North West Kitchen Vastu

A lot of confusion prevails about North West kitchen Vastu. Some experts opine that a kitchen in North West is good as per Vastu while some others completely advise against it.

If you’re looking to construct a house or buy a flat as per Vastu but are confused whether a kitchen in North West is good or not, this article is all you need.

Most people know that the ideal location of the kitchen is in the South East direction. Being the direction ruled by the fire element, a South East kitchen has no match.

However, not everyone has the option to make a kitchen in the South East.

The question then is – Is it ok to have a kitchen in the North West direction?

What could be the possible effects of a kitchen in North West and what should be the remedies?

This article aims to answer all your questions with regards to a kitchen in North West direction.

Can a kitchen be in the North West corner as per Vastu?

To understand if you can place a kitchen in the North West corner, you must first understand the dominant energy fields or devtas in the North West direction.

NOTE: To understand the significance of all directions, you may read our blog on Vastu Directions.

Vayu or the wind God rules the North West. That is why the North West is also referred to as the Vayavya koan or the Vayu Moola.

Vayu manifests in different forms and it is Vayu which sustains all life forms in the universe.

In the physical body, it manifest as the Vata dosha as per Ayurveda. In the breath, the Vayu is synonymous as Prana or life force and in the external environment, it is called the Vatavaran.

Mythologically also called Pawan, he is the father of lord Hanuman who is the epitome of control over Prana.

His inherent nature is of constant movement. This is the reason why we place the finished good in the North West while doing Vastu for factories . When kept there, the goods have a tendency to move faster and thus maintain the flow of business.

Coming back to North West kitchen, we all know that Vayu or air is the supportive element for fire. Without air, lighting a fire is not possible.

Thus, due to the predominance of Vayu in North West direction, a kitchen can certainly be placed in the North West corner.

The presence of Vayu or air is extremely important for fire to sustain.

Thus, while placing a kitchen in the North West, we must ensure that the South East direction is also perfectly in balance.

Is a North West kitchen good or bad as per Vastu?

Classical ancient authorities fully back a North West kitchen and it is certainly good as per Vastu. One can ensure the flow of positive energies in the house by placing a kitchen in North West.

Whether a North West kitchen is good or bad as per Vastu depends on the following :

  • The location of the main burner in the North West direction of the house
  • The distance between the gas burner and the water sink
  • Flow of waste water out of the kitchen
  • Correct Vastu colors for kitchen slab , walls and cupboards
  • Placement of extra cylinders in the North West kitchen
  • Facing direction while cooking in the kitchen
  • The slopes or sump in the flooring It is also important to note that one must carefully check the astrological chart of the house owner while doing the Vastu for kitchen in North West direction.

Vastu is not a ‘one size fits all approach’ as most people think. What may be good for you may not be favorable for me. Thus, astrology also plays a key role here.

Benefits of a Kitchen in North West direction

The benefits of having a kitchen in North West can be many. We all know that the South East direction which is diagonally opposite to North West is ruled by the fire god Agni.

A kitchen in North West, the domain of Vayu devta receives all beneficial energies from the South East since both Vayu and Agni are extremely friendly to each other.

As per Vastu Mandala, most of the energies or devtas as we call them work in synchronicity with each other and not in isolation.

So do remember that while doing North West kitchen Vastu, the South East direction of the house must be properly balanced and devoid of any Vastu doshas like a toilet or septic tank.

