Vastu Tips for a Rented House: What All to Look For

Whether you’re planning to buy your own home, or looking for a rented one, Vastu Shastra will play a key role in your overall well-being.

Through this blog, I intend to answer almost all questions that might cross your mind if you’re planning to rent a flat or apartment as per Vastu.

To begin with, let’s understand the most common question that crosses people’s mind – ‘does the Vastu of rented apartment affect the owner or the tenants?

The simplest answer to this is – The energies of any space will affect the people living within that space. So, if you’re the tenant living in a rented apartment, the energies will affect you and not the owner. Always keep that in mind.

The purpose of this blog is to simplify Vastu for rented flats, apartment and houses and to help you decide the basic Vastu rules you must be looking for before going to rent. So let’s look at the

Key points you should look before taking an apartment, House or flat on rent:

The location

The location of the rented property is an important criterion you must consider before making a commitment. Besides being easily approachable from your work place, the property must be away from places of negative energies like a hospital, graveyard or a an excessively crowded place.

This is important because one of the most important things that Vastu considers is the free flow of positive energies around your living space.

Thus, look for places which have open and green surroundings or are preferably closer to a water body.

It is best to also avoid buildings which are very close to mobile towers. This is because the radiations emanating from such towers are not only harmful for your health, but can also disturb the otherwise positive energy fields around your flat.

The Internal arrangements-

The internal placements of toilets, main entrance door, kitchen, pooja room, bedrooms etc. will play a deciding role in your life.

Of course, in modern day property, it is impractical to seek perfection in terms of Vastu, but you can always consider some key points before finalizing it.

Let’s discuss 5 important pointers which you must keep in mind while choosing a flat as per Vastu:

1. Location of the main entrance door

Like they say, the main entrance door of a flat is the key differentiator between good and bad Vastu. The entrance door is a transit point from where the external energies enter the flat.

A well-positioned main door will ensure that the powerful energies of the universe enter your flat and fill it with positive energies. Alternatively, an ill placed main door can bring about health and financial problems.

Most people think that they must only look for North facing flats or East facing flats. They have been convinced by Vastu pandits that a South or West facing flat is always bad and must be completely avoided. This is a big myth and the fact is that a South facing house as per Vastu can bring in immense wealth and prosperity.

Also, a West facing house as per Vastu can be excellent for traders, businessmen, stock brokers, property dealers, IT professionals etc.

What is most important is the correct placement of the main door as per Vastu in the flat.

2. Placement of the kitchen as per Vastu

A mini representation of the cosmic fire, the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the flat.

A well-placed kitchen as per Vastu can ensure smooth cash flow and physical health for the residents. Alternatively, a wrongly placed kitchen can bring in legal troubles, financial losses and digestive problems.

An ideal location for the kitchen as per Vastu in a rented flat is the South of South East direction. Even a North West kitchen is ok as per Vastu. However, do remember never to choose a flat where the kitchen is located in the North or the South West corner.

A North kitchen can block your business and career growth whereas a South West kitchen can cause disharmony in relationships.

It is even important to consider the kitchen colors as per Vastu, kitchen slab color as well as wall and cabinet colors while choosing a flat.

3. Bathrooms and toilet position as per Vastu

Toilets are a place for disposing off human waste. The location of the toilets and bathroom as per Vastu in a flat sends a signal to our sub-conscious mind to dispose off everything that is unwanted in our lives.

Only when there is a proper disposal of waste, the system will function efficiently.

It is important to understand this because if we place the toilet where it should not be, it will dispose off the positive energies of that zone.

For example- the South East corner of the flat is critical for female health in the flat. If there’s a toilet in the South East corner of the flat, it will lead to a disposal of health of the females of the house.

Note: You may be interested in reading our blog on how your house Vastu affects your health.

Thus, checking the best placement of the toilets and bathroom as per Vastu is a key part of the flat selection process.

Obviously, the next question that comes to mind is that it’s practically not possible to find a flat where all the toilets are correctly placed. And since it’s a rented flat, there’s no way you can shift the toilet or break even a single wall. This is where the role of an experienced Vastu consultant comes in.

In modern times, there are practical and easy to implement Vastu solutions without demolitions which are available.

Thus, you don’t need to move a single brick to correct the Vastu doshas that come with incorrectly placed toilets and bathrooms.

Try to look for flats where there are no toilets in the North East and South West corners. The NE-SW axis forms the backbone of the house and must be devoid of any negative energies like those coming from toilets.

4. Bedroom location as per Vastu in flats

Bedroom being the place where you spend most of the time (almost 8-10 hours or more if you’re lazy). Thus, its placement is critical while deciding whether to rent a flat or not.

