5 Vastu Reasons Your Career is stuck and your business not growing

With the ever increasing population, the competition in each and every field is also increasing. Whether you’re into a job or your run a business, the challenges these days are far too many.

To top it, if there’s no growth in your job or business, it leads to mental worries and consequently ill health.

But do you know that besides the cut-throat competition, there’s another ‘silent’ reason why your career or business is stuck and not taking off ?

It’s the blockage of energies in your house or office. And it’s happening because of incorrect Vastu of flats and houses.

5 Vastu doshas because of which your career might be stuck and your business not growing:

Yellow Color in North Direction

One of the single biggest reasons for people feeling stuck in their careers and businesses not able to scale up is the presence of yellow color in the North direction.

This may sound strange that what has yellow color got to do with career and business growth?

It most certainly has !

As we all know that there are five elements in nature which form the basis of all creation in the universe.

Our house is also a combination of the Panch Mahabhutas or five elements.

In fact there is a strong inter-relation between Vastu Shastra , yoga and Ayurveda.

The purpose of all of them is to establish a balance between these five elements.

Now one of the major elements is the earth element which is represented by yellow color. And North is the direction of the water element. It is the North direction which is responsible for all the money and opportunities of growth that come your way in life.

No wonder most people prefer to buy a North facing house as per Vastu.

As per the theory of five elements, the earth element blocks the water element in North.

Look a the image below

vastu shastra five elements theory

This effectively means that the presence of yellow color in North (the direction of water) blocks the flow of vital energies responsible for growth.

In fact, while doing Vastu for offices, we strictly advice the clients to avoid any yellow color in the North. This is because it may cause employee productivity to go down considerably.

Thus, one of the best ways to clear out the blockage of energy flows form the North is to remove yellow color in all forms.

This could be in the form of yellow wall paints, curtains, sofas, art pieces and even yellow flowers. Simply by removing yellow color and by adding a bit of blue (water element), you’ll witness more opportunities coming your way.

Entrance(Main door) in South West

As discussed many times and opinionated by almost all Vastu experts, an entrance in the South West is a strict no. This is one of the biggest Vastu doshas that can seriously jeopardize your stability in life.

The South West direction is governed by the earth element. By nature, the earth is solid and stable. Therefore, South West governs all forms of stability in your life. This includes financial stability, mental stability, stability in relationships and health.

An entrance made here makes this area highly unstable which ultimately shows its effects to the residents in the form of career and business instability. You may feel that your career is not stable; you have a terrible relationship with your boss and colleagues which obviously hamper your growth prospects.

For businesses, there will always be problems when it comes to support from customers or vendors.

Many a times while doing Vastu for factories, we have found that an imbalanced South West leads to issues like labor related problems, quality issues or lack of finances. Also, the energies of this direction are fairly powerful due to the influence of planet Rahu here.

Therefore it is very important to manage these energies with utmost care lest they become negative very quickly.

An entrance placed here will lead to a huge disruption of the energies of this zone. Thus, Vastu recommends that you must completely close and cover this zone for the positive energies to stay within the house / office.

While choosing a plot as per Vastu, it is advisable to simply avoid buying a plot if it’s entrance falls in the South West corner of the plot.

Any opening here will lead to the outflow of such positive energies bringing about a huge instability in career and business.

Toilet in West Direction

West is the direction of profits, gains, motivation and expansion. For businessmen looking for financial profits and business expansion, a toilet here causes multiple hurdles.

While doing Vastu for shops and showrooms, this is one thing we strictly avoid. If you feel that you almost reach a point of success but get stuck at the last moment or step, a toilet here could be one of the reasons.

As per the Vastu Purusha Mandala, two of the most important energy fields in the West direction are Mitra and Varuna. In almost all the Vedic scriptures and all mantras dedicated to the Vastu devtas, they are always named together.

These are one of the most powerful energy fields which are significantly responsible for all the growth in career and the expansion in business that you’re looking for.

A toilet placed in these energy fields will always get you stuck .

Note: For a better understanding of the correct and incorrect placements, you may read our detailed blog on Vastu for toilets and bathrooms.

If you feel that you’re putting in all the efforts but something wrong happens at the last moment, look for a toilet in these energy fields in the West.

Store in East Direction

East is the direction of the rising Sun. Like the rays of the Sun illuminate the entire earth, so do the energies of the East direction brighten up your career and business.

This is why we recommend to make a study room as per Vastu in East.

It is the energy fields in the East namely Indra and Surya which are responsible for connecting you to the outside world.

In modern times, one of the most important ways to get ahead in career and business is to have strong and powerful connections.

If you’re not well connected, chances of your growth in career and business are limited, no matter how hard your work or how qualified you are.

As per Vastu Shastra rules, you must keep the the East direction open for the energies to flow. We always keep this principle in mind while designing an East facing house Vastu plan.

Making a store here most certainly blocks the flow of positive energies which are responsible for connecting you to the right people.

This is one of the most common causes of blocked energies in your home. And it is often the most ignored one also.

Most of us have the tendency to accumulate things which we think we will need in the future. However, as a general rule, if you’ve not used something you’ve stored for the past six months, you are unlikely to use it at all.

Apart from taking up valuable space in your home, such accumulations also generate negative energies and stop positive energies from circulating.

Vastu is all about the flow and circulation of energies in your living space. If you don’t allow these energies to freely move within your house, even the positively designed rooms and other structures fail to give their best results.

Consider this – if your mind has too much of unnecessary information, it cannot process what is right and what is wrong. You get disillusioned and face mental blockages. Similarly, if you have unnecessary stuff kept in your house in important zones, it is certain to block the energies of that zone.

Thus, we recommend you to clear out the East direction completely.

And if you cannot do that, place some green plants in the East direction to neutralize the effect of a store in the East.

Septic tank in North West

In order to progress in your career and business, you need constant support from the right people. If your boss, employers or colleagues do not support you, chances of your growth are minimal.

A major Vastu dosha which hampers your support system is the incorrect placement of a septic tank as per Vastu.

And as per Vastu Shastra rules, a septic tank in the North West direction is a major Vastu dosh. With such a presence you may never find support from the right people when you need it the most.

In terms of business, the North West direction also helps you get support from banks, financial institutions and financiers.

Finance as we all know if the life blood of any business.

The inability to get funding or find the right partner for growth can put brakes to your business growth.

Thus, ensure that you don’t have a septic tank constructed in the North West direction.


Vastu Shastra is not a choice anymore. With challenging times both at work and at home, it is mandatory to keep your surrounding energies in balance. And what better way to do it except designing your space by following the divine principles of Vastu !

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