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Vastu for Plot Selection: 7 Must Know Tips

Buying a plot is one of the biggest financial investments one makes in life.Therefore, one must thoroughly check the Vastu for plots before finalizing .

If you’re looking to buy a small plot or a large piece of land, don’t forget to keep the eternal principles of Vastu Shastra in mind. Whether you’re buying a plot for your own use or for investment purposes, you must ensure that it is as per the principles of Vastu.

With the burgeoning population, real estate is facing supply constraints and is getting expensive by the day. In such a situation, it makes a lot of sense to buy a piece of land by carefully assessing its Vastu dynamics.

Doing so can ensure you that you get the best return on your investment. If you decide to construct a house, office or factory, a Vastu compliant plot will ensure you overall success and prosperity.

Why is Vastu important for buying plots or land?

Since the earth is considered as principal Vastu, it has a substantial share in benefit or malefic results of the building constructed on it.

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Therefore, it is important to carefully assess the plot for any Vastu defects. Only if a plot is Vastu compliant will it serve its real purpose.

It is the Vastu of your plot which is a key factor that decides the potential of your real estate investment. For some people, buying a plot almost immediately proves to be beneficial. For some others, buying a plot leads to a lot of suffering and setbacks. They may even reach a stage where they have to sell the plot and pay off their loans.

The difference in the above two situations is the Vastu compliance of the plot or land. A good Vastu compliant plot carries the potential to change the fortunes of the owners or inhabitants.

7 Vastu Tips to keep in mind for buying a Plot or Land

  1. History of the Plot

The past history of the plot will invariably decide its future also. When we talk about the plot history, we take in consideration certain important parameters.

  • What kind of a structure existed on the plot earlier?

This is of great significance because if the plot had a chemical factory on it previously, we must understand that the soil of the plot would be full of chemical waste. Thus, the plot is not suitable for constructing a residential building or complex.

A plot where a graveyard existed earlier is also certainly not good for any kind of construction. A plot which had a hospital on it would have absorbed a lot of negative energies of the pain and suffering. Thus, it is best to avoid such a plot for constructing a residential building.

  1. Shape of the Plot

The shape of the plot on which the construction is to happen plays a very important role. It is always advisable to buy plots with a square or rectangular shape. This is because the division of energy flows in such plots is well- balanced.

There are certain exceptions depending on the purpose of the plot and is usage. For example, a circular plot is a strict no to construct a residential or office building. However, it is suitable for a religious structure or some special types of temples.

An irregular shaped plot like a triangular or a hexagonal plot must not be purchased at all. This is because in such irregular shaped plots, some of the corners would be cut and some extended beyond normal limits. This will disrupt the flow of different energy fields.

A classic example of the disasters that can be caused because of an irregular shaped plot is the Union Carbide Factory, Bhopal (famous for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy).

Have a look at the shape of the plot.  Looks like an odd shaped triangle !

irregular plot vastu


Another example of an irregular shaped plot could be an L-Shaped plot. In such plots, one or more important corners would be cut causing an energy imbalance.

Thus, it is best to select a regular shape like a square or a rectangle shape when buying a plot.

  1. Slope of the Plot

 In all the ancient texts on Vastu, a lot of emphasis is given on the slope of the plot. And there is ample scientific logic behind the slopes to be in particular directions.


slope plot vastu

The slope of a plot is one of the most crucial aspects one must keep in mind. It significantly affects human health and well-being. As per Vastu every slope has dramatic effects on people depending on its direction.

Vastu Shastra recommends that all the slopes of a plot or a piece of land should be in the right direction. A failure to follow this rule can bring misfortune and ill health. The slope of a plot creates a significant impact on health, peace, riches, success, and relationships.

The best plots are the ones which slope towards the North or North East. This is because of the angle of solar radiation. The heat intensity of the sun in lesser towards the North and North East. Hence, a slope towards these directions is best to take the advantage of the beneficial morning sun rays.

Also, the sun emits infrared radiation during the morning and early afternoon. These rays are particularly beneficial and a plot which slopes towards North and North East is at the best advantage to receive them.

On the contrary, a slope towards the South or South West is considered inauspicious for a plot. This is because of the same reason mentioned above.

A South West sloping plot would mean an elevated North East. This would thus block the beneficial morning rays.

Another important reason for a North East slope is that the earth’s magnetic field flows from North East towards South West. Thus, a plot sloping to the North East ensures a natural an uninterrupted flow of such energies.