Unlike the popular myth that the master bedroom must only be in South West, we recommend that bedrooms in all the four cardinal directions can be excellent. Just make sure that you follow the correct bedroom Vastu rules.

And if like most people, you’ve also heard that a South East bedroom is bad and causes heated arguments, just ignore that information.

These are just plain ignorant claims put forth by immature Vastu experts who read the same books available in the market and form an opinion which is then hammered into your head.

The truth is that a South East bedroom can be excellent for your physical and mental health. However, in case you suffer from heart related disease like hypertension, we advise you to avoid such a bedroom.

A North bedroom can be excellent if you’re into banking and financial services. An East bedroom is great if you’re a politician, actor or a socialite.

For lawyers, sportsmen, people in the armed forces etc., a South bedroom is excellent. And if you’re a trader, businessman or an IT professional, a West bedroom is ideal.

5.Vastu colors and wall paints

It is a well-accepted fact that colors have significant psychological effects on our sub conscious minds.

Various colors stimulate different parts of our brain and can evoke different emotions in people. Colors have vibrations which positively or negatively affect your life.

We even go to the extent of saying that wrong choice of colors in the flat can push you into depression and can even cause accidents and financial losses.

Thus, it is very important to have an appropriate balance of colors in a rented flat to help you live in harmony with nature.

Before moving into a rented accommodation, just ensure that the flat is freshly painted or at least there are no damps and leakages in the apartment.

If you have a choice, rent an apartment which has light shades on the walls. Dark colors can make the apartment look smaller and congested. Also, they are harsh on the mind and can cause mental disturbances and can cloud your thought process.

It is best to have very light shades on walls. Ivory or off-white color is ideal. It not only makes the flat look bigger, but also amplifies light and the flat looks brighter.

If you prefer some colors, here’s a small list which you can refer to while painting your flat:

vastu colors house

The above information must be fairly helpful for you in deciding what to look for before renting a house.

15 Vastu tips for a rented house to ensure a peaceful stay

You can try some very cost-effective tips to ensure that your rented property is harmonious and peaceful for your family.

  1. Ensure that there are no damps on any of the walls in the flat.
  2. Leaking taps or broken pipelines must immediately be fixed.
  3. Ensure that the main entrance door is well lit and avoid throwing any household waste right outside the apartment door.
  4. Regularly mop the floor with salt water or camphor (kapoor) to cleanse it.
  5. Use of incense or essential oils can increase the energy within the flat manifold.
  6. Fresh flowers are immensely beneficial and bring in positive energies in the flat.
  7. Chants or soothing, calm music will create a peaceful ambience within the flat.
  8. It is best to place the photos of your ancestors in the South West direction of the flat.
  9. Place some green plants with broad leaves in the East direction of the flat. A money plant as per Vastu is excellent.
  10. Placing a basket of fresh fruits in the East of North East can bring in wealth and prosperity.
  11. Placing a picture or idol of Goddess Saraswati in the North East is excellent and can grant you the power of discretion.
  12. Ensure that the flat is cutter-free and remove all old mobile chargers, phones, laptops, electronic which are not in use.
  13. From time to time, clean all corners of the flat to ensure that there are no cobwebs.
  14. Ensure that all the clocks and even watches kept in the cupboards are always in a working condition.
  15. Avoid placing any God idol or photo outside the main door. Only keep them in the pooja room as per Vastu.

FAQs for Rented Flats/House and Their Answers

Is Vastu applicable for rented house?

Yes Vastu is as applicable for a rented house as it is for your own house. Vastu is the energy which works within the space that you live in. The ownership of the property has no impact on Vastu.

What do we need to look for while moving to a new rented house?

Though there are many points to consider, you must primarily ensure the correct placement of the main entrance, kitchen, toilets and bedrooms.

Is griha pravesh necessary for rented house?

Griha Pravesh is an auspicious ceremony which is good to have while taking up a rented house. Though it is not necessary, but it’s good to have a Havan or Yajna to activate the energies of the house and keep them energised.

Which floor is best as per Vastu for rented flat?

The number of floor will mostly depend on some numerological calculations of the owners. Though, in today’s times when there is shortage of good properties, it is not always possible to choose a floor.

Which facing house is not good for rented house?

All facing houses are good for a rented house. The important factor you must keep in mind is that the rented house must be Vastu complaint and should be in a place away from negative energies.


Renting a property does not mean an expensive overhaul or demolitions which are practically impossible due to cost constraints. Vastu as a science is extremely flexible and offers easy to do alternatives to make even a rented apartment Vastu compliant.

I hope the above discussed pointers can act as a good starting point in your quest for a rented house.

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