A well balanced North West kitchen as per Vastu brings in the following benefits and advantages:

  •  Vayu is also the destroyer of diseases. Thus a kitchen in North West brings good health for the occupants.
  • The inherent quality of flow in Vayu ensures a smooth and unending flow of money and wealth.
  • A North West kitchen ensures that you get the right support of relevant people as and when you need it.
  • Making a kitchen in North West can help you connect with the right buyers, customers and vendors to expand your business.
  • North West governs savings and storage. A Vastu compliant kitchen here can really boost your savings and multiply your investments

North West kitchen plan / design as per Vastu

While preparing a North West kitchen Vastu plan or design, do keep in mind the following Vastu tips:

  • Place the main burner in the North West corner of the kitchen if there’s a window in the North direction
  • Next to it should be the working space or the preparatory area. You may also keep the rolling pin here.
  • It is best to make the kitchen sink and water filter towards the East or North East corner of the kitchen.
  • The mixer and grinder can be placed in the East direction.
  • The refrigerator can be kept towards the West direction.
  • The microwave and oven are best in the South East.
  • Storage of ghee, oils etc. can be kept towards the South direction.
  • Cabinets for storage should mostly be on the Southern or Western walls.

North West kitchen Vastu Colors

Choosing the right kitchen colors as per Vastu is as critical as the design of the kitchen itself.

You must remember the following tips when it comes to choosing North West kitchen Vastu colors:

  • Cream, ivory or yellow are the best colors for the kitchen slab for a North West kitchen.
  • Avoid shades of green, brown or black as they are anti colors for the North West direction.
  • Use very light shades of yellow or off white color to paint the walls
  • White, golden or light grey colors are ideally suited for kitchen cabinets or cupboards
  • While choosing jars for storage, do remember to choose yellow or golden jars and prefer metallic jars over plastic.

North West kitchen Vastu Remedies and Tips

North West kitchen Vastu remedies are needed when a Vastu dosh arises if you do not follow any of the above mentioned Vastu rules.

Here are a few Vastu remedies and tips for a kitchen in North West:

  • Placing a yellow stone or tile under the gas burner is an effective Vastu remedy if you have any anti color kitchen slab in North West
  • Using more of metallic utensils rather than plastic is recommended in the North West kitchen since metals strengthen the North West direction.
  • The stove or burner must be placed towards the South or South East corner of the kitchen.
  • If you are among those who place an image of goddess Annapurna in your kitchen, make sure to place it in the West direction of the kitchen
  • West or South West are the best locations for a fridge or refrigerator.
  • The ideal place to keep Ghee is in the South East direction
  • It is best to make the storage for grains in the North West of the kitchen.
  • If the kitchen falls in an extended North West portion of the house, make sure to paint it white and add some light blue also to negate the effects of an extension.
  • The best place to position a sink in the North West kitchen is towards the North or East corner.
  • Never make a toilet or a septic tank adjoining the kitchen.
  • Ensure that the floor area in North West kitchen is not lower than other areas of the house.

Which side should one face while cooking?

One of the most common questions with regards to kitchen Vastu is the facing direction while cooking.

Here are a few observations with regards to the facing direction while cooking:

  • It is best to face East while cooking in the kitchen. However, sometimes when it is not possible to face East, one can also face North while cooking.
  • North is a positive direction and there is an ample flow of ‘Jaivic’ energies in the North direction. Thus, there is no harm in facing North also while cooking.
  • In a lot places, we have also noticed people facing West while cooking. It is not the best direction to face while cooking because West is the direction of darkness.
  • It is recommended to avoid facing South while cooking. There have been cases where the occupants have faced regular digestive issues when the cook faces South.


The above article must have cleared all your doubts regarding a North West kitchen. Of course, South East is always the preferred choice for placing a kitchen. But if you don’t have that option, no need to worry.

Since the energy fields of  South East and North West are friendly to each other, a North West kitchen can be equally good provided you follow the above mentioned rules when planning for North West kitchen Vastu.

FAQ Related North West Kitchen

Can the kitchen be in North West?

Yes a kitchen can be placed in the North West direction. The North West has a predominance of the Vayu (air) tatva which is friendly to the Agni (fire) tatva. Thus, all scriptures agree to have a kitchen in North West

Is it OK to have a kitchen in West?

Yes one can have a kitchen in West provided there are certain astrological combinations in his/ her birth chart. It is preferable if the kitchen is in North West. A kitchen in South West must be completely avoided.


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