It is advisable to avoid any parking in the North East.

9.Kitchen and Pantry Placement

A mini representation of the cosmic fire, the kitchen or pantry in a factory must be placed correctly for the fire element to be balanced. South East to South are the ideal directions for the placement of a kitchen as per Vastu.

One must avoid any black or blue wall paints, granite slabs or tiles in the kitchen. These colors represent the water element which is anti to the fire element of the kitchen.


The above article makes it clear that a proper understanding of each industry along with the knowledge and application of industrial Vastu for factory principles can go a long way in running a factory profitably. Profit here does not only mean more production, it also means better productivity from the labor and machinery.

Any factory can achieve success by judiciously following the principles of Vastu for industrial shed.

In case you’re planning to set up a new factory, or are facing challenges with your existing one, please feel free to call Abhishek Khandelwal – An expert Industrial Vastu consultant in India.

FAQ Related Factory Vastu

Which direction is good for a factory?

All the directions can be good to construct a factory. It really depends on what you manufacture or process in the factory. For a garment factory, the South East direction is good. For a crusher, the North direction is excellent. For a steel industry, South & West directions are very good.

Can Vastu be applied to small scale industries?

Yes of course! The universal rules of Vastu can be applied to any industry irrespective of its scale and size. We can do Vastu for workshops, processing units as well as large industrial units using customised Vastu principles.

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    1. Dear Mr.Kadam.

      There is no fixed checklist for setting up a factory since every industry is unique. We first need to understand the entire manufacturing or extraction process in order to be able to assist you correctly.
      You may get in touch with me on my number – 7797237411 to discuss this further.

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        1. The ideal place to sit would be in the West direction of your office facing the East. Since you specifically mentioned -“dealing with clients and new prospects” , I recommend West because it’s the direction of lord Varuna- the controller of the universe as per the Vastu Purush Mandala. You can read more about it here – Vastu Purusha Mandala: Floor Plan of the Universe

          Doing so will ensure overall gains for you and you shall always remain in control of the conversation.

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    1. The North East area can be used in many ways depending on the type of factory. IN general, you don’t necessarily need to keep it empty. You can make an office , parking , lab etc. there. It really varies from industry to industry.

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    1. Hello ! It’s extremely difficult for me to be able to guide you without a proper floor plan and study of your premises. We prefer to do everything with mathematical precision and hence it’ll not be right on my part to comment without an analysis. In case you’d like to get a thorough check of things, you may call / whatsapp me on 7797237411

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