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Vastu For Relationships : The 4 Step Checklist To Increase Family Bonding

Vastu for relationships is one subject which is the need of the hour. With decreasing patience levels and increasing conflicts, there is no better time to discuss this subject.

But before that, I wanted to ask you a question !

Do you know you have the power to safeguard all of your closest relationships simply by programming your space?

Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?

So read on…

Most people who are successful in life have one thing in common:

They all build and manage their relationships well!

You may now be wondering:

How do I manage so many relationships in times when the tolerance levels of people are minimal?

Well! You’re not alone having such questions.

In the modern world, it has become increasingly difficult to build lasting relationship when everyone around you seems to be too much into ‘Me’ rather than ‘Us’.

Thanks to the ancient science of Vastu, you can now build newer relations and safeguard the existing ones. All through simply making your house Vastu compliant.

vastu husband wife relationship

So how does the Vastu of your house affect your relationships?

As humans, we walk through varied emotion in our daily lives. Our emotional state in turn affects our thought patterns and behavior.

All our thoughts are governed by the environment surrounding us. Thus, the Vastu of our house plays a major role in how we think, feel and react to situations.

Home sweet home! These words invoke images of our own personal space. A space that is secure and safe and creates a deep sense of belonging, responsibilities and of course our relationships.

The house that we live in, its facing direction and the way it is built- all define the longevity of all relationships that we have.

Any Vastu imbalance in the house can intensify a negative situation and can amplify the anger and resentment among the residents.

And why does this happen?

Despite all your efforts to remain sane and save a relationship, the cracks deepen and ultimately everything falls apart.

The simple answer to this is the presence of Vastu doshas or imbalances in your space.

Let’s understand how Vastu for relationships can make or break your family:

vastu for relationship

  • Location of the main entrance

An entrance of the house plays the most crucial role when it comes to managing relationships. Each entrance location has an independent effect on the relationships of the resident.

Some of these locations act favorably while some others can be detrimental for relationships.

For example, an entrance placed in the South west of the house can seriously jeopardize all relationships-both within the house and with the outside world.

With the dominance of the planet Rahu, an entrance in the south west will disturb the stability of all relationships and can lead to differences among the residents. These differences can go to the extent of breaking all relationships.

Likewise, an entrance in the north west of the house can turn your friends into enemies without you understanding the reason.

Thus, in order to maintain healthy relations, you must ensure that the main entrance of your house us well placed in the prescribed location.

  • Role of different directions in relationships

We all know that man being a social being needs different relationships to lead a purposeful life. It is also true that it is impossible to please everyone and thus there always will be a certain degree of stress in certain relationships.

Most of us try to avoid friction in our relationships, but not all are successful. This depends a lot on the Vastu compliance of your house.

The role of the south west direction in incomparable when it comes to relationships. Called the Pitra sthaan or the zone of ancestors, south west greatly impacts our inter-personal relationships.

Any imbalance in the form of a septic tank, toilet or kitchen has the potential to ruin all relationships in the house. Therefore, the south west zone must be free from all Vastu defects.

Similarly the effect of certain directions on relationships can be described as follows:

  • South East – An imbalance affects the zeal and passion in the relationship and can cause separation of siblings.
  • North West – An imbalance here can disturb the mental balance of the residents thereby affecting relationships.
  • North East – An imbalance here can create complete mental blocks and lead to heated arguments affecting relationships.
  • East – An imbalance here can block all your social connections and thus stop your growth.
  • West – An imbalance here can make the residents unethical and can cause a loss of trust in relationships.
  • The importance of Five elements or Panchatatvas in relationships

The five elements of nature form the basis of all existence on earth. If there is a proper balance of these elements within a space, it will result in healthy and happy relationships.

On the contrary, any imbalance of these tatvas can wreck havoc in relationships.

The presence of these elements in your house can been in the form, of colors, shapes and objects.

five elements balancing for better relationship

For example, the color red represents the fire element. If wrongly placed, it can create arguments and friction in your relationships.

The south west zone your house governs all your relationships. If the walls in the south west are painted in red color, it indicates the presence of fire element there.

Thus, the heat and intensity of the fire element will create heated arguments and ruin all relationships.

In 90% of divorce cases, we have found the presence of the fire element in the south west zone of the house. This was in the form of red paint, red curtains or the presence of the kitchen.

Similarly, an overhead water tank represents the earth element. Such a tank if placed in the north east zone will block the energies of this direction leading to confused states of mind.

A confused mind is bound to affect the way you look at your relationships.

  • Placement of household goods and objects

Each and every object placed in the house can create a subtle effect on your sub-conscious mind.

We all know that different directions govern different aspects of our lives. Similarly all objects in our house also have a certain purpose.

If there is a mismatch between the attributes of a zone and the purpose of the object placed, it can cause problems.

For example 

A washing machine is an appliance whose purpose is to wash away all the dirt and stains from our clothes.

Therefore, placing a washing machine in the west of north west will send a subtle signal to our mind to wash away all the dirt in our mind and remove all negative thoughts.

washing machine vastu

The removal of negative thought will automatically strengthen your relationships.

The same washing machine if kept in the north east direction will wash away all the healing powers that this zone possesses. Therefore, even if you want to heal certain relationships, the wrong placement will never let you do so.

Therefore, we must carefully decide the placement of household goods and objects as per the attributes of the zones. And the attributes of these zones are greatly enhanced if your plot selection is good.


Every relationship has a definite role to play in your lives. Every relationship brings out the best or the worst in you. Our relationships often challenge us, bring us joy, take us to heaven and bring us down to earth- all in a short span of time.

In modern times, a lot of relationships have become a roller-coaster of emotions. In times of conflict, we lose our senses and consequently cause a lot of hurt and damage to our relations. In other words, our stress hormones skyrocket as we react with our fight or flight instinct.

The above article makes it clear how with a little planning of the space as per Vastu, it is easy to not only create new relationships, but also strengthen the existing ones.























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