Septic Tank Vastu Tips: Mistakes You Must Never Make

Septic Tank Vastu has gained a lot of importance in the recent times. The burgeoning population and rampant construction has made constructing septic tanks a necessity rather than a matter of choice.

In the olden times, there was’nt much thought given to the correct direction of septic tanks because the population was not so high. However, with ever increasing population, the need to dispose off waste matter has increased tremendously.

Thus, septic tanks these days are inevitable and so is the need for proper septic tank Vastu. In fact, the proper positioning of a septic tank must be given equal importance like the Vastu placement of staircase or entrance of a house.

Best Septic Tank Locations as per Vastu

A septic tank’s activity is very similar to that of a toilet or commode – to flush out the waste matter. Thus, their correct placement is also very similar to the toilet position as per Vastu

Let’s look at the ideal placements for a septic tank:

Septic Tank Vastu Direction Effects of Septic Tank Location as per Vastu
East of South East (ESE) Favorable for septic tank and toilet; reduces over-analysis and anxiety, promoting mental calmness and well-being.
South of South West (SSW) Optimal for septic tank; energy supports effective waste removal (human, mental & emotional ).  Enhances Vastu energies of the overall plot. 
West of North West (WNW) Excellent location to ensure mental detoxification . Septic tank placement here aids in letting go of blocked emotions, benefiting mental and emotional health.

Septic Tank Vastu for North Facing House

It is a very tricky task to decide the position of a septic tank in a north facing house.

Generally, people prefer to position a septic tank in front of the house. This is done to ease the outflow of the waste water directly into the municipal pipeline.

In case of a north facing house, it is extremely difficult to place a septic tank in the front side. A North facing house will have its frontage either in exact north or in the North East or Northwest.

Vastu Shastra prohibits a septic tank in all of these directions.

Firstly, because the earth’s electromagnetic fields flow from the North East direction. Therefore, locating a septic tank in the north east or the north direction is a strict no lest it can block the beneficial earth energies right at their starting point.

Secondly, placing a septic tank in the North can block business and career growth. It can jeopardize the inflow of money and opportunities.

Alternatively, a septic tank in the north East can cause mental blockages, neurological problems and weak immunity.

Therefore, the only recommended options are to place the septic tank towards the Western side of the plot in the West of North West (WNW) direction. Alternatively, if you more space on the Eastern side, you can place it on the East of South East (ESE).

Septic Tank Vastu for East Facing House

When it comes to an East facing house, placing the septic tank requires extra care and consideration. The direction of the rising Sun ,East is one of the most revered and powerful area in the house.

The best septic tank position in an East facing house is in the East of South East direction.

This area provides a conducive environment for churning out the negative energies from the septic tank. It much like the process of Samudra Manthan or churning of the ocean. The churning separates the negative energies from the positive ones.

We highly recommend to avoid a septic tank placement in the exact East direction. The East is ruled by the Sun, which is considered the king of all planets in astrology.

Placing the septic tank in this direction would disturb the powerful energy of the Sun and impact the energies of other planets as well.

One of the most common questions is – “can we have a septic tank in the south east corner?”

The straightforward answer is no – you must never position a septic tank in the southeast corner.

The South East corner as per Vastu is extremely critical for your physical and financial health. Thus, a septic tank in the south east corner is best avoided .

Thus, you must completely avoid a septic tank in south east direction.

Septic Tank Vastu for South Facing House

For a south-facing house, the front can be in the South or South west direction. Alternatively, it could also be a South east facing house.

For a South facing house, Vastu Shastra recommends placing the septic tank in the South of Southwest (SSW) direction, i.e. between the South and Southwest.

This location harnesses the energy fields that promote proper disposal of negative energies, making it ideal for a septic tank.

Placing the septic tank in the center of the Southwest corner, known as the pitru sthaan in Vastu can cause financial instability.

The South west corner in Vastu is crucial for growth and stability in life. So a septic tank in South west corner can be disastrous. It is also crucial to avoid placing a septic tank in the Southeast corner.

Septic Tank Vastu for West Facing House

As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, the placement of a septic tank in a West facing house is a crucial factor in maintaining a harmonious and balanced living space.

The best septic tank location for a West facing house is in the West of North West (WNW) direction.

It is widely believed that the North West direction is ideal for septic tanks in West facing houses. However, this is not entirely true according to Vastu Shastra.