Vastu is a pure science based on the tenets of astronomy, physics and the path of Sun’s movement. Thus, there are profound logics for the plots to slope in certain directions.

  1. Astrological Calculations of the buyer and the time of Purchase

 Astrological Calculations of the buyer

Vastu without Astrology is like a house without the foundation. All major scriptures mention certain astrological guidelines that one must follow while buying a plot.Image result for astrology chart

Firstly, it is important to check the astrological chart of the buyer thoroughly. This is to establish compatibility between the plot and the buyer himself. Not all plots will suit every individual. For example, a person with a weak Saturn should avoid buying a West facing plot.

Similarly, there are other astrological consideration which one must keep in mind while buying a plot. It is best to consult a reliable Vastu consultant who also understands astrology well.

Time of purchase of the plot (Muhurta)

Another important factor to consider is the Mahurata in which one purchases the plot. In the Hindu culture, we lay a lot of emphasis of performing all auspicious activities at the right time as per an auspicious Muhurta.

The time and date on which one buys a plot also hugely defines the success of purchase. Thus, one must choose a good and auspicious Muhurta to successfully achieve the purpose of the plot.

There are a lot of details in Vastu texts about the auspicious and inauspicious times (lunar months, dates, days etc.). One must choose an auspicious time and date by looking at the Panchanga.

  1. Facing of the Plot

It’s a common myth that plots facing North or East are always auspicious while those facing South and West are inauspicious. This is certainly not true.

All directions in nature are a creation of the supreme forces. As per Vastu, no particular direction is bad unless one follows all other rules.

The facing of the plot largely depends on the purpose for which the plot is being purchased. In the modern context, the profession or business of the purchaser needs to be taken into consideration while buying a plot.

A plot facing East is best suitable for religious preachers, scholars, people in research and development etc. On the other hand, a West facing plot is ideal for businessman and people of the trading community.

If the purpose of the plot is to set up a factory, a South facing plot is a better option than plots facing other directions.

One must also consider the placement of the main entrance before deciding the facing of the plot. If one is not getting a good entrance placement in the front, one must avoid such a plot.

Thus, one should not blindly follow the prevalent myths and decide the facing of the plot as per the purpose it is being bought for.

  1. The quality of Soil and its contents

In earlier times, different colors of soils were considered favorable for different sections of the society. However, with industrialization and pollution, the quality and color of the soil is not the same anymore. Thus, it can no longer be a deciding factor for a plot.soil vastu plot

However, one must test the soil before buying the plot if possible. One must avoid a plot whose soil quality is inferior and contains a lot of chemical waste or a heap of garbage like medical wastes etc.

Also, it is important to note that on digging the plot, the kind of stuff that comes out also plays a key role.

For example, one must completely avoid a plot which has been a habitat of termites, scorpions, snakes etc. This indicates that the energies of the earth below are very negative in nature. These insects and reptiles have the innate capacity to live in areas which have negative energy.

On digging the plot, one finds dead animals, carcasses or skulls, it is a clear indication of the inherent negativity of such plots. One must completely avoid such plots.

On the other hand, a plot with fertile soil and free of insects and rodents is best for construction.

  1. Buildings and other obstructions and installations around the Plot

One must carefully analyze the surroundings of the plot before deciding to purchase it. The buildings, structures and other installations around the plot are key elements which can block the flow of energies.

It is ideal to buy plots which have no obstruction in the form of high rise buildings, trees, electrical poles etc. towards its North, East and North East. tree obstruction vastu for plotAny installation like tall trees, electrical transformers etc. block the flow of the positive energies that come from these directions.

On the other hand, because of the excessive solar radiations towards the South and South West, it is best if there are high rise buildings or towers towards these directions. This will block the flow of negative solar radiations.


The process of Vastu starts from plot selection. It is very important to choose a correct plot in order to lay the foundation of a home, office or factory that would invite positive energies.

The careful selection of a plot is crucial since the plot represents a fixed form that will radiate positive as well as negative energies. This will depend on its location, orientation, shape, slope and soil quality etc. While selecting a plot, one must keep the above points in mind.

Ideally, it is best to consult a Vastu expert at the time of selecting a plot. This will ensure that you make a sensible decision in accordance with the laws of the nature. A Vastu expert’s advice and inputs could be very valuable in deciding the right plot to give your overall success.

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