South West Corner Vastu

South West corner Vastu is one topic which needs to be dealt with extreme caution. In Kaliyug, South West direction is considered to be the most important direction in Vastu. And you shall soon know why.

If there is one direction which ‘draws the most attention after North East of the house, it has to be the south west corner.

If North East is the corner of Gods, South West is the corner of the demons. This is why most people prefer a North Facing House as per Vastu.

Unlike the north east which is revered by one and all, the south west corner of the house brings fear and anxiety in the minds of the common people and Vastu gurus alike.

The article aims to give you unknown Vastu tips and remedies to amplify the energies of the south west corner .

The south-west is the strongest direction in the plot as it stores magnetic energies flowing in from the north-east. If used judiciously, this direction can give you good health and immense wealth.

What does South West corner mean?

The area which falls between the South and West directions is called the South West corner.

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The South West direction is the transition point where the fire element converts into the earth element.

Also called the Pitra sthaan,  the South West is the corner of the Pitras or ancestors.

As per Vastu Shastra, the South West corner is governed by a demon called Nairuti. Thus, it is also referred to as the Nairutya Koan. It’s corresponding planet is Rahu.

Is South West Corner good as per Vastu?

The south-west corner can be extremely good as per Vastu provided you maintain it’s sanctity by keeping it clean and defect-free.

Like you keep your Pooja room clean and offer prayers every day, similarly, it’s important to keep the Pitra sthaan ( ancestors’ corner ) clean. The profound effects of praying to your ancestors can change the course of your life beyond your imagination.

A well-balanced South West corner can be excellent for your financial growth as well as progeny.

On the contrary, any imbalance here can have detrimental effects on your family. These include strained relationships, major financial losses, huge debts, mental agony, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

Problems related to marriage and childbirth are also a classical outcome of an imbalanced South-West direction.

Benefits of South-West Direction

The benefits of South west direction are plentiful. Also called the Pitra sthaan (ancestors’ place), the South West has the presence of the mighty Indra and Pitras, as per the Vastu Mandala .

A clean and well balanced South west direction can bring wealth, stability, and health in your house.

Some of the benefits of the South West direction are as follows:

  • The presence of earth element in Southwest can bring immense stability in your life and finances.
  • The occupants can become extremely skillful in their tasks and can progress financially.
  • South west corner helps you dispose of what is unwanted in life- be it human waste or useless relationships.
  • A balanced south west corner can also help you avoid unnecessary wasteful expenditure and increase your savings.
  • A clean and defect free South West aids a safe childbirth.
  • The presence of the energy field of Pitra ensures that you have a stable and long-lasting marriage.
  • The South West corner is extremely beneficial in helping you get more for your business.
  • It also helps to maintain excellent relations with your vendors and partners.

South West Facing Main Entrance Door

A main entrance door in South West direction is one of the most dangerous Vastu doshas.

Some people even go to the extent of saying that even if you get a fully Vastu compliant flat but it’s entrance is in South West corner, you must take it even for free.

And there are good enough reasons for that.

Classical texts on Vastu Shastra state that a door in the South West direction is extremely detrimental to the “Yajman” ( Main owner of the property ).

Scientifically speaking, the earth’s energies flow form North East towards South West. This means that the positive energies in your house enter from the North East direction and must be stored in the South West.

Having an opening in the form of an entrance in South West will lead to an outflow of all these energies which form the very basis of Vastu.

Also, the intensity of the infra-red rays is very high when the Sun in in the South West direction around 2 pm.

As per Vastu, the North East is the direction of the Gods whereas the South West is that of demons.

Thus, an entrance door in South West technically means you’re inviting the negative energies of the demons.

Thus, it is best to avoid an entrance in the South West.

Effects of South West Entrance

Some of the effects of a South West main entrance door as are follows:

  • It leads to a complete wastage of all your efforts no matter how hard you work.
  • It can lead to marital disharmony and even divorce.
  • You’ll find it really challenging to save any money or create wealth with a South West main door.
  • If you already live in a house or flat with a South West entrance, you may find it difficult to move out of it.
  • It can cause serious ups and downs in your business and job.
  • Your colleagues or boss will always be at loggerheads with you.