Placing the septic tank in the exact North West direction can lead to financial and health related problems, as it can disrupt the flow of positive energy in the house.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to avoid placing the septic tank in the exact West direction.

The West is ruled by Lord Varun, who is considered to be one of the most powerful devtas in Vastu Purush Mandala. By placing the septic tank in West, it can disturb the energy field and negatively impact the fulfilment of wishes and desires.

To ensure a peaceful and prosperous living environment, it is important to follow the guidelines of Vastu for septic tank placement in West facing houses.

By placing the tank in the West of North West direction, you can balance the negative energies generated by the waste water and maintain a harmonious energy flow in the house.

Septic Tank Vastu Remedies

Septic tanks are an essential part of any household waste management system. But, according to Vastu Shastra, their placement can cause problems if not done correctly.

If the septic tank is already built and is in an inappropriate location, then there are several remedies that can be performed to rectify the situation. Here are a few Vastu remedies for an incorrectly located septic tank:

  • For a septic tank in North or North East corner, you can place some green plants on top of the tank as a Vastu remedy. Also add a fountain for additional energy flow.
  • An effective Vastu remedy for a septic tank in South East is to color the tank red and insert some pieces of copper around the septic tank.
  • One of the best Vastu remedies for a septic tank in South is to put a brass wire around the septic tank.
  • Painting the septic tank yellow is suggested as a remedy for a septic tank in South west corner.
  • A septic tank in the West direction can be treated by painting the tank in grey color.

It is important to keep the septic tank clean and well-maintained, as this helps in maintaining the positive energy around it. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also prevent any potential health hazards that may arise due to an overflowing or clogged tank.

The importance of Correct Septic Tank Location as per Vastu

A septic tank requires a pit to be dug underground. This is where all the human waste, excreta etc. gets collected and disposed off.

All waste water from the bath, toilet, kitchen flows into the tank. The solids settle at the bottom and the water goes into the ground. Due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria in waste water, the solids are reduced to sludge and gases.

Thus, the correct septic tank location as per Vastu is very important. Much like an incorrect placement of main door as per Vastu can do a lot of harm, the same is the case with an incorrectly placed septic tank.

A faulty septic tank placement can do a lot of damage both to the environment as well as distort the energies of the plot on which it is wrongly constructed.

An incorrect construction will cause the destruction of ground water resources and create an imbalance of the ecosystem under the ground. Along with this, leakages and faulty construction can create an unbearable foul smell. This, coupled with solar and magnetic radiations will create extreme negative energies on the plot and will make it Vastu unfriendly.

Since there is waste water underground in the septic tanks, it can emanate vortexes of negative radiations above the ground. When the inhabitants of the plot come in regular contact with such radiations, they can be very susceptible to serious health problems.

Thus, the correct septic tank direction as per Vastu is very crucial.

Effects of a wrong septic tank location

Septic tanks may be best understood as a ‘place of disposal’. Keeping this in mind, remember that they effectively flush out the energies of the zone in which they are located. Thus, an incorrect placement can drastically reduce the zonal strength and bring about major problems.

As mentioned above, an incorrectly placed septic tank can distort the energies of the house and bring about, diseases, losses and tensions.

Let’s look at the major problems which come about with an incorrect placement of a septic tank:

septic tank vastu placement


Septic Tank Vastu Shastra Tips: 9 Important Do’s & Don’ts

  • A septic tank under a staircase can be extremely detrimental. So you must avoid it completely.
  • Never make a septic tank in North, East or North East. This could be extremely harmful for health of the residents.
  • Avoid making a septic tank in front of the main entrance.
  • Avoid constructing a bedroom as per Vastu directly above a septic tank, even if they are on the higher floors.
  • There should also be no pooja room or kitchen above the septic tank.
  • Ensure that the septic tank does not touch the boundary wall of the plot. It should be a few feet away from the boundary.
  • The septic tank should be constructed away from the plinth of the building.
  • It should not be higher than the plinth level.
  • The outlet of the septic tank should be in the North or West directions.
  • There should not be any outlet in the south direction.

FAQs for Septic Tank Vastu and their Answers –

What is the ideal size of a specific tank as per Vastu?

The ideal size of a septic tank as per Vastu should be in the ratio of 1:1.61. This means that if the width is 1 meter, the length should be 1.61 meters.

What is the best location of a septic tank as per Vastu?

The best location of a septic tank as per Vastu is between the South and South West and between the West and North West directions.

