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HaTha Yoga: Technology To Transcend Your Limits

The physical body is the temple where the human consciousness resides. Hatha yoga is the technology of using the light of energy to illuminate this consciousness and to lighten up the darkest corners of the body.

It is the science of harmonizing the two-fold shaktis or energies within the body which normally remain imbalanced in most. These two energies are the ‘Ida’ (left energy channel) and ‘Pingala’ (right energy channel).

The words ‘Ha’ means Sun and ‘Tha’ means Moon. Hatha Yoga therefore means the yoga to bring a balance between the sun and the moon in you. It is about balancing the Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (energy) within you.

You can experience Hatha yoga in ways that take you beyond certain limitations. However, fundamentally it is a physical preparation – preparing the body for higher possibilities. It is a method to fasten the speed of your evolutionary process and is not just an exercise. It requires the ability to understand the mechanics of the body. Once you can understand them, you can use asanas (postures) to channel your energies in specific parts to ensure their optimum health.

The body can become a means for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth or it can become a major barrier. If the body is not prepared, it will not be able to take higher dimensions of energy in order to help you transcend the limits of both the body and the mind. It will break.

It is like passing a 440 Volt current through a circuit capable of handling only 40 Volts. The circuit is bound to fuse.

Hatha yoga is therefore the technology of preparing the physical body to handle high energy currents which come as a result of the purification of the body and elimination of toxins.


how hatha yoga transforms your body and mind

Let’s look at what Hatha Yoga dose to your body:


The brain is the control center of all experiences that the body goes through. It is therefore important that it remains in perfect condition. Hatha yoga is a means to ensure that all the circuits and pipelines within the body are conductive for energy to travel through them to and from the brain to all other parts of the body. It activates all dormant parts of the brain and is a potent way to elevate one’s consciousness and awareness.


The human spine is the channel along which all the energy centers of the body called chakras exist. Hatha yoga ensures that these powerhouses of energies vibrate at their highest possible frequencies. It does this by channeling the flow of prana through these energy vortices. It ensures that a proper balance is maintained in the flow of energies through the nadis. This leads to the opening of dormant chakras or energizing the ones which are not functioning at their optimum levels.


Hatha yoga is a comparatively slower and relaxed form of exercise and does not involve the mechanical and violent movements of the body unlike ordinary physical exercises. It is far superior that ordinary exercises owing to the fact that it does not put too much pressure on the muscles. In physical exercises, there is a violent movement of the muscles. This produces a lot of lactic acid in the muscle fibers causing fatigue. In yoga, the production of lactic acid is minimal. And even that neutralizes with the deep and focused inhalation of oxygen.


The spinal column houses the all important nervous system- the telegraphic system of the body. By maintaining the spine’s flexibility and strength through Hatha yoga, blood circulation increases and all the nerves get their proper supply of nutrients and oxygen. Asanas work on the internal machinery of the body, on all the organs as well as muscles.


The complex symphony of the body is conducted by a system of glands known as the endocrine glands. The chemical substances tjhat these glands secrete are hormones. These hormones have a profound effect on all the functions, including growth, digestion, energy levels, fluid retention etc. The hormones control the entire human organism. The hormones guide the functioning of every system, every organ, every tissue and every cell . Hatha yoga asanas balance the hormonal secretions from the various glands. The twisting and bending positions of the asanas held for specific periods of time place continuous pressure on the various glands of the body. This assists in stimulating them and regulating their secretions.


The basis of this body is divine. Just by aligning the physical body into different postures called asanas, the science of Hatha yoga gives you the possibilities to transcend your limits and experience the unimaginable.

Dedicating a certain amount of effort and time to see that the body does not become a barrier to your growth is important. Thus, ensure a regular practice of Hatha yoga to go beyond the limitations of who you are.

If you don’t take care of your own body, you’ll have nowhere to live.

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