Vastu Remedies for South West Facing Main Entrance

So, what should you do if the main door is South West facing?

Here are a few Vastu remedies for a South West facing main door:

  • Firstly, consult a Vastu expert and get your house & horoscope checked to ascertain the best Vastu remedy for a South West entrance.
  • Try and shift the entrance more towards South or West if that’s an option. For better understanding, read out blog on Main Door Vastu.
  • Inserting a brass wire in the main entrance threshold is an effective Vastu remedy for a South West entrance door.
  • If you live in a rented house, you can paint a yellow-coloured strip at the entrance door (on the floor).
  • You can paint the main door yellow or golden as a Vastu remedy for a South West entrance.

These are general Vastu remedies for a South West entrance. However, if you’re facing serious challenges, you must consult an expert Vastu consultant and get your house evaluated for other Vastu defects.

Remember, you’ll find all sorts of Vastu remedies for a South West entrance on Google. These include placing crystals, Panchmukhi Hanuman ji, plants etc.

These remedies are written by content writers and not real Vastu experts. Beware of following them blindly as they may cause more harm than good.

Vastu is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. A South West entrance is a serious Vastu defect and you must certainly consult an expert.

South West Toilet: Effects & Vastu Remedies

A toilet in the South West corner is a very serious Vastu dosha or defect. It can lead to critical health as well as financial problems.

You must understand that the central axis or the backbone of any building runs from North East to South West. Any defect in the form of a toilet on this axis is extremely unfavorable and needs immediate attention.

The correct Vastu location of toilets is extremely critical and you must carefully plan them while preparing a Vastu design.

Some of the negative effects of a South West toilet can be:

Negative Effects of a South-West Toilet
1. Drain away finances without realizing it.
2. Cause acute problems related to childbirth and the child’s health.
3. Increase conflicts among occupants of a house.
4. Make it difficult to get married or find a suitable match.

South West Toilet Vastu Remedies

Some of the effective Vastu remedies for a South West toilet can be:

  • Placing a white or yellow-colored strip around the commode can be an effective remedy for a toilet in the South West.
  • Certain metal wires are used as a remedy to treat the South West toilet. It really depends on the exact location of the toilet in South West.
  • A yellow-coloured light bulb is often used as a Vastu remedy for a toilet in the South West.
  • One can use grey tiles on the floor to reduce the negative effects of a toilet in the south-west corner.
  • A septic tank as per Vastu is also a strict no in the South West. Virtually cut the tank with a metal strip to reduce its negativity.

Kitchen in South West Corner

As discussed above, a kitchen in the South West corner as per Vastu is strictly prohibited. The South West being ruled by the Pitras is a sacred corner of the house.

The Hindu culture believes that without the blessings of the Pitras, one cannot achieve much in life. Life can be a constant struggle and one may have to grind hard to achieve even the smallest of things.

Thus, a kitchen in South West direction is one of the most dangerous Vastu doshas one can have.

Some of the problems arising from a kitchen in South West direction are:

  • The presence of fire in the form of a kitchen in South West direction can wreak havoc in your relationships.
  • There will always be conflict among the residents and with outsiders.
  • Most cases of family separation and property disputes are a result of a South West kitchen.
  • One cannot secure a good job or grow a business no matter how skilled he/she is.
  • A South West kitchen disturbs the fire element thus causing serious digestive problems.
  • It can lead to excessive wasteful expenditure beyond expectations.

Thus, while designing a kitchen as per Vastu, we most certainly avoid the South West direction for placing a kitchen.

Vastu remedies for South West kitchen

Some of the effective Vastu remedies for a kitchen in South west corner are as follows:

  • You can place a yellow stone/tile under the gas burner as a Vastu remedy for kitchen in South West
  • If you have a fixed burner installed within the slab, you may create a border around the burner with a yellow tape.
  • If possible, shift the burner towards the South or West directions.
  • A South west kitchen can be treated by cutting off the fire area using certain metal wires. Consult an expert for this.
  • If you have a black or green slab in the South West kitchen, replace it with a yellow or off-white slab.
  • Paint the area around the burner in shades of yellow or golden.
  • Since you’re cutting off the fire element through Vastu remedies, remember to balance it in the fire directions.
  • In case a South West kitchen is absolutely unavoidable or you still face challenges after doing the remedies, you must consult an expert.