Where to place septic tank in west facing house?

In a west facing house, a septic tank is ideal in the West of North West (WNW) and the South of South West (SSW) directions.

Where to place water tank in south facing house?

A water tank in a south facing house should be placed in the North, North East or East directions. It can also be placed in the West direction under some special circumstances.


Placing the septic tank can be a tricky task as there are not many options available in terms of zones. However, failing to correctly place the septic tank can prove to a disaster one would certainly want to avoid.

Thus, do remember to follow the above guideline while making the septic tank as per Vastu.













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  1. Hi Abhishek, thanks for sharing such amazing,detailed information in your blog, which exhibits your in depth knowledge about Vastu.
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    I am reading over internet thay south or south east is the fire God’s place, so having a water body is not suitable. Is that right? And is there any remedy for that? I am really liking the apartment, its a east south open flat, so looking forward to zero on this deal. But lil bit concern after reading about the water body placement. Your advice would be helpful. Couldn’t see any related article on your page on water bodies. Not sure though, if I have missed it.

    1. Hello Sayanti ! I’m glad you liked the blog.

      A water body towards the South is not a very good thing to have. However, in modern times when space is limited, you can’t have choices and should not leave the flat simply because it has a water body to the South.
      What is more important is to properly check the Vastu of the flat which you intend to purchase. The placement of the main entrance, toilets , kitchen , rooms etc. inside the flat must adhere to Vastu rules. So don’t worry about the water body. Instead get a proper Vastu analysis of the flat done by an expert.

  2. Namaste Abishek Hi,
    I have a query about our newly built duplex house which has main gate right in the south east. There is another defect the septic tank is also in this south east which touches the boundary wall …Could you please suggest a remedy without demolition. I have read somewhere about copper helix and pyramid. Can we use it or any other remedy which can be done. Please guide us.

    1. Hello Sanchita ! Namaste !

      A main gate in the South East and a septic tank there are not good. There could pose a lot of health and financial challenges.
      It is practically not possible to suggest a generalized remedy for these things. Therefore, I recommend you to get a proper Vastu analysis done of your house so that you get to know the exact solutions. You may call me if needed. I can help you with remedies without demolitions.

      Also, pyramids and helix are just marketing gimmicks and do not offer any benefit if the root problem is not addressed. So no need to waste money on them

  3. Hi sir , what’s meant by South of south west position as mentioned here ? I haven’t seen anyone telling it as suitable for placing septic tank … kindly enlighten me regd this … thanks

      1. ??You have just unweighed uncertainity and confusion in my mind regarding this ! I am feeling blessed to have came across you and appreciate your genuine nd super fast reply … I will associate with you from now on for astrology and vasthu !

  4. Hello Abhishek Sir,
    It’s nice info but what is the remedy for septic tank as it is present in every house in the form of a chamber or a tank even though if it’s in right location but still it can’t be kept isolated from house plinth wall.

  5. Also Sir is there any post on water storage tank, or pool location? I have search all but not found any post it.

  6. My Plot is West facing corner plot and North side road. Out engineer placed Spetic tank in South West Direction . Is it a correct direction , if not in which direction we should place it .

    1. A septic tank in the South West is one of the worst possible locations. It can cause serious health and financial problems. Get in touch with an expert to guide you with the ideal location of a septic tank.

  7. Hello,

    The septic tank is attached in boundary of the house, but position of the tank is in between north-west and north.

    Don’t have places lefts so it is attached there, please let me know the remedies.

    1. Hello ! A septic tank in The North of North West is not a very good position. It can create some health and financial problems. t’s advisable to get it checked from an expert Vastu consultant. As a basic remedy, pain the septic tank green.


    1. Ideally a septic tank should not be at the entrance. Also, a septic tank in South is certainly not good. South East entrance is also not a good one. It may cause financial losses and legal troubles. You must consult an expert to find solutions for these placements.

  9. i have constructed a home on south face plot. but kept the septic tank in parking i.e in south east quadrant. but septic tank is 2 feet away from the east side plinth wall. North west corner bedroom is placed and no space at back side. my staircase is placed at south west corner. Can i relocate the septic tank under staircase. pls suggest.

    1. A septic tank in SE is extremely unfavorable and you must do the required remedies for the same. Also, it must be avoided in South West as well as under the staircase. If no other option, it is best to consult an expert and do the remedies.

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