South East Facing House Vastu

South East facing house Vastu has a lot of myths surrounding it. This article intends to clarify all of them and more.

If you’re looking to buy a house or flat facing South East, or you’re already living in one, this article can be an eye-opener for you.

I will show you exactly how to design a South East facing house or check the Vastu for South facing houses.

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How to defined a south east facing house good or bad?

The direction of fire element or Agni, South East is one of the most important Vastu directions which can attract both wealth and disease. It depends on how you design it.

Since time immemorial, fire has been considered sacred and is revered across civilizations. It is fire which has the power to purify everything in nature.

The authority of the sacred fire is so profound that the oldest available scripture in the universe – the Rig Veda starts with the word Agni or fire

Agnimile Purohitam Yajnasya Devam Ritvijam

अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम् । – Rig Veda 1.1.1

Meaning of the mantra : According to the first mantra of Rig Veda, there is a self-effulgent fire which is the eternal support of all. Self-existed and the leader of all. Without fire, there is no activity. In the Hindu culture, no auspicious event is completed without the oblations to the sacred fire.

In modern time, the element of fire is equivalent to cash or money. Like the bright burning fire gives zeal and energizes everything around, a smooth cash flow make one’s life comfortable and successful. Thus, Vastu Shastra lays special emphasis on balancing the fire element.

South East Facing House Vastu Plan & Design

south east house vastu plan

While designing a South East facing house Vastu plan , there are some key factors that one needs to keep in mind.

Although there are hundreds of rules to follow , it is literally impossible for a layman to even know them.

For this, you may seek expert advice from vastu consultant nearest to your location or our online Vastu consultant service to help you design a perfect Vastu plan for South east facing houses.

To begin with, here are some important factors you must keep in mind while preparing a South East facing house Vastu plan:

  • The main entrance is the most important and must be located after studying the astrological chart of the owner / occupants
  • The bedroom locations must be decided as per the profession of purpose of the family members who will occupy it
  • Kitchen location also plays a key role in prosperity and must be chosen carefully after consulting an expert
  • The height and thickness of the walls are critical and must be different in all directions
  • The water tanks and septic tanks must be positioned in the correct Vastu zones.

We shall now discuss in details about every aspect of a complete Vastu plan for a house facing South East.

South East facing Main Entrance Door

A main entrance door in South East as per Vastu can invite a lot of troubles – or at least that’s the general perception that people have.

The fact is that a lot depends as to where exactly in the South East is the main entrance located. There is no doubt that the location of the main entrance door can literally make or break a house.

Remember, South East is not just a particular point or corner in your house; it is an area or zone.

For example, if your house is 2000 sq.ft. in area, the South East zone could cover about 250 sq. ft of that. Now that’s a lot of area which has multiple options to locate a main entrance facing south east as per Vastu.

Most people think that the center corner between East and South directions is the South East corner. To re-iterate, South East is not just a corner, it is a bigger zone or area.

There are a few possibilities to locate a South East facing house main door. These entrances could be in the Centre of South East, East of South East and South of South East.

Locations and their effects of a main entrance in south east direction:

  • Satya- falsehood, commitment failure, cause rift with friends or business associates
  • Bhrisha- anger, becoming unreasonable, excessive thinking with no result, results in divorces
  • Akash-thefts, frequent accidents, sudden unexpected financial losses, trouble from Government departments.
  • Anila – weakens cash flow and impacts the male child
  • Pusha- tendency to work for other and not for self. This entrance is good for people in jobs
  • Vithatha- brings immense prosperity. The occupants become smart enough to get their work done using sama-daam-danda-bheda.

Kitchen Vastu for Southeast facing house

Some Vastu tips for a south east facing house kitchen are as follows:

  • South east is the best direction for kitchen in a southeast facing home
  • If there’s no option in South East, South direction is the next best option
  • One must check the horoscope of a person before deciding the location of the kitchen in such houses.
  • A kitchen in North West is also considered good, but next only to the fire directions
  • A kitchen in the South West can cause serious financial and relationship problems. So avoid it at all costs
  • Placing a kitchen in West can also bring in financial gains
  • A kitchen in the North east direction is a serious Vastu defect and can cause health and mental problems.
  • Shades of green ,brown, beige , maroon etc. are the best Vastu colors for kitchen if the kitchen is in the south east
  • It is best to cook facing east as per kitchen Vastu for south facing house
  • Never use a black granite slab in a South East kitchen

Bedroom Vastu for South East facing house

The best location of bedrooms in a South east facing flat or house as per Vastu can be done as per the following criteria:

  • Bedroom in North – North is the direction of new opportunities. For teenagers and adults who are looking for a job or starting a new career, North is the ideal direction for a bedroom. North being the direction of lord Kuber- the ruler of money and wealth is good for people dealing with money and finances. So for bankers, finance professionals, accountants and Chartered accountants (CA), a bedroom in the North will be most suitable
  • Bedroom in East – The direction of the rising Sun, East is known to grant wisdom and knowledge. So a bedroom for young school or college going kids can be made in the East direction. East is the direction ruled by Indra Dev, one of the 45 devtas in Vastu Purush Mandal. Indra is considered to be a master administrator. Thus, people who are looking to create powerful connections or expand their social circle can have a bedroom in the East. An East bedroom is also good for people in the administrative services like IAS, IPS and IRS.
  • Bedroom in South East – A bedroom in South East grants zeal, aggression and passion due to the presence of lord Agni there. Therefore, people who are in active working life and are involved in jobs or activities which require physical labor can have a bedroom in the South East. South East is the direction of Venus – the planet related to beauty. So people directly or indirectly associated with businesses or professions related to beauty can have a bedroom here.
  • Bedroom in South – South is generally a good bedroom direction for everyone. It is a direction of peace and relaxation and thus an ideal place to make a bedroom. South being ruled by planet Mars gives these professional immense strength, confidence and courage to do overcome all types of challenges in their professions. Thus it’s an excellent choice for a bedroom direction. Also, the best head direction while sleeping as per Vastu is also the South direction.
  • Bedroom in West – The direction of growth and wish fulfilment, West is an excellent direction to place a bedroom. For traders, stock market brokers and people in the real estate business, a West bedroom as per Vastu is ideal. Such a bedroom will help them earn maximum gains and profits from their dealing and also assist in expanding their businesses

Staircase Vastu for South East facing house

The correct location of a staircase as per Vastu in a south east facing home is extremely important. A wrongly placed staircase can block the energy flow of the direction and create negative energies.

Best location of stairs in the house facing South East-

  • A toilet, Pooja room or a kitchen under the staircase can be extremely detrimental for growth. So avoid it at all costs
  • South and South East are the best staircase positions
  • A staircase in the West and South West is also a good option
  •  The number of steps in a staircase does not matter. So don’t fret too much over odd or even number of steps
  • An internal staircase in the Brahmasthan can invite extreme challenges and must be avoided at all costs
  • An external staircase in South east direction is ok
  •  Remember that a staircase must not be directly opposite the main entrance
  •  Avoid placing any God idols/photos or ancestor photos under the staircase
  •  Do not dump junk goods / keep a dustbin under the staircase as it blocks the energy flow

Pooja room Vastu for South East facing house

Pooja room rules as per  Southeast facing house Vastu are as follows:

  • Pooja room in East is the best possible location.
  • Placing a Pooja room in West can bring in huge success and gains
  • North East is also one of the best location for a Pooja room as per Vastu. However it is not the only location as most people think
  • Always use a mandir made of natural material instead of machine made stuff. Wood is best followed by natural stone
  • Avoid a metal or a Corian mandir since they are low on energy
  • Brass and copper are the best metals for Pooja room utensils
  • Hanging a bell and ringing it regularly in the Pooja room in West can bring in strong positive energies
  •  Avoid a lot of yellow color if the Pooja room is in East or North East
  • The Pooja room should never share a common wall with toilets
  • The idols in Pooja room as per Vastu should not be taller than 15 inches
  • Make sure the Pooja room altar is at least at the chest height

Septic Tank & Toilet / Bathroom Vastu for South East facing house

Some key pointers for toilet as per Vastu for South East facing house are:

  • A toilet seat in the South East is a strict no. It can cause health and legal troubles.
  • Avoid having a toilet in the center of the house called the Brahmasthan.
  • Also avoid a toilet in the North East and South West
  • Avoid a toilet seat facing East. It is best if it faces South
  • The best direction for a toilet is in the West of North West direction (WNW)
  • The South of South West ( SSW) is also a good location of a toilet
  • If your toilet is incorrectly placed, it can be corrected to a good extent by using simple Vastu remedies without any demolitions
  • A toilet right next to the main entrance must be strictly avoided
  • A toilet under the staircase must be avoided as it can create energy blockages
  • Fancy remedies like Himalayan salt lamps or spider plants are not a solution to incorrectly placed toilets
  • Do select the right colors and tiles for toilets based on the locations.
  • Never make a septic tank as per Vastu in the South East or South West directions
  • The same locations as mentioned for the toilets are also applicable for the placement of septic tanks

Underground water / bore well Vastu for South East facing house

There is a general tendency to place the underground water tank or bore well in the front of the house. This is good for a north facing house as per Vastu. But when it comes to a South East facing home, this could be a disaster.

Of course this could be a tricky situation because mostly people prefer to make water bore well or tank in front. While it is good for West facing houses, but it must be avoided when it comes to South East facing houses.

Instead, you can make an underground water tank or bore well on either of the two sides, i.e. East or West direction depending on the space available and convenience.

While doing the Vastu ,you must ensure that no underground water resources like tank or bore well is placed in front of the house, i.e. from South East to South West directions.

• Doing so can invite unnecessary departmental harassment i.e. police, income-tax raids etc.
• It could lead to delay in marriages or childbirth problems.
• The female members in the house can be regularly unwell.
• This could also result in court cases and litigation.
• There could be thefts or burglary in the house.

South East facing house: Vastu Doshas & Remedies

If there are certain Vastu doshas in your house facing South East, here are some simple Vastu remedies you can follow to negate the Vastu doshas:

  • For a main entrance in South East, you can paint the main entrance door red and also plaint the threshold in red color.
  • In case of a toilet in the South East, it is advisable to put a metal wire around the toilet seat. The choice of metal will depend on the level of energy flow in that area and could be different for different houses.
  • If you have an underground water storage in front of the South East house, it is advisable to paint it green as an effective remedy.
  • For a septic tank in South or South East, the best remedy is to paint it yellow.
  • If the South East direction has a Vastu dosha in the form of a cut , painting the area in green can be a good solution.

Pros and Cons of South East facing house:

For a South East facing house, sunlight is its biggest advantage. The ample amount of sunlight that such houses receives makes it the top choice in colder regions.

Like all other directions, a house facing south east has its advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are as follows:

Advantages of South East Facing House-

  • The Sun moves from East towards South East and around 10-11 AM, it shines in the South East till late afternoon. This results in increased amount of sunlight such houses receive during the day
  •  Longer hours of light means lower energy bills
  • Better gardening opportunities due to more natural light
  • Longer sunlight hours are best for regions with colder climates

One of the biggest benefits of living in a South east facing house is the ample amount of sunlight that you get (provided your house does not face blockages through trees and high rise buildings).

Disadvantages of South East Facing House- 

  •  Longer hours of sunlight mean increased heat in summers. This is not good for hotter regions
  • If not carefully designed as per Vastu , houses facing South can create serious financial and health problems in life
  • Cannot make an underground water bore well in the front side of the house because of it being the fire direction.
  • Longer hours of sunlight means higher AC bills
  • Difficulty in selling because of wrong perception and faulty myths about the south direction.

Vastu Tips for South East Facing House/Flat

Some important Vastu tips for a South East facing house are as follows:

  1.  Never make a main door in exact South East direction
  2. Avoid an underground water tank or bore well in the front side of a South East house
  3. The boundary wall should be higher in the South side and lower towards the East and North
  4.  The flow of waste water should be towards the East or North. It must never flow towards the South
  5. A cut in the South East direction can be extremely harmful for health
  6. An extension in the South East direction can invite court cases and litigations
  7. The main door of a south east facing house must never be painted in black or blue colors.
  8. Placing a mirror on the South wall as per Vastu can be extremely dangerous and one must avoid it.
  9.  A toilet constructed in front of the south east house can cause financial losses and accidents
  10. Never place pyramids at the entrance or in the South direction
  11. It’s best to have more open spaces towards the North and East directions

FAQ Related South East Facing House

Is a South East facing house good as per Vastu?

Yes, a South East facing house can be excellent as per Vastu if one follows correct Vastu principles. The direction of Agni or fire, a South East facing home can attract immense wealth and prosperity.

How is the Vastu of a South East facing house corrected?

The Vastu correction of a South East facing house will depend on the problem that the house has. For the main entrance door in South East, one can correct it by inserting a specific metal wire at the entrance.

What is South East direction good for?

The South East direction is best for the placement of a kitchen or a bedroom. Other than this, any activity related to the fire or electricity can be placed ion the South East. One can place an electric meter or transformer in the South East direction.

Is South East corner good for a house?

Yes. Like all other directions, the South East direction also has its pros and cons. The South East direction can be very good in the house if it is free of any Vastu doshas like a toilet or septic tank.


The above article is comprehensive enough to answer all your queries with regards to South East facing house Vastu.

Most people only talk about South east facing house Vastu problems. However, if done well, such houses can bring huge amount of wealth and prosperity.

In case you feel there’s anything more that needs attention , please feel free to share your feedback in the comment box below.

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  1. Point no. 10 Never place pyramids at the entrance or in the South direction . but I read at one site about it to
    To reduce the ill effects of south east entrance homes, place Vastu pyramids in and around your home. A total of three pyramids will be required – you can place one pyramid at the top of the main entrance door and position it in the centre. The other two are on either side of the main door. The pyramids help keep all negative energies from this direction away from your house. Please tell me which is correct ? to put or not pyramid in main entrace door

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