Remember that a kitchen in the South West corner is a serious Vastu dosha and the general remedies mentioned above may not be always helpful for everyone.

You might need very customized solutions to solve such issues. Thus, it is best to seek expert advice for your and your family’s well-being.

Bedroom in South West direction

Almost everyone will tell you that you must only have the master bedroom in the South West corner. I’ve seen people leaving excellent houses just because the master bedroom was not in the South West corner.

This is a fallacy. Though a South West bedroom is good as per Vastu, it is not the only option for a master bedroom or a couple’s bedroom.

A very important point to note is that you must be absolutely mathematically precise when it comes to the exact positioning of a South West bedroom. Any small error could prove to be disastrous. And I have seen that happening in many cases.

People are not able to understand why they face challenges despite their master bedroom being in the South West. It is because what they think as South West may not actually be the exact South West.

For a detailed understanding of the best locations for a bedroom, you may refer to our blog here – Best Locations for Bedroom as per Vastu.

Here are a few Vastu tips for a bedroom in South West corner:

  • A South West bedroom is suitable for the head of the family as it keeps them in control of the house.
  • It is best to avoid making a kids’ bedroom in South West.
  • Instead, a bedroom in the West of South West is best for the children to excel in studies.
  • Always ensure that your head is towards the South or East while sleeping since these are the best sleeping directions as per Vastu.
  • Never place a mandir or Pooja altar in the South West bedroom of the house.
  • Be very careful of the exact placement of an attached toilet in the South West corner. It could be a disaster if wrongly placed
  • The occupants of a South West bedroom have a tendency of becoming perfectionist which may create some problems.
  • Using the wrong Vastu colors of placements can make a South West bedroom extremely unfavorable for the occupants.

Cut in South West corner as per Vastu


A cut in the south west corner typically means missing floor area in the southwest. The above image indicates a cut south-west corner.

We all know that the south west has a predominance of the Earth element which represents stability.

Thus, a South West cut according to Vastu is extremely unfavorable. It can lead to instability in finances and relationships.

As per Vastu, the Southwest corner is supposed to be heavy, closed and highest in the house. Thus, a cut in this zone means those criteria are not met.

Effects of a cut in south west

Some of the problems which you could face due to the duty of cut in south west are as follows:

  • Since Southwest represent Pitras, the missing Energy field of Pitras can cause problem related to marriage and childbirth.
  • A missing south west corner can attract the wrath of Rahu which represents the south west corner.
  • The occupants can face issues related to the digestive and reproductive organ in a South West cut plot.
  • Missing earth element energies in the south west can disturb the next element of space which governs growth, expansion and fulfilment.
  • A cut in the South West direction is the main Vastu reason for property disputes.
  • You may find it really difficult to sell a property with a South West cut.
  • Children may find it really difficult to study or excel in competitive exams if the South West corner is cut.

Vastu Remedies for a South West Cut

Some of the best Vastu remedies for a South West corner cut are as follows:

  • You may add yellow or golden colors in the South West corner to enhance the energies of the South West cut.
  • Adding earth element in the form of heavy stones, rocks or pebbles is also an effective remedy for a cut in South West direction.
  • The use of certain metals like brass and copper can negate the effects of a cut in South West.
  • Once the basic balancing is done, you can place Pitras (ancestors) photos in South West.
  • Adding square shaped objects or paintings is also an effective remedy for a cut in South West direction.
  • Images or paintings of mountains or hills is also good for a South West cut.

South West corner extended Plot/Flat


One of the most common questions is – can the South West corner be extended?”

The simple answer is No. The South West corner must never be extended beyond certain permissible limits. In fact, none of the corner must be extended or cut in a house to achieve a balanced state of energy flow.

Remember, you house is like a human body. If a human body is disproportionately taller, there are problems. At the same time, if any body part is missing, there are challenges. The same logic applies to your house.

Your house is a living entity vibrating at different energy frequencies. It must be completely balanced for you to stay healthy and be able to live in it peacefully.

Effects of South West extended plot:

  • An extended South West corner means excessive energies of Rahu which could lead to unreasonable behavior beyond limits.
  • The children in the house can become arrogant and very disrespectful.
  • An excessive earth element disturbs the fire element and causes weak digestion.
  • A South West extension almost always causes lethargy and procrastination.
  • The occupants have high expectations from each other which leads to conflicts in relationships.
  • An extension is the South West corner increases wasteful expenditure.

Vastu Remedies for South West Extension Plot

  • A South West extended plot can be remedied by adding white or grey color in the extended South West corner. This is done to absorb the excessive earth element.
  • Adding metallic objects is also an effective remedy for a South West extension.
  • There are methods to virtually cut-off the extended South west direction using certain colors and metal wires.
  • Adding circular shapes in the form of wall art or paintings is also helpful in treating the South West extension.

South West Balcony & Windows: Vastu Remedies

A covered balcony in the South West is permissible, though not preferred. However, it is best to avoid an open balcony in the South West corner.

Also, one can have a window in the South West. But you must ensure that the South West windows are smaller in size as compared to the ones in North or East.

The more you keep them closed, the better it is.

Some effective remedies for a South West window or balcony:

  • Hang some yellow or golden color curtains on the window.
  • The curtains must be very thick so that no amount of radiation can enter the house.
  • An effective remedy for a South West balcony is to place some pebbles or crystals to counter the negative effects.
  • Once can also use some heavy stone sculptors in the balcony as a Vastu remedy.

Water tank or well in South West corner: Effects & Remedies

As discussed, many times, the presence of water element in the form of a well, underground water tank or a fountain is extremely detrimental in South West.

The earth element in South West is an anti-element to water. Thus, having a well in South West corner can cause serious problems, specially to the head of the family.

A South West well or water tank almost always becomes the reason for property or financial disputes.

An effective remedy for a South West well or water tank is to paint the tank yellow on top and around.

This is akin to filling mud and closing the water source permanently.

What should you keep in the South West corner?

South West being the accumulation corner of high magnetic energies deserves special attention when it comes to placing objects.
You can keep the following in South West corner to boost the energies:

  1. Yellow color objects to boost the earth element.
  2. A yellow flower vase to enhance savings.
  3. Pitra (ancestors)Photos to strengthen the energy fields of South West
  4.  A pair of Saraus cranes to boost your marital life
  5. Stones, pebbles and heavy rocks
  6. Brass sculptors
  7. Square shapes
  8. A Nandi statue to ensure higher savings and safety of your valuables.
  9. A Locker or safe

FAQs Related South West Corner Vastu

What should be placed in the South West corner as per Vastu?

The South West corner represents the energies of our ancestors or Pitras. Thus, it is best to place ancestors’ photos in South West. Also, one can keep a cash box or locker in the South West for stable finances.

Is South West corner good as per Vastu?

The South West corner can be extremely good or bad depending on what is located or placed there. A bedroom, home office, or a locker in SW is excellent. On the contrary, a toilet , entrance or kitchen in South West are extremely bad as per Vastu.

Can the main door face South West?

No. One must completely avoid a main door in South West. Planet Rahu rules the South West direction and having an opening can invite the wrath of Rahu. A Southwest entrance can cause complete instability in life, finances, relationships and health.


By now you would have clearly understood the significance of the South West corner and why it is one of the most important directions which need extreme caution while designing.

The Vastu doshas and remedies for the South West corner as above should give you a clear understanding of what needs to be done.

However, do remember that the remedies mentioned above are general in nature and you may need a detailed analysis you’re your house and birth chart to get concrete solutions.

Vastu for South direction is a tricky subject and thus one needs to practice extreme caution.

At Anant Vastu, we do understand the challenges one can go through due to an incorrect South West corner Vastu. Thus, if you need help to overcome such challenges, please feel free to call us or write to us. We’ll be happy to help